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CSS Technical Memo
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12 Oct 2010
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KDL-52LX900, KDL-60LX900, KDL-46HX900, KDL-52HX900, KDL-40HX800, KDL-46HX800, KDL-55HX800, KDL-55NX810, KDL-60NX810, KDL-40NX710, KDL-46NX710

Tan See Beng

Chern Kay Siang

Application Software for testing 3D content on BRAVIA 3D LCDTV. Simple 3D Content Testing on 3D LCDTV is now available for Service to check if 3D works correctly or not. It can be downloaded from ORISS Software download site (ID 422483). 3D Glasses are required during the testing. Two methods are available for service to carry out the testing. 1. By USB Storage Device method • Place the following folder and file in the root directory of USB device. (“oa3dfold” folder (contain “OA3DDEMO.MP4” file) and _usbdemo.xml file) • Power ON TV and insert the USB device to TV. • Run Demo Mode of TV. (Push “Home” button on the side keys of TV approximately 5 seconds) • Push “Option” button on the remote commander and select “3D Movie”. Note: Do not play the content from XMB (XrossMediaBar) - Video - USB. 2. By PS3 Playback Method • Playback the MP4 file in the “oa3dfold” folder by PS3. Note: PS3 system software need to be updated to Ver. 3.30 or higher.

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