E2M Conference

Copy The Folder of E2M Conference in Your System.  In the folder there are 3 sub folders:
a) Code b) DataBase c) Doc

 Restore the database backup file(.bak file) which is present in folder(b).  Open the SqlServer Management Studio as follows:
Click on Start Click on Programs Go to Microsoft Sql Server 2005 Click on SQL Server Management Studio

          

Select Server Type : DataBase Engine Server Name: System Name/localhost/. Login:sa Password: Type the password as mentioned at the time of Installment. Click on Connect. Extract /click on + symbol of Databases of Object Explorer. Right click on the Databases folder. Click on New Database.. Write the Database Name. Then click on ok Now the database has been created with the specified name. Right click on the newly created database and go to Tasks and Restore and click on Database..  Select the radiobutton From Device:
Click on Browse button.. Click on Add

aspx file and click on ‘set as start page’  Press f5 or click on debug.  Password=sql server password given at the time of installment and save.  Right click on Home.Select Files of the Type :All Files Select .bak file from folder (Database-DCMS) and click on Ok.  In <appsettings>  In <add key>  Change ‘Server’= System Name/IP address/./localhost.  Go to Location where this project has been copied and select the folder(a) ie.  To Open Project: Click on Start Click on Programs Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 /2008.  Click on file and Click on Open and select WebSite...) Click on Ok.config file in solution explorer.  Click on File System.folder which starts with code then click on open. Check the checkbox appear at the down column of Restore. Click on Options which appear on the Top of LeftHandside Check/Select the First Check Box(Overrite the Ex.  Change the configuration settings as follows:  Double click on the file web. .  Data source=Name of the newly created database.

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