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terminal emulation AITA\SWBU\HW\08 2 .Modems • • Modem: short for Modulator/demodulator • Converts analog data into digital and vice versa Major Uses • connect PCs to the Internet • connect to remote mainframes for electronic banking.

Modems AITA\SWBU\HW\08 3 .


Modem Types Internal modem types – PCI .replacing ISA for desktop computers – PC Card .used in notebook computers External modem types – Serial port type dominant – USB port type can be hot-swapped AITA\SWBU\HW\08 5 .

Internal Modem AITA\SWBU\HW\08 6 .

External Modem AITA\SWBU\HW\08 7 .

External Modem – Front view AITA\SWBU\HW\08 PWR = Power Rx = Receive Lock Sync = Hub synchronization On-Line = Hub Connection [Download in progress or modem online] Tx = Transmit activity VPN= VPN connectivity indicator 8 .

DIN connection for External Power Supply: +24vdc/2. Not used in StarBand applications LAN .RJ-45 Ethernet for PC connection. IFL cable from LNB .Female F-Type connector: IFL cable out to ODU Power Supply .8A AITA\SWBU\HW\08 RF-IN Serial Port 9 .External Modem-Rear view .Standard serial port. RF-OUT .Female F-type connector.

90 56Kbps standard is the most popular today – Replaced earlier X2 and K56flex 56Kbps proprietary standards – Requires high-quality line AT Command Set – so-called “Hayes compatible” mode – supported by almost all modems AITA\SWBU\HW\08 10 .Modem Standards V.

11 AITA\SWBU\HW\08 .Transmission Methods – – – Two types of data transmission. each requiring a different modem. Preceded by special information. Asynchronous transmission Information is sent byte by byte. These modems are expensive but very fast. Synchronous transmission Data is sent in large blocks rather than in small pieces. Cheaper and more commonly used. concerning error detection and block size.

not data transfer BPS – Measures the amount of data sent per second – Multiple bits can be sent with one baud AITA\SWBU\HW\08 12 .Baud Vs BPS (Bits Per Second) Baud – The rate at which a signal changes frequency per second – Measurement of signaling rate.