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6th Grade World History: Ancient Civilizations Discovery Intermediate School

Chapter 7 & 8

Ancient Greek Projects
As we continue learning about the civilizations of Ancient Greece, you are going to be completing a project based on anything from Chapter 7 and 8!

What to Do…
1. Choose a Topic. Choose anything you found interesting from Ancient Greece (Chapter 7 or Chapter 8).
Have fun and be creative!

2. Choose a Project. Choose ANY type of project you want! Here’s some popular ones:
       Model (must include a 1-page report) Diorama (must include a 1-page report) PowerPoint Presentation (must have at least 3 pages of information in the slides) Comic Book/Graphic Novel (10 illustrated pages) Diary or Journal (10 pages) Report (7 – 10 pages of research IN YOUR OWN WORDS!) Do something else – be creative!

3. Do Your Research. You must research your topic in order to get a decent grade on this project. You
can NOT plagiarize other sources, copy and paste off the Internet, or copy the workbook/textbook. Gather information from your sources and write everything in your own words!

4. Turn it in on Time! Projects are due on Friday, March 1st – if projects are turned in any later than that,
they will be marked down. Ye be warned.

How You Will Be Graded…
Ancient Greece Projects
Project meets all project requirements (using higher-order thinking, using specific areas or themes from within the unit, content vocabulary, etc.)

Score Totals

Student turned project in on time.


Research and Bibliography
Research is thorough, NOT plagiarized, and is evident in project. Student included a Bibliography.


Creativity and Effort
Student went the extra mile with their project. Time and energy went into their project and research.


- Due date: March 1st, 2013 Have Fun & Good Luck!

Hough 6th Grade World History: Ancient Civilizations Discovery Intermediate School Total Grade _______ /100 . 2013 Have Fun & Good Luck! .Due date: March 1st.Mr.