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Para el 15 de marzo [o antes]: Vamos a viajar! Vamos a un hotel extraordinario en Argentina!

El Hotel Llao Llao est en Bariloche, Argentina, una region famosa por las actividades al aire libre. T vas con tu familia o tus amigos o tu novio/novia por una semana. Qu vas a hacer en Bariloche? 1. Mira la pgina del Internet. 2. Click on Hotel y Patagonia, and then on Hotel a. Cmo se llaman las montaas y los lagos que estn cerca del hotel? 3. Click on Ubicacin. What do you think it means? a. How far away from the capital of Argentina is the hotel? 4. Click on Historia a. Qu pas en 1934? en 1939? en 1993? 5. Click on Datos tiles. a. What is the dress code for Restaurante Los Csares? b. What forms of payment are accepted at the hotel? 6. Click on Bariloche a. Click on estaciones del ao-when is winter and what is a popular activity? 7. Click on Agenda Anual a. Qu eventos importantes ocurren en enero y febrero? 8. Up on the top menu bar, click on Habitaciones a. How many rooms are there and what do they all have? b. How many different categories of rooms are there? c. Click on one of the suites and read the description on the right. What does the suite offer? 9. Click on Spa and Health Club and programas a. What are the 7 programs offered and what do they mean? b. Click on one of the programs: what is the name in Spanish and in English, and what does it offer? 10. Click on Resort a. What are the 2 categories for kids? What is the difference between the 2 categories? What activities do they offer? b. Click on Actividades Outdoor; what are caminatas and how many different kinds are there? 11. Click on Gastronoma a. How many different options are there? b. Look at the different options and tell me which you prefer. What are the hours? 12. Go back to Habitaciones, central de reservas y consultas, paquetes a. choose one of the paquetes b. when does it take place, why, and what if any are the limitations or restrictions?