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A Handbook to Greater Confidence and Security Author: Andrew Matthews Publisher: Media Masters Date of Publication: 2000 ISBN: 9810006640 No. Of Pages: 136 pages

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Every person's ultimate quest in life is to be happy. But more often than not, people struggle finding contentment, peace and happiness in life. This highly motivational book by Andrew Matthews is written to help both young and old to find the path to bliss.

Andrew Matthews
An international speaker, bestselling author and award winning cartoonist, Andrew Matthews makes complex issues simple. The author of Being Happy!, Follow Your Heart and Being a Happy Teenager, Andrew Matthews is published in 29 languages in 60 countries and has Andrew has appeared on over 3000 radio and television programmes on 4 continents. Andrew Matthews has presented seminars and keynote speeches across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America to over 1,000,000 people. He clients include Shell, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, the S i n g a p o r e Po l i c e A c a d e m y, Johnson & Johnson, the Royal Australian Navy, Toshiba, Kodak and Goodyear. Drawing lighting-fast cartoons as he speaks, Andrew’s humorous and entertaining presentations on "attitude" and "being happy" provide audiences with the tools and inspiration to live happier lives.

This book entitled Being Happy is about the daily experiences in life and how you can change your attitude towards these to become happy. This book talks about forgiveness, confidence, goals, success, humor, and many more. This teaches you how to deal with the daily problems that you face and how you can address them without spoiling the rest of your day. More importantly, Being Happy will help you embrace yourself with respect and love that you deserve. This will help you understand yourself better. And eventually helps you live life to the fullest.

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The tip that is visible is the conscious part of the brain. like monthly flu or Monday headaches. It determines how you will mix with the world and how much you will accomplish in life. keep your mouth shut. are patterns in life that you got accustomed to doing or experiencing. the following are things that you can do to help yourself start over: ! Accept compliments. If you have nothing good to say about yourself. Always reassure yourself that you can do better and can change your ways. ! Give compliments. But it is not impossible. Changing patterns may be difficult. Some people just can't keep anything in order.BEING HAPPY By Andrew Matthews Chapter 1: Patterns Patterns The human mind can be compared to an iceberg. One of the easiest ways to feel good about yourself is to recognize the Talk positively to others and to yourself. they are inclined to being messy all the time. Accept it and believe that you are not stuck with it forever. No matter how much someone makes. Some people simply have a way of getting into any form of accident whenever there is a chance. the subconscious tells you that this is not right then something dramatic emerges. specially the behavior that keeps on coming back. Simply start talking positively about yourself. ! Always speak well of yourself. Life patterns are influenced by the environment that you have been introduced to. situations in your respective families that you were exposed to are factors that have influenced and determined the patterns that you have acquired. beauty in others. are caused by the subconscious mind. Always say thank you or words to that effect. There are those who just can't stay in a single job for a long time. When things go smoothly. there are those who are just always out of money. This is the it-is-not-right-tobe-okay pattern. The subconscious is the quiet part of the brain that records most of your thoughts and also influences your actions. ! Accident Pattern. ! Mess Patterns. ! Separate your behavior from yourself. More often than not. the relationships that you form with your parents and the Self-Image Your self-image is the blueprint of your success. When you do something right. Some of these patterns that people get hooked with are: ! Drama Pattern. Acknowledge your value. There are people who have unintentionally scheduled sickness. Your childhood experiences. ! Broke Patterns. Realize that your behavior is not connected to Copyright 2006 BestSummaries 2 of 6 . you will see yourself creating the new happiness pattern. you better change the way you perceive and talk about yourself. From birth. the things that you experience in life. This will always be challenged by resistance. You become what you see yourself becoming. Sooner enough. The habits that you form. give yourself a pat in the back. You are what you believe you are. If you want to see vast favorable results happening in your life. Your self-image is the blueprint of your success. Though changing your self image is totally difficult. ! Sickness Pattern. be it positive or negative. ! Job Change Patterns. ! Praise yourself. The first step is to recognize this recurring behavior that you wish to change. you already form behavioral patterns– these are persistent and tenacious. while the bigger part that you don't actually see is the subconscious.

” Health It is definitely fascinating how your subconscious mind shapes your health. Every repressed feeling or emotion can definitely affect how well your bodily function. try to do something else. Choose the people who can influence you positively. Now! Now is what determines your happiness. “Most people are about as happy as they make up Copyright 2006 BestSummaries 3 of 6 . Learn to sincerely enjoy everything that you do. for fear is the concern of what might happen next. Don't waste your time just sitting around and missing the great opportunities just because you are too hooked up with some results that you are not even certain of. ! Get around good people. This is the key to your happiness. As Abaraham Lincoln once said. Don't keep doing things that keep you getting hurt.” So better think of happy thoughts and start living a healthy and wonderful life. It is not something that you can just run away from or assign to yourself or others. The measure of your peace of mind is determined by how well you can focus and able to live at the present moment. If you are waiting for things. the present moment is the only time you have so don't waste it. Detach yourself from the end result. Don't allow negative behavior. You will experience pain-whether you like it or not. pain is something that you cannot avoid--it is inevitable. Chapter 2: Living in the Now Live. Exercise and nourish it well. ! Work at having pleasure without guilt. learn to live it and be content with it. ! Use affirmations. Some of the belief systems or your expectations can make you sick. Pain While health is something that you can work on about yourself. now is where you are. Remember. It is the only one you got. learn to approach it Pain is simply a hint for you to take a different direction. change your approach to things and start to see things differently. Always remember. It is a decision that yourself makes. You will then necessarily gravitate toward your dominant thoughts. Read books which give you ideas and inspiration. letting go of the situation accelerates results. positively. “Your mind is the architect of your body and your body is the reflection of thoughts. ! Nourish your soul.BEING HAPPY By Andrew Matthews your self worth. “Your mind is the architect of your body and your body is the reflection of thoughts. ! Let people know how you expect to be treated. ! Treat your body well. Talk positively to others and to yourself. Regardless of what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. As Matthews states it. Every single thought you have affects your body chemistry in seconds. Happiness Being happy is a choice you make. ! Always picture your mind how you want to be and not who you are. More importantly. Learning to live in your “now” helps you ward your mind of fear. Pain is simply a hint for you to take a different direction. don't allow this experience to destroy the way you see yourself. Live your life at the present moment and let go of the concerns of the future. When you experience pain.

When you fear of losing something. Sometimes it is not the things around you that you need to change in order to be happy. believe in most strongly. and how you learn to see the beauty in them. and the things you love to have. Therefore it is important that you practice positive affirmations about yourself. you already put yourself in the position of actually losing it. you actually put yourself in jeopardy of losing the one you love. You move toward what you think. You become what you think you are. relieves pain. and/or imagine most vividly. When you fear of losing that someone you love. As Matthews puts it. Matthews illustrates the vicious triangle: Our words affect how we think and how we feel. Visualize yourself already achieving your goals. Simply. whether positive or negative. It attracts whatever you think about.BEING HAPPY By Andrew Matthews their mind to be. Laughter. As one of the authors of creative thinking once put it. But the key to happiness is on how you see things. what you say is what you get. Therefore. your goals. on the reverse of an idea. the truth about your thinking is that you gravitate towards the direction of your dominant thoughts. Even if you are thinking of something that you don't want. So the rule is: concentrate and enjoy what you have and don't dwell on the possibility of losing what you have. Think positively and implant in your subconscious only the things that you like and the things that make you happy. Being happy is a choice you make. “We always attract in our lives whatever we think about the most. Chapter 3: Your Mind Toward the Direction of your Dominant Thoughts Whether you like to accept it or not. Sometimes you just need to change yourself. expect on the deepest levels. “Happy people choose to avoid waiting too long to see the funny side of their disappointments. watch what you think. the environment or the situation that they are in just to be happy and content. This same law applies to relationships. therefore. Humor People have said for years that “laughter is the best medicine. When you laugh. You will definitely move towards achieving them.” The same is true with fear.” Some people try to change the world. your brain releases endorphins which give you a natural high giving your respiratory system a workout the same as jogging. how well you accept them. Copyright 2006 BestSummaries 4 of 6 . so do the words that you say. How we feel influences what we say and how we think. you will most likely move towards getting it. What we think affects what we say and how we feel. You will certainly attract that fear that usually occupies your mind. Learn to laugh at difficulties as soon as they happen. For better understanding.” This timeless adage is biologically and psychology true. Live your life at the present moment and let go of the concerns of the future. Your mind does not work and will not work The Power of Words As your thoughts affect your circumstances. The Law of Attraction Your mind is like a magnet.” Try to put humor in your life and start to take it seriously.

Relax and Let go (go with the flow) One character that truly defines living in the moment Persistence In achieving your goals. ! Rest. Just always remember. there are always risks involved. So don't be afraid to take risks. hope and deeper meaning of existence. so does your confidence building. what matters most is that you have one. Just as the acorn tree takes its time to be a full grown tree. moons and planets that affect the cycle. This helps you keep on track. It does not matter how big or simple your goal is. Goals are what make you see how well you progress. Let down your guard sometimes and be ready to welcome new things.BEING HAPPY By Andrew Matthews Chapter 4: Goals Goals Goals are what keep you going in life. ! Taking Time. to rest and recuperate just like all the other living things. We are all part of the natural cycle and the changes of the seasons. When you let go of a bag of potatoes in your hand. anything. the tide always turn. We need to take time to grow and heal. whether positive or negative. Take for example the law of gravity. Learn to laugh at difficulties as soon as they happen. it will naturally drop. ! Cycles. It will definitely not hurt if you keep many goals in life. There are also the laws that govern the stars. Risk Naturally. Persistence is what defines a mediocre from an excellent person. the name of the game is always persistence. Don't think of yourself as indispensable. As sure as the winter flows to spring. Goals keep you guided in life. Don't simply quit. We are bound by the same laws that govern the universe. people always take risks. There is always a risk involved in your every attempt to achieve your goal. Chapter 5: Learning From Nature The Law of Nature There are laws and principles that govern the universe which consequently affect people's lives. tides and change of seasons. Things just don't happen overnight. Work hard until you achieve your goals. or how badly you are behind. Be it in daily living. You need rest just as much as soils do. They give you direction. Successful people believe it as the main ingredient to achieving Copyright 2006 BestSummaries 5 of 6 . thus it is important to have at least one. you need to risk something. it is important to learn the art of persistence. This defines also the difference between failure and success. careers or relationships. Thus it is important that we keep balance as the rest of nature do. Your mind is like a magnet. It attracts whatever you think about. You also risk something even in achieving goals. so must your life flow from bad times to easy times. Nature simply puts it that in order for you to gain something. Thus. This will take you a long way. Just be sure to write them down. Persistence is the secret to success.

In the same way. but this will surely catch up with you in the future. If you let go of the results. you free yourself of the burdens and worries of what will be. PDA. the way you spend your money. Then we work in the natural order of things and operate on the principle of minimal effort. Learning to let go is your ultimate key to happiness. it is important to learn the art of releasing. Life just doesn't happen overnight. Don't hold on tight to the people around you. you free yourself of the burdens and worries of what will be. we reach the level of Wu Wei. Hoof writes in his book the “Tao of Pooh”: “When we learn to work with our own Inner Nature. You may go on with being casual and careless for a while today. Let go of the things that you don't want or the things that do not make you is a book summary service. He has this easy. you will know the guidelines and helpful tips to a happy and balanced life. audio and print formats. you put yourself in a position to greater power. People who are least concerned about making an impression are usually free of depression. Since the natural world follows that principle. Once you have done the work. This is how nature does it. Remember that the effort that you expend today does make the difference. . Simply learn to let go and go with the flow. accepting and uncomplicated philosophy in life. take time to relax and let nature takes its course. Chapter 6: Today is Important What you are today is the product of what you have done years ago. Take time out.what it takes to live life and live it well. With BestSummaries. and with the natural laws operating around us.” people come and go. Summaries are available in PDF. Be open to new things. Accept that Copyright 2006 6 of 6 ABOUT BESTSUMMARIES BestSummaries. motivational and inspirational books. Once you learn to let go. the creature with the overloaded Brain who separates himself from the supporting network of manual laws by interfering and trying too hard. where you can learn--in minutes-. Mistakes are made--or imagined--by Man. he just is. Your effort today will create your tomorrow's results. BestSummaries offers easy-does-it tips in structured outline for easy reading and comprehension. The wisdom here: now is always the time to start-regardless of wherever you are or what you have already done in life. and every little thing will soon affect yourself and the way you live. If you let go of the results. He doesn't try that hard.BEING HAPPY By Andrew Matthews is Winnie the Pooh. the practices that you do. We provide abridged versions of top self-help. It is a building process. And what you do today will influence what you will experience in the next twenty years or so. Always be ready for change. it does not make mistakes. The decisions that you make today. People who work unattached to the concern of how much they will make but are just driven by their love for their work turn out to earn bigger than others. You then ultimately learn to savor the “now” and live in your present moment.