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Friday, March 1, 3:00-4:30 pm in WEB 1250 Dr. Feng Liu, Professor and Chair, Material Science and Engineering  Dr. Liu will offer some insights into his work on topological insulators, etc. Date TBD (end of March) Dr. Michael Bartl, Assoc. Professor, Chemistry  Dr. Bartl will discuss his work on photonic crystals, etc.

proactive seminar series

Researchers in STEM disciplines are seeing quantum phenomena play a more direct role in their work. How will your career be affected? What advanced knowledge and experience will you bring to the table? SQIER (the newly-formed Society for a Quantum Information and Engineering Reality) has arranged a proactive seminar series, inviting researchers from academia (and soon from industry) to give SIMPLE PRESENTATIONS to describe the underlying fundamental concepts behind their research, along with critical considerations in the lab, and relate it all to the realities of the coming Quantum Age. Each speaker will then facilitate INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION and a MINI-THESIS* WORKSHOP of sorts.

Date TBD (end of April) Dr. Christoph Boehme, Assoc. Chair, Assoc. Professor, Physics  Dr. Boehme will relay his excitement for spintronics, etc.

Date TBD Dr. Ajay Nahata, Assoc. Dean for Academics, COE; Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering  Dr. Nahata will present on the classical limits of plasmonics, etc. Contact for more info
*The mini-thesis is the most proactive element of this series, as it will include for you a FOLLOW-UP visit with the speaker of your choice so that you can present and defend your short mini-thesis. This self-directed research will help you to select and potentially get your foot in the door early in the lab of your choice. It can also help to assess your value when applying for jobs in industry or grad school.

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