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Guide to Winemaking..Anthony Spinelli.

Guide to Winemaking..Anthony Spinelli.

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Published by: Anthony Spinelli on Feb 28, 2013
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Guide to Winemaking..Anthony Spinelli.

This guide will be very informative as well as instructional for you the winemaker.The key words are patience and cleanliness. Remember these words and you will make great wine.Wine can be made from grapes fresh squeezed,or from wine kits.If you are making wine from grapes you will need 12 to 15 pounds of grapes for every gallon of wine that you will make..Always use a metabisulfite solution in the first 24 hours to kill bacteria and wild yeast on the grape skins..This is very important in winemaking..If you decide not to use sulfide to kill bacteria and wild yeast.It is possible to make a bad batch of wine.. Kill the wild yeast to avoid problems later..Use your gravity hydrometer to check the sugar content of the grapes,plus the acid level of the must..The acid level should be 0.65 to 0.80..You need at least 22 to 24 percent sugar content to produce 11 to 14 percent (abv) wine..Record this information at the start, and at the finish,to determine the alcohol level of your wine..After 24 hours has passed you can pitch your yeast into the primary must..Cover with a cloth,let sit for 6 to 8 days stirring at least twice a day for 4 days..After 6 to 8 days you can rack the wine into a clean carboy..Add one crushed campden tablet for each gallon of wine..Airlock waterseal at this time.. Discard the sediment at the bottom..You are now in the secondary stage of winemaking..Always use a siphon hose for racking.. Let it sit in the secondary for 15 days..Then rack into clean carboy using siphon hose one inch from base..Discard sediment.. Place waterseal at the top,let sit another 15 days..After this 15 days rack the wine again..At this time if the wine is not clear you can add a clearing agent such as bentonite..Mix the bentonite in some hot juice or water..Pour into carboy and reseal..Let this sit for 20 days or until clear..Once clear,rack into clean carboy..If fermentation has stopped you can prepare to bottle the wine..Clean all your equipment with a metabisulfite solution..Corks,bottles,siphon hose,clean everything,this is important..After the wine is bottled,let the bottles stand in a verticle position for five days..After 5 days lay in a horizontal position..If the wine is weak in alcohol strength you can fortify it with brandy to bring it to the proper strength desired..Use the pearson square formula for fortification of wine. It is your option at bottling to use sulfite or not use sulfite.. Sulfite will stop unwanted fermentation and also preserve the wine for a longer shelf life..If you decide to use sulfite,use 4 crushed campden tablets for 5 gallons of wine..Winemaking has been in my blood since the age of 10 learning from my father and grandfather..Over the years i have seen many barrels of wine turn to vinegar..This is the reason that i stress cleanliness when making wine..Wash,wash,wash all your equipment in winemaking..Patience is also the key..Remember,good wine will take many months to make..Fast wine can be made in 35 days.. But it will never be a lasting wine..Take your time making wine.. If you decide to use oak chips,do it in the secondary period, after the first 15 days..Also use sulfite in the secondary period.. Use 4 campden tablets crushed,mix in some juice,pour into carboy.. If you decide to age your wine in oak chips,let it sit in carboy for a few months,this will add flavor and character to the wine.. If your grapes are low in sugar you can add sugar at the start of primary..Dissolve sugar in warm water or juice before adding to the must..You can also filter your wine to remove any particles left behind..Some of the most important things in winemaking are racking,fining,clearing,cleaning,filtering and bottling..

After 5 days lay the bottles in horizontal position.I hope this article has helped you in some way.. . position for 5 days. Good Luck with winemaking!God Bless Wine!.....Anthony Spinelli.

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