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Senator Dave Thompson
District 58 Serving Dakota County
Office: 131 State Office Bldg., Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155

For Immediate Release February 28, 2013

State Budget Forecast Improves Again
Now is Not the Time to Raise Taxes
(St. Paul, MN) - Today Minnesota’s Office of Management and Budget released the state’s February budget forecast. The projected deficit dropped from $1.1 billion to $627 million. Our state is in far better financial condition than it was two years ago, when we faced a $5.1 billion deficit. “Two years ago, Governor Mark Dayton insisted that Minnesota’s economy would be damaged without massive tax increases. Republicans held firm and balanced the budget by setting priorities and holding back the growth of government. Two years later our economy is improving, tax revenues are increasing, and the state is in better shape. “ But now Governor Dayton and DFL legislators want to raise taxes on every Minnesotan. This will hurt families, slow our economy, and return us to a cycle of low growth and big deficits,” said Senator Dave Thompson (R-Lakeville), Assistant Minority Leader.

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