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Good Night Prometheus, the Tragedy of Frankenstein

Good Night Prometheus, the Tragedy of Frankenstein


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A screenplay re-imagining of the classic tale of Frankenstein. A father who has lost everything except his only son takes a desperate chance when his son is attacked and left for dead. A transformed teenager cannot stand to remain in hiding. A village fears what it does not understand. Fear and hate lead to a sad tragedy that lays low a once proud royal family, Sequel to follow. Updated thanks to reader comments!
A screenplay re-imagining of the classic tale of Frankenstein. A father who has lost everything except his only son takes a desperate chance when his son is attacked and left for dead. A transformed teenager cannot stand to remain in hiding. A village fears what it does not understand. Fear and hate lead to a sad tragedy that lays low a once proud royal family, Sequel to follow. Updated thanks to reader comments!

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Published by: jcdurkis on Feb 28, 2013
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  • FADE IN:
  • B) Jason and Deirdre play catch with Zarya
  • C) Jason and Deirdre sit down and eat
  • D) Zarya steals food while Jason looks at Deirdre
  • A...a what?
  • B) Victor uses scissors to remove Jason’s clothing
  • MAGISTRATE ALDRED I was hoping you would tell me
  • D) Victor sews Jason’s re-opened wounds closed
  • H) Victor carefully re-wraps Jason’s wounds
  • Victor steps out into the COURTYARD
  • MAGISTRATE ALDRED I’d like to see the body
  • MAGISTRATE ALDRED What will you do now?
  • MAGISTRATE ALDRED Ghosts? During the day?
  • B) Victor feeds Jason soup
  • D) Victor reads to Jason by lantern-light
  • VICTOR (CONT’D) It’s completely healed. How?
  • FOCUS ON the deer pelts. Jason’s breath becomes labored
  • MAGISTRATE ALDRED Tell me about the monster
  • MAGISTRATE ALDRED Possibly. Anything else Kirby?
  • MAGISTRATE ALDRED Those look like poachers’ arrows
  • MAGISTRATE ALDRED Why? Do I need a reason?
  • MAGISTRATE ALDRED The doctor? What happened?

Good Night Prometheus: The Tragedy of Frankenstein By James C. Durkis and Kaja E.


James C. Durkis 9601 Regal Ridge Drive, NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 (505) 362-1029 jcdurkis@hotmail.com

FADE IN: EXT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE - NIGHT On the side of a mountain sits FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE. A waterfall pours into the gorge that separates the mountain from the surrounding land. Mist from the waterfall obscures portions of the castle and the drawbridge. DOCTOR VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN (O.S.) (reading) ...so they fashioned a coffin of glass and kept vigil at her side. EXT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE - COURTYARD - CONTINUOUS VICTOR (O.S.)(CONT’D) (reading) The Prince soon heard of the fair maiden in the glass coffin. INT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE - THE STUDY - CONTINUOUS Doctor Victor Frankenstein (Victor) sits on a large couch, reads to his son (Jason), 13. A dog (Zarya) on the floor. VICTOR (reading) While the little men kept vigil near the coffin, the Prince arrived and recognized his one true love. He leaned over and gave Snow White love’s first kiss, which woke her from her magical slumber. The Prince carried Snow White away to his castle. And they all lived happily ever after...The End. JASON (sleepily) Read me another story, Daddy. VICTOR It’s time for bed. I’ve got work to do tonight. JASON You work every night.


INT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE - JASON’S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS Jason gets into bed. Zarya jumps onto the bed, snuggles next to Jason. Victor’s stands in the doorway, shadow in the room. VICTOR (O.S.) Good night son. I love you very much. INT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE - VICTOR’S LAB - CONTINUOUS Victor feeds test animals in cages. Glassware, medical equipment, a large glass container with green liquid, potted plants, mosses clutter the LAB. Victor crushes leaves and minerals. A red powder is poured into a small red barrel atop the desk. Next to it is a small blue barrel. Victor tired, writes a few notes in a journal, falls into a restless sleep. Victor’s arm knocks over items on the desk. FOG/MIST OBSCURES SCENE INTO DARKNESS INT. MILITARY HOSPITAL - DAY (DREAM) FOG/MIST EVAPORATES A younger Victor places a cloth over the nose and mouth of a patient. Sounds of distant fighting. Patient falls asleep. VICTOR We’ll have to amputate. Nurse, can you help me here, please? A commotion. A badly wounded cavalry officer (Edgar) is carried in, placed onto a nearby bed. VICTOR Edgar! Victor rushes to Edgar, provides treatment. EDGAR (VICTOR’S OLDER BROTHER) Hey, little brother, don’t let me die, okay. Victor treats Edgar. Another commotion.

) Someone! Get that bleeding under control! INT. threatens Victor. come with me! VICTOR I’m sorry. I have patients right here who need my attention. MILITARY OFFICER That was not a request doctor! You will come with me now! The soldier grabs Victor’s medical bag. VICTOR (CONT’D) Am I free to go? The officer nods. Sounds of distant fighting. Gasps of shock. .3.) The General’s injured! I need a doctor immediately! The officer and a soldier approach Victor.S. The bleeding has been stopped.. The officer draws his sword. You’ll have to.S. OFFICER You! You’re a doctor. VICTOR (O. Victor works on the head and face of a man on the ground. quickly leaves. VICTOR I’ve done all I can. Victor looks up at his escorts. He’s stable but will require further treatment once you get him to the hospital. MILITARY COMMAND CENTER . Victor grabs his bag. VICTOR But he’s my brother! MILITARY OFFICER I have my orders.. OFFICER (O. Move! Victor resists but is forced from the room.CONTINUOUS (DREAM) A ruined military command center.

. FOG/MIST OBSCURES SCENE INTO DARKNESS NURSE (O. hands over face... Victor. sits down next to Edgar.) Daddy.. MILITARY HOSPITAL . in grief.) Doctor.DAY JASON (O. VICTOR What happened? NURSE I’m sorry. it seems so. several items on the floor.Daddy.. Victor hangs his head. okay? . VICTOR Huh? What? JASON It’s time to wake up.doctor. elbows on knees. INT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . INT. I’ll clean this up while you start breakfast. FOG/MIST EVAPORATE Victor awakes with a start.VICTOR’S LAB .CONTINUOUS (DREAM) Victor hurries in. Jason looks at the clutter.4. Bloodstained bedsheets cover Edgar’s face.S. VICTOR No. huh? VICTOR Yes.S. JASON (CONT’D) Made a mess again.not my brother. We couldn’t stop the bleeding.. The desk is a mess.

FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . JASON What’s with the red and blue barrels? VICTOR Ahhhh. Victor enters. Victor and Jason sit down. just smaller.CONTINUOUS KITCHEN is cluttered. The blood replacement works in small doses. When I combine different plants and minerals into each barrel I can create a spark. JASON Why do you need to replace blood? VICTOR During the war I saw too many people die because they lost too much blood from their wounds. Any new inventions last night? VICTOR No. not really.5.KITCHEN . Daddy. It can make muscles twitch or help a heart keep beating. If I . the spark machine. eat. Like the lightning from a storm. INT. JASON (smiling) Sometimes? Like your other experiments? VICTOR I’ll find the answer to all the problems. you’ll see. JASON Good morning. Zarya sits nearby. Jason prepares breakfast. VICTOR Thanks Jason. JASON Does it work? VICTOR Sometimes.

EXT. VICTOR (CONT’D) A little skin discoloration.to make things right.and I was unable to save your sister when she was overcome by the consumption.. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE ... I haven’t earned any playtime. ... Jason looks up. VICTOR (somber.. run along the road. There’s so much I need to do. My work is important. Zarya emerge from the mist covering the drawbridge. especially when the moss patches are used. EXT. to the forest. watch Jason and Zarya run down a forest path. son. that’s all.with minor side effects. JASON You work too hard. But I’ll fix that problem too.CONTINUOUS Jason..I was unable to save your mother when your sister was born. they do. VICTOR can figure out how to replace that blood. questioningly.I was not here when your grandfather died because I was forced into the war. I can save a lot of lives.CONTINUOUS Two men (Beval and Carsen) kneel behind tall bushes. You need to go out and play.. actually..I was unable to save my own brother. FOREST . JASON (laughing to himself) Do those work yet? VICTOR Yes. softly) Adults don’t get to play..6...

A third man (Jonathan) joins Beval and Carsen. Carsen and Beval exchange looks of concern. At least I’m putting them to good use. LAKE SIDE . The baron signed a warrant against poachers on his lands. JONATHAN The baron? Don’t make me laugh! That useless excuse for a doctor does nothing but sit in his castle. BEVAL It’s the Frankenstein boy. these are my lands now. CARSEN Come on. The men watch Jason and Zarya run off into the forest. CARSEN It will be our necks if we’re caught. doesn’t help the sick in town. . Zarya snuggles up next to him. The three men fade back into the shadows of the forest. throws it at some ducks. BEVAL Hunting has been poor all year. Jason grabs a rock.7. He doesn’t take care of his land. We don’t want to be caught poaching on the baron’s lands. Zarya chases the ducks as they fly off.CONTINUOUS Jason and Zarya enter large clearing near lake. Jason sits down behind a large boulder. JONATHAN That brat probably scared off what little game there was around here. JONATHAN What’s the problem? CARSEN It’s the baron’s son and his dog. EXT. let’s try a different location. As far as I’m concerned.

Deirdre approaches. water splashes. stops at the water’s edge. The younger children laugh. the same age as Jason. . He’s a doctor. sprays Deirdre. Jason smiles. Zarya retrieves the ball. DEIRDRE (CONT’D) There! Now we’re even. I live in the castle with my father. A splash. Jason backs away. you go get it. A girl (Deirdre). The ball lands in the water. Zarya dives past Deirdre into the water. extends a hand.8... enters tossing a ball with two younger children.. Deirdre chases the ball. Dierdre falls into the water. Deirdre leans over. approaches Jason. The younger children laugh.it’s just water. Jason backs into the lake. pushes Jason over. Deirdre extends one finger. Jason loses his balance. trying not to laugh) No. DEIRDRE Well.here’s your ball. Gasps of surprise. Zarya delivers the ball to Jason. DEIRDRE Oh. DEIRDRE You threw it. JASON (apologetic) Umm. shakes herself off. helps Jason up.. Are you new in the town? JASON No. JASON I’m Jason. Deirdre angry. DEIRDRE I’ve never seen you around before.. DEIRDRE (CONT’D) Hi.. so you think it’s funny do you? JASON (smiling. I’ll show you funny.not really.. I’m Deirdre.

B) Jason. Want to play again tomorrow? DEIRDRE Sure.my father’s really busy. waves. DEIRDRE You mean the old. END MONTAGE EXT.. but bring some food. haunted castle? JASON It’s not haunted. Deirdre and younger children chase after Zarya. JASON Sure! MONTAGE A) Jason.CONTINUOUS DEIRDRE It’s getting late. A picnic.. Jason smiles. C) Jason. and. JASON See you tomorrow.9. Zarya pants in exhaustion. Deirdre and younger children play keep-away. D) Jason.. We have to get back.... . Deirdre and younger children play tag. DEIRDRE (smiling) Don’t worry about it! Let’s play! It would be good to finally have someone my own age to play with. perhaps? Deirdre and younger children leave. LAKE SIDE .it’s just. Deirdre and younger children play catch. JASON I had fun.

knocks an item off the desk. The room is a mess.CONTINUOUS Jason carries a large basket.. JASON Time to wake up. JASON I’ll be late! INT. emerges from the mists over the drawbridge. eats a turkey leg. Zarya sprints after it. JASON Sorry. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .JASON’S BEDROOM . EXT. JASON Come on girl. Daddy! Victor mumbles in his sleep. Jason holds the remains of the turkey leg. tosses it away.CONTINUOUS Jason looks into the LAB.LATER Deirdre picks flowers. . FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . Zarya pokes her head over the raised edge of the drawbridge. blushes. barks.. DEIRDRE You brought a picnic! How wonderful! Jason smiles. INT. it’s a long walk from the castle.. Jason and Zarya enter. DEIRDRE Well.DAY Jason wakes up. Zarya rushes after Jason. Zarya emerges from under the covers. Victor is asleep at the desk.let me set things up.VICTOR’S LAB .. LAKE SIDE . tail wagging. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . it’s about time.10. EXT. JASON Yes.umm. Jason sleepily opens window.

I have to help my Dad with chores and stuff. but I have to get back home. Jason blushes. one at a time. skip stones into the water. okay. But you have to bring a picnic.CONTINUOUS DEIRDRE I had a wonderful time today. F) Deirdre picks flowers. LAKE SIDE .a what? Deirdre causally walks away. Jason sets out the food. Jason and Deirdre fold the picnic cloth. DEIRDRE A date.11. C) Jason and Deirdre sit down and eat. The sun gets low in the western sky.. She selects flowers from her bouquet and tosses them. Maybe we can meet again in a few days. END MONTAGE EXT. Why are you throwing flowers into the water? . JASON I had fun too. D) Zarya steals food while Jason looks at Deirdre. JASON But.. B) Jason and Deirdre play catch with Zarya. a picnic. into the lake. MONTAGE A) Jason pulls out an elegant cloth (with the Frankenstein crest embroidered on it). DEIRDRE Okay. it’s a date. E) Jason and Deirdre walk along the lake shore. JASON A.

softly growls. The deer staggers. They’re pretty and they look nice in the water. atop a black horse. Jason steps backward as Beval and Carsen appear. JASON Poachers.12. Jonathan’s shot misses. Jason stops. draws his bow. A gravely wounded deer staggers onto the path. BEVAL May God have mercy on our souls. . DEIRDRE I don’t know. Two black-fletched arrows protrude from its side. two more arrows are shot into the deer. Jonathan? He’s just a boy. leaves. A black-fletched arrow flies into the tree right next to Jason’s head.CONTINUOUS Jason and Zarya walk along a dim forest path. Jonathan moves his horse next to Beval and Carsen. BEVAL Why. crouches. Beval looks anguished. killing it. stumbling. Deirdre picks more flowers. Jason shakes his head. spurs his horse forward. Carsen places his hand on his hunting knife. Jonathan. FOREST . JASON Girls are strange. Zarya growls. Zarya stops short. JONATHAN A boy who can cost us our lives! Get moving! Jonathan notches another black-fletched arrow. JONATHAN You two get that kill back to the cave. Jason runs. Sounds of movement. Jason backs up to a tree. I’ll take care of the witness. EXT.

dodges between trees. A cart with a lit lantern approaches. The sound of broken bones. pats the horse on the neck. let’s have some fun. torn flesh. Jason. Jonathan spins the horse around.13. Jonathan spurs his horse forward. . flails its front legs. tell them who sent you. Zarya runs at Jason’s side. exhausted. JONATHAN Yup! The horse rears back. Zarya barks at the attackers. Zarya’s barking is heard moving away. Hoof beats approaching. barking. smiles. The basket shatters beneath the horse’s hooves. Jason stumbles forward. boy. Cries of pain. The sound of broken bones. back to the forest. Jonathan spurs his horse into a sprint over Jason’s body. Jason’s raises his arm defensively. JONATHAN Yup! The horse rears. The sun begins to set. breaks from the forest. Jonathan sneers. Zarya runs towards the cart. JONATHAN When you get to hell. runs him over. Jonathan repositions his horse. brings its front hooves down. a road in sight across a large field. EXT. Jonathan raises his bow. Jason rolls over. Jonathan repositions his horse. Jonathan leans forward. pauses. JASON Noooo! The horse pounds his front hooves down. The horse overtakes Jason. badly injured. Jason drops the basket. Arrows strike the trunks of trees as Jason passes by.CONTINUOUS Jason runs. Zarya fiercely barks. lowers the bow. basket in hand. A kick sends Zarya to the ground with a yelp. Jonathan looks up. The sun sets. FOREST . JONATHAN Come on boy. silhouetted against the setting sun. Zarya leaps at Jonathan’s leg.

SPENCER I’m sorry sir. runs back along the road. Something attacked him. God no. VICTOR Spencer. Zarya lays next to Jason. squints.NIGHT Spencer’s cart enters the COURTYARD. Zarya whines repeatedly. steps down the stairs using the banister for support. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . SPENCER What do you want girl? You’re a long way from home. Spencer stops his cart. barks again. SPENCER Saints protect us. . EXT. EXT. Victor’s face a mask of despair. A storm brews over the mountains. Victor. reaches a hand toward Jason. Victor turns ashen. Zarya barks. barks. Zarya’s muzzle touching Jason’s hand. VICTOR (CONT’D) Oh.COURTYARD . barks at the driver (Spencer).NIGHT . in grief. steadies himself against the stone banister of the castle steps. He’s all I have left. sees Jason. Spencer climbs down. SPENCER Doctor Frankenstein! Baron! Come quickly! Spencer dismounts as Victor opens the castle doors. Victor staggers.14. Mist forms near Victor’s head. stops. VICTOR Not my son. Zarya leads Spencer to where Jason lays. The mist condenses into a ghostly image of the face of Edgar. why the commotion? Victor sees Jason in the back of the cart. As the cart gets close. lays down next to Jason. FOREST . I don’t know what happened. Zarya runs next to Jason.CONTINUOUS Zarya reaches the cart.

little brother. VICTOR Please. wet with sweat. okay. SPENCER I’m sorry. Victor carries Jason through the open door of the castle. VICTOR I’ve lost everything. don’t let me die. Deborah’s eyes close. I don’t feel very good. VICTOR (whispering) I failed you all. The door closes with a low. it fades away. The ghostly image fades. disheveled hair. VICTOR No. DEBORAH’S (VICTOR’S DEAD WIFE) IMAGE You take good care of our daughter. carries him slowly up the entry steps. EDGAR’S IMAGE Hey. coughing. in a trance. Zarya follows. SPENCER Is there anything I can do. echoing thud. sir. reforms into the ghostly image of the face of a young woman (Deborah). reforms into the ghostly image of the face of a very young girl (Katherine). no. KATHERINE’S (VICTOR’S DEAD DAUGHTER) IMAGE Daddy. sir? Victor. looking ill. in tears. shifts. Victor turns from the misty image. lifts Jason into his arms. I love you very much. . the ghostly image fades.15. Victor.

in a trance. VICTOR (CONT’D) I won’t fail you! I won’t let you die! Victor carries Jason up the castle main stairs.CONTINUOUS Victor places Jason on a large table next to the desk. cradles Jason’s body. A weak. thunder. MONTAGE A) Victor tosses off his coat. thunder.16. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . . Victor grabs a listening tube from his desk. D) Cloth wraps applied to keep the moss patches in place. with renewed energy.CONTINUOUS Victor.. irregular heart beat.VICTOR’S LAB . works furiously on Jason. VICTOR I won’t lose you. Victor stumbles. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . falls to one knee. INT. Zarya follows Victor. Books and other items tossed to the floor. VICTOR Jason? Victor checks for a pulse at Jason’s neck. A flash of lightning.not like the others.ENTRY HALL .. a roll of thunder. Lightning.. B) Victor uses scissors to remove Jason’s clothing. The storm grows.. back against the castle door. lifts Jason. Lightning. INT. Victor listens to Jason’s chest. Jason makes a weak but audible gasp. applies them to Jason’s wounds. (beat) . C) Victor soaks pre-prepared moss patches in a bucket of water. mechanical steps. Victor carries Jason with slow. VICTOR (CONT’D) You’re alive! Victor stands.

stops. VICTOR You’ve lost too much blood. E) The storm rages outside. Victor grabs the wires coming from the barrels. steady. I’ll give you something for the pain. no. Jason’s body arches. The heart beat is weak. MONTAGE ENDS INT. unsteady. no. A sharpened quill the needle. with a stopcock on the desk controlling the flow. whispers. thunder. The large. VICTOR (CONT’D) The blood replacement! Victor prepares a transfusion. VICTOR No! A flash of lightning illuminates the red and blue barrels on the desk. Victor listens to Jason’s heart.17. unsteady. Quill inserted into Jason’s arm. glass container filled with green liquid is seen. a loud clash of thunder.VICTOR’S LAB . The flow adjusted to a slow drip. Lightning. thunder. Victor leans forward. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . VICTOR You have a lot of broken bones son. Jason’s body twitches. VICTOR No. Lightning.CONTINUOUS Victor presses the listening tube to Jason’s chest. The heartbeat is weak. The heartbeat is strong. faint. Victor adds large jars of red and blue powder then water to the barrels. . I’m going to have to set them. touches them to the sides of Jason’s chest. Victor listens to Jason’s heart. A small spark. The wires are touched to the sides of Jason’s chest. A large spark. Lightning. The storm rages. moss patches and cloth wraps blur together and continue until Jason is covered from head to toe in moss patches and cloth wraps. Zarya whines. Victor sighs. A roll of thunder. images of scissors.

Muted gasps of surprise. I don’t know of any forest animals that trample people. Jonathan leans forward. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Animals? SPENCER None that I saw. Not seen anything like it since the war. TOWN TAVERN . in the distance. smiles. And a very bad night too. a table partially hidden in shadows. SPENCER Yes. Bones broken. A storm outside. SPENCER Magistrate! Yes.. Trampled. In the far corner. I just found the boy’s body on the side of the road.) What do you mean trampled? Magistrate Aldred stands at the entrance..S. crushed. bloody.18. The Frankenstein boy died today. It was dark. sir! The boy looked like he had taken a very bad fall. Spencer? The Bartender places a filled mug in front of Spencer.and that dog was barking like crazy.my eyes. cloaked from head to toe. sir. INT. The right side of the Magistrate’s face is covered by a leather mask. . BARTENDER What happened? SPENCER I don’t know. It was getting dark and you know my eyes don’t work like they used to. Behind Magistrate Aldred stands a patrolman (Jerald).NIGHT Spencer enters. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (O. a hood covers his head partially concealing his face.. BARTENDER Late night.

looks over Jonathan’s horse. Jerald leave. TOWN STABLE . voice agreement. returns to Beval. Must be a curse. sir. where is it? BEVAL Stall three. sir. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Thank you. Patrons nod. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Freshly washed. Magistrate Aldred. what can I do for you? MAGISTRATE ALDRED Jonathan’s horse. INT. surprised by the sudden entrance of Magistrate Aldred and Jerald. The Magistrate closes the stall door. Spencer. The Baron was overwhelmed with grief. I may wish to talk to you again tomorrow. Jonathan smiles. SPENCER So much death and tragedy around the Frankenstein family. BEVAL Sir? MAGISTRATE ALDRED (sternly) Jonathan’s stallion. Magistrate Aldred walks to and opens the stall door.19. Rain falls outside. leans back into the shadows. MAGISTRATE ALDRED And the body? SPENCER Delivered to the castle. Why did Jonathan have his horse bathed at night? .CONTINUOUS Beval. quickly hides items behind a post. BEVAL Magistrate.

brings its front hooves crashing down on the bucket. rears up. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (CONT’D) Bucket. Magistrate Aldred makes a clicking sound. don’t you agree. sir? MAGISTRATE ALDRED They say there aren’t any animals that would trample a man. walks back to the stall. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Jerald? JERALD Yes. That’s what they say. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Unless its been trained. Magistrate Aldred turns to Beval. JERALD Yes. the horse stands at attention.20. Magistrate Aldred empties the water. Beval hands the bucket to Magistrate Aldred. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (CONT’D) Yup! Jonathan’s horse positions itself. the horse’s ears perk-up. Sergeant? . BEVAL Jonathan loves that horse. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (CONT’D) The good captain was very proud of that trick during the war. BEVAL Sir? MAGISTRATE ALDRED Kindly hand me that bucket you placed behind the post. sir. sir. He takes very good care of it. shatters it. Magistrate Aldred tosses the bucket into the stall. Beval looks uncomfortable. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Better than his family.

FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . BEVAL Yes. BEVAL Me. How could I? Magistrate Aldred sighs in frustration.VICTOR’S LAB . in shame. sir! What happened? MAGISTRATE ALDRED I was hoping you would tell me. INT.. VICTOR As the young maiden approached. You’re a good. the Prince recognized her right away despite her ragged clothes. MAGISTRATE ALDRED I see.21.NIGHT LAB in disarray.I mean Magistrate.. MAGISTRATE ALDRED The Frankenstein boy? Beval looks pale. Yes. BEVAL A good man.that’s terrible.. Beval looks down to the ground. BEVAL (feigning surprise) That’s. loyal man Beval.. very proud. Beval lowers his head. BEVAL Sir? MAGISTRATE ALDRED The Frankenstein boy was killed today. General. whispers to himself. Jason is covered from head to toe in patches and cloth bandages. Victor reads to Jason. sir? I don’t know anything. The . steadies himself. Magistrate Aldred and Jerald leave the stable. I hope that loyalty doesn’t get you into trouble. sir.

and they rode back to the castle. close around Victor’s hand. gently.. and put it on as well. They were married and lived happily ever after. The green liquid gurgles. what are you doing here? VICTOR Deborah? Victor embraces Deborah. how I’ve missed you! . The stopcock lever is hit. Victor rests his hand on Jason’s hand. Victor enters. "HEAVEN" (DREAM) FOG/MIST EVAPORATE White mist. dressed as he was when he fell asleep. my beloved. Victor sleeps restlessly. The fingers of Jason’s bandaged hand. slowly. opens. fade. VICTOR (CONT’D) Oh. VICTOR Good night son. Zezolla took the matching slipper out from her pocket.. held out the slipper and placed it onto Zezolla’s foot. The storm has passed. DEBORAH Victor. looks ragged. It was a perfect fit.The End. beautifully dressed. Less than a third of the blood replacement has been used. Victor’s arm pushes outward knocking items on the desk. VICTOR Prince knelt. turns off the stopcock. sparkle. tired. FOG/MIST OBSCURES SCENE INTO DARKNESS EXT. Points of light appear. goes to sleep at the desk.22. clouds. Deborah enters. The Prince took Zezolla by the hand and walked her to his awaiting carriage. VICTOR (CONT’D) (whispering) I love you very much. A distant sound of rolling thunder. Victor sets the book down. flows.

... stands up. KATHERINE Jaaaaason.I can’t lose him too. Katherine moves closer. VICTOR It’s so good to see you both again. Victor knees to embrace her.. Deborah turn to the image. VICTOR No. Katherine.where is here? DEBORAH We’re here for Jason.but you’re not supposed to be here.23. it’s not his time.g. It can’t be. Where is he? Katherine skips to the right. VICTOR (CONT’D) Why are you here? And. Victor releases Katherine. .I’ve lost you and Katherine.. It’s his time. 4 years old. a shadowy image of a hulking figure appears... it’s not your decision to make. KATHERINE Come play with me Jason! VICTOR No. The image raises its arms slightly with a muffled yell. looks around. KATHERINE Jaaaaason. Victor. KATHERINE Daddy’s here! Daddy’s here! Katherine rushes to Victor. DEBORAH But. In the b. I’ve saved him. He should be here. DEBORAH It’s good to see you my love.. skips from the mist. looks into the distance..

) (screaming..I’ve used them all. AS IF BLOWN AWAY Victor awakes to Jason’s screams. The large glass container is empty. Victor. Sounds of splintering wood.what have you done? FOG/MIST OBSCURES SCENE INTO DARKNESS JASON (O. . Jason’s skin is light green. VICTOR (CONT’D) Breathe son. no! Victor removes the transfusion tube from Jason’s arm. hoarse) Daddy! Help me! Daaaaddyyyyy! INT. reverberating scream is heard. Victor grabs scissors.CONTINUOUS FOG/MIST EVAPORATES QUICKLY. holds the cloth over Jason’s nose and mouth. Tears well-up Deborah’s eyes. seeping dark green blood. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . in pain. There are no moss patches left. bloated.S. clearly in pain. Wounds have reopened. Victor pours chloroform onto a cloth.. DEBORAH Oh. removes the cloth bandages. Jason’s body is swollen. VICTOR Jason! No! You’ll reopen the wounds! Spots of dark green spread on the bandages. Victor tries to restrain Jason. A muffled.24. Jason stops struggling... breathe. Sounds of tearing cloth.VICTOR’S LAB . KATHERINE Jason? The image raises its arms higher. VICTOR (CONT’D) Dear God. VICTOR (CONT’D) The patches.

Victor confused. VICTOR I’m sorry. INT. son. I) Splints re-fitted. looks concerned. J) Victor places three large.25. Victor grabs the listening tube. . END MONTAGE INT.. H) Victor carefully re-wraps Jason’s wounds. applies the new patches (black in color) to the wounds that reopened. Victor. leans forward over Jason’s chest. D) Victor sews Jason’s re-opened wounds closed. Three loud. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .VICTOR’S LAB . exhausted. Victor gives Jason an injection. resonating "booms". Victor wipes Jason’s forehead with a wet cloth. leaves. wide leather straps around Jason to secure him to the table.I am so sorry.DAY Jason sleeps restlessly. sits down. B) Victor threads a thread through a sharpened quill. MONTAGE A) Victor removes cloth bandages. Three loud.VICTOR’S LAB . C) Victor tosses several old moss patches aside. E) Victor grabs moss from ceramic pots in the LAB and GREENHOUSE. F) Victor hastily creates a pasty mix of water and powders.CONTINUOUS Victor places his hand on Jason’s forehead. G) Victor soaks clumps of moss into the mixture.. puts one end over his ear. resonating "booms". wood replaced. Zarya gets up. VICTOR You’re running a nasty fever. places the cloth on Jason’s forehead. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . Jason’s hair comes off in large clumps.

Victor gasps.. SPENCER Oh. Spencer. shades his eyes.26. VICTOR My son.. Victor steps out into the COURTYARD INT.. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Spencer. in the COURTYARD. Spencer hands a large cloth to Victor. doctor.COURTYARD . Baron. .S. I am very sorry to disturb you. Magistrate Aldred on the landing.CONTINUOUS Victor blinks. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . muffled) Baron Frankenstein? May I speak with you. Victor enters. VICTOR Afternoon? MAGISTRATE ALDRED Yes. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (O. near cart. INT. with two horses. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (O. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Good afternoon.I haven’t slept. Blinding daylight.S. Zarya sits near the castle doors. dazed. rushes from the LAB.) (in the distance. yes sir.I wasn’t expecting visitors. in a panic. please? Victor.CONTINUOUS Three loud. wagging her tail. grabs his coat. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . A patrolman (William) at the far end of the COURTYARD.) Baron Frankenstein! Victor opens one of the doors. My deepest sympathies over the loss of your son.ENTRY HALL .. resonating "booms".

VICTOR But.There’s nothing to see.. in panic) No! I mean. my son.. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Baron.. Can you tell me anything? Victor leans against the door for support. please. You more than anyone. MAGISTRATE ALDRED I went to see if I could find out what happened to your son.27. we both saw all types of injuries and atrocities during the war. MAGISTRATE ALDRED I’d like to see the body. Regrettably.. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Baron. SPENCER (CONT’D) We found this. Broken bones.. Where I found your son last night. my son. VICTOR No bite marks. I can’t. the storm destroyed any evidence.. The torn. I can’t. VICTOR I see.. But I need proof. Victor wipes tears from his eyes. no claws. VICTOR (with new energy. MAGISTRATE ALDRED I don’t think your son’s death was an accident. . sir.. I need to see what happened to him..the body. muddied cloth has the Frankenstein crest. VICTOR Magistrate..is in no condition.

there is nothing to see.. I’m not very good at helping. You saved hundreds during the war.not when it mattered.I don’t know. I’ve already prepared his body for burial. My scars run deep and the pain still lingers.. MAGISTRATE ALDRED What will you do now? VICTOR I don’t.. but you allowed me to see my daughter’s wedding and my granddaughter growing up.. And. You saved me.. VICTOR Yes.. but I’m alive.. I’m very sorry to have bothered you... VICTOR (CONT’D) I have no idea what might have caused this.not my brother. I may have lost an eye. Magistrate Aldred takes a few steps down. MAGISTRATE ALDRED I understand.so many broken bones. MAGISTRATE ALDRED I can’t thank you enough for what you did. Victor straightens up. MAGISTRATE ALDRED You’re wrong.. VICTOR No. . General..not my wife. using the door for support. VICTOR (CONT’D) . I remember. MAGISTRATE ALDRED We could use a doctor with your skills in town. You can give that gift to others. Magistrate..I have work to do here... Victor looks up toward the windows of his third floor LAB.28. You could help a lot of people. turns back.

smiles.. VICTOR (CONT’D) Thank you General. I will think about what you said. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . leaning against the door.that’s all that matters. I just need time. VICTOR You’re alive.CONTINUOUS Magistrate Aldred.. ummm. upkeep of the castle is the least of his concerns. sir. Victor. That’s all that matters. VICTOR (softly) You’re alive.29. MAGISTRATE ALDRED How so. William? . William and Spencer emerge from the mist on the drawbridge. EXT. WILLIAM I guess so. I’ll have Spencer come by tomorrow to see what you need for the funeral. Magistrate. Victor looks up to the windows of LAB. sir. You hear things. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Get some rest Baron. VICTOR Thank you Magistrate. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Baron Frankenstein has endured a great deal of hardship over the years. That castle gives me the creeps. WILLIAM Good to be away from there. With an old castle like that. reach the road. the mind plays tricks. Victor turns to Magistrate Aldred. watches the three men leave.

JASON No. JASON Daddy. It sounded a lot like moaning.CONTINUOUS Victor wets. or someone in pain. you were badly injured.. real soon. I had to strap you down so you wouldn’t hurt yourself. Do you remember anything? A tear in Jason’s eye runs off the side of his face.I hurt all over.it’s. WILLIAM Oh. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Ghosts? During the day? WILLIAM Well..I can’t move. VICTOR I’ll get you something. The right side of Jason’s face is covered by black moss patch.. VICTOR You’re running a fever. .VICTOR’S LAB ... replaces cloth on Jason’s forehead. son. bandages..30. sir. INT.. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .it’s just that when you were talking to the Baron. I’m hungry. Victor grabs the listening tube.. VICTOR Jason.. I could have sworn I heard ghosts. Jason’s left eye flickers open. maybe it was just the wind. JASON I don’t feel well. nothing. JASON (weakly) Daddy? VICTOR Jason.. William shivers.

hammers nails to seal coffin. B) Victor feeds Jason soup. bishop and attendant follow.Matthew 3:17" J) Victor stands alone in the CRYPT.". names on some of the stone work of other vaults are seen: "Edgar Frankenstein. "Katherine Frankenstein" H) The coffin slid into vault. Spencer hammers copper pins along the edges. son. C) Victor by lantern-light. Victor.31. in whom I am well pleased. . around the coffin. F) One vault in the crypt stands open.of course.. at waist height. D) Victor reads to Jason by lantern-light. . Victor hands a note to Spencer. Victor smiles. Jr. Coffin lifted by patrolmen. fills three large bags with dirt from the STABLE. Spencer leaves. daytime. MONTAGE A) Spencer delivers a coffin and supplies to the COURTYARD. Patrolmen leave. G) The coffin is carried towards the open vault. "Deborah Frankenstein". drives away. Victor places them in the coffin. E) A small gathering. The bishop blesses the coffin. read to me.. closes the lid. CLOSE ON cover stone. Spencer nods. carried into CRYPT. JASON Daddy. I) Spencer finishes sealing the edges of the cover stone. Jerald and William lift a cover stone. VICTOR Of course. "JASON FRANKENSTEIN This is my beloved Son.

VICTOR What? JASON No meat. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . Jason Frankenstein. Victor exams Jason. JASON Daddy? VICTOR Awake again? JASON I’m hungry. Zarya close to Jason. VICTOR (sarcastically) My son. Jason awakens. VICTOR How about soup? JASON No meat. taller. Jason larger. just vegetables. VICTOR (CONT’D) Its only been three weeks. .DAY The LAB organized. END MONTAGE SLOW DISSOLVE TO: INT.VICTOR’S LAB . wants vegetables? JASON The meat upsets my stomach. I can’t believe how quickly you’re healing.32. then I’ll get you some more food. clean. JASON I’m really hungry. Victor works at desk. VICTOR Again? Let me see how your doing.

On my mark. not a mother and her fawn. BEVAL The forest is as creepy and haunted as that old castle. please. casts his eyes downward.nothing. JONATHAN Quiet fool..no bear. JONATHAN All right then.no rabbit.. .33. We were having a hard time even before the Frankenstein boy’s unfortunate accident. At the edge Jonathan. Carsen and Beval kneel behind tall bushes.. deer. raise slightly and notch the arrows in their bows. I say we take them and that’s final! CARSEN I wish we could figure out what’s scaring away all the game. You two take down the doe. sir.. BEVAL Jonathan. JONATHAN Enough! I will not listen to any more of your superstitious dribble.. FOREST . BEVAL Yes.DAY A doe and fawn in a clearing. Vegetable soup coming up! EXT.. Have I made myself clear? Beval hangs his head. We’ve been hunting for weeks and found nothing until today. The men take out a black-fletched arrow from their quivers. eating. VICTOR I’ve tried for years to get you to eat vegetables. The lack of game has nothing to do with the castle. I’ll take the fawn.

The fawn falls. Jonathan runs back into the woods. smiles. whistles. INT. Jonathan rides past Carsen and Beval. JONATHAN (CONT’D) One. wounded. JASON (noticeably deeper voice) Any more? Victor looks up from the microscope. The men take aim. Victor works at a microscope. JONATHAN You missed again Beval! I’ll have to track her down. bandages removed. The men draw their bows. JONATHAN Get moving you idiots! Carsen and Beval slowly walk to the fallen fawn. JONATHAN (CONT’D) Two.NIGHT Jason eats vegetables.. VICTOR You’ve done nothing but eat the past month.. Two cries of pain. Sounds of hoofs approaching. Zarya eats scraps Jason drops. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . JONATHAN (CONT’D) Three! The men fire. bread.VICTOR’S LAB . The doe runs. Some patches. Beval upset. You two take care of the fawn. BEVAL A mother and her child.this isn’t good.34. What do you say we try to get you into your own bed? .

VICTOR Not much further. Jason looks depressed.35. Items fall off tables. Jason’s walk is slow. until I find out what the problem is.walk carefully. crash to the floor. groans in pain as he moves. you’ve grown quite a bit. JASON When will all the patches come off? VICTOR They should have already come off. supports Jason under his left arm. mechanical. Some of them seem. Victor helps Jason to the edge of the table.SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY .. son. Victor and Jason bang into tables and chairs along the hallway. VICTOR (CONT’D) Let’s go. son. VICTOR Well. The last thing we want is an infection. eases Jason’s feet to the floor. Jason frequently loses his balance. Jason’s right arm and both legs are in splints. INT. JASON Okay! Victor helps swing Jason’s legs to the side of the table.. . FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .CONTINUOUS Victor and Jason come down the last stair between the second and third floor. please try not to scratch them. really bad. Jason has grown considerably. Victor reaches for the lantern on the desk.stuck.. VICTOR (CONT’D) My. they itch. JASON The patches.. Jason grimaces. well.

DAY Heavy winds. Jason’s body is a patchwork of green and brown skin. you’re almost completely healed. Victor looks into his medical bag. which is covered in black powder. EXT. with black moss patches. INT. Course black powder falls off. WAGON PASSENGER Let’s get out of here. Victor removes bandages. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . examines the black powder. Victor grabs a magnifying glass. WAGON DRIVER Haunted they say. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . Jason’s skin underneath is black. VICTOR I’ve never seen anything like it. Victor examines Jason’s face and head. Splints on Jason’s right arm and both legs. VICTOR Nothing to worry about son. Let me take a look at the patch. . Jason scratches the black moss patch on his face.36. JASON (nervous) Daddy? Jason holds out his hand. Swirling. moans and crashes. red and yellow leaves. the cart moves forward. Shifting lights seen through the mists. Aside from the color of your skin.CONTINUOUS Two travelers in a wagon ride past FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE. Victor wipes away more of the black moss patch. pillows support his back and neck. Muffled bumps.JASON’S BEDROOM . Jason sits in bed. I don’t want to deal with no ghosts. The wagon pauses. The driver snaps the reins. JASON (CONT’D) (apologetic) It itches.

I’ll find a way to fix this. JASON Can I eat first. . I promised.you’re going to fix it. son. I’m hungry. one more piece of good news. Jason looks at his chest. JASON What is it? VICTOR The good news is. let’s see how these bones are healing.. VICTOR Well. JASON But. arms and legs. then back to Victor. right? You promised. Also. examines the top of Jason’s head. It just itches! Victor gently removes more of the black moss patch. VICTOR Yes.37. we can rub off what’s left of the moss patches. I have good news and bad news. runs his left hand over his head. JASON And the bad news? VICTOR The skin under these patches has also changed color. Your hair is growing back! Jason smiles. JASON I can feel it! VICTOR Now.. VICTOR Does it hurt? JASON No.

38. Spencer. Victor turns to leave. EXT. Next week then. JASON And a story later? Victor turns back. Spencer places items from the cart onto ground. sir. This is what I’ll need next week. please. Let me see what I can find.. smiles. cloth.COURTYARD . I’m really hungry. leather. VICTOR Thank you. Victor hands Spencer a small note. You sure you don’t need any help getting those supplies into the castle? .. SPENCER That will do it for this week. cloth. Spencer reads it.DAY Victor and Spencer in conversation. Victor gathers used bandages from the floor. more vegetables. sir. VICTOR Of course. VICTOR Alright. nods. JASON Some water too. Vegetables.no problem. VICTOR You ate an hour ago! JASON I’m sorry. if possible. VICTOR We have plenty of those too. Daddy. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . Snow on ground. we have plenty of water. SPENCER Vegetables. near the STABLE.

JASON Come on.. JASON Let’s measure! Measure me! . Does anyone know what the problem is? SPENCER No. Jason dressed in poor fitting.) (very deep. Jason taller than Victor. No one’s around. Spencer. Daddy! I came out to help.S. wagging her tail. it’s becoming very hard to come by. Some say the woods round the castle are haunted. thank you. VICTOR These woods have always been filled with game. VICTOR What do you want girl? JASON (O.. VICTOR You’re growing like a weed. turns back toward Jason. black. VICTOR I’m sure. Zarya arrives. It’s amazing. Spencer leaves. thank you again. poorly sewn. Victor watches the cart pass through the mist over the drawbridge. clothes. what are you doing out here? If someone should see you. sir.39. Victor looks towards the drawbridge. Jason’s hair very short. VICTOR Jason. Spencer climbs onto his wagon. VICTOR Well. SPENCER Good thing you don’t ask for much meat anymore. adult voice) Daddy? Jason peeks his head around the corner of the STABLE.

VICTOR Okay. Jason turns to see.40. . proudly. smiles broadly. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . running his hand through his hair.KITCHEN . which tears as he puts his arm into a sleeve. JASON Daaaaaddyyyyy! B) Jason looks at his image closely in a mirror. Daddy! Measure me! Jason stands in doorway. Victor washes off a paste from Jason’s arm. but help me with the supplies first. No change. Victor prepares a meal. I need to sew you some new clothes. D) Jason enters KITCHEN. Victor steps on footstool to measure Jason. Victor steps down. Jason smiles. C) Jason sits on a chair in Victor’s lab. Victor applies a paste to Jason’s arm. son. Jason much taller than Victor. SERIES OF SHOTS A) Jason wakes up. Jason enters. wraps Jason’s arm. JASON Measure me. Victor uses knife to mark the wood at Jason’s height. Jason and Victor depressed. END SERIES OF SHOTS INT. JASON I’m tall! E) Jason sits in the LAB.DAY Victor cooks. tries to put on a patchwork shirt. JASON What are you doing? VICTOR I’m baking a special cake.

INT. By the way. Fine china. Jason stands tall..DINING ROOM .NIGHT Victor. JASON You’re baking a birthday cake! VICTOR What makes you think that? JASON Well. son? . I found a recipe for something called carrot cake.. VICTOR Now..it’s my birthday! VICTOR Then it must be a birthday cake! JASON What flavor is it? VICTOR I’m trying something new. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . Daddy. JASON Carrot cake! Sounds delicious! VICTOR I hope you’ll like it. JASON Thanks. just for you. your first birthday present today will be no lab work. JASON . VICTOR Are you finished.. Jason sit at a large table. no ointments. silverware. proud. get out of here and go set up the dining room. no experiments.41. leaves. you never make a cake unless it is someone’s birthday and. Jason smiles.

JASON Books! Thank you! . JASON I wish I could leave the castle again. VICTOR I’ll take care of the plates. Jason hastily unwraps the gift. Now. Victor grabs the plates. sets down one cloth-wrapped bundle. smiles. Victor enters. Jason closes his eyes. opens them again. VICTOR (O. VICTOR (softly) One wish at a time.one wish at a time. sets the cake down in front of Jason. VICTOR You can open your eyes now. Jason opens his eyes. with a bow on top. Victor enters. carries a cake with fourteen.. lots of frosting.) Close your eyes now.. leaves.. Jason closes his eyes.. small. JASON Lots of frosting? VICTOR Yes. son. Victor looks sad.42.S. lit candles. thinks. son. JASON Yes. Four leather-bound books. VICTOR (CONT’D) Time to open your present. make a wish.and live happily ever after. Victor points to the wrapped bundle. Victor leaves. Jason blows out the candles.

VICTOR These. VICTOR There you are! It’s time for breakfast. along with the others in the library.. VICTOR Are you feeling okay? JASON I feel great! VICTOR When was the last time you ate a full meal? Jason shrugs. JASON Read me one! Tonight! VICTOR Jason. opens. The access door to the roof rattles. VICTOR Very well.DAY Jason basks in the morning sun. The birds fly off.ROOF BATTLEMENTS . Victor enters. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . you’re old enough to read these on your own. smiles. Two birds land on parapet nearby. should keep you busy. I’ll eat later.but it’s my birthday! Pleeeeease! Victor sighs.43.. JASON I know. one bird flies next to Jason. Jason stretches. JASON Deal! EXT. and then we need to run some tests. yawns. JASON I’m not really hungry. but only after we have some cake. .

FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . Daddy. VICTOR Jason. JASON Wow! Will it work on me? VICTOR That’s what we’re about to find out.. VICTOR (CONT’D) I have a solution that is being used to remove the color from cloth. Animals in their cages stop their activities to watch. Come see me in the lab.I think. VICTOR It should. follow Jason. It’s a solution of lye and sour milk. Victor takes out a piece of brown cloth and a bottle containing white liquid. Victor wets a cotton ball with the white liquid. JASON Ow! It hurts! It hurts! Get it off! . Watch this. INT. Zarya follows.. JASON It smells funny. sighs.CONTINUOUS Jason enters. We’ll try just a small spot on your arm. come here.VICTOR’S LAB . Jason sits down. Victor applies a small drop to the cloth. VICTOR Alright. JASON Yesterday.44. JASON Okay. The cloth turns white where the drop lands. Victor dabs the wet cotton ball on Jason’s forearm. I want to try something new.

will you refill the water bucket? JASON Sure. An audible. Let me get some medicine on that. VICTOR (CONT’D) It’s gone! Victor grabs a magnifying glass. wipes Jason’s forearm. Victor goes to the bookshelf. looks confused. Jason grabs the bucket. . shouts. VICTOR Go down to the well and fill the bucket there. VICTOR (CONT’D) It’s completely healed. Victor thinks. JASON I have no idea.45.) Daddy! The pipe is clogged again! Victor turns. long sigh from Jason. VICTOR What was that light? Jason shrugs. How? JASON It doesn’t hurt anymore. in thought. The glow subsides. Zarya follows. examines Jason’s forearm. leaves. Jason’s forearm glows green/white.S. turns back to Jason. Victor creates a paste. Victor grabs a cloth. VICTOR Jason. JASON (O. Victor examines Jason’s forearm. VICTOR You’ve been burned. Victor sits back. searches for a book.

The lantern illuminates a metal ladder. As the quill touches the finger tip. JASON Why? VICTOR Ointments and lotions are not working. I need to draw some blood. catches the lantern. Jason lunges. Jason sits hesitantly. Jason opens the well covers.CONTINUOUS Jason. Victor turns back to the book shelf. I need to try something different.WELL ROOM . lowers the bucket with the rope. accidentally knocks the lantern into the well. JASON Here’s the water. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . Zarya enter. INT. Victor grabs a sharpened quill.VICTOR’S LAB . . Zarya enter. have a seat. sir. Victor pulls back. the finger tip glows green/white. Jason retrieves the bucket. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . JASON What’s that? INT. JASON How much do you need? VICTOR Just a drop or two. Jason carries lantern and water bucket. surprised. Jason extends a finger. Give me your finger. places the lantern on the stone ledge of the well.46. JASON Yes.CONTINUOUS Jason. VICTOR Jason.

The ladder leads to an underground waterfall and a old tunnel. being boys. Victor brings quill to touch Jason’s finger tip. It was a dead-end.it goes nowhere. Of course. He would have whipped us for sure. JASON In the well. the finger tip glows softly. Victor pricks Jason’s finger tip.47. VICTOR Let me get that blood. we snuck down there and decided to have a look. but we found the tunnel blocked by a huge boulder. JASON The tunnel goes nowhere? VICTOR I’m sure at one time it lead somewhere. The blood is dark green. in no uncertain terms... told Edgar and I to stay away from the ladder and the tunnel. . your grandfather.. hand and forearm. A brief glow from the spots touched. Lucky your grandfather never found out what we did. Victor puts slide onto microscope.there’s that light again. Your grandfather told us it was an old escape tunnel. Two drops of blood fall onto a circular glass slide. JASON And it goes nowhere? VICTOR Well. Your uncle and I found that ladder when we were kids. What’s it for? VICTOR Oh. that. I saw a ladder going down. VICTOR What the. JASON What did you find? VICTOR Nothing.

I’ll be busy for a while. JASON I know. I can protect myself.48. JASON But I’m bigger now. Jason gets up. does not turn toward Jason. JASON Can I go now? VICTOR Sure. VICTOR (concern in his voice) Yes. Zarya follows. we’ve discussed this before. JASON Daddy? Victor a look of deep concern. Until a cure for the way you look won’t accept you. slides lenses in and out.. JASON Does it really matter how I look? . VICTOR Everyone in the town thinks you died. son? JASON Why can’t I leave the castle? Victor turns to Jason... Bigger I find people try to VICTOR isn’t the point. Victor examines the blood. son.. Jason stops at the doorway.I mean. looks up from the microscope. You don’t remember what happened to you and the Magistrate doesn’t think it was an accident. but. VICTOR You can’t!. They may hurt you.

DAY Jason. moves several lenses.. it shouldn’t be a problem. .49. once we get rid of the staining on your skin. Victor uses microscope.. The only light comes from the lantern Jason carries. Jason picks up items from the floor. Jason.VICTOR’S LAB .. Zarya follows. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . I’ll explain that it took a long time for you to heal. whines softly. JASON (to Zarya) This doesn’t look very safe. I promise you. Jason moves items out of the reach of Victor’s arms. INT.CONTINUOUS Jason. sad) Okay.. Zarya looks at Jason. Jason leaves. Zarya leave. Victor asleep at the desk.I’ll go read. CLOSE ON the last written entry. JASON (whispers) You work too hard.but Jason. I’m going to go exploring. Zarya enter. Zarya enter. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . VICTOR Unfortunately." SLOW DISSOLVE TO: INT.or something.. The Magistrate owes me a favor. hands to his forehead. I will go to Magistrate Aldred and tell him I faked your death so that whoever tried to hurt you would not get another chance. I will ask his help to explain to the town that you’re still alive. Victor sighs. yes.. Victor writes in a journal.. his sleep restless. Jason lifts the well covers.okay? JASON (eyes down. You better stay here.. looks down.WELL ROOM . "The blood is not human. places his elbows on his knees. CLOSE ON journal.

Jason glows green/white. JASON Adventure time! Jason heads into the tunnel.CONTINUOUS Jason climbs down. Zarya sighs. just like Daddy said. knives. TUNNEL . INT. A splash of water. lays down. climbs up.CONTINUOUS Jason carefully walks through the crudely carved tunnel. JASON Yes! . Jason. scratches the well. INT. of stone against stone. The light fades. okay? Zarya sits down. A tunnel leads into the darkness. JASON Blocked. Jason swims to the platform. Jason’s foot slips.50. rope fill the niches.WELL . climbs down. slips. swords. round boulder completely blocks the tunnel. looks sad. darkness. holds the lantern. uses both his hands to push the boulder. lights torch. Jason smiles. climbs into the well. JASON I’ll be right back. A very large. torches. Jason notices his glow. Jason loses his grip. Jason gasps for air as he surfaces. Lanterns. tinder boxes. raises her paw. Jason torch hands Sound away. Jason places into wall sconce. near the waterfall is a small stone platform. It does not move. Jason’s glow illuminates the scene. Jason rubs his together. pushes the boulder. Jason’s glow fades. A waterfall pours into the well. just at water level. Jason grabs torch and tinder box. JASON Wooooowwwww! Several nooks carved into the tunnel wall. A metal sconce on wall nearby. Jason reaches the end. Jason backs the boulder slides back into place. The boulder moves. Sounds of rushing water. falls. An audible click. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .

another stack of pelts catch fire. trips. Back of cave blocked by flame. Light ahead. looks at them. Jason grabs torch. Hooded cloaks. boulder rotates back into place. Jason coughs. POACHER’S CAVE .51. it rotates out of the way. Jason stumbles. FOREST . Bear pelt catches fire. Jason pushes boulder. Jason peeks around the corner. cooking utensils and two small fires. Fires spread. torch in front of him.CONTINUOUS Tunnel twists. two more arrows are shot into the deer. . Animal hides stretched on frames. Torch falls from Jason’s hand. INT. reveals wider tunnel behind. bows and black-fletched arrows in far corner. A large cave filled with stacks of animal pelts. rushes out cave entrance. sets stack of pelts afire. Jason’s breath becomes labored. A blaze starts. Jason tosses pelt away. The deer staggers.DAY (FLASHBACK) JASON’S POV A gravely wounded deer staggers onto the path. Jason glows. knocks a pelt frame into fire. Jason walks forward. Jason cautiously moves into the cave. An audible click.g. Two black-fletched arrows protrude from the side of the deer. In b. RETURN TO SCENE INT. tries to put out fire. POACHER’S CAVE . Jason passes a stack of deer pelts. FOCUS ON the deer pelts. Jason grabs bear pelt. Jason panics. EXT. JASON The poachers. looks frightened. killing it. turns. drying in front of fires.CONTINUOUS Jason breathes heavily.

including a skunk... LAKE SIDE . no.CONTINUOUS Jason enters. Jason looks around.. Jason starts to throw again. A demonic laugh. Ducks in lake.poachers. Sun high in sky. chases Jason.. Skunk.. JASON No. pauses. sleeps. EXT. LAKE SIDE . prior to his transformation. Several animals.CONTINUOUS Jason wakes up breathing heavily. Someone help me! The creature leaps. JASON Poachers. EXT. Jason runs. watch. talons for hands. JASON Poachers. glowing fiery eyes. The creature laughs. through a field of dark mist and flashes of fire. "DREAM WORLD OF FIRE AND MISTS" (DREAM) Jason. From the fiery mists emerges a immense. .52. deer and rabbit stop.. Jason stands up. with a bear’s body.CONTINUOUS Cave entrance well hidden behind outcropping of rock and thicket of bushes. deer and rabbit follow. runs. a human torso and head. toward the woods. Jason rests against large boulder.stay away. nearby. fiery hooves. FOG/MIST OBSCURES SCENE: EXT. Jason grabs a stone. Skunk follows. gasps for breath. Jason runs. glows softly. drops the stone.. suns himself. Smoke pours out cave entrance.good skunk. FOG/MIST OBSCURES SCENE TO DARKNESS: EXT. Jason backs away. toward Jason. creature resembling a centaur.. Jason screams. starts to throw at ducks. hesitates. POACHER’S CAVE . Skunk moves forward. Skunk walks past deer and rabbit.

chitters. Jason crashes into Beval.shoo! Movement gets closer. leaves fly at Beval. JASON Oh no.CONTINUOUS Beval walks slowly. peeks around the tree. notches a black-fletched arrow.. Heavy footsteps. BEVAL’S POV Vision fuzzy. in pain. at Beval. Skunk pivots. FOREST . sees nothing. stops. gasps. Movement is heard. Beval stunned. Vision clears. Dirt. Beval reaches for his bow on ground nearby. bow and arrow scatter.) (muffled. Jason gone. looks back. . sees Jason’s back running away. Beval looks around.S. JASON (O. Skunk runs away. FOREST . BACK TO SCENE Beval. Beval slowly withdraws his hand from the bow. Jason looks at skunk. BEVAL Don’t do it.CONTINUOUS Jason walks quickly. Skunk. stalking. Skunk cocks its head. Beval coughs. Beval knocked into air. Jason pauses. EXT. Jason dodges behind a tree. standing over his bow. The skunk runs after Jason. Sounds of running. distant) Go away. JASON Why are you following me? EXT. stares at him. readies his bow. listening. Jason runs. skunk stare at each other. sprays Beval. lands heavily..53. Beval hides. Beval peeks out. BEVAL No! The skunk kicks at the ground with its hind legs. Beval stands up.

FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . Victor enters. then we can talk about it tonight. Let’s get some dinner.KITCHEN .) Oh. Let’s get started on dinner. there you are. Jason grabs several vegetables. eats hungrily. okay? Jason smiles half-heartedly. EXT. VICTOR It will be okay. into the mists. VICTOR (CONT’D) I’ve been looking for you. I’ve got a new ointment I want to try. BEVAL This is. not really. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .not good. JASON As long as you read to me afterward. followed by Zarya. JASON (dejected) Sure thing. . A story with a happy ending. VICTOR (O.NIGHT Jason enters. INT. Story later.54. sneaks across the drawbridge. Jason looks around cautiously. VICTOR We’ll see. Food first. VICTOR Something wrong? JASON No.S..LATER Sun begins to set. son.. Daddy.

Jonathan catches his breath. we need to talk. drinking with a woman. Beval stands up. Jonathan talking to. JONATHAN (CONT’D) Some other time perhaps. it can’t. JONATHAN (CONT’D) (to Carsen) What is it? CARSEN You need to speak to Beval. turns. Jonathan finishes his drink.CONTINUOUS Door opens. looks around. Carsen enter. Jonathan. JONATHAN (to the woman) If you’ll excuse me a second. TOWN TAVERN . JONATHAN (indicting the woman) I’m busy. approaches Jonathan. JONATHAN Fine! Jonathan turns to the woman.NIGHT Carsen enters. JONATHAN (CONT’D) This better be important! INT. Can’t this wait? CARSEN No. right away. TOWN STABLE . Jonathan. stands close to Carsen. INT. Jonathan sets down his drink. waves his hands in front of him. Jonathan growls in frustration. CARSEN Jonathan.55. .

.fast. JONATHAN (to Beval) Well? What’s so important? BEVAL I saw it. sir..56... This was from a skunk. Jonathan.I’m not drunk.. JONATHAN What? And it smelled liked this? BEVAL No. . Listen to Beval.. JONATHAN What are you talking about? BEVAL A monster. JONATHAN It? What is it? Are you drunk? BEVAL No. It attacked me. sir..the one that’s been scaring off the animals.. sir... At least eight feet tall! Jonathan pauses. Huge. I saw it. JONATHAN (angry) You brought me here for this? CARSEN No. JONATHAN Phew! What’s that smell? CARSEN It’s Beval. JONATHAN What did it look like? BEVAL Green..claws.brown.I was lucky to get away. The monster appeared out of nowhere. it ran on two feet. Glowing red eyes..

Beval. TOWN STABLE . Carsen. the creature came out of nowhere. I might as well spend some time with the wife and kid. Maybe we’ll get a reward when we drag its carcass to town. FOREST . CARSEN Tomorrow morning then. We can’t do anything tonight. Get yourself cleaned up and have the horses ready for first light tomorrow. Jonathan and Carsen ride up. And do it standing down wind. Beval ride on horseback in early morning. dismounts. Carsen dismounts. Carsen searches. sir. Everything will be ready. This monster has affected our hunting for over two years now. Beval rides ahead. Jonathan takes a deep breath. EXT. JONATHAN All right. BEVAL Yes.57. looks around. Jonathan and Carsen walk off in separate directions. . JONATHAN Tell us what happened. Ground fog.CONTINUOUS The stable door swings closed.DAY Jonathan. Jonathan and Carsen leave. EXT. BEVAL (CONT’D) (pointing as he speaks) I was on my way to the cave. I probably have Beval’s stink all over these clothes. sir. JONATHAN Yes. I thought you were supposed to clean yourself up? Beval moves away from Jonathan. BEVAL This is the spot. Time to head home. so we’ll hunt it down.

let’s head to the cave. BEVAL (CONT’D) there. CARSEN Do you smell that? JONATHAN Yes. not with this fog. Jonathan stands in the saddle. it smells like smoke. We’ve been smelling him all morning. We need to get ready for our delivery. He attacked me then fled to the south. that’s Beval. JONATHAN (O. Carsen looks around. JONATHAN Alright.S. there. but couldn’t see him. Carbon soot blackens cave entrance. from the north. stop! . grabs Beval by the collar. walk through bushes. Jonathan leaves cave.58. JONATHAN (CONT’D) (screaming) What did you do? How did you let this happen? Carsen tries to separate Jonathan and Beval. I can’t find anything around here. EXT. CARSEN Jonathan.) It’s ruined! Carsen and Beval approach cave entrance.LATER Jonathan. looks around. Carsen and Beval on horseback approach the POACHER’S CAVE. CARSEN Jonathan. yells in anger. Carsen sniffs the air. I heard him. Jonathan rushes into cave. CARSEN No. The men dismount. POACHER’S CAVE .

JONATHAN The horses! The men rush to the horses. scans forest. JONATHAN What? CARSEN Beval’s monster. Carsen’s foot stands next to an enormous shoe print. Beval and Carsen restrain horses. Jonathan.that’s one big monster. The men look at each other. bow drawn. moving restlessly. guttural growl resonates. burned! Jonathan pushes Beval out of the way.59. points down. A low. Fleeting shapes. JONATHAN And how do you know that? Carsen motions others to come closer. The horses are nervous. CARSEN There’s more than one of them! . BEVAL The monster! It’s here! Horses panic. JONATHAN (CONT’D) How did this happen? Carsen stands near the cave entrance.. BEVAL (frightened) I didn’t do anything! I never made it back here yesterday! JONATHAN Ruined! At least half of everything we worked for is gone. walks away. CARSEN Beval was right. CARSEN I know. looks down. Sounds of horses panicking. Sounds of movement..

sir! BEVAL Yes.60. POACHER’S CAVE . JONATHAN It’s getting late. your monster seems to have run off again. Beval nervously looks around. CARSEN Yes. secure the horses then go help Carsen. CARSEN Jonathan. get to the cave. sir! EXT. Beval. Beval. We hunt again tomorrow.. BEVAL What will we do? A low guttural growl. fleeting shapes move away. Jonathan fires an arrow. but are still nervous. JONATHAN Well. BEVAL If there’s more than one. on foot. Carsen. JONATHAN Then there will be more than one reward when we kill them.. We’ll take care of the goods and the horses. . JONATHAN (CONT’D) I’ll post guard.LATER Carsen and Beval tie pelts and bundles into the horses. The horses calm down. Movement heard. what’s the Major going to say? JONATHAN (angry) I’ll worry about my brother! You worry about what we can salvage! Jonathan angry.

You’ll get me in trouble! Zarya sits down. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .it’s not a footprint at all. I just realized something. Jonathan and Beval mount. tail wagging. Zarya whines. raises her paw. JASON (whispering) No! Stay! You can’t come Zarya.61. looks around in the early morning sun. Jonathan looks confused.DAY Jason peeks out from the mists over the drawbridge. CARSEN (CONT’D) What type of monster wears a shoe? EXT. . CARSEN Jonathan? JONATHAN Yes? CARSEN I’ve been looking at the footprint. Carsen? CARSEN The footprint. looks sad. JONATHAN (impatiently) What is it. BEVAL Why on foot? JONATHAN The horses got spooked and panicked. JONATHAN What? What are you getting at? CARSEN It’s a shoe print. so we go on foot... Zarya stands at the foot of the drawbridge. Jason turns. We can’t kill these things and control the horses at the same time. Carsen looks concerned.

fire. JASON (CONT’D) (whispering) Now stay! Jason gets up. looks around. fog. LAKE SIDE . Echoing laughter. tail wagging. birds follow Jason as he moves. Zarya peeks out from mists.62. Zarya. JASON (whispering) Stay! Jason sneaks along drawbridge sidewall. tail wagging. JASON (whispering) Bad girl! Get back! Zarya backs up into the shifting mists. circles Jason. Large creature resembling a centaur. Sound of paws on drawbridge. kindly) You’re a bad girl. fiery eyes. Zarya. Zarya crawls to end of drawbridge. Jason sits behind large boulder. Jason smiles. The animals lay down. . lays next to Jason. The forest comes alive as Jason passes. looks over drawbridge sidewall. talons for hands and glowing. fiery hooves.CONTINUOUS As Jason walks past. sprints after Jason. scratches Zarya behind her ears. Forest animals approach Jason as he sleeps. animals look up and follow him with their eyes. human torso and head. Zarya gets up. JASON (softly. "DREAM WORLD OF FIRE AND MISTS" (DREAM) Jason stands amidst mists. Squirrels. sneaks into the forest. MIST/FOG OBSCURE SCENE TO BLACK: EXT. peeks around edge. eyes focused on Jason. EXT. peeks out. Zarya enters. EXT.CONTINUOUS Jason enters. FOREST . with a bear’s body. Jason looks around. sleeps. Jason pets Zarya.

tail wagging. Sounds of children at play. JONATHAN When you get to hell. echoing. behind the boulder. Stallion raises up. Zarya grabs ball. Zarya raises her head. Zarya bolts after ball. Jason’s sleep is restless. Deirdre jumps out of the way as Zarya splashes into water. Distant. The creature circles. flails front hooves. Its eyes and hands are now human. FOG/MIST OBSCURE SCENE INTO DARKNESS: EXT. unattached laughter. Unattached laughter. forest animals scatter. bounces into water.63. walks to the side of the boulder. . Distant.CONTINUOUS Deirdre and three young children enter. echoing. Stallion’s front hooves come down with a crash. Creature looks like a centaur. Zarya stands up. peeks around. unattached laughter. The creature circles. boy. playing catch. CREATURE (distant. JASON (defiant) Tell them what? The creature circles. Birds fly off. Horse and rider transform into shadowy image of Jonathan atop his stallion. Creature now a horse and rider. Ball is thrown. Silence. echoing. looks at Deirdre. LAKE SIDE . Distant. CREATURE Tell them. DEIRDRE Hey! That’s our ball! Zarya runs. Deirdre stops at waterline. listens. running. unattached laughter. ball in mouth. echoing) Tell them. Its body now that of a horse. tell them who sent you.

toward Deirdre. JASON (O. then into focus.. LAKE SIDE . Jason extends his arm.) Umm.Where’d you get this. details grow shadowy and fuzzy. Jason walks up to Deirdre. Jason’s shadow covers Deirdre.. Deirdre faints. JASON Monster?.. girl? Deirdre. chest and head above boulder’s top.I’ve got your ball..sure. Darkness. children approach boulder. JASON (O. Gray.) Deirdre? Are you okay? EXT.S. . Jason stands. Jason walks around boulder. Zarya sits beside Jason. pets rabbit.64. blurs. Deirdre petrified. A rabbit in Jason’s lap. takes a step back. flee.. trips.. ten feet away from Deirdre. The younger children scream. ball in hand. CHILD #1 Monster! Help! CHILD #2 Monster! CHILD #3 Mooommmyyyyyy! Jason looks around behind himself. legs crossed. blocks the sun.. holds ball out in front of him. deer nearby. Jason looks at deer. to blurry. falls backwards.LATER Deirdre’s vision goes from black to gray..sorry.S. Jason sits.Where? Deirdre struggles to breathe... Fear on faces of children. Jason towers over Deirdre.) (sleepy) Huh?. DEIRDRE Hey! Give us our ball! JASON (O.S. Deirdre’s vision wavers. JASON Umm. sun behind him.

Jason reaches his hand out. but it has something to do with the poachers . kindly. He said someone tried to kill me. Jason Frankenstein. The deer takes a step forward. Jason gently pets the deer. he saved me. JASON That was my father’s idea. JASON (softly) I don’t remember much. DEIRDRE There was a funeral. rabbit sits up nervously. JASON (softly. Jason Frankenstein died last year. Why would I do that? DEIRDRE How do you know my name? JASON It’s me. Deer moves away from Deirdre. looks anguished. pulls his hand back from the deer. Jason. DEIRDRE Kill you? Why? How? Jason pauses. right? Jason looks at Deirdre. Deirdre frightened. I won’t hurt you. it’s okay. a look of wonder on her face. Deirdre sits. DEIRDRE You won’t hurt me either. My father’s a doctor. to deer) Shhhh.65. DEIRDRE That’s not possible. JASON (smiling) Of course not. licks Jason’s fingers. JASON I’m not dead. Deirdre. so until I got better it was best to have people think I was dead.

Jason lifts his arms. Rabbit and deer flee. laughing.. DEIRDRE That’s terrible! Jason looks downward. JASON on our lands. I didn’t mean to scare them. Except for Zarya.. looks at his arms and hands. they’re my only friends.. Awkward silence. I have no one to talk to.66. I remember someone chasing me on a horse.but I’m glad they do. pets Zarya. DEIRDRE You look different. I need to be sure you’re really you. JASON My Dad says he’ll find a way to fix this. pets the rabbit.. smiling broadly. . DEIRDRE Sorry.. DEIRDRE Why is that? JASON I don’t know. Jason. The animals seem to like me. Deirdre gets to her feet. Jason raises his head. JASON Really? You mean it? DEIRDRE Of course! However. DEIRDRE I’m still your friend. They’ll come back later.I may have seen them. JASON It’s okay. Make me look normal again.and the horse hurting me.. head down.

. Please promise. would you throw me into the water? JASON No way! You’d push me into the water if I did. DEIRDRE Okay.not until I look normal again. . It’s really important. JASON A picnic! You asked me to bring a picnic. DEIRDRE Okay. I can’t wait to tell the town your alive! JASON No! Don’t!..Please.. what did you bring? Jason thinks. DEIRDRE It is you! You scared me. what would I do with them? Jason thinks. smiles. gives Jason a hug. JASON Thank you. JASON You’d pick the pretty ones and toss them into the water.. I understand.67.if I had a bunch of flowers. I promise.. DEIRDRE I promise. Jason gets up to his knees.. JASON How? DEIRDRE When we last met. Deirdre jumps. Soft green/white glow on Jason’s cheeks. DEIRDRE And.

You saw how they acted.68. JASON That’s how my father said people would react if they saw me. Would like that? Deirdre smiles. stands up. JASON I really liked being able to talk to someone again. Awkward silence. Mr. JASON Would you like to meet here tomorrow? DEIRDRE Sure. I could read you a story. DEIRDRE Why. . I would like that very much. DEIRDRE As long as the fairy tales have happy endings. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Now. Deirdre grabs the ball. Looks like he was right. William stands nearby.NIGHT The Magistrate sits behind his desk. I’ll bring a book of fairy tales. INT.. Three children sit in chairs in front of the Magistrate’s desk..thank you. parents of each child stand behind the chairs. But no little kids. Frankenstein. let’s go over this again. How nice of you. JASON (CONT’D) I could bring a book. MAGISTRATE’S OFFICE . I promise. JASON Okay.

Well. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (CONT’D) (to the parents) I will look into this matter and add additional patrols in the forest. However.. Hopefully.. and it chased us all the way home... C) Child #3 CHILD #3 It was really big. Then it yelled at us and tried to eat us. B) Child #2 CHILD #2 It was brown with black stripes.69. Magistrate Aldred stands.and it grabbed our ball and ate it. Everything will be alright. WILLIAM It was probably just a bear. The parents usher children from office. MAGISTRATE ALDRED I suspect your right. with black fur and big wings. and twelve feet tall. we will find what your children saw before anyone gets hurt. It had big fangs and glowing eyes. you were very brave to come here and tell me what you saw.and it stole our ball. END SERIES OF SHOTS MAGISTRATE ALDRED (to the children) I see. SERIES OF SHOTS A) Child #1 CHILD #1 It was green and brown and ten feet tall with huge claws. we have to keep the fine citizens .

Jason sneaks out.70. Jason selects two books. Zarya runs over to the door. MAGISTRATE ALDRED happy. Zarya follows Jason. faces Zarya. Jason returns the other book to the shelf.) Sorry girl. Jonathan. no dogs today. JASON (CONT’D) This one it is. reaches into his pocket. Ask if they have seen or heard anything unusual. Jason walks. closes door behind him. Zarya scratches door. FOREST . INT. You stay here. looks sad. pulls out a piece of food. whines. then raises her right paw. Stag and doe follow Jason.DAY Jason looks for a book. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . scratches door. I’ll see to it. JASON (CONT’D) Good girl. Talk to people whose homes are in the outlaying areas.DAY Morning fog. Carsen and Beval kneel in shadows. . shallows it. sir. In the distance. EXT. which one should I take? Zarya sits. You get a treat! Jason raises food high and tosses it into a corner.LIBRARY .S. JASON (O. JASON Okay. Zarya. finds. looks at Jason. book in hand. WILLIAM Yes. so we’ll double the regular patrols in the eastern forest for the next week. holds one in each hand. chews. Zarya. Zarya bolts after the food. Jason looks in his left hand. whines.

look around. JASON It’s them! The poachers! Jason softly glows green/white. Stag calls out in pain. A black-fletched arrow hits Jason in the right shoulder. . screams in pain. Carsen and Beval rush from their cover. grabs arrow. kneels.71. Jason drops the book. All three men slowly raise up. raise their ears. shoulder glows green/white. Jonathan. Stag flees. reaches for his shoulder. tries to turn. Jason rushes to stag’s side. Jason flees into woods. Jason dodges behind a tree. Doe flees as an arrow misses it. The three men cautiously move forward. BEVAL (shouting) It’s the monster! CARSEN Where did it come from? JONATHAN (angry) It’s after our kill! Jonathan draws his bow. Three black-fletched arrows hit the tree. Jason turns as stag falls. stag and doe come into view. A black-fletched arrow hits stag in shoulder. CARSEN (whispering) I hear something. Jonathan draws his bow. JONATHAN (softly) The stag’s mine! Carsen the doe! Stag and doe pause. In a break in the trees. The three men aim at Jason. Jason jerks back. Stag cries out. falls to the ground. Jason tries to pull out arrow. He reflexively yanks arrow out from stag. tries to get up.

we’ll never track it. CARSEN (CONT’D) I found that book over where we shot the deer and the monster. BEVAL I found a print. Carsen and Beval cautiously approach tree behind which Jason was hiding. FOREST . JONATHAN We’ll ask it when we kill it. Daddy got her a special present. it will make a nice gift for my daughter. Besides.72. Carsen hands a book to Jonathan.CONTINUOUS Jonathan. JONATHAN Where did it go? BEVAL It just vanished! Beval nervously looks around. CARSEN Her birthday was last week. CARSEN I found something. but the underbrush is thick. I doubt it belonged to the deer. Beval and Carsen search. I think it may be her birthday soon. EXT. JONATHAN There. you see. Jonathan looks at it curiously. just for her! . JONATHAN Check for tracks. BEVAL What’s a monster doing with a book? Jonathan puts the book in his pouch. They find nothing.

Jason scrabbles to his feet. I know. JASON Leave me alone! Jason runs.DAY (FLASHBACK) JASON’S POV Jason looks up from the ground. Kirby falls. Glow fades. Arrow from stag falls. . Jonathan. rears up on its hind legs.S. slaps Carsen on the back. The horse flails its front legs. Kirby. Kirby. Horse panics. falls. EXT. takes an awkward step backward. CARSEN You’re a real prince. falls. One of a kind. silhouetted in the setting sun. FOREST .) (in pain) Noooo! OVERLAP CUT TO: EXT. Jason stumbles onto a forest path. FOREST . clumsily draws his sword. stunned. shaking in fear. Arrow in Jason’s shoulder dislodges. ground becomes uneven. flails its front legs in the air. he vanishes into the shadows.CONTINUOUS RETURN TO SCENE JASON (screaming) Noooo! Jason glows green/white. JASON (O. JONATHAN I know. looks up at Jason. rears up on its hind legs. EXT.73. trips. A horse. holds it with both hands. Horse flees. right in front of a patrolman (Kirby) on horseback. Jonathan smiles.CONTINUOUS Jason runs. FOREST . on his knees.

C) Deirdre selects flowers from her bouquet and tosses them one at a time into the lake. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (CONT’D) Are you alright? KIRBY Yes. EXT. Sit down. head down. KIRBY Sir! I’ve seen the monster! MAGISTRATE ALDRED What? Shut the door. sir. B) Deirdre picks wild flowers. I came straight here. LAKESIDE CLEARING . D) Deirdre stands. back to a boulder. tell me what you saw. bouquet in hand. END MONTAGE INT. Kirby sits. sad. holds two arrows. Magistrate Aldred sits at his desk. I barely escaped with my life. breathing heavily. looks around.DAY MONTAGE A) Deirdre waits in the grassy clearing. E) Deirdre slowly leaves the clearing. MAGISTRATE’S OFFICE . Kirby bursts into room.DAY Magistrate Aldred and William in conversation. .74. a tear on her eye. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Have you told anyone about this yet? KIRBY No. sir. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Okay.

WILLIAM That might explain the wolf howling some have been hearing. sir. . KIRBY Well.. Kirby holds up the two black-flecthed arrows. it attacked my horse.. KIRBY (CONT’D) I found these. Claws and fangs.sure. Green and brown in color. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Possibly. KIRBY It was about ten feet tall. KIRBY I found those when the monster fled. It howled viciously. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Tell me about the monster. sir. just louder. Like a ghost. we have a problem. Came out of nowhere! My horse spooked. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Glowed? KIRBY Yes. meaner.. WILLIAM Sir. William takes the arrows. WILLIAM Like a wolf? KIRBY Umm. I fought it off and it fled into the forest. examines them. threw me to the ground.. Anything else Kirby? KIRBY Well. sir. sir.it glowed. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Those look like poachers’ arrows.75.

MAGISTRATE ALDRED William. Sunset twilight. please. We’re not sure what we’re dealing with. sir. go and ask the bishop to see me. nothing unusual.it must be a demon! MAGISTRATE ALDRED Enough! Don’t go spreading rumors. I’ll speak to no one.. sir. Jason and Victor look at each other in surprise.looks like we have a monster to deal with. KIRBY Yes. INT. gather the other patrolmen and send out a message to every able-bodied man to meet tonight at the town hall. KIRBY Yes.76. WILLIAM Green. Magistrate Aldred thinks. sir. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Kirby. WILLIAM Blood looks to be from a deer or bear. Maybe he has some ideas. Nothing I know of has green blood.. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . shows green-stained cloth...LATER Jason and Victor prepare dinner. William rubs another corner of cloth on second arrowhead. KIRBY That glow. sir. rubs one corner of cloth on first arrowhead. shows red-stained cloth. (beat) . . Zarya close to Jason.KITCHEN . We’ll offer a reward and deputize volunteers.. William grabs white cloth from his belt.. knock at castle doors.

77. Knock at castle door. upset. claws. JERALD Sorry to disturb you Baron. nothing like that.. Ten feet tall. Victor waits until supply room door closes. with claws and fangs. VICTOR What? JERALD Yes. .and some say it glows. sir? VICTOR Ten feet tall..CONTINUOUS Jason hides in supply room.what does this monster look like? JERALD Well. Jerald stands on the landing. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .. Victor pale. sir. Zarya follows. JERALD Have you seen anything like that out here. Green.. VICTOR What’s this all about? JERALD Monsters.ENTRY HALL . fangs. Maybe black. sir. locks. No. like a ghost. Victor opens castle door. VICTOR (whispers) Hide! Now! INT. the descriptions vary. VICTOR What. but the Magistrate has asked every able man to meet in town later tonight. The Magistrate is offering a reward and will deputize volunteers to hunt for the creature. sir. Brown. There’s been a monster spotted in the forest over the past couple of days.

) You heard the patrolman? JASON Yes. closes and bolts the castle door. for your own safety. INT. Zarya behind him. I would not be much help. watches Jerald leave. JERALD Very well. sir. sir.78.STORAGE ROOM . VICTOR (O. Good night. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . patrolman. head held down. JASON No. ashamed. I’m merely a doctor. ear pressed to door. sir. JASON Yes? VICTOR (O. then back to Jerald. Good night. In that case. VICTOR Thank you. JERALD I understand. I will immediately secure the castle. Will you be able to make it to town tonight? VICTOR I’m sorry. the Magistrate asks that you stay indoors.) Would you like to come out so we can talk about this. I won’t even know how to hold a bow or a sword. A knock at the door. In fact. VICTOR That won’t be a problem.CONTINUOUS Jason stands. Jason steps back. Victor stays at door. JERALD Very good. Victor looks over Jerald’s shoulder at drawbridge.S. .S.

I just wanted someone to talk to. looks at Victor. Jason hangs his head.CONTINUOUS Jason. now! JASON Yes. VICTOR (O. JASON I’m sorry. VICTOR People saw you? JASON Yes. VICTOR Follow me.79.) Get out here. JASON Yes.. .S. didn’t I? Jason raises his head.but I was bored.. VICTOR Didn’t I tell you not to do that? JASON Yes. sir. out of fear. INT. sighs. head bowed. VICTOR You went outside the castle? JASON Yes. wants to kill you. VICTOR And now the whole town. Victor shakes his head. enters. VICTOR And I told you what would happen.ENTRY HALL . FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .

VICTOR If you try to lower the drawbridge. effortlessly. We’re going to raise the drawbridge. VICTOR That was quite impressive Jason looks sad. Victor tries harder. JASON What are we doing here? VICTOR We’re going to do something that hasn’t been done since the war. Massive winch dominates room. depressed. A thunderous.WINCH ROOM . sir. tries to pull down. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . . no one can get out. Drawbridge raised. VICTOR (CONT’D) With the drawbridge up no one can get in. Jason slowly walks to the other set of handles. eyes lowered. Victor grabs two large wooden handles.promise me you won’t lower the drawbridge. echoing boom. No movement.. INT. winch rotates quickly.. looks sad.. Winch does not move. Victor steps back. (beat) . Victor amazed as Jason casually moves handles. VICTOR Jason. takes a deep breath. prepares himself. and. I’ll hear it. Victor reaches out to grab the handles.CONTINUOUS Victor sets down lantern. more importantly. raises drawbridge. hands on winch handles. JASON Yes. I could use your help.. Jason close by. JASON I promise. Jason stands head down.80.

whispering) I don’t feel very hungry right now. JONATHAN’S HOUSE . Deirdre prepares two dinner plates. means my dinner should be be ready. Deirdre focuses on the two dinner plates. DEIRDRE My birthday was last week. As Elizabeth brings meal to Jonathan. Elizabeth brings plate and mug to Jonathan. Jonathan pulls a book out from his pouch. only partially seen. ELIZABETH Yes. JASON I understand. . come here and see the present I got you for your birthday. Deirdre (Jonathan’s daughter) is seen. Jonathan sits down at the table. waiting for me. dear. JONATHAN Deirdre. JONATHAN I’m home. Dinner is almost ready. Jonathan’s daughter helps with meal. Elizabeth pauses. Victor grabs lantern.NIGHT Jonathan enters. let’s have dinner. sighs. Sit down. Behind Elizabeth. Blazing fire in fireplace. Jason motionless. JASON (sad. INT. Room darkens. your dinner is ready. JONATHAN I’m home! ELIZABETH We heard you. Victor sighs. VICTOR Okay.81. leaves. Elizabeth (Jonathan’s wife) preparing dinner. dear.

don’t I get a thank you? Deirdre sits at table. looks through it. DEIRDRE Thank you. Deirdre brings plates to table. looks at the book.82. Deirdre shocked. nervous) What monster? Jonathan looks up from his meal. Elizabeth concerned. Deirdre picks up the book. the monster .. Out of no where. It tried to attack me..It attacked patrolman Kirby today. JONATHAN The monster the whole town has been talking about. Deirdre remains standing. JONATHAN I was in the woods when I saw a deer. too. JONATHAN Don’t take that tone with me young lady. Jonathan tosses book across table. JONATHAN (food in mouth) Well. Where did you get it? JONATHAN (with pride) I took it from that monster in the forest. I’ve been working very hard. ELIZABETH What happened? Jonathan takes a drink. DEIRDRE It’s a book of fairy tales. ELIZABETH The monster? DEIRDRE (shocked. clears his throat. The one I was just deputized to help kill.

DEIRDRE Daddy. it dropped this book. and my arrow hit the monster. young lady. How do you know what happened at the lake? DEIRDRE I. dear. JONATHAN appeared and savagely attacked it.. it’s very tall. When it fled into the forest..your birthday present. Deirdre picks up book. that’s all. JONATHAN And how would you know that? Deirdre stands silent. burps.I just heard. leaves table.. Jonathan slowly rises. ELIZABETH You certainly are brave! Deirdre looks at the book. what did the monster look like? Jonathan finishes his meal. The same monster they say attacked those children at the lake. Green and brown. Deirdre gasps. JONATHAN Well. looks sad.. . to defend the deer. JONATHAN (CONT’D) The monster ran towards me and I fought it off. I got my bow out. tears in her eyes. JONATHAN What’s wrong with you? DEIRDRE (softly) No one got attacked at the lake.83. JONATHAN I asked you a question.

Deirdre cries in pain.84. ELIZABETH Jonathan. stop it! Jonathan slaps Elizabeth. JONATHAN You play with those children all the time. arms up in defense. Stop! JONATHAN I’ll stop when you tell me about the monster! Elizabeth sits. Deirdre gasps in pain. Elizabeth rises. Deirdre cries in pain. and I want that money! DEIRDRE (screaming. JONATHAN Don’t interfere woman! They’re offering two hundred gold sovereigns for the monster. crying in pain) He’s not a monster! He’s just a boy! JONATHAN That thing is no child! DEIRDRE You’re hurting me. no! Deirdre turns. crying. twists it. girl! DEIRDRE (in pain) I promised! Jonathan twists Deirdre’s wrist again. cringes. Elizabeth cries in pain. Were you there? Deirdre walks away. . ELIZABETH Jonathan. Jonathan grabs Deirdre’s wrist. Jonathan twists her wrist again. Jonathan rushes around the table. Deirdre sobs uncontrollably. JONATHAN Tell me what you saw.

JONATHAN Jason Frankenstein is dead. We have to get her to a doctor. JONATHAN Talk child! I’m losing my patience! DEIRDRE (crying) The boy’s name is Jason. clutching her left wrist. Jonathan rips the book from Deirdre’s hand. Jonathan sneers. But. understand? ELIZABETH Jonathan. she’s hurt. You get her to a doctor. in tears. You two stay here and not a word of this is anyone.. this was an accident! Understand! Elizabeth and Deirdre nod. JONATHAN This book? The monster was bringing this book for you? DEIRDRE He’s not a monster! Jonathan throws the book into the fireplace. JONATHAN I’m going to go handle some official deputy business. I know that for a fact! DEIRDRE (crying) His dad. Elizabeth rushes to Deirdre. JONATHAN I’m busy. he lives in the castle. Deirdre falls. He was going to read to me today.85. Jonathan pushes Deirdre away.saved him. comforts her.. .

MAGISTRATE ALDRED Leaving? I specifically asked people stay indoors. JONATHAN We were just leaving. is everything okay? Elizabeth looks away. . holding her left wrist. EXT. Perhaps some other time. hooded cloak hides her face. JONATHAN’S HOUSE . MAGISTRATE ALDRED The doctor? What happened? JONATHAN Nothing serious. appear in doorway behind Jonathan. Jonathan.CONTINUOUS Jonathan rushes out. Thought I’d stop by and see my granddaughter. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Elizabeth. Elizabeth. Where are you going? JONATHAN I’m going to meet with a few of the other deputies. just a little kitchen accident. of course not.86. William and Robert ride up. Magistrate Aldred. JONATHAN Aldred! What are you doing out here? MAGISTRATE ALDRED We’re on patrol. You know how clumsy women can be. and Deirdre. Elizabeth is taking Deirdre to the doctor. JONATHAN Why? MAGISTRATE ALDRED Why? Do I need a reason? JONATHAN No.


ELIZABETH Yes, father, everything’s fine. Deirdre just hurt her arm. Jonathan smiles. JONATHAN You see, Aldred, nothing to worry about. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Jonathan, you must have the most dangerous kitchen in the kingdom. My daughter has had quite a few kitchen accidents over the years, and now my granddaughter. JONATHAN It’s none of your concern, Aldred. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Captain, this is my daughter and granddaughter we’re talking about, it certainly is my concern. Jonathan walks over to Magistrate Aldred, looks at patrolman, then at Magistrate Aldred. JONATHAN Aldred, the war’s over. I’m no longer a captain, you’re no longer a general. Remember that. Jonathan walks off. Elizabeth and Deirdre, looking down, slowly walk off in opposite direction. Robert dismounts his horse, walks toward Elizabeth. INT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE - VICTOR’S LAB - DAY Jason peeks into LAB. Victor asleep at desk. Notes and books litter LAB. INT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE - LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS Jason, with Zarya behind him, selects a book.


INT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE - WELL ROOM - CONTINUOUS Jason, carrying lantern, climbs into well. Zarya raises her paw, scratches well wall twice. JASON (whispering) Hush, Zarya! Sit! Zarya sits, whines softly, stares at Jason. JASON Don’t look at me like that. I’m not breaking my promise. I said I won’t touch the drawbridge and I’m not. Besides, I made a promise to Deirdre and I have to keep that promise, don’t I? Zarya looks questioningly at Jason. Jason climbs down. Room grows dim. Zarya raises her paw, whines, looks sad, scratches well wall. Light in WELL ROOM fades away. INT. JONATHAN’S HOUSE - DAY Deirdre, left wrist and forearm wrapped and splinted, sneaks out of house. EXT. JONATHAN’S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS Deirdre exits front door, silently. Sun rises over mountains to east. To west, a storm gathers. Deirdre rushes off. EXT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE - DAY Sun rises over mountains to east. Jonathan, Carsen and Beval sit hidden in forest across road from FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE. CARSEN We’ve been here all night. Nothing. JONATHAN We’ll sit here until the monster appears. While the rest of those fools search the forest, I know the monster will come from the castle. This is the only way in or out. Beval sighs, looks bored. To the west, a storm gathers.


EXT. LAKESIDE CLEARING - DAY Deirdre looks around. DEIRDRE (whispering) Jason...Jason JASON (O.S.) (whispering) Over here. Jason sits under large tree, surrounded by forest animals. Deirdre walks over to Jason. Animals nervous at her approach. JASON (whispering) Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday ...I...something came up. I brought the book. Jason holds up book. Deirdre looks around. JASON (CONT’D) (whispering) Why are we whispering? DEIRDRE You have to go. They’ll kill you if they see you. JASON Why? A distant flash of lightning, an echoing roll of thunder, the storm builds. Animals look up, slowly move/fly off. DEIRDRE The whole town thinks you’re a monster. They’ve offered a reward to whoever kills you. JASON I haven’t hurt anyone! DEIRDRE It doesn’t matter! You have to get back to the castle and stay there. Rain falls. Deirdre, Jason look up. Heavy rain approaches.

) (shouting) Jason! I need you in the lab today! Zarya’s muffled barks. In b. but hurry. POACHER’S CAVE . INT. My father will get angry if he knows I left the house. Glimpses of movement. Jason and Deirdre cautiously move through bushes concealing cave entrance. looks at his notes. VICTOR Going to need Jason for some tests today. Victor leaves.VICTOR’S LAB . I know a secret cave where we can stay dry. You can leave as soon as the storm passes. several flashes of cloud-to-cloud lightning.90. Deirdre rubs her bandaged forearm. DEIRDRE I’m not supposed to be out here. Come with me. Jason. . Heavy rain. flashes of gray. Rainfall. The storm approaches. Deirdre exit.S. EXT. Jason. JASON You’ll never get home through that. thunder. a second storm builds over the mountains. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .g.DAY Light rain. Lightning. Distant lightning. stretches. Deirdre approach cave. distant thunder. Above the mountains. JASON The cave’s not that far. looks concerned. stands up. Victor wakes. VICTOR (O. Sounds of movement. DEIRDRE Okay.DAY Victor asleep at the desk.

CONTINUOUS Jason lights lantern. INT. Nothing happens.. POACHER’S CAVE . JASON Let’s go to the castle. DEIRDRE My dad is going to be furious. it acts as a switch to let the boulder move. Jason tries to pull it. Jason uses both his hands to try to pull boulder. Nothing happens. You can dry off there. Deirdre and Jason scan walls of cave. Deirdre looks at her wet clothes. just really busy. Jason takes a step back. Jason tries to push it. INT.. leans his shoulder against boulder. DEIRDRE What about your father? JASON Well. Nothing happens. DEIRDRE What switch? JASON On the other side of the boulder there is a torch holder. TUNNEL . Jason hands lantern to Deirdre. Let’s look around here. . JASON Come on! Deirdre shrugs.91. JASON It opened this morning! This is how I got out. Nothing happens. He’s really nice.CONTINUOUS Jason and Deirdre reach the boulder.he should understand. follows Jason. Jason walks to the back of the cave. JASON I forgot about the switch. Jason sighs.

DAY SERIES OF SHOTS A) Victor looks in the library. D) Victor opens roof access door. runs to entrance of WELL ROOM. VICTOR Jason! END SERIES OF SHOTS INT. wags her tail. C) Victor looks in the kitchen. I can’t get back home. Zarya jumps up. Zarya sits. Lightning. . girl. INT. VICTOR Jason! Come out! I don’t have time for hide and seek! Victor looks at Zarya. Zarya follows. Zarya follows. find Jason! Go get him. VICTOR You want to play? Zarya. We raised the drawbridge. DEIRDRE So. thunder. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .92. Zarya follows. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .CONTINUOUS Victor enters. looks outside. Victor smiles. VICTOR Jason? B) Victor looks in Jason’s room. Zarya follows. JASON (CONT’D) Nothing. what’s Plan B? Jason look of despair.ENTRY HALL . JASON There is no Plan B.

lifts her paw.WELL ROOM . POACHER’S CAVE . stop. looks at Jason’s leg. thunder. yelping. Deirdre gasps.. tears in eyes. Deirdre holds her left arm across her chest. Jason kicks second wolf. looks outside. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . sits. INT..93. Jason’s leg glows green/white. A distant roll of echoing thunder. Both wolves limp out of cave. DEIRDRE But. First wolf stalks toward Jason. A second wolf steps toward Deirdre. DEIRDRE You’re hurt! JASON I’m fine. right hand massaging the bandages. DEIRDRE My father will kill me when he sees my dress. JASON Well. A low growl echoes. Jason hurries to cave entrance. Second wolf leaps at Deirdre. A large wolf sniffs the ground just inside the cave. Jason kicks first wolf off. bites his leg. . DEIRDRE I thought animals liked you. bites and tears her dress as Deirdre steps back and screams.DAY Jason and Deirdre enter. into cave wall. VICTOR Jason! Come out of there! Now! INT. Zarya runs to well. looks down at her dress. sends it flying.it bit you.CONTINUOUS Zarya. No wound is seen. Victor enter. Victor looks down the well. these don’t. scratches well wall. But we’re trapped here. First wolf leaps at Jason. Lightning. I saw it! JASON I heal quickly. Deirdre stands. Deirdre kneels.

Elizabeth enters. thunder. VICTOR Where is he? END SERIES OF SHOTS INT. back to boulder to a sitting position. Rainfall. Bruise on her face. of course. hooded cloak covers her face. ELIZABETH She may have gone to warn it. A knock on door. carries a lantern. B) Victor walks through the escape tunnel. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Where would she go? There’s a monster out there. head hung low. moves his feet. ELIZABETH Deirdre is missing. Lightning. ELIZABETH Dad. No movement. C) Victor reaches boulder. SERIES OF SHOTS A) Victor descends the ladder. silhouetted in light of the lantern.DAY Magistrate Aldred sits at his desk. she must have left early this morning. What can I do? Elizabeth closes door. Victor slides down. Victor puts shoulder against boulder. pushes. I need your help. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Come in. His feet come out from under him. sets lantern down. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Elizabeth. lowers her hood. MAGISTRATE ALDRED What? . tries to move boulder repeatedly. MAGISTRATE’S OFFICE .94. looks over papers.

emerges from mists on drawbridge. Magistrate Aldred stands up. My guess is he’ll lead us right to the monster. follow Victor.. POACHER’S CAVE . . ELIZABETH Deirdre.95. drawbridge lowers slowly. fades. EXT. Lightning. JASON If we leave. I don’t want to be trapped in a cave in the dark. CARSEN The drawbridge! Jonathan and Beval join Carsen. She says it’s just some boy from the castle. JONATHAN I knew it! Get ready boys! Victor carries lantern. wears heavy cloak and large hat.Deirdre says it’s not a monster. we can stay along the edge of the mountains. INT.DAY Light from lantern waivers. Distant roll of thunder. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Elizabeth. Muffled clank. you can head home. thunder. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . What’s he doing? JONATHAN I don’t know.. The men gather their weapons. walks toward forest. They watch the drawbridge lower. DEIRDRE The light’s going out. but we’ll follow him. tell me what you know. BEVAL That’s the doctor.DAY FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE sits clouded in mists and rain. When we get to the road. helps Elizabeth sit down. Jason hands book to Deirdre.

JASON Deirdre. . take this. dies.CONTINUOUS Jason steps out of cave. wolves flee. Two wolves appear. Deirdre holds book to her chest with her right hand. Jason grabs a rock. DEIRDRE What about you? Jason looks at the tree. EXT. DEIRDRE Thank you. A small crawl space under tree close-by. as a gift. A very large branch on the ground. the wolf Pack Leader enters. Wolves growl. guttural growl.CONTINUOUS Jason and Deirdre walk cautiously. EXT.96. Jason grabs two large rocks. Lightning. The wolves dodge.. The Pack Leader much larger than other wolves. POACHER’S CAVE . then another. move forward. Jason tears branch off. Movement is heard. Pack Leader a deep. Light from lantern flickers. move closer. thunder. a large branch sticks out. Deirdre follows. Wolves dodge. branch lands with a crash. JASON Here. Jason throws a rock. effortlessly throws it. It misses. Glimpse of a wolf. Wolves appear. thunder.crawl under. Lightning. JASON Run. I’ll hold them off. Jason and Deirdre step backwards against fallen tree. run for your life. Thank you very much. get out of here. Light rain. Jason and Deirdre move on. Jason picks it up. Jason throws a rock. throws it. The wolves pause. Sounds of movement increase. Thunder.. A low. Lightning. FOREST . An enormous fallen tree blocks their path. Deirdre puts book in large pocket of her dress. guttural growl.

DAY Small clearing on forest path. What do you think you’re doing? . DEIRDRE Help! Help us! EXT. kicks second wolf. runs with a slight limp. Second wolf. Wolves attack. Pack Leader steps forward. Lightning. DEIRDRE Ow! Help me! Help! Jason. JONATHAN Well. thunder. yelps. thunder. once. More wolves appear. A wolf leaps at Jason. pulls. snarls. EXT. squeezes under tree. doctor. Deirdre. Jason holds tree branch in right hand. Deirdre screams. Victor’s hat falls. Jason knocks wolf away. I will do as I please. Lightning. throws it against a nearby tree. sound of tearing cloth. against open palm of left hand. A second wolf attacks Deirdre. takes lantern from Victor. flashes of green/white light. Wolf grabs Deirdre’s foot. FOREST . twists.CONTINUOUS Deirdre emerges from under fallen tree. releases its grip. A yelp of pain. Jason grabs second wolf by scruff of neck. gets stuck. glows green/white. taps it. These are my lands. Deirdre dives under tree. Sounds of battle. lifts it.97. Deirdre yells. Jason glows green/white. what are you doing out here in the forest? VICTOR That’s none of your concern. hold him against tree. stunned. twice. sets it down. move closer. Carsen and Beval grab Victor. Jonathan walks up. DEIRDRE Jason? JASON Go! Please. JASON Bad doggies! Pack Leader attacks. FOREST .

. Jonathan leans close to Victor. JONATHAN Oh. And. looks pale. Jonathan puts his left forearm into Victor’s chest. distant) Ow! Help me! Help! CARSEN Jonathan! That’s your daughter! The men look toward the scream. yelps. Snarls. Lightning. VICTOR You men are insane. thunder. Lightning.S. Victor struggles against the men holding him. VICTOR I’m not going to tell you thugs anything! Jonathan draws his hunting knife. Victor stops struggling. you created a monster in your lab. DEIRDRE (O.) (muffled. doctor. VICTOR What reward money? Jonathan uses his left hand to press Victor against the tree.98. sounds of battle. JONATHAN The reward for the monster. JONATHAN We know it all. pushes Victor hard up into the tree. JONATHAN I think we’re about to collect the reward money. Flashes of green/white light in the distance. smiles. We know after your son died. I think you will. after your son. I have no idea what you’re talking about. loud thunder. We know you even named it Jason. we know you’re going to tell us where it is. The monster you created.

BEVAL Jonathan. Carsen and Beval draw their bows. Deirdre collapses. Robert. gasps for breath. howls. tell them who sent you. Carsen and Beval gasp. Magistrate Aldred. Jonathan moves his forearm forcefully into Victor’s throat. DEIRDRE Help us. thunder. Carsen lowers his bow.S. Jonathan leans close to Victor. . rushes to Deirdre. Movement nearby. Deirdre stumbles into clearing. William. sounds of hooves. Beval drops his bow. Jonathan turns. VICTOR (barely audible) No. CARSEN We have company. Lightning. JONATHAN Your monster is attacking my daughter! Victor struggles to breathe. A rumble of thunder. Kirby and Jerald ride into clearing. faints. doctor. JONATHAN When you get to hell. Jonathan pulls out knife. why? JONATHAN I have my reasons! Yelps. release Victor. blood seeps between fingers. DEIRDRE (O. JONATHAN I won’t let you make any more of those things! Jonathan stabs Victor.) (muffled. Victor slides down tree. Victor holds stomach. green/white flashes in the distance. distant) Help! Help us! Jonathan turns to Victor. Sounds of horses. Lightning.99.

JASON (O.100. Lightning. looks around her.. Heavy footsteps. shakes off her mother’s arms. thunder. A green/white glow approaches. vanishes..S. rides into clearing. Heavy footsteps. dear. flanked by two patrolmen. JASON (O. thunder. Beval steps back. a yelp of pain.) Deirdre! Deirdre gets to her feet. Magistrate Aldred. Sounds of fighting. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Get the child back to the horses! Spread out! JONATHAN No! The reward money’s mine! A yell. distant) Deirdre!. dragging.Deirdre! BEVAL It’s the monster! CARSEN It’s coming for the girl. Lightning. The green/white light fades. green/white flashes in the distance.) (muffled. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (shouting over his shoulder) Elizabeth. a flash of green/white light. DEIRDRE Jason! Run! . dragging. Silence. Deirdre opens her eyes. we’ve found her! Elizabeth. Robert. a sound of wood hitting flesh. Elizabeth and Robert rush to Deirdre.S. Elizabeth dismount. Robert and Elizabeth carry Deirdre behind the other patrolmen. DEIRDRE (weakly) Mom? ELIZABETH Everything will be okay.

Jonathan steps forward. Carson lowers his bow. it’s okay. Magistrate Aldred steps forward. Lightning. slowly lower their weapons. oh. turns to face patrolman. of creature from Jason’s dream. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (to the patrolmen) Stand down. thunder.101. drops the carcass... Patrolmen draw their weapons. Deirdre looks up at Jason. arms wide. . MAGISTRATE ALDRED Jason? What happened to you? Jason looks around. Jason nervous. echoing in b. steps backwards.. Heavier rain falls..uh. Carsen raises his bow.umm. Gasps of surprise. drags carcass of Pack Leader. monster! MAGISTRATE ALDRED Jonathan! Enough! Back-off now! Jonathan takes a step back. Jason stumbles through bushes into clearing. JASON I. in tears.. DEIRDRE Don’t hurt him! He hasn’t hurt anyone! MAGISTRATE ALDRED Deirdre. Deirdre rushes to Jason. lower your weapons. We’re just going to talk. yes. A voice. whispers of disbelief.g. DEIRDRE Tell them. JONATHAN I’m not going to talk! Get away from my daughter. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (CONT’D) (to Jason) Jason? Jason Frankenstein? JASON Umm. Patrolman confused.

JASON They’re right there. Anguish in Deirdre’s face. Carsen and Beval take a few steps backwards.. JASON I saw poachers. JONATHAN Enough! Why are we listening to this thing? MAGISTRATE ALDRED Did you see the people that hurt you? Jason slowly points to Jonathan...) Tell them. JASON (CONT’D) A man on a black horse chased me.they tried to kill me.. DEIRDRE Why? Jonathan steps forward. . Carsen and Beval. Thunder.. JONATHAN You’ll pay for these lies. JASON I remember you.102. Gasps of surprise.. DEIRDRE Daddy? JONATHAN Lies! This demon is simply trying to trick us! Deirdre. stumbles backward.tell them. Jason steps toward Jonathan. Laughing as you chased me.O. in tears. Lightning. Jonathan raises his hunting knife. The horse hurt me really bad. CREATURE (V.

shouts. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Jonathan! Stand down! Jason steps over the carcass. Jason reaches his hands out. JASON Daddy? Daddy? It’s time to wake up. Victor’s body sits against the tree. a roar of thunder. Jason turns. Thunder. Jason. JASON Daddy? Jason’s skin flickers with intense spots of green/white light. Horses panic. boy. tears in eyes. shakes him gently. Jonathan smiles. JONATHAN No one is listening to you. JASON What? A flash of lightning reflects off Jonathan’s hunting knife and the blood on it. kneels next to Victor. . splinters over Jason’s head and shoulder. Nearby lightning. say hello to your father. in tears. JASON Daddy! Blinding flash of green/white light. Jonathan thrown backwards. illuminated by the lantern. Jason rushes to Victor. JASON I’m not a helpless little boy any more! My father made me strong! JONATHAN Your father can’t help you anymore. he’s dead. lands hard against a distant tree. Jason’s head and shoulder glow brighter. Everyone turns away or shields their eyes. monster. A bow crashes down. Carsen looks at his shattered bow.103. glows softly. Jason cries out. straight through Jonathan. The green/white light fades. holds Victor by the shoulders. closer to Jonathan. Jason steps to the left. JONATHAN When you get to hell.

MAGISTRATE ALDRED (coldly) I won’t do that if I were you. JONATHAN You little brat! Sound of well-oiled steel sliding over leather. WILLIAM Your orders.104. thunder. Jason lifts Victor. Jonathan. escort my daughter and grandchild back to town. black-fletched arrow notched. I have every intention of dealing with the monster. Jonathan smiles.) No! Dierdre rushes forward. Deirdre runs to Elizabeth’s arms. DEIRDRE (O. stands tall. Jonathan releases Deirdre. Jonathan yells in frustration. grabs Deirdre. MAGISTRATE ALDRED No. . remnants of bow and black-fletched arrows from his quiver scatter over the ground.S. raises a fist. Victor’s cloak falls. JONATHAN Aldred. bow drawn. throws his bow to the ground. jumps. Jonathan staggers forward. JASON Leave me alone! Jason punches Carsen in the chest. The arrow misses. Jonathan slowly steps away. lowers his arms. Lightning. Carsen lands at feet of Magistrate Aldred. raises his arms. knocks Jonathan’s bow. sends him flying backwards. The point of a sword appears at Jonathan’s throat. Jason flees. a flash of steel. sir? MAGISTRATE ALDRED Robert. takes aim at Jason. what are you doing? You’re not going to let the monster get away? Magistrate Aldred lowers his sword to his side.

.105. You are under arrest for the murder of Baron Victor Frankenstein. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Jerald. but it’s the only thing with fangs and claws I’ve seen today.. Magistrate Aldred turns to Beval. sir! Robert moves Elizabeth and Deirdre to his horse. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Kirby. Jason Frankenstein. KIRBY (embarrassed) Ummm. JONATHAN What? What for? Jerald moves towards Jonathan. Jonathan struggles briefly against Jerald’s efforts to tie his hands behind his back. Beval does not resist. Magistrate Aldred turns to Jonathan. you are under arrest for poaching. from the ground. stunned. see to it the body of that creature is brought to town. JONATHAN You’ve got no proof! Nothing! MAGISTRATE ALDRED Murder and poaching are hanging offenses. The other patrolman lifts Carsen. sir. One patrolman approaches Beval. you and the other patrolmen will immediately place Jonathan and his friends under arrest. points his sword. . You are under arrest for the attempted murder of the boy. It’s not ten feet tall. Magistrate Aldred motions towards carcass of Pack Leader with his sword.yes. in pain. ROBERT Yes. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Jonathan.

MAGISTRATE ALDRED Jerald... . Remember? In the b. He’s to speak to no one. JERALD Yes.g. leans close. head down.you can’t do this.except me.. Beval stands. place Jonathan in solitary confinement. If I find out all those kitchen accidents weren’t really accidents. hands tied behind his back.. sir. I’m your son-in-law. when you can’t threaten anyone.. William walks up to Magistrate Aldred.. please. sir. the war’s over. JONATHAN Aldred.. sit atop Robert’s horse.General. MAGISTRATE ALDRED Sorry. Elizabeth and Deirdre..I’m a war hero. Robert holds the reins. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (CONT’D) I have all the evidence I think I need. you’ll beg for the hangman’s noose before I’m done with you. Don’t do this. Captain.. I’m going to have a nice long talk with my daughter and granddaughter. BEVAL (whispering) A good man.yes.. Magistrate Aldred steps back. but I am sure I can find a good man who might be willing to exchange his testimony to avoid a date with the hangman..106. JONATHAN Aldred. MAGISTRATE ALDRED (very coldly) When you’re safely in jail. walks the horse away. Magistrate Aldred steps next to Jonathan.

COURTYARD . MAGISTRATE ALDRED Jason! Jason Frankenstein!. Dark clouds obscure sky and mountains above castle. We have some more work to do. I mean the Frankenstein boy. sighs. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . Magistrate Aldred shouts. will you get that lantern and ride with me.. sir. WILLIAM I.) (shouting.Frankenstein! .CONTINUOUS MAGISTRATE ALDRED (O. sir. WILLIAM Yes.107. MAGISTRATE ALDRED William. sir. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . How do we get across? Magistrate Aldred curses under his breath. WILLIAM The drawbridge.We want to talk to you! EXT.... points to the lantern. MAGISTRATE ALDRED We can’t. Drawbridge is raised. Magistrate Aldred nods. EXT.S. distant) Jason!. sir? MAGISTRATE ALDRED The monster is on his way to solitary confinement.NIGHT Magistrate Aldred and William approach FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE. WILLIAM What about the monster.

FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE . INT.STUDY .Frankenstein! JASON (O.Pinocchio prayed the Blue Fairy would come and turn him into a real boy.. echoing) Frankenstein!. Fog/mist condense into words: "The End" The words evaporate back into fog/mist.. JASON The End... Victor.and kissed him good night.) (reading. Fog/mist begins to obscure scene Jason closes book.I love you.. blood-stained. Jason reads to Victor..S.S... Room goes dark. Zarya on floor nearby... but he learned to be brave. cradled in Jason’s lap. Geppetto put Pinocchio to bed.S.... FOG/MIST OBSCURE SCENE TO BLACK: JASON (O.108. in tears) Pinocchio and Geppetto..) (softly) Good night. in tears) Pinocchio had made many mistakes.so that he and his father would live happily ever after..I love you very much. except for the dim light of a small fire in fireplace..made it safely home. dead. .) (mufled.to not tell lies. JASON (reading.......after their adventures. Room starts to darken.CONTINUOUS Everything is dark.ENTRY HALL . and to listen to his father. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE .CONTINUOUS MAGISTRATE ALDRED (O.. Daddy.. INT.

. In b. in fine formal attire. Daddy. I want to play with my big brother again. "HEAVEN" White mist and clouds fill the scene. Victor goes to one knee. Victor embraces Deborah. EXT. points of light appear. I’ve truly missed you. Victor looks at his clothes. DEBORAH We’ll never be apart again. KATHERINE Welcome home. VICTOR Not now sweetheart. right? Victor looks at Katherine and then at Deborah. smiles. Deborah smiles. Deborah and Katherine appear. DEBORAH Welcome beloved! VICTOR Oh.not now. hugs Katherine. smiles. KATHERINE But.g. He sees Deborah and Katherine.109. Is Jason coming too? Victor stands up. sparkle. fade away. Deborah looks at Katherine. enters. smiles.. grasps Deborah’s hand. Deborah. VICTOR Of course we will. . smiles broader. Katherine looks disappointed. Victor. KATHERINE We’ll wait for him. DEBORAH It’s not his time. Katherine gives Victor a big kiss on his cheek.

Deborah and Katherine fade away into points of sparkling light.S. turn and each grasp one of Katherine’s hands.)(CONT’D) We’ll wait. small points of light sparkle on their outlines as they move away. Backs turned..together. they walk away into the mists. Victor.110. FOG/MIST OBSCURE THE SCENE TO BLACK: FADE OUT THE END . Victor and Deborah release their hands. VICTOR (O..

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