New York City Subway – R46 for OpenBVE Version 2.

by error46146 October 30, 2011 Thank you for downloading the R46 for OpenBVE! Please read the important information contained in this document before you begin using it. Your usage of this program indicates you have fully read and understood this documentation.

This is a simulation program depicting the MTA New York City Subway R-46 Subway car, designed for use with OpenBVE. This program will not work in any other simulation software, including BVE2, BVE4 and BVE5. There may be a BVE2 version of this software released soon; please check for more information. In this simulation, you will be operating, on the route of your choice, an eight (8) car train of R46 cars. These trains were manufactured in 1975 by the Pullman-Standard company. Today, they can be found on the ACFR S lines. Technical information:
Unit Numbers: 5482–6258 Propulsion System: GE motors Braking System: NYAB SMEE braking system Dimensions: (l x w x h) 75 feet X 10 feet X 12.08 feet

Please keep the following things in mind when using this Simulation: 1. This train, when used in OpenBVE, displays speed using the American Customary System, in Miles Per Hour (MPH), NOT the Metric system.

AMD Athlon X2. (5) TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO USAGE BY INSTALLING THIS PROGRAM ONTO YOUR COMPUTER. expressed or implied. 3. BVEStation. YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. warranty. you agree not to hold the developer (error46146). Your usage of this software indicates your complete agreement to the terms said in the license. or any other member of BVEStation responsible for any liability. issues or problems that may arise from the usage of this program. you may also view the license online at http://creativecommons. or any other promises of any kind. direct or indirect. . or equivalent or better processor  3 GB of RAM  ATI Radeon 3200 or better video card  Sound card Minimum System Requirements  Intel Pentium 3.0/ 2. damages. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY CLEAR ANY AND ALL PORTIONS OF THIS SOFTWARE FROM YOUR COMPUTER. Furthermore.0 Unported license. If you choose to reuse any part of this work for your own projects. or equivalent processor  512 MB of RAM  Sound card (4) LEGAL DISCLAIMER By using this program. this program is provided “as-is” without any form or kind of guarantee.(3) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Recommended Minimum System Requirements for Best Performance  Intel Core 2 Duo. if you choose to create or modify. This software is distributed under the Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-ShareAlike 3. A copy of the license is included for your convenience. the license MUST be followed completely and correctly. The developer would greatly appreciate any feedback or samples of your work.

Press 1 to dump at the last stop. however. . press Control + A. (6) USING THE R46 FOR OPENBVE: Before you leave the first station. Press F5 to open and close the left side doors.4. wait for three seconds. If you are not sure how to do this. The R46 is a single handle train. please make sure the ATS is on. press F6 to open and close the right side doors. you may manually open and close the doors. The doors are automatically operated by default. meaning is only one handle to control the train. and then press Control + A again to have the autopilot do it for you.

We are working to upgrade the routes.(7) THE NYCTBATSS This train adheres with the new NYCTBATSS (New York City Transit BVE Association Track Sound Standard). please make a post on the BVEStation Forums: http://forums. and we apologize for that. however. and Enjoy! If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask. (8) CREDITS Train Programming Sounds Graphics: Panel Enabler update Cineston (controller) Exterior View Fonts Brake Info Beta Testers error46146 error46146 ipaclansite Spectacular66 greatxu JayJay85 Lance Zman (9) CONTACT INFORMATION Original Author: error46146@yahoo. and therefore as a result this train may not be fully compatible with some of the older copies of the routes. in the meantime you may experience some inaccuracies regarding the track sounds. which was recently introduced. Route developers who wish to avoid this incompatibility problem should follow the Thank you for downloading the R46 for OpenBVE.bvestation. a copy of it is included within the train Any questions or problems. © Copyright 2011 by error46146 .

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