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The idea for “Abacus Readings” is to create readings using an Abacus. The abacus I am
using has two beads on the top and five beads on the bottom of each row. You set the
abacus down in front of the client and let them put some sort of pattern on the Abacus
with the beads. You then give a reading based on the position of each bead.

Here’s an example

Row 1: Love
Row 2: Health
Row 3: Wealth
Row 4: Jobs/Working
Row 5: Travel
Row 6: Dreams/Aspirations
Row 7: Goals
Row 8: Spirituality
Row 9: Other Relationships besides Love

You can now assign meanings to each bead’s position on each row. This reading
principle will be explored more in-depth at a later time.

Have fun and let me know what you come up with at:


For the quickest response, Use the Subject Line: Abacus