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Girl Talk

Girl Talk

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inspiring readings for girls
inspiring readings for girls

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Published by: Quenie Jane Sajorda Cortez on Mar 01, 2013
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Do you ever wonder what direction your life is headed? Do you ever struggle worrying about if you are making right decisions? Are you so concerned about where you are headed that you are forgetting to enjoy the moment? If this sounds familiar… you are not alone! Often times the ‘world’ bombards teenagers with questions, forcing them to think about their future, while robbing them of ‘today’. Let’s explore what God says about this… Each day is a gift from God. Each day needs to be embraced and appreciated. God’s word says we are not to WORRY. In Mathew 6:25-27, the bible instructs us; “therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can anyone of you, by worrying, add a single hour to your life?” What do you think God is telling you in this scripture? I have many thoughts about this; however, I would like to hear from you… Write in and share your thoughts about the scripture above, don’t be shy, I want to hear what you have to say. I pray that God will reveal His love for you as you meditate on this scripture. Ask God; just how this relates to your life, and let us know what you hear!

Often I hear teenage girls say, “I don’t like myself”. This always surprises me, because when I converse with teens all over the world, I see beautiful young ladies with amazing talents and so much potential! When I ask, “why is it you do not like yourself ”, most often the response I hear is based on the way they look, or how popular they are, or if they have a boyfriend, or what they think ‘others’ say about them. If you find yourself thinking these same things, my advice to you today is… STOP!!! STOP… comparing yourself to others, especially to models who have had their pictures professionally edited, or actresses who have others picking out their wardrobes, and spending hours doing their makeup and hair. STOP… desiring to be part of the ‘popular crowd’! If you have to be anyone other than ‘yourself’ to fit in, you are looking to ‘fit in’ with the wrong people. STOP… striving to get the approval of a ‘boy’, who at your age, has no idea how to treat you properly, and will cause you heartache. STOP…worrying about the opinions of others! STOP… and take time to appreciate how uniquely, and wonderfully, God made you! STOP… trying to seek other’s approval and strive to seek God’s approval. God’s thoughts towards you are of love! What are your thoughts towards yourself? You cannot receive God’s love or give love if you do not love yourself first. I challenge you… for the next 28 days; look into the mirror and say, “I love myself”! Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Develop a habit of ‘loving yourself’! When you love yourself, the world around you appears brighter! It is your life! Do not give anyone else the power to steal your joy! Decide today to be in agreement with God ~ God loves you!!!

Why is it that so many teenagers seem to focus on the negative rather than the positive? Why are so many young people ready to give up on life? I believe it is because they are longing for something more out of life then what they are experiencing! Over the years, I have encouraged teenagers, to think… “Outside of the Box”. To think about… “What they would do with their life if resources were unlimited”? Their responses always amazed me! Most often, the visions they shared, would make the world a better place! When I ask them, “what would your life be like, if your vision could become reality’? “EXCITING”, most would say! Next, I would ask… “WHAT are YOU going to do about fulfilling that vision”? The initial response, for some, usually focused on the reasons why their vision could only be a dream. Others, the courageous ones, would get really excited, and start brain storming on what they could do to turn their vision into a reality! These were the ones, who trusted, that as they did their part, GOD would do his part!

And He has created you for such a time as this. but rather how YOU can make a difference in the world around you! Life now becomes exciting! God has created you with a specific plan in mind. they stumble all over themselves. All of a sudden.” (Proverbs 29:18 MSG) The vision that you see when you ‘think outside of the box’. I will strengthen you and help you. depression. rejection. it became clear to her that “fear” was at the center of her problem. I was in a conversation with a young lady and she was expressing her thoughts over a situation in her life. you are positioned to have a much better perspective on life. A vision that is too big for you to fulfill without Him! I challenge you to begin to think outside of yourself and your life as it is now. although it was apparent she was not aware of this. is a God given vision. and neither are you… You are here by divine appointment…to defeat the giant and WIN the battle! FEAR Being emotional is part of being a teenage girl! Recently. and used what was in his hands to defeat the giant before him and won the battle. Many are searching for ‘encouragement’. God is the same yesterday. Rebelling against authority.13:8) The same God that appointed young David to fight the giant Goliath. broken relationships. who can be against you! (Rms. The world around us is changing by the moment and teenagers especially. they are most blessed. is the same God that has appointed YOU to fight the ‘Goliath’s of this age’! (If you are not familiar with this story. If God is for you. 8:31) Take up your slingshot ~ the word of God. . (Rms 8:37) Your age is not a factor. Agreeing to have sexual relationships before you are married is often rooted in the ‘fear of not being loved’. the pressures are enormous! Where is the relief…? Be encouraged!!! God is aware of your circumstances. and praise! Stand strong against the schemes of the enemy. do not be dismayed for I am your God. God has equipped you with the necessary ‘weapons’ to fight in this battle of “life”. the list goes on… Whatever the enemy has placed before you is not too big for you to fight against when God is on your side. read 1Samuel 17) Young David took his stand against the giant. prayer. are feeling the pressures of “life” caving in around them. Making bad decisions to take drugs or drink alcohol is often made out of the ‘fear of not being accepted’. cutting. friends. your focus is not on what is wrong in your life. and gave him the victory with nothing more than a slingshot and 5 stones. school. You will be amazed at how exciting life becomes! Be one of the few who have the courage to say … YES to God’s vision for your life.” (Isaiah 41:10) Be encouraged!!! You are more than a conqueror through Christ who strengthens you. by accident… but rather by divine appointment. Staying in relationships with girlfriends who disrespect you is often rooted in the ‘fear of being alone’. however. The world around us looks different today than it did in the past. and start seeking God’s will for your life. do not allow the giants to intimidate you. and relief from all the pressures. you are created to accomplish great things. addictions. God’s word tells you… “Do not fear for I am with you. at this time. Do not fear. (Heb. but when they attend to what he reveals. It was very clear to me that she was reacting out of “fear”. trusting in the power of his God. Family. is often rooted in the ‘fear of being controlled’. academic challenges. work. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. After we talked for a while.When you can vision something in your life that is beyond your ‘little world’. What does the giant(s) in your life look like? Does it look like. David was not intimidated. and I asked her some questions. you need not be either! David was not in the battle field by accident. Fear can disguise itself in many ways. as she was overwhelmed by her emotions. The bible tells us… “If people can’t see what God is doing. Your God is the common denominator when it comes to winning the battle. worship. You are not here on this earth. and start enjoying the wonderful life God has created for you! Decide to be “Courageous” and discover that your life can be EXCITING! Encouragement Everyone is looking for some encouraging news these days. today and forever. (parents/teacher/law enforcement). Take up your slingshot and fight against the giants in your life.

The benefits to living a life of faith and not fear are many! First you will experience God’s peace in your life. the enemy wants you distracted and disconnected from God. “Peace I leave with you. God knows what is best for you and how to bring that to pass in your life.If ‘fear’ is controlling how you are making decisions. Do not let your hearts be trouble and do not be afraid. Faith in God’s perfect plan for your life. People look at the outward appearance. to make good grades. Ask God to help you be more sensitive to the needs of others this year. I do not give to you as the world gives. If you keep your eyes on Jesus and not on your emotions your faith will become stronger than your fears. a life based in fear is destructive…YOU choose! FOCUS If you were asked…”what is the focus of your day”. you will soon find that it is difficult to connect with God. and it is with your ‘heart’ that you continue to develop a strong relationship with God. and instead. Focus on the needs of those around you. love and a sound mind”. and it is top priority for God to connect with you! God tells us in his word. As you focus on others you are giving God opportunity to work in your life and in your behalf. Why do you think this is? If other things can get the attention of your ‘heart’. Look for opportunities to serve others and by doing so you will be demonstrating God’s love in practical ways. There are so many things in life that are tugging for the attention of your ‘heart’. “Above all else. It’s a new year. He promises as you do this. You can be certain. Faith in God and his love for you. you are “being about the Fathers’ business” and this pleases God.God wants your focus to be on Him and His way of doing things. volunteer to babysit for a mom who needs a few hours to herself. the only effective weapon you have to overcome this is “FAITH”. guard your heart. and you will avoid the pitfalls that fear will eventually lead you into. . but of power. How might you demonstrate God’s love to those around you? Perhaps you can be a friend to someone who is not so popular. but the Lord looks at the heart. This is where you connect with God. to be the best athlete? God’s word says to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be given onto you. Be challenged this year to put the temptation to focus on ‘yourself’ and ‘your needs’ aside. Your relationship with God begins with believing in him in your ‘heart’. he will give you the desires of your heart. direct your focus on God and the things that are dear to His heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7) The ‘heart’ ~ that place deep within your being that is the center of who you are. There are people at your school and in your neighborhood who do not know the love of Jesus.”(Mathew 6:33). what would you say? Is your focus to look the prettiest. God’s word says. to be popular. “I have not given you a spirit of fear.” (John 14:27) Take time to be honest with yourself and ask yourself this question… “Am I making decisions because I am fearful”? A life based on faith is powerful. “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. (2 Tim. perhaps you can help someone in need. for everything you do flows from it.” (Proverbs 4:23) Why do you think God is so concerned with you ‘heart’? It is with your ‘heart’ that you ‘connect’ with God. As you focus on God he will focus His love and attention on YOU! HEART MATTERS What is in your ‘heart’ matters to God! The bible tells us. my peace I give you. Ask God to give you the boldness and the desire to serve others and not just focus all your attention on YOU! As you seek to help others. 1:7) Jesus said. a time to think about the year ahead and all the opportunities it holds for you.

you will always be looking for approval from others. unbelief. God designed you perfectly. I have sensed a common thread. without worrying about the approval of others. not others and watch things around you change. however. You will attract other confident young people who accept you and don’t want to change you. Then in these relationships you are free to be yourself. Just as nature yields itself to God’s wisdom. not just the ‘left overs’. The bible tells us. Why do you think this is so? After speaking with many girls and hearing their stories. Ask God to search your ‘heart’ and reveal anything that is a barrier between you and him. both girls and boys. New teachers. When you seek to “be like others” you are going against the natural intelligence built into you! Seek to please God. it is a season of change. It is never too late to turn your ‘heart’ back towards God. God is aware of all the changes taking place in the natural realm. I challenge you today to examine your ‘heart’. anxiety. Is connecting with God your top priority? God wants all of your heart. RELATIONSHIPS Are you having trouble in your relationships? You are not alone. be encouraged and yield yourself to God’s perfect plan for you this season. The trouble here is that those you are seeking approval from. new cities. Until you decide to be confident in yourself. Will you take the challenge? FRESH START Summer is coming to an end. to yourself. just to mention a few. are struggling with their own issues of self-confidence. as well as in your life. none of these things surprise God. The way to improve your relationships is to build your self-confidence. cool breezes. Give God all of your ‘heart’ and watch him do amazing things in your life. At best you will be happier “being yourself” than you will ever be trying to “be who others want you to be”. a season of revitalization. Can you guess what the common link is? If you guessed “self-confidence” you are correct! Many girls struggle with “who they are” and “who they think they should be”. This is where the struggle takes place.”(Mathew 22:37) God wants your ‘heart’ so he can fill you with his joy and his love. . and anger. and dare to be “yourself”. Dare to set the example of a “selfconfident” young woman. mistrust. new friends. jealousy. offense. new schedules. hurt. and clear skies.Things that may be tugging at your heart are. is to stop seeking approval from others and seek to be the best at “being you”. the Fall season will be here soon. I challenge you to put aside thoughts that “you have to be like the other girls”. What are the things in your life that you are giving your ‘heart’ too? What things are cluttering up your ‘heart’? A cluttered ‘heart’ has no room for the love of God. new jobs. with unique gifts and talents. allow yourself to follow your own desires and watch and see that you will attract great friends. Seek after God’s approval. Involvement in sin will also clutter your heart. Did you know that many other teenage girls are struggling with the same issue? Only you will not hear them talk about it. Oh…it may not appear that way to you. is often filled with anxiety of things ‘unknown’. This time of year for teenagers. However. Fall is always a “refreshing time”. Ask God to send his love to cleanse your ‘heart’ and make you whole. The way to do this. fear. hidden under their outward appearance are teenagers who are struggling with low self-esteem. It is a season of crisp air. Things such as these will cause you to be disconnected from God. and preparation for the fresh start of new things to come. the list is endless. “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. unforgiveness. therefore they are looking for acceptance among friends. and especially among boyfriends.

When I think about what a “gift” each day is. Walk your journey. a common response is “nothing new. Be who God designed you to be. God is our ‘daddy’. Just stop and think about it. and not on those along side of you.”(Luke 18:27)… Today is a “Fresh Start. “What is impossible with man is possible with God. what happened yesterday is over. Run your race. “what are your plans for today”. give you a fresh start.” (Isaiah 41:10) God is with you where ever you are. Many of you. is full of surprises.” YOU ARE SPECIAL I watched a movie recently that prompted this blog posting. I hear young people who talk about their day as if it is nothing special. God’s word says Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. follow the path God puts before you. and you will become a champion. The race horse was valuable and respected because of his “blood line”.“For I know the plans I have for you. for I am with you. Each day is a gift. was so much fun. if you looked at each moment as part of a “treasure hunt”. because no one is designed exactly like you. Do not let anyone or anything stop you from becoming all you can be. Only those that are diligently seeking after those treasures will find them. and being the first to find them made it even more exciting! Just think how different your day would be. which when opened with anticipation. with a job. Be expecting great things. Do not compare yourself with others. the almighty. same old”. Look at today as an adventure. Jesus died that you might have life and have life abundantly! Each day is a day of new beginnings. plans to give you hope and a future. and watch yourself be transformed as God works in you and through you. “plans to prosper you and not to harm you. perhaps at school. what happened last year is over. before you were born I set you apart…” God believes in you…Do you believe in yourself? You are a champion on the inside. with friends and family. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Often when asked the question. be expecting God to show you new things. the race horse developed into a champion! You too can be a champion when you train with Jesus. I challenge you to look at today with a new awareness. Just like in the story. same old. There is nothing that can stop us from becoming all we were destined to be. You are special God is convinced of this! Tired of the same old routines… Ever get the feeling that today is nothing more than a repeat of yesterday? Day after day.” declares the LORD. God has hidden treasures in store for you. we were destined for greatest. I will strengthen you and help you. we are children of God. do not be dismayed. The movie was about a race horse being trained as a champion competitor. His owner was convinced that because of his heritage he would be great! I got to thinking…how much more valuable are we as the descendants of God!!! We have royal blood flowing through our veins. for I am your God. “So do not fear. God knows the plans he has for you today! God’s blessings are new every morning! . at one time or other have gone out on a “hidden treasure hunt”. all powerful. don’t take hold of pressures others may be holding out there for you. I am troubled when I hear young people react with such a response. remember how much fun that was! Just the anticipation that you would find new things as you searched around for them. Keep your eyes on the finish line.”(Jeremiah 29:11) Be encouraged as you enter into this next season. He will teach you all you need to know to win your race called “life”. Be encouraged to be yourself.

our own lives improve. take someone along on the journey with you. God is our ‘daddy’. Just stop and think about it. however. we are children of God. expect to find hidden treasures. all powerful. the almighty. start today as part of a new adventure and see what is hidden around the corner for you to discover! Keep your eyes opened. Do not let anyone or anything stop you from becoming all you can be. Most of all. we were destined for greatest. His owner was convinced that because of his heritage he would be great! I got to thinking…how much more valuable are we as the descendants of God!!! We have royal blood flowing through our veins. so that we may have eternal life. Let’s share our blessing of the love of God with those around us. He died. He loved us before we ever loved him. See the wonders God has hidden just for you! LOVE: Just a Feeling or a Choice? This is often the time of year when I re-evaluate my “love walk”. Yes…did you know that we can make a decision to walk in love with those around us? Often we are expecting certain levels of love and respect from others in our life towards us. There is nothing that can stop us from becoming all we were destined to be. follow the path God puts before you. He will teach you all you need to know to win your race called “life”. They are hidden that you may discover them. and watch God do amazing things through you. When we take the focus off ourselves and direct our thinking towards the needs of others. Be who God designed you to be. before you were born I set you apart…” God believes in you…Do you believe in yourself? You are a champion on the inside. see each day as a journey of discovery. when was the last time you evaluated your life to see if you have been demonstrating love to others? Have you recently reached out to someone with an act of kindness with no expectations in return? Have you recently reached out to be kind to someone who everyone else ignores? Or perhaps when was the last time you were kind to someone who has hurt you? Love is not just a ‘feeling’. step out of your comfort zone. regardless of their behavior towards you. Run your race. the race horse developed into a champion! You too can be a champion when you train with Jesus. and not on those along side of you. it is a decision! Decide today to be loving towards others. God’s word says Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. The race horse was valuable and respected because of his “blood line”. Dare to be different. Jesus demonstrated the ultimate sacrifice of love. and you will become a champion. You are special God is convinced of this! Who can you Trust? . The movie was about a race horse being trained as a champion competitor. because no one is designed exactly like you. and love others just because God loves you! You are Special I watched a movie recently that prompted this blog posting.Take the challenge. Just like in the story. Do not compare yourself with others. Keep your eyes on the finish line.

I am going to present this challenge to you. God has used people and things in my life to demonstrate his unending love for me. This is where I see that most teenage girls get trapped. he will always tell you the right thing to do. I am thankful for the mountain top experiences in my life that have brought unspeakable joy. royalty”? Yes. For this. as well as the valley experiences. (Psalm 139:14). Wanting to belong and have meaningful friendship is great. Now that you know how special God made you. You can always put your trust in God’s promises. I am thankful that in the mist of the storms of life. taught me to never give up. There is something designed in all of us that desires to connect with others. I am thankful there is a refuge in God’s peace. there are beams of sunshine that always shine through as a beacon of hope. On this journey called “LIFE”… Everyday is a gift to be thankful for! I could write a long list of the things and people for which I am thankful. Do not be afraid. ask God to direct you and comfort you. In a world of uncertainty. Trusting God means that you obey what he instructs you to do.” God knew that we would need friends. “For I know the plans I have for you. or they just cannot relate to what you may be going through. They want to “fit in” so badly that they often make poor choices that often lead to heartaches and disappointments. Obedience to God’s word. or be able to say that someone is your “friend”. ask yourself this question. do not be discouraged. I would like to share that if you have made Jesus the Lord of your life. Here is where I meet God. you already belong to the greatest family ever…God’s family! As a member of God’s family you are royalty. He will direct your paths. God loves you and you can trust him always. Often friends and family may let you down. Can anyone out there relate??? First of all. “Who is worthy to be MY friend”? . but God’s love last forever. Teenagers seem to have a strong desire to be part of “the group”. they are not there when you need them. however. teenagers are no exception. to believe beyond my doubts and fears. demonstrates that you understand and trust that he knows what is best. This means different things to different people. he will never leave you nor forsake you. God understands.” declares the LORD. “plans to prosper you and not to harm you. He will stand with you when no one else will. yet without my personal relationship with God. In Jeremiah 29:11 God says. I am forever thankful! Friendships We were created by God to be connected with others in relationships. Things come and things go. God created Adam so he could fellowship with him. and don’t know where to turn. plans to give you hope and a future”. people love and people disappoint. and he showers me with his great love. a peace that stretches beyond my natural understanding to a place of certainty.It is often easy to feel alone in a world when it is hard to know who to trust. God created Eve to fellowship with Adam. that despite the intense pain.” You can trust God with whatever you are going through. You can trust God’s instructions. I know what you are thinking…”Me. God’s word says in Genesis 2:18 “It is not good for the man to be alone. When you feel that you are alone. however. God’s word promises us in Deuteronomy 31:8 “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you. Instead of trying to “fit in” to some popular group. all these things and people would not be enough to keep my “tank of gratitude” filled. the bottom line is. to what extent will you go to “belong”. YOU! You have been “Fearfully and wonderfully made”. everyone wants to “belong”. stop and pray.

and they said something to you that answered a question you had been struggling with for a long time. you are not alone! So here is where my challenge comes into play. God is speaking to you all the time. do you have to compromise anything about yourself for them to “let you” be their friend? These are just a few. new teachers. “How do I know if a person will be a good friend”? You can start by asking yourself a few questions. Nothing could be further from the truth. talking with you. The bible says God will never leave you or forsake you. it was God trying to get you a message. Use the most powerful tool you have…God living within you to help you through your day. Many teenagers think they need to leave Jesus at home when they go to school. Talk with God. God is the inventor of ‘new beginnings’. A time for new beginnings. sometimes compromising your own character to do so. or are you ignoring him each day. to make decisions regarding the type of friends you would really like in your life. You will be surprised at how much he knows about you. new friends. Have you ever thought that Jesus is right there with you as you make the adjustment to the new beginnings in your life? God cares for you and he wants to be a part of every area of your life. whereby he can lead guide and direct you throughout your day. Choosing your friends wisely will save you much heartache. I trust that God will give you a witness in your spirit regarding those people who are “worthy to be your friend”. God wants your walk with him to have a new beginning. He loves you and he is a forgiving God. and do not settle for “fake friendships”. God desires to have a relationship with you. and they didn’t even know about it? That was God using someone else to get you a message. “Where did that come from?” Chances are. Those are the types of people who are “worthy” of your friendship. then listen…for the answers he wants to give you. . begin today. new opportunities. ask him questions. All these changes for teenagers can be both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Respect yourself enough to trust God to bring the right friends across your path. The bible says that his mercies are new every morning! With God all things are made new. make a decision to stay close to God and let him give you a ‘new beginning’ for today! The more I talk with teenagers the more I hear them share that they feel “alone”. Secondly. You may ask. the opposite is true… Jesus wants to come along with you. You are special and deserve “good” friends in your life. kindness and love. just ask him to help you. but it will be well worth your effort. because they are likely to treat you the same way. Are you aware of his presence. That means he is with you each moment of every day. In your classroom. He wants to start being with you. how do they treat others that they are in relationship with. You are loved! New Beginnings Summer is almost over. play sports. like you would talk with a friend. new school year. and go out with friends. on the volleyball court. You do not have to go through life figuring things out on your own. Do not sell yourself short just to “fit in”. what you did yesterday does not surprise God. (Love based on actions and not just words). Have you ever had a conversation with your friend. Well.Have you ever thought that the friends you chose should be those who deserve your friendship? Have you ever tried really hard to be accepted. respect. Instead of trying to fit into others expectations of a friend. that person(s) turned their back on you? If this sounds familiar. Do you know that you can hear the voice of God speaking to you? Do you ever have a thought that comes into your mind…and you think. sharing with you each part of your day. God is a God of new beginnings. in the lunch room. I know this will be difficult at first. First of all. only to find out that afterwards. for some a new school. Friendships based on loyalty. Fall is just around the corner.

not someone who gives in under life’s pressures. Yet. God loves you. My prayer today. is all around us. to talk with God. cutting.God loves you and he has a new beginning for you starting…today! If you do not know God. it is important to note that there should be NO confusion about who God is. He cannot lie. I challenge you today. invite him into your life. is that. Among teenagers. I will help you. confusion about relationships. will go away. They will soar on wings like Eagles. Like all relationships. do not fear. today and tomorrow. earthquakes. for I am your God. and he will not forsake you. we search for help instead of searching for the ‘helper’. yesterday. Don’t ever Quit! Confusion Today we live in a world where there is much confusion! There is confusion about the economy. not the world’s way. guide and direct you. they will run and not grow weary. the more I realize there is confusion. rise above the circumstances that pressure you. yes even among “church-going” teenagers. ask him to carry your troubles for you and teach you how to be an over comer. bad relationships. What is wrong with this line of thinking? It is merely a disguise to make you think they can take the pain away. Wars. take this challenge and reach for all you can be. the list goes on and on. growing up in the mist of all these “confusing” circumstances. Teenage girls today are feeling the pressures of the world around them. as you read this article. You are loved and you are valuable. and winners never quit! So I challenge. they destroy you. Despite this truth. Where might someone find hope in such a desperate world? I know for many of you. divorce. put your hope in him. confusion about war & peace. and able to lead. job loss.…the list could go on and on. Hope is found in his everlasting promises. Yet. “And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. anything that will just …“take the pain away”. and see that you are more than a conqueror through Christ who strengthens you. Surround yourself with the love of God and the desire to hurt yourself. The world’s way does not work. you …get up…and keep fighting. and you will begin to soar on the promises God has for a wonderful life for you. and cutting can NOT do for you. who love you very much. they will walk and not be faint. you already know the answer…GOD! But yet. God is the same. God promises you that those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. there is still much confusion about what “love” really is. Many young ladies are turning to drugs. and after they have your attention. blizzards. who takes hold of your right hand. alcohol. alcohol. floods. it is a two way street. and far too many are making bad choices to try and cope with the pressures they are feeling. that he will never leave you or forsake you. God is love. but God’s way never fails. sex. taking what you think is an easy way out of a problem and consequently causing more problems for yourself and those around you. ask him to come into your heart. God is real. and says to you. eating disorders. Trust in him. You were created to be a winner. abortion. Do it God’s way. You have God on your side! God can do what drugs. at times we forget that God is even here. God says in his word. for I am the Lord your God. He also says. Your hope for the desperate situation you may find yourself in…is found in a relationship with GOD. That sounds like someone I want nearby me when I am hurting and confused. many of you are turning your backs on the truth you know. and that he loves you very much. (1 John 4:16). Many teenagers find it hard . I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. sex. do not be dismayed. accidents. the more I talk with teenagers. he knows the plans he has for you. in the world today. God says in his word. do not fear for I am with you. Be brave. he is waiting to walk this life along with you! Thinking of giving up? Quitting is not an option! Pressure. I will strengthen you and help you. God stirs your heart and clears away any confusion about his love for you! The scriptures tell us that “God is Love”. and he knew you from when you were being formed in your mother’s womb.

then you will lean on Jesus to help you resist the peer pressure. do not be deceived that by doing what they want you to do they will accept you. if we look to the world. No wonder. actually. nor anything else in all creation. that we should be called children of God”! (1 John 3:1). Could this be mainly.to believe that God is a loving God. and he loves you! You can depend on the love of God. The holiday season is upon us. we have “church communities” that say they love people. because love has been defined in so many different ways in our world? It is difficult to define “love” when we have a society where parents say they love one another. Jesus accepts you just as you are. regardless of what others might be telling you.” (Jeremiah 29:11). (Joshua 1:5). True acceptance is being true to your own values. yet they get divorced. you struggle with guilty feelings of having done something you would not have done on your own. The best way to overcome peer pressure is to make a decision to follow Jesus. plans to give you hope and a future. we have moms and dads that say they love their children. Acceptance Ever feel “peer pressure” to “FIT IN” with the crowd? You are not alone! The pressure that is out there to conform today is a real issue among teenagers. “ No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. to have an “attitude of gratitude”. When you decide that being “accepted” by others is not worth risking your self. there is confusion about what love is! However. I want to encourage you. through his love for you. and often times this desire leads to making bad choices. Choose to be accepted by the best…Jesus! Thankfulness I think it only appropriate to talk about Thankfulness this time of year. Do not be afraid. he will never leave you nor forsake you.respect. I will never leave you nor forsake you”. You do not have to face the pressure on your own. You do not have to prove that you are worthy of his acceptance. As I was with Moses. yet they judge and condemn. Everyone likes to feel as though they belong. do not be discouraged. God is Love. I may not know the specifics of your circumstances. “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you. God. yes even in the mist of these tough times. Thanksgiving only a week away. then you know what to do. “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us. if we look to God we can clearly define love. plans to prosper you and not to harm you.” And perhaps you are right. they are disrespecting you. God’s love will never end and it cannot be measured. “For I know the plans I have for you. I do know a God who does! God knows everything you are going through right this very . Use Jesus as your guide. This is the kind of love that will put to rest any confusion about what true love is. look to and rely on God’s love.” (Deut. yet they are virtually absent from their lives. without someone else pressuring you to do so. We learn in God’s word that he promises to always stand by us. made a plan for your life. God has adopted you. When you know how Jesus would act in a situation. When you truly make a decision to follow Jesus. so I will be with you. declares the LORD. “ Neither height nor depth. Growing up in the world as it is today is a scary place for a lot of teenagers. (Rms 8: 39). Jesus loves you just as you are and you are always accepted by him. You may be thinking: “You don’t know how bad things are in my life. however. you always have someone on your side. will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord”. When others start to pressure you. you are never alone. It seems like the whole world is focused on the economy and what difficult times we are in. that should be a sign that they are truly not accepting you. Ever do something that you were uncomfortable with. 31:8). you are never without a Father. God says love is everlasting – God will never leave you or forsake you. not those others are trying to pressure you into. Do not look to the world for love. Spend time with God and you will come to know “love”. but did it anyway because you thought it was what others wanted you to do? Afterwards how did this make you feel? Most of the time.

It is God’s acceptance of you that will have a lasting impact on your life. God loves you so much. This is a list where you write down the things you are thankful for. always promising to satisfy. You will find yourself filled with joy rather than despair. a change that is the real thing. the real you on the inside! This is who you really are. big and small. the person on the inside is the person that you live with everyday. Jesus loves you. be Thankful! I want to challenge you to make a “gratitude list”. trust him to see you through and guide your steps. To get you started: you can be thankful that you have a computer and can tap into this site for prayer and encouragement. Giving attention to what you have to be thankful for will allow you to consider “how well off” you really are. but God’s plans for your life will stretch into eternity. Let’s look at the life of Jesus…Jesus was certainly sought after . No matter how you try to package yourself on the outside. knowing that there is a God who loves you and will bless you despite what is happening in our economy. After you write this list.moment. Let Jesus develop your character and you will have the ultimate “MAKEOVER!” Now is the time to focus on developing your character. and will not be out dated soon. all these things are subject to change. People will begin to notice that there is something different about you. By doing this you are setting your mind in a place to be thankful for all that God has blessed you with.” Never being satisfied. a new hairdo. and this is what made him so attractive to others. knowing that someone truly cares for you and is faithfully praying for you…now you finish your list…… Teenage girls: Total makeover I have often heard from teenage girls that they wish they could just get a total…”MAKEOVER!” The idea that life would be better if you had different make up. that you will find peace in the mist of hard times. you are not alone. Jesus did not follow the crowd. yes. and often times this means going against the crowd. The popular groups will come and go. What is God telling you to do? Perhaps God is nudging you to be a friend to the new girl on the block. “being popular”) Popularity! How important is it for teenage girls to be popular? To what extent are you willing to go to become part of the “in-group”? Are you willing to compromise your values just to say you are friends with a certain crowd? Why is this worth discussing you may think. or right before you go to bed. Teenage Girls Talk about Popularity (or. Sometimes it is the small things that mean the most to us. Keep adding to your list as you remember things to be thankful for. without paying attention to the inner you. Ask Jesus to show you the areas in your life that will begin a makeover on the inside of you. Spend some time praying and asking God just how you can use the gifts and talents he has given you to become “popular” in his eyes. without any regard to your character. I have good news for you! God is the author of “makeovers. I want to share with you some things you can do. and you are the child of the King! Keep your focus on these things. or volunteer your time after school at a study group. Soon you will realize that your new “attitude of gratitude” has helped shape the way you see things everyday. You are loved.” When you truly give your life to Jesus. but never truly delivering the ultimate feeling you were looking for. God will never leave you or forsake you. you are blessed. I want to challenge you to evaluate what your personal definition of popularity is. there will always be a part of you that is seeking a “makeover. but not necessarily with the “popular groups” of that day. That alone is something to be grateful for. as it is your character that will carry you to the perfect plan God has for your life. Depression . As teenagers it is easy to get caught up in your outside appearance. but of course everyone wants to be accepted. and so on. when times are really tough! Be thankful…. The difference is that you are making a lasting change that counts! A change that will last. preferably before you start your day. You must learn to be the best “YOU” that you can be. I want to challenge you to read it completely through once a day. and not what you do not have in your life at the moment. he made you complete in him. I pray for you now in Jesus name. that he will show you how to develop your character to reflect his love and his goodness. I want to challenge you not to “follow the crowd” for the sake of trying to become accepted by others. These types of makeovers concentrate on the outward appearance. he will change your life permanently from the inside out! God will make changes in you that will last for a lifetime and others will notice these changes on the “outside” as well. Be encouraged. Jesus stayed close to God and did only what God told him to do. new clothes.

start today by looking in the mirror and telling yourself how SPECIAL you are! Don’t forget Jesus died on the cross because he loved you so much. and happiness is a decision that You make! Decide today to be happy about who you are! Celebrate yourself and others will begin to notice that there is something different about you! God bless you and have a happy day today. but let’s assume you do: might it sound like this: I am ugly. . IF God is for you. God wants you to be happy. depression will run far from you. I am too skinny. They identify their happiness by how they look. By depressed I mean. If you stay focused on what God says about you. you are loved. and you are blessed and highly favored! What a difference words and thoughts can make in how you feel. Depression can only take hold of you if YOU allow it to. and not the circumstances surrounding you. and the thoughts you are allowing yourself to think about. how many friends they have. Don’t compare yourself to other girls. my family is weird? Sound familiar to anyone? Thoughts and words like that would depress anyone. I am dumb. There are so many reasons to decide you do not like yourself if you are focused on exterior things or people to make you happy. and you will start to feel better. then no weapon formed against you can hurt you. you are forgiven. You can change your thoughts. feeling as if they are not important. I have good news for you today! You do not have to be depressed anymore! You may be thinking: “easy for you to say”. you do not realize what is happening in my life! I may not know exactly what is happening in your life but I do know that God loves you. Are You Happy Being You? Most teenage girls that I talk with are unhappy with who they are. Well. Pay attention to the words that you are speaking during the day. Words and thoughts are powerful. Choose to agree with what God says about you and watch your life change. I know probably none of you reading this article will admit that you “talk to yourself”. and you are loved! God’s word tells you that you are more than a conqueror and that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. you can change your attitude. I am too fat. they can tear you down or encourage you. great sadness. Now try to replace those thoughts and words with statements God says about you: You are fearfully and wonderfully made. True happiness comes from the inside. Compare yourself to who God says you are! God says you are the apple of his eye. don’t allow what boys might say about you to affect the way you feel about yourself. God wants you to enjoy your life and celebrate YOU! How do you celebrate YOU in a society that is so focused on material things? You keep your focus on the things of God. God loves you and has a perfect plan for your life. feeling like no one cares about them. no one likes me.Have you ever felt depressed? Many teenage girls have at some point expressed that they have felt depressed. Now. you belong to the family of God. whether or not they have a boyfriend how well they are doing in school or if they qualify for the cheerleading squad.

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