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Israel Info-war Basics

Israel Info-war Basics

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Published by Eirui Sorabrab

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Published by: Eirui Sorabrab on Mar 01, 2013
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Israel info-war basics

Here is the meta-data you should know when talking about Israel's foreign policy and about jewish 'self-defense' or false flag in the Middle East... The basic principles they use: 1. Vote for Hidden Occupation 2. Vote for Invisible Colonization 3. Vote for Violence in a Vacuum 4. Defining who is Newsworthy 5. Implement myths of U.S. neutrality (33 UN veto votes pro-Israel) 6. Myths of generous offers in diplomatic negotiations (deception for a dialog) 7. Marginalize con-Voices (even their own military) Is peace possible in a double-triple-standart framework? I can't even distinguish between US and Israel policies... It's the same state, with the same budget, with the same tax-payers? Hello, Alice world...
Watch the 2004 film Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land by Sut Jhally and Bathsheba Ratzkoff

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