God Matters


Pastor Tim and Rachel Schmoyer 1292 Forest Road Whitehall, PA 18052 pastor cell 610-739-8008

pastortim@WhitehallBFC.org facebook.com/timothyschmoyer BibleThinkTank.blogspot.com rachel cell 484-557-8898

Acts 17:16-34
“The mission of Bethany BFC is to introduce ordinary people to extraordinary, ever-growing life in Jesus our Savior” 1. love for non-God ought to ___________ us (v16-23)

Mar. 3 10 17 24 God Matters The Word Matters People’s Eternity Matters Palm Sunday Easter Acts 17:16-34 2 Timothy 3 Matthew 18:1-14 Matthew 21:1-11 Romans 6:1-11
Pick up a copy of our Multisite Church fact sheet available at the Information Desk. Pray about our possible multisite merger with Calvary BFC in Walnutport. Pray for:  our Elders as they meet today to go over the latest revisions to the proposal.

2. God made us, serves us, determines us so that ______ _________ __________ (v24-28)


3. God reveals Himself through ___________ (v29-31)

4. What is your response to God? (v32-34)

 the upcoming votes at Congregational Meetings at both churches on this merger proposal.  the lost in both the communities of Whitehall and Walnutport to hear and receive the Gospel of Jesus as a result of this merger.

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