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Purpose Development for the Automotive Industry

Turning purpose into a resource for automotive professionals

Created By: Donald E. Jenkins Master Purpose Development Coach

Hello! My name is Donald E. Jenkins and Im the President and Co-Founder of the Purpose Development Institute in Atlanta, GA. My 23 years of studying the subject of purpose and how it affect the existence and performance of humanity has revealed that Purpose is one of the most mismanaged resources in business. When properly used, it can become a corporate gold mine to drive peak performance in every business unit. My company is committed to instill in our clients that a more Purposeful workforce is a more Productive workforce. We specialize in assisting clients with the proper insight to turn purpose into a resource to drive peak performance and bottom-line goals. The fact is, people have bottom-lines that sometimes clashes with the bottom-line of an organization. If business professionals are unskilled in managing the bottom-line of human capital vs. the bottom-line of the organization, productivity can suffer due to competing bottom-lines. Unfortunately, competing bottom-lines in the workplace will erode the culture with undesirable attitudes and behaviors that decreases productivity. In Purpose Development, the bottom-line of people is defined as an appetite for purpose. When business leaders fail to feed the appetite for purpose, the bottom-line of the company suffers which makes this skill one of the most important skills in business. The purpose of this White Paper is to show you how my company can provide expert purpose-oriented solutions that will meet the bottom-line of your company, workforce and your customers. Thanks again,

Donald Master Purpose Development Coach

Personal Story
My journey of discovering Purpose climaxed in 2009 when I found myself homeless after ending a 20 year marriage. A few years earlier, I closed a church I founded in 1995, faced the death of my mother and financial hardship in my business. This all happened within a span of about 2 to 2-1/2 years. I was beginning to think that I was the poster-child for defeat until I discovered how resourceful Purpose can be in a time of extreme crisis. Even though it appeared I had lost everything, I felt like I was the richest person on the planet. Homeless and living out of a church, I began to pick up my pen and start writing about the Purpose Development industry 30 days after my divorce. What I discovered inspired me to teach inmates in prison how to discover this powerful resource. To my surprise, they discovered the same thing I discovered that led to a reduction in violence to zero in two weeks. They experienced a dramatic change in character simply because their Purpose IQ was being elevated and even though my life had changed dramatically, Purpose became a powerful resource to me in a time when I needed it. Having a high Purpose IQ inspired me remarry 8 months after my divorce to a beautiful and intelligent woman who celebrated my purpose like never before. She is currently the Vice President and first female Purpose Development Coach for the Purpose Development Institute. Together we are on a mission to share our insight to purpose that has proven to be a resource in very difficult times. This White Paper is my official invitation to the automotive industry to discover a hidden gold mine in human capital that will meet and exceed the bottom-line goals of your organization. Its a challenge to raise the Purpose IQ of your most valuable asset and build a Community of Purpose that will separate you from your competitors. As you discover the power of Purpose Development, keep in mind that me and my team of certified coaches are ready to serve you so that you can have a story about the power of Purpose in your organization.

Purpose and The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the most purposeful industries in the world. It satisfies a basic human need for transportation which is getting from point A to point B. Of course, there are different modes of transportation, but the basic premise is that people have a need to be mobile. When it comes to purchasing a car, there are many factors that determine the buying decision of a buyer, but the underlying purpose is that the automobile is a necessary component for our society. In the early 1900s, Henry Ford built an empire on this basic need and he also taught the business world a great lesson that emphasize the need for meeting the bottom-line of the people. On a deeper level, the need for transportation can be seen as an intricate part of a greater appetite. Its an organizations ability to empower employees to move from point A to B in their careers, or a salesman showing a customer how to get from point A (choosing the right vehicle) to point B (purchasing the vehicle). The manner in which an organization or salesperson accomplish this basic task, will determine their level of success. One of our signature sayings at the institute is, money cant buy you purpose, but purpose can position you to make more money. This principle applies on all levels and especially true with companys looking to increase bottom-line metrics. Simply put, when the bottom-line (appetite for purpose) is met within people, the bottom-line of the organization will follow. If an organization can discover how to master this process, it will operate within the framework of feeding the appetite for purpose that lead to growth on all levels. J.D. Power and Associates has become the voice of the customer in the auto industry and Purpose Development for Automotive Professionals is sure to become the conscience of the customer. It raises the Purpose IQ of the automotive professional to transform a basic human need into feeding an appetite for purpose. This approach to selling cars will empower the salesperson to go from selling cars to fulfilling a greater purpose . It will in turn enhance the car selling experience for the sales professional and the car buying experience for the customer while maximizing profits.

Purpose as a Resource
World class business leader and co-creator of the Harvard Law School on Negotiations Nikos Mourkogiannis, makes several compelling statements about purpose and business:

Purposes presence can transform a firm, and its loss can destroy an institution. As a result, it is worth more money than anything else. He continues to argue the power of purpose by saying, There are tell-tale situations that indicate a particular need for Purposeproblems with morale, strategy or reputation, and changes in leadership or structure that force reexamination of identity and direction.

Purpose plays an indispensable role in a leader Purpose is one of the most potent tools for managing an organization Purpose adds meaning to actions Purpose is crucial for all successful enterprises Purpose is a function of character Purpose is bigger than ambition or greed, bigger than strategy Purpose is a step-by-step path toward optimal results Purpose is larger than any other business element and much more involving Purpose represent the choices you make as a leader Purpose is what you believe without having to think Purpose is the primary source for achievement Purpose is all that successful leaders want to talk about

As you can see, purpose is a valuable resource for any organization, but useless without the proper insight on how to harness its power. As a result, many business leaders suffer from a low Purpose IQ in which they try to make up in other areas. What they fail to realize is that purpose is the gift that opens all gifts and without it, full potential will never be reached. In the hands of a skillful practitioner, purpose is the key to unlocking peak performance. In short, Purpose Development for The Automotive Industry is the blueprint for engineering job satisfaction and allowing customers to experience a community of purpose they will never forget.

What the experts are saying?

In practice, there are different levels of purpose: Personal purpose, organizational purpose, and task purpose. Each level is important, and effective organizations will pay attention to each level to enhance performance... Once you can recognize purpose at all three levels, its easy to see how alignment of purposes can enhance or inhibit productivity. The ideal state is for all three levels of purpose to be aligned. In other words, you want the following statement to be true, no matter who says it, I see the connection between the companys purpose, our strategies, the way we work, and the specific work that I do. I commit to this companys mission and vision, because doing so helps me fulfill my own purpose in life. Matthew Marichiba Sustainable business consultant with Sustainability Works The reality is that people care less about working for a company and much more about working for a compelling cause. Without a purpose, your employees are just putting in time. Their minds might be engaged, but their hearts will not be. A team without a purpose is a team without passion. Your team members may achieve short-term results, but they won't have the heart to go the distance. Dr. Lee J. Colan President of the L Group Leading experts on organizational behavior and human resources states in their book titled Hidden Value workers would like to believe that what [they] are doing makes a difference and that [their] work is important. OReilly and Pfeffer Stanford Business School Professors Employees today are seeking meaning to their work In mission-driven companies employee motivation comes from believing in the purpose of the work and being part of creating something worthwhile. Bill George Harvard Business School Professor, Former Med-

tronic CEO and Bestselling Author

Author of Why Pride Matters More than Money states, pride and a sense of purpose are the most powerful motivating forces in the world, and that thriving corporate leaders motivate by igniting these feelings among employees. Jon Katzenbach Senior Partner Booz & Com-


Background of Purpose Development

Every so often, the business world experience what experts call disruptive technology. Its a term that was coined by Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen to describe a new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology. The term is used in business and technology literature to describe innovations that improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect. Purpose Development is the result of 23 years of exploring ancient wisdom regarding the subject of purpose. It has evolved into what I call disruptive insight which is defined as the ability to break down barriers that challenge the existence and performance of humanity. Purpose Development disrupts the current school of thought regarding purpose in that it explores the sophistication of mans design and his appetite for purpose in order to reveal new models of understanding how it affect every facet of life. As a result, individuals are empowered to easily add meaning to known systems and relationships and develop a high performing character to achieve personal and career excellence. At the Purpose Development Institute we understand that individuals are just as sophisticated as a high performance sports car. We dont expect for them to perform like an Enzo Ferrari with a Yugo mentality. Our approach to increasing Purpose IQ in the workplace is to reveal the design technology under the hood of the human soul so that individuals can achieve peak performance in their personal and professional life. The question for 21st Century Business leaders is not, what are the barriers that hinder how employees exist and perform in the workplace, but how can they add a greater sense of purpose to increase the way employees exist and perform? We have put together one of the most comprehensive, thought provoking trainings on the market to help individuals extend their range of purpose to add meaning to their work. We are the pioneers in Purpose Development Coaching and our proprietary approach to purpose in the workplace is guaranteed to increase your employees engagement with organizational goals.
Employers must stop expecting their employees to perform like an Enzo Ferrari with a Yugo mentality to managing people. Donald JenkinsMaster Purpose Development Coach

What does Purpose Development mean to your Organization?

One of our signature thoughts at the Purpose Development Institute is, it takes vision to be a leader, confidence to cast a vision and purpose to get others to embrace the vision. Many organizations have mastered the art of crafting engaging vision statements and equipping leaders with development tools to increase their confidence as a leader. Unfortunately, Gallop Poll reports that only 26% of employees are fully engaged at any time with another 19% who are actively disengaged. This means that they act in ways that negatively impact the bottom-line of the organization which is causing billions of dollars in lost production. My Purpose Development for Automotive Professionals is not a guarantee that employees will not act in a negative manner within the workplace, but it does ensure that they will be given a framework for purpose to eliminate unwanted behaviors and attitudes that hinders performance. Having a framework for purpose will allow the employees to engage on a higher level with the vision of the organization and begin to think forward about their work. We define forward thinking as the art of capturing a vision in the minds eye and adjusting attitudes and behaviors to cause the vision to leap into reality. Historically, top tier management seem to have mastered the art forward thinking forward when it comes to the vision of the organization. They are fully engaged, but by the time the vision filters down through various business units, forward thinking get lost in the daily grind of work related task that sometimes causes minimum engagement among employees. Again, purpose among people is one of the most powerful but mismanaged resources in the business world. Its the fuel that drives forward thinking and causes individuals to adjust their attitudes and behaviors to accommodate a bigger purpose to make work more meaningful and worthwhile. Its not an emotion but an awareness that can be transformed into a resource and transferred as a responsibility. When used properly, it can become a corporate gold mine to drive peak performance in all business units. My Purpose Development for Automotive Professionals is the art of using purpose to drive the vision of the organization through all business units while maintaining purpose accountability to eliminate unwanted behaviors and attitudes. It empowers Managers with the necessary insight to help employees engage at a higher level while meeting and exceeding performance expectations.

The Purpose/Vision Spectrum

Engagement is defined as the willingness and ability to contribute toward an organizations success. It occurs when business leaders are able to drive the vision of the organization through all business units and when the company can feed the appetite for purpose within individuals. Business Leaders of the 21st Century must be skilled in managing both ends of the purpose/vision spectrum. They must have insight to help employees raise their Purpose IQ in such a way to engage in their day-to-day activity to extend their range of purpose through each business unit to meet organizational goals. Without Purpose Skills, employees struggle to add a sense of purpose to their work.



Business Unit Business Leaders Team Daily Activity



Organizational success can be defined as: day-to-day activity infused with a sense of purpose to empower employees to contribute toward the vision of the organization. - Donald Jenkins, President

Training Milestones
Laying the foundation for purpose in the workplace: My Purpose Development for The
Automotive Industry has been meticulously designed to deliver best practices for maximum performances when it comes to managing human capital. It will provide expert purposeoriented solutions to develop a greater sense of purpose for the workplace. Our training is designed around three milestones that we use to build a community of purpose within organizations. The milestones are called Awareness, Resource and Responsibility. They are patterns we use in unleashing the power of purpose within the workplace. Participants will understand how to use these milestones to become practitioners of purpose to engage in their work on a higher level. Understanding these milestones and how they fit within the framework of managing human capital is vital for the success of a business unit. Without them, it increases the mismanagement of purpose regarding human capital.

Awareness Milestone #1: Productivity in the workplace is in direct proportion to an awareness of purpose which is crucial for building a community of purpose. Below is a list of bullets that we use to increase the awareness of purpose for participants.

Identifying personal purpose and how it relate to the workplace Understanding the role that purpose play in building morale Identifying the new threat to teams and organizations Organic Management to help the managers realize the importance of purpose as a natural component for team and organizational success Introduction to Purpose Development Introduction to Purpose Skills The new breed of managers Managing the Purpose/Vision Spectrum The awareness of purpose within systems

Training Milestones
Resource Milestone #2: Milestone number two is achieved when all participants realize
that they can use purpose as a resource to build prosperous relationships. Each participant is given the insight on how to use purpose as a master craftsman. Without this insight, purpose becomes a wasted, mismanaged resource for the organization.

Discovering the most effective team resource Discovering what you didnt know about work. Powerful insight to understanding why purpose is so important in the workplace Engineering purposeful relationships. Participants understand the secrets to building purposeful relationships among team members Six principles of a Purposeful Team Knowing how to set a benchmark for purpose Extending the range of purpose for your team 5 Secrets to Purposeful Communications

Responsibility Milestone #3: The ultimate goal of Purpose Development for The Automotive Industry is to empower the employee to be more responsible in workplace performance. This milestone is reached when each participant realize the importance of taking responsibility for their actions to build a community of purpose. This milestone introduces signature principles that empowers each participant to see the bigger picture and add meaning to their work.

The C.E.O. Employee the manager is given insight to help the employee become the Chief Effective Officer to increase their effectiveness as it relate to the team. Establishing Purpose Accountability among your team. Factors to consider for the workplace.

Training Process
Introduction to Purpose Development: Again, Purpose Development for the Automotive Industry is the conscience of the customer which is a crucial skill-set for the automotive professional that must be mastered in order to produce actions that speak to the conscience of the customer. As a result, we must take them into their own conscience to discover purpose at a higher level. This process will allow them to extend their range of purpose into their work which drastically increases productivity. It will also disarm the tension between the competing bottom-lines which produces undesirable results in the workplace. The employee will ultimately understand how their bottom-line (appetite for purpose) can compliment the bottom-line of the organization to produce a community of purpose. (4 hour session)

Introduction to Purpose Development Participants will understand the need for ongoing development in purpose. Their Purpose IQ will be raised to see purpose as an awareness that can be transformed into a resource and transferred as a responsibility. Existence 101 Each participant will know how to skillfully use what we call expressions of life to feed the appetite for purpose within people. For the sales department, it will become the golden ticket to build prosperous relationships with the customer and for the service department, it will continue to sell the customer on the relationship. Game of Life Evaluation Playing the Game of Life can affect workplace performance. If individuals do not understand how to play this game, they increase their chances of ending up in miserable careers. Each participant is taught how to become champions of purpose to play the Game of Life in order to increase their skills for success as a person and as a professional. Finding Your Purpose In this session, I reveal my powerful equation to discover purpose so that the automotive professional can use this equation to refine their purpose and build prosperous relationships with customers. The end result of this session is to reveal to the participant that providing solutions is an intricate part of their purpose. Life 101 The basic components of life is explained to produce purposeful attitudes and actions in the workplace. This session will provide an unlimited source of inspiration and motivation for personal and professional success. Sales and Service 101 Many automotive professionals do not understand that service comes before the sale and selling continues after the service. This session is designed to reveal the true purpose of selling and service in order to develop a more purposeful approach to both. The result is a community of purpose that creates an exhilarating customer service experience that speak to the conscience of the customer.

Training Process
One of the most counterproductive business practices is to reveal the true identity of employees and not have a system in place to manage what was revealed. The second phase of training engages the manager on a higher level to ensure milestones are met to build the community of purpose. Introduction to Purpose Management This session requires leaders who are committed to the process of building a community of purpose. They are equipped with skills to manage whats been revealed in the Introduction to Purpose Development session. Key coaching techniques are discovered to ensure a successful implementation of purpose within the culture. Nikos Mourkogainnis business strategies are used to empower each manager to function as coaches to design the day-to-day activity in such a manner that will keep the business unit engaged in a higher purpose. (1 day) Purpose Development Coaching: Ongoing coaching is optional to ensure full implementation of our Purpose Development strategy and that milestones are achieved. Certified coaching will be provided to key leaders to provide ongoing strategies to build a community of purpose. Should you decide to choose the ongoing coaching option, there will be three 1 2 hours sessions arranged at 1, 2 and 3 month intervals. Online Membership Site for Automotive Professionals: We are currently exploring the interest in an online training community for automotive professionals that provide Purpose Development insight on a regular basis. Please feel free to email your feedback to

Training Objectives
My training objective is very simple: To raise the Purpose IQ of automotive professionals in order to build a community of purpose that maximizes potential in the workplace in order to create an unforgettable experience for the customer. A community of purpose in the workplace is achieved when all milestones are met by equipping participants with the necessary skills to know who they are as a person and professional. It includes a system to manage who they are in relation to their appetite for purpose and organizational goals. Purpose Development for Automotive Professionals has many benefits but I have listed the top 11 ROIs below:

A community of purpose that supports the bottom-line goals of the organization A high morale high performing culture A culture with minimal character dysfunctions Managers with a high Purpose IQ to motivate and inspire peak performance Managers who understand how to manage the purpose/vision spectrum Managers who know how to engineer prosperous relationships A high Purpose IQ sales force who understand how to serve the customer with a greater purpose A sales force who take responsibility for their own motivation to perform at peak levels A proactive sales force in building prosperous relationships to increase sales leads A service department who continues to sell the customer on the relationship Reduced turnover because employees are given a chance to master a skill that will help them win the game of life

What others are saying

"Thank you for sharing your Relationship Engineering seminar with us as we were very impressed. As stated during the presentation, strong relationships within corporations will continue to produce satisfied customers. Again, thank you for the opportunity to share in a well prepared presentation. Rob

Mayfield: Vice President, Mayfield Dairy

Donald Jenkins presented his program on Relationship Engineering to the support and professional staff at Chattanooga State as an employment development activity. I would highly recommend Mr. Jenkins program. The staff who attended this workshop rated him high on all aspects of presentation and material. Dr. Nora Ernst: President, Professional Staff Association, Chattanooga State Technical

Community College
I really enjoyed our lunch and learn class with Mr. Donald Jenkins it made me think about my job and look at it in a different light. While showing us how our relationship with others affects us on a daily basis, it made me examine myself and showed me how not to look at people in the wrong way. It also showed me that our attitudes towards others affect the way our office is ran and that we arent animals but we are all equal people with a purpose in life to thrive to make working enjoyable and not just for a paycheck. I am so glad that we came together as a whole to make our office grow and become leaders in the medical field." Galen Medical Group Employee "I want to thank you for the time you devoted to our motivational speech. To say the least, I truly enjoyed it. Your speech went above and beyond motivation. It included inspiration which in the work force we sometimes forget. By the end of the speech I came to realize that I need to focus on myself and not worry about negative attitudes around me. Maybe then my outlook will become contagious to others around me. Thank you so very much you-re a true blessing to us. Galen Medical

Group Employee
Your material was great. It included new ideas and interesting concepts to keep us thinking even after the presentation was over. After the meeting, several of the associates thanked me for having you come to speak to us. Rachel Crumley: Corporate Manager, Benchmark Physical Therapy "Students expressed that they received exercises and skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Valued community members like you help make Morehouse College the special institution where "Renaissance Men" are made."- Kevin Booker, Dean of Student Services: Morehouse College

What others are saying

The Purpose Development program provides valuable blueprints for young people to follow as they transition from athletic participation into responsible adult roles. It is one thing to discuss options but, 21st century students need to see, feel and believe that there are viable pathways within their reach. The art of reconnecting and redefining young people is a noble cause that deserves further exploration. Dr. H.E. Doc Holliday, Professor Kennesaw State University. "Donald Jenkins. Mighty Man of valor. I believe God created and ordained him to teach on God's PURPOSE for our lives. Being a sports Chaplain, I see so many athletes that think their identity is in their sport. The sport is only what they do and not who they are. I firmly believe God is going to use Donald Jenkins to teach athletes the "WINNING FORMULA" on purpose and not only will they be winners in their sport, but more importantly winners in the game of life." Roger Woods, University of

Tennessee Chaplain
"Your presentation had a positive impact on both members and advisers and your energy and enthusiasm was contagious. You were the first speaker I have encountered who was not only inspirational, but also gave valuable information and resources to our youth. Iris Hicks: State Youth Con-

sultant, Tennessee FBLA

Prepared By: Donald E. Jenkins Master Purpose Development Coach