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Selecting the Right Injector

In order to select the correct size injector for your application, you might wish to use one of the following

In most cases a naturally aspirated engine will have a B.S.F.C of .50. This means that the engine will use
.50 lbs. of fuel per hour for each horsepower it produces. Supercharged engines will want to be at .60 lbs.
per hour or higher.

Using these numbers as a guideline, you can select the approximate injector size in the following formula
for a four cylinder, naturally aspirated engine at 200 bhp.

Most injectors will max out at 80% duty cycle and this is the accepted industry standard.

B.S.F.C is brake specific fuel consumption - How much fuel you are using per horsepower per hour

Horsepower x B.S.F.C
200 x .50
= 31.25 lbs. / hr. per inj. x 10.50
= 328 cc / min
No. of injectors x .80
(duty cycle)

The proper injector for this application would be 31 lbs. / hr. or 330 cc / min

To find the HP value of the of the above mentioned injectors use this formula:

Inj. size (in lbs. / hr.), 31.25 x (80% duty) / .50 B.S.F.C = 50 hp. per inj. x 4 inj. = 200hp.

To convert cc / min to lbs. / hr. - Divide by 10.5

To convert lbs. / hr to gal. / hr - Divide by 6

To convert cc / min to gal. / hr. - Multiply by .015873

To find the fuel flow change from a fuel pressure change:

x Old Flow = New Flow

To convert injector flow rates to horsepower potential - multiply static flow

rates by .80 and then use one of the following formulas:

To convert cc / min to horsepower - multiply by .190476 x number of injectors

To convert lbs. / hr. to horseower - multiply by 2 x number of injectors