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Ph.d. Thesis on Modeling Imc Growth and Soldering

Ph.d. Thesis on Modeling Imc Growth and Soldering


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Published by: smtdrkd on Feb 25, 2009
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The author wishes to extend the present study to further explore the variable IMC

diffusivity and to establish the relationships pertaining to the experimental conditions and

solder composition. Experimental study especially related to the size distribution and

dissolution behavior of micro/nano-size metal particles in lead-free composite solders

during reflow is also an area of interest to extend the present study. Dissolution behavior

of the leads of electronic components, which are essentially cylindrical shaped, and the


prediction of IMC thickness and the dissolved lead element by the model also seems an

interesting part for future work. The author also plans to explore the extension of the

present model to two-dimensional geometry to further analyze the complicated physics of

the scallop formation.


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