Matrices LT4

Algebra II Unit 2: SYstems of Equations & Matrices
Learning Target 4: Use addition, subtraction, and multiplication of matrices to solve real-world problems Learning Target 8: Use technology to perform operations on matrices, find determinants, and find inverses

Matrices LT4

Class Example
Track and Field: In a four-team track meet, 5 points were awarded for each first-place finish, 3 points for each second, and 1 point for each third. Find the total number of points for each school. Which school won the meet? School Jefferson London Springfield Madison First Place 8 6 5 7 Second Place 4 3 7 5 Third Place 5 7 3 4

8 R= 6 5 7

4 3 7 5

5 7 3 4 P=

5 3 1

RP = ?

Matrices LT4

Gallery Walk Problems
- Get with the groups you've been assigned to..... - You will receive a problem (or two) from me.... YOUR JOB: You will solve the problem as a group. It is your job to come to a mutual conclusion regarding what the answer is. EVERYONE in your group needs to be able to articulate and write how the problem would be solved. - After you are confident with your solution, you will present your solution and reasoning on a poster. - Then, we will have a gallery walk

Matrices LT4

Station 1:
Business: The manager of The Best Bagel Shop Keeps records of each type of bagel sold each day at their two stores. Two days of sales are shown below: Day Store Sesame Poppy East 120 80 105 79 95 Blueberry 64 77 56 82 Plain 75 53 74 50

Mon. West 65 East 112

Tues. West 69

1) Write a matrix for each day's sales.

2) Find the sum of the two days' sales using matrix addition

Matrices LT4

Station 2:
Finance: For a class project, Taini "bought" shares of stock in three companies. She bought 150 shares of a utility company, 100 shares of a computer company, and 200 shares of a food company. At the end of the project she "sold" all of her stock. Company Utility Computer Food Purchase Price (per share) $54.00 $48.00 $60.00 Selling Price (per share) $55.20 $58.60 $61.10

1) Organize the data in two matrices and use matrix multiplication to find the total amount she spent for the stock. 2) Write two matrices and use matrix multiplication to find the total amount she received for selling the stock. 3) Use matrix operations to find how much money Taini "made" or "lost".

Matrices LT4

Station 3:
Fundraising: Lawrence High School sold wrapping paper and boxed cards for their fundraising event. The school receives $1.00 for each roll of wrapping paper sold and $.50 for each box of cards sold. Total Amounts for Each Class Class Freshmen Wrapping Paper 72 Cards 49 63 56 62

Sophomores 68 Juniors Seniors 90 86

1) Write a matrix that represents the amounts sold for each class and a matrix that represents the amount of money that schools earns for each item sold. 2) Write a matrix that shows how much each class earned 3) Which class earned the most money? 4) What is the total amount of money the school made from the fundraiser?

Matrices LT4

Station 4:
Produce: Carmen Fox owns three fruit farms on which he grows apples, peaches, and apricots. He sells apples for $22 a case, peaches for $25 a case, and apricots for $18 a case. Number of Cases in Stock of Each Type of Fruit Farm 1 2 3 Apples 290 175 110 Peaches 165 240 75 Apricots 210 190 0

1) Write an inventory matrix for the number of cases for each type of fruit for each farm. 2) Write a cost matrix for the price per case for each type of fruit. 3) Find the total income of the three fruit farms expressed as a matrix. 4) What is the total income from all three fruit farms combined?

Matrices LT4

Station 5:
Sports: The Westfall Youth Baseball and Softball League charges the following registration fees: ages 7-8, $45; ages 9-10, $55; and ages 11-14, $65. Team Members Age 7-8 9-10 11-14 Baseball 350 320 180 Softball 165 165 120

1) Write a matrix for the registration fees and a matrix for the number of players.

2) Find the total amount of money the League received from baseball and softball registrations.

Matrices LT4

Station 6:
Weather: Use the table that shows the total number of deaths due to severe weather. Year 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Lightning 52 42 44 46 51 Tornadoes 25 67 130 94 29 Floods 131 118 136 68 37 Hurricanes 37 1 9 19 0

1) Find the total number of deaths due to severe weather for each year expressed as a column matrix. 2) Write a matrix that represents how many more people died as a result of lightning than hurricanes for each year. 3) What type of severe weather accounted for the most deaths each year?

Matrices LT4

Station 7:
Sports: Use the table below that shows high school participation in various sports. Sport Males Schools Basketball Track/Field Baseball/ Softball Soccer Swimming/ Diving 5234 83411 5450 133235 14486 9041 455305 321416 12679 7931 340480 257586 16763 14620 Participants 549499 477960 Females Schools 16439 14545 Participants 456873 405163

1) Write two matrices that represent these data for males and females. 2) Find the total number of students that participate in each individual sport expressed as a matrix. 3) Could you add the two matrices to find the total number of schools that offer a particular sport? Why or why not?

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