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AGOT JOUST RESTRICTED LIST Baratheon: Robert Baratheon (KL) Knight of Flowers (KL) Highgarden Refugee Fury of the

Stag Greyjoy: Island Refugee Fury of the Kraken Lannister: Castellan of the Rock Mountain Refugee Pentoshi Manor Pyromancers Cache Fury of the Lion Martell: Refugee of the Citadel Orphan of the Greenblood The Vipers Bannermen The Scourge Venomous Blade Burning on the Sands A Game of Cyvasse Fury of the Sun Stark: Meera Reed Bolton Refugee Bear Island No Quarter Fury of the Wolf Targaryen: Long Lances Refugee of the Plains Aegons Hill The Hatchlings Feast Fury of the Dragon Neutral/Plot/Agenda: Kings of Winter Kings of Summer The Maesters Path The Conclave Vale Refugee Val Tin Link Narrow Escape Threat from the East Retaliation! Search & Detain Fear of Winter