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Back Cover The Deep Green Delusion

Back Cover The Deep Green Delusion

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Published by DrChris James
Back cover; brief description of book.
Back cover; brief description of book.

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Published by: DrChris James on Mar 01, 2013
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Back Cover [Same colour as the front].

In this work Dr Chris James describes how mainstream scientific environmentalism has been usurped by a New Age Deep Green theology which has made it a tool for the conservative ruling elites to regain power through the sentiments of an environmental consciousness. Deep ecology is the fastest growing green movement in the western world today, but anyone who truly cares about the earth and its people should know that some deep ecologists want to bring back the wilderness by cutting the world’s population by 70% starting with the earth’s most vulnerable people. The idea is predicated on apocalyptic narratives of an impending ecological catastrophe said to be caused by humans. However, while there is good reason to change the way humans live on the planet, deep ecology is not a solution. Deep ecology is based on old narratives that have their roots in myth and folklore. Almost all of these theories have esoteric and/or utopian religious content and serve to prop-up capitalism and the authoritarian state. Deep ecology is different to scientific ecology and social ecology; it is a secular theology that aims to put the earth before people thus making all the humans and social dilemmas invisible while it is business as usual elsewhere. Deep

ecologists are against development and wish to return the world to its primal state and/or the very conditions that gave rise to the capitalist revolution on the first place.


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