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discernment night*

khs pastoral center
el salvador city
give us discerning hearts
the roll of the dice/Rubik game

Yellow crayon, glue

Red pen., pentelpen
White art papers
Orange scissors+1 item
Green strings, s.tape
Blue 2 items of choice above
Personal Assessment:
1. What are the 3 gifts of
ministry you will bring this
2. What are the 3 things and
spiritual things you hope to gain
from being part of this group?
3. What are the three main
goals you want to see the group
accomplish this year?
What on earth is
mr. webster:

dis·cern·ment , n
di-sərn-mənt, -zərn-\

The act or process of

exhibiting keen insight and
good judgment.
Keenness of insight and
discernment = choosing?
St. Ignatius:
“Its more than that”
St. Iggy:
Discernment is choosing
‘that something’ which
leads us closer to GOD.

HOW? through prayer :)

so there is no discernment
needed when one is to
choose between good and
evil right?

in that case,
it is indeed more than choosing,
as we know it.
but it doesn’t end there!

Fr. Tom Green, SJ:

discernment is where
prayer and action meet.
discernment is not only
making ‘the right choice’
it is also making ‘that choice’
A reality.

take note that not making a choice

is also a choice after all.

opening of one’s self and the
willingness to embrace…
So don’t ever think of it
as your choice! Nah…

It’s GOD’s.
He knows better…right?

Your job is just to respond to this call.

So, are you ready to
respond to His Will?