“You heard me tell you, 'I am going away and I will come back to you.' If you loved me, you would rejoice that I am going to the Father.”

Ascension video link:

ASCENSION is the special day we celebrate Jesus Christ’s going back to His Father.

Before Jesus went up to heaven, He said, “I am going away and I will come back to you.” He also promised that He will be with us until the end of time.

Why did Jesus wants to come back? Why did He promise to be with us?

Jesus loves us so much that He wants us all to be with Him when the right time comes.

But HOW can we be with Jesus?

(PG)Gates of heaven video link:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV7q5eEOJ_g Please note that this video is an animation and a Christian cartoon. But it tells a lot of message of how we can be with Jesus. Dear parents, please guide our kids in understanding more the video.

For us to go to heaven, we NEED JESUS! Following Jesus’s commands and examples are the only ways for us to be with Him. Remember His 2 greatest commandments?

We have to live as true

friends of Jesus. We have
TO DO GOOD ALWAYS. Believe in Him trust Him obey Him

Jesus loves us so much so He made a promise that He will come back for us, and that He will always be with us so we can go with Him in heaven someday. How about us? What promise can we tell Jesus to show Him that we love Him so we want to be with Him too?

Questions to think about:
1. What is Ascension? 2. What does Ascension show about Jesus? 3. When Jesus ascended to heaven, did He leave us? Why? 4. What should we do to be with Jesus? 5. Should we just do good so we will have a reward from Jesus? Why?

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