March 1, 2012

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APOA Congratulates Officers Who Earned Promotions
Responds to Article Trying to Paint Promotions in a Negative Light
ALBUQUERQUE-The Albuquerque Police Officers Association takes this opportunity to congratulate the newly announced leaders within the Albuquerque Police Department. “These officers should be commended for the many years of hard work and dedication that has resulted in these promotions,” APOA President Greg Weber said. “The promotional process is not an easy one, and we wish them the best of luck in their new positions.” “Unfortunately, in an article regarding the promotions in today’s paper, the Albuquerque Journal chose to completely disregard the hard work, years of service and credentials of these eleven individuals, instead focusing entirely on whatever negative information it could drudge up on a couple of the officers. While this is increasingly typical of the Journal, it is extremely disappointing. We believe these officers deserve better and are due the recognition they have earned through their promotions which were based on merit,” Weber added. The APOA would like to take this time to recognize the following officers: Macario “Mac” Page promoted to Deputy Chief of the Criminal Investigations Bureau, Paul Szych promoted to lieutenant, Joshua McDonald promoted to lieutenant, Donovan Olvera promoted to lieutenant Michael Smith promoted to lieutenant, Drew Bader promoted to sergeant, Felipe Garcia promoted to sergeant, Kenneth Johnston promoted to sergeant, Scott Norris promoted to sergeant, Terysa Welch promoted to sergeant, and Darcy McDermitt promoted to sergeant, The APD promotional process is a merit based procedure that takes into account suspension and disciplinary actions of officers. Officers must earn the right to test for a promotion, through years of service and through their performance.


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