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Class Date FACTORS AFFECTING GAS PRESSURE SECTION REVIEW Objectives «Explain how the amount of gas and the volume of the container affect gas pressure «Infor the effect of temperature changes on the pressure exerted by a contained gas Part A Completion Use this completion exercise to check your understanding of the concepts and terms ‘that are introduced in this section. Each blank can be completed with a term, short phrase, or number. [As longas the temperature of an enclosed gas does not change, 1 doubling the number of gas particles —__ the pressure, When {gas particles are removed from a container the pressure decreases. 3. Removing half the gas particles decreases the pressure by —2 ‘When the number of gus particles remains constant, the pressure can be increased by —3— the volume, Reducing the volume of a contained gas by half —4 — the pressure. When the numberof gas particles and the volume ofa gas remain constant, the pressure ofa gas can be increased by increasing the 5. If the Kelvin temperature doubles, the pressure of the contained gas —8—; thus, the pressure decreases by half when the Kelvin temperature is halved Classify each ofthese statements as always true, AT sometimes true, ST: or never true, NT 7. Halving the number of particles in a given volume of gas decreases the pressure by one-half ifthe temperature is kept constant 8. Reducing the volume of a container of gas by one-half has the same ‘effect on pressure as reducing the quantity of the gas in the container by one-half, if temperature is kept constant. ‘9. When a sealed container of gas under pressure is opened, gas particles move from the containef tothe surroundings. Review Module / Chapters 9-12 Name ass te 10. When an aerosol can no longer sprays, the pressure inside the can is at OkPa, a 11. At constant volume, ifthe Kelvin temperature ofa gas is doubled, the pressure on the gas is halved. Part ( Matching Use what you have learned in this section to predict how an enclosed gas will respond to ‘a change in conditions. Match each stated change in Column A with the correct response in Column B. Column A Column B 12. the number of particles of an enclosed gas increases 4 pressure decreases ‘while volume and temperature are held constant 13. a fixed amount of gas is cooled while the volume is held, pressure increases, constant 14, the volume of a container holding 1 mole of nitrogen gasis reduced at constant temperature 15. a mixture of enclosed gases in a 1-L container at 2 atm, Is allowed to expand to 2 L. Part D Questions and Problems (Feta aren aio 16. Explain the relationship between the Kelvin temperature and the pressure of, gas, 17, A truck driver gets paid according to the quantity of a certain kind of gas he can deliver. The more gas he delivers the more he gets paid. He only has time for 1 trip and the dimensions of his tanker are fixed. What properties of gases can he exploit to increase his profi? ten te pe tan 4 Review Module / Chapters 9-12