dont start the meeting with a problem statement. i m sick. start positive.

shuld nt speak , wat ever u want. shuld think beore speaking for eg. implementing scheduling system in vienna simulator. but tats not the fir st task to be done. project plan varis from wat said across wat ur first target. not clear of wat brian speaks. and gives complete answer a nd want brian to pick up the answer at 3.18 brian says that ur too fast for wat u are. and u gave what ur doing. answer to brian questions. at 4.18 brians asks about literature, u say about the code developing. totally i rrelevant " need to find literature for couple of papers" strengths and limitations of each of the algorithms need to identifiy 5-6 papaers for alogrithms. and highlight wat the papaers says and proceed . hw they are evaluated wat are the evaluated performance. wat parameters are being evaluated SATISIFIED WITH THE WAY HE SAYS ABOUT ALGORITHMS. EXPLAIN USSING FLOWACHAT ALOGN WITH TTHEM U say gantt chart has problems. which indirectly means project plan has problle m will be clear and better for me to explain via project plan than gantt chart blabbering lte model .need to be understood. lte model for physcal of mac layer is wireless mac layer hw do u tie the mac layer iwth physical layer model lte physical layer alone is available. not convinced hwo things will be done.

" need to give pap

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