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JORDAN What About the Refugees

JORDAN What About the Refugees

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Published by Gill Wallace Hope

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Published by: Gill Wallace Hope on Mar 02, 2013
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JORDAN - What about the Refugees?

by Gill Wallace Hope on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 6:12pm ·

The talk in Rome about Syria was all about the political, arms and opposition but what about the Refugees? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/28/us-aid-to-syrianrebels_n_2780864.html#slide=1901692

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910,000 Syrians have now left Syria….some families scattered over 5 countries. Many don't know where their loved ones are! 300,000 Refugees are sitting on the ground in Jordan. 390,000 unemployed youth in Jordan are frustrated and angry. A tearful King Abdullah asked the international community to respond. The UN Security Council are imploding on the issue. The Syrians are traumatized in and out of the country. Charities are overwhelmed, facing donation short falls caused by 5 years of crisis/depression amongst their donors. We need a NEW model of finance, technology, green and service delivery. I am leading an International public/private partnership that is putting the UN Policy of 'Innovation in Financing' into practice to serve the needs of the 300,000 Refugees in Jordan. http://pinterest.com/ambassadorhope/300-000-refugees-in-jordan/ I'm giving 80 TV interviews from Dubai Media City over the next 14 days to 242 countries to tell the story of what's possible when we unite the world's resources and reduce the waste of talent, skills and energies in service to humanity. To schedule a TV, radio or newspaper interview sms to +971 552 396 818 Positive, empowered people will connect the dots around the world to bring Peace and prosperity to the Middle East. Thank you for being one of them....UNITED WE STAND :)

com/in/AmbassadorHope Twitter @AmbassadorHope .linkedin.000 Refugees in Jordan Profile: www. mobilizing resources for 300.Gill Wallace Hope +971 552 396 818 80 TV interviews from Dubai Media City to 242 countries around the world.

.HRH King Abdullah asked us to mobilize the international community to support.

.a critical component of Mass Collaboration.. ..Learning by DOING….

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