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Colima is the capital of the state of the

same name, located in the center west of México, near the Colima Volcano.

In the Historic Center we can see:
The main Zócalo, the Cathedral, the government palace,

For some relaxation you can visit:
The Metropolitan Regional Park and Zoo

The Piedra Lisa Park

The Regional Museum


name Colima means:” Dominion of

the old god or god of fire”

The city is known as THE CITY OF PALMS
because a large number of palms trees adorn the streets. and The Hidalgo Theatre

Archeological Zone

And Comala Town UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE SINALOA Try with the popular dishes The City was founded on January 1527. ESCUELA DE IDIOMAS COLIMA Enjoy the Feast Charro-Taurina CITY Student: Ana Lilia Moctezuma Hernández. with de name of Villa Saint Sebastian. . May 2012.