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Game Concept - Pencil Tricks

Game Concept - Pencil Tricks

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Published by gamesphdstudent
High level game concept
High level game concept

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Published by: gamesphdstudent on Mar 02, 2013
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Jyri Partanen High Concept Show off your pencil flicking skills or just learn new moves. You can do combos and special tricks to earn achievements. Share your progress with friends by social features of the game.

Features • • • • • • • • • Main view of the game shows the back of the hand with a pencil You move the pencil by swiping As in real life, the tricks are based on timing and sense of alignment of the pencil Player earns points from tricks and can use them later to purchace upgrades to pencil and the hand :) When the pencil drops, the health meter of the pencil on HUD decreases (length of the pencil) When health meter goes to zero, game is over and player moves to start screen In multi-player mode, the view shows the players in a ring, battling for the victory Well executed tricks and combos launch colorful starburst animations Shop for IAP purchases: hand change, extended swipes, air time tricks

Player Motivation Players simulate real life pen flicking skills. In multi-player mode, several players gather around in a circle to battle for win. Genre Sports arcade with Fruit Ninja style point animations. Target Customer Players interested in sports arcade games and casual games. Competition None Unique Selling Points • • • Universally recognized, everyone has seen someone do pencil tricks Flashy bonus animations Tongue in the cheeck style instructions

Target Hardware IOS and Android.

just start flicking! Funny: Instructions are funny and ironic. . and can be changed in the Shop after enough points have been collected. Bonus animations are flashy.Design Goals Simple: Very simple game to learn and play. Characters The hand represents a character.

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