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Department of Social Services / Child Protective Services 2.0. BOX 8119 San Luis Obispo, Californie 93403-8119 (805) 461-5281 A229-Tobin, T. DSS No. 7104048 SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO Couthouse Annex, 1035 Palm St., Sau Luis Obispo, California 93408 SYATUS REVIEW REPORT Hearing Date Hearing Time Dept/Room Hearing TypySubtype 01/07/2009 01:00pm 12 364 7M Review INTHE MATTER OF Name Dawof Birth Age Sex CuurtNumber Jennifer Dearinger 09/97/1091 17 FO FV 46693 COMMENDATION It is respect{ully recommended that Jonnifer remain residing with her father and that dependency be dismissed CHILD'S WHEREABOUTS Jennifer Desringer is currently residing with het father in Ankeny, Lowa. PARENTS Name/ Address rthdate Phone Katlileen M, Desringer 5715 Willclayton Parkway #6517 11/25/1963 Humble, TX 7338 ‘Cuaticento in eecaedanes with Penal Status Review Report T Cae Sexton 162. anor WIC o1f07/2009 ‘Sections £27 and 10890. Jennifer Dearinger Ty 46604 David S. Dearinger 230) S.W. Oralabor Road Flat #102 Father 12/26/1961 Ankeny. |A 5002! @resumed) (815) 289-2590 ATTORNEYS Name Address/ Phone Gerald Carrasco {119 Palm Steet Minor County Counsel Sax Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (80S) 547-1812 1055 Monterey Street, Room D320 San T.uis Obispo, CA 93408 (805) 781-5400 INDIAN CINLD WELFARE ACT STATUS The Indian Child Welfare Act docs not apply, On August 27, 2008 the Court made a determination and order that IC WA does net apply to this case. Name Gerald Carrasco County Counsel David $. Dearinger Kathioon M. Dearinger Jennifer Dearinger CASA Worker SEARCH RESULTS/HISTORY ‘Not Applicable. Relationship Ne Dusty: Counsel 12/15/2008 Counsel 1/1/2008 Father First Class Mail 12/15/2008 Mother First Class Mail 12/15/2008 Minor First Class Mail 12/15/2008 Agency FirstClass Mail 12/15/2008 “Status Review Repent o1/0 712009 Cad Welfare Jennifer Dearinge: _ oe TY 46693 LEGAL HISTORY 300 WIC Subsection’) 300 (b) (c) (ual Removal Initial Detention Order Initial Jurisdiction Finding 12/09/2007 12/2/2007 211972008 OFO4/2008 ‘01/07/2009 Initial 366,21(«) — Month FR Loic 560.21¢ 12 Moa ER neal 366.22 — 15 Mone FR. Revlew Roww Review 08/27/2008 FR Services Terminated NorcReunifcalion Ordered 08272008 REASON FOR HEARING This meter comes before the court for a six month review of family maintenance services. PALERNITY/LEGAL TIONSHIPS Mr, Dearinger is the presumed father nf Jenifer Dearinger. FAMILY ASSESSMENT UPDATE Current Family Cireumstances Kathleen Dearinger has moved from her San Luis Obispo County residence and now reports that she is residing in Humble, Texas, Mr. Dearinger has changed employment during the past reporting period. He is now employed as a dtiver by the local public transportation district. Evaluation of Child; Jennifor appears to be adjusting well to her transition from foster care in California w residing with her father in Ankeny, lowa. Initially, Jennifer spoke of wanting to etam to California to be with her friends. Flowever, she has made a new group of friends and speaks positively shout being in lowa. Jennifer chose to qui her part time job at a daycare center stating that schoo] and work was tea much for her. Her wesigning ftom her part time job has increased her time available for poora as well us school work. Jennifer was receiving failing grades prior to dependency and ewrently has only one D in an accounting cless. Her attendance has also improved in that she hay 10 absences daring the past “Status Review Report ~ 3 01/07/2009