HEALING FLOWS FROM THE THRONE OF GRACE Our God is the God who heals us, Healing by the stripes

of Jesus, It flows from the throne of grace, Can you feel the healing rain upon your face? Physical, emotional and spiritual healing, The Spirit of God does bring, All that was necessary for our healing is complete, For Jesus took the punishment we should have received. Oh, the scourging that He took was for our healing, And only His shed blood could wash away our sins, Let us give Him thanks and praise, For the healing that flows from the throne of grace. For by His stripes we are healed, It does not say we could maybe be healed, Scripture says it and I believe it, This is still the day of miracles and I believe it. So when my body says I am sick, My confession stays the same, "I am healed and blessed in Jesus Name," There is a day coming when none of God's children will be sick. Irene McGough Copyrighted 2013 ,

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