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LSG Minutes of Regular Meeting No.10.pdf

LSG Minutes of Regular Meeting No.10.pdf

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First Semester, AY 2012-2013
First Semester, AY 2012-2013

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Law Student Government Central Board

Minutes of the Meeting
Regular Meeting No. 10
August 13, 2012, 8:00PM


1. Benedict G. Nisperos, President Present
2. Marie Louise N. Camino, Internals Vice President Present
3. Julienne Marie A. Morada, Externals Vice President Present
4. Anne Jaycelle C. Sacramento, Secretary Present
5. Jose Antonio Rafael G. Santos, Treasurer Present
6. Patrick Chris D. Carbonell, Public Relations Officer Present
7. Ma. Christina S. Reyes, College Representative to the USC Absent

8. Diega D. Villanueva, Evening Representative Present
9. Jelorie F. Gallego, Evening Representative Present
10. Jian Paulo P. Boller, 4
Year Representative Absent

11. Paolo O. Celeridad, 4
Year Representative Present
12. Gerard Emmanuel V. Tayao, 3
Year Representative Present
13. John Paul R. Rotap, 3
Year Representative Present
14. Hanna Keila H. Garcia, 2
Year Representative Present
15. Ranulfo J. Javelosa III, 2
Year Representative Present
16. Lazaro Kevin G. Pabiona, 1
Year Representative Absent

17. Carlo Augustine A. Roman, 1
Year Representative Present

1. Updates
2. Project of First Year Representatives
3. Evening Week
4. Report on Student Concerns
5. CB Standing

Excused (ASLP event in Thailand)
Excused (ASLP event in Thailand)
Excused (heavy rain in their area)
The meeting was called to order at 8:20 PM at Yellow Cab - Technohub with the LSG
President presiding over the meeting. The discussions of the main agenda were
included in the discussion of the Updates of the concerned Central Board members.

Mr. Roman discussed the projects and other plans of the First Year Representatives for
the first semester. In deciding which projects to pursue, Mr. Roman and Mr. Pabiona
considered the time remaining for the current semester and also the urgent needs of
first year students. Accordingly, they were able to come up with the following:

a. FB group turn-over
Before the start of the academic year, the FB group of the first year students are
moderated by Mr. Javelosa and Ms. Garcia. In addition, all members of the Central
Board are members of the said group. Considering that Mr. Pabiona and Mr. Roman
have already been elected by freshmen as their batch representatives, the
aforementioned officers will now moderate the said FB group.

Mr. Javelosa added that all other members of the Central Board have already been
deleted as members and/or administrators of said FB group.

b. Meeting with Block Presidents
The batch representatives planned to have a meeting with the block presidents to
discuss the procedure for information dissemination and other matters relevant

Mr. Nisperos noted that all students should be a member of the up_law yahoogroup
because the same is mandated by the Constitution. Mr. Roman replied that they will
take the necessary steps so as to include all their batchmates in the said

c. Batch directory
Mr. Roman manifested their intention to have a complete batch directory. They
intend to complete the same this semester. Ms. Sacramento noted the importance of
having a batch directory, especially in times of calamity. She then encouraged all
batch representatives to complete their respective batch directories.

d. Batch Assembly
A batch assembly is scheduled on 17 August 2012, Friday afternoon, to discuss the
following matters:

i. Academic schedule, specifically scheduling of exams
ii. Batch Advocacy
iii. Preparation for Courts of Law and Malcolm madness
iv. participation of freshies in barOps
v. Batch Core group

e. Exposure trips
The batch representatives plan to have several exposure trips to different
government offices such as the House of Representatives, courts, etc. The trip will be
by batch, consisting of 15-20 students per trip.

f. TGIF projects
The batch representatives plan to have a simple batch activity where the freshmen
can enjoy the company of one another after a very tiresome week. One of the
suggested activities is freesbie.

Mr. Javelosa commented that there might be problems in its execution such as
inadequacy of space in the chosen venue. Ms. Sacramento likewise commented that
the freshmen should not be bombarded with so many activities since first year is the
Dzfilteiingdz stage in law schoolǤ

g. Centralized digest pool
Mr. Roman was advised to consult with the upperclassmen because there are those
who aie willing to shaie theii uigests while otheis uonǯtǤ

a. Freshie Week and Gender Forum
The activities of the sophomores were finished last month. The Freshie week and
Gender Forum are successful.

b. Volunteer Projects
After the midterm exams, Ms. Garcia and Mr. Javelosa planned to start the volunteer
project of their batch. However, there are no specific details yet.

a. Batch Core group
The batch representatives were still having problems in forming the batch core
group because the number of officers per block varies. Nonetheless, they will
finalize their core group on Monday, 20 August 2012.

b. Forum
Two (2) third year blocks were required by Prof. Harry Roque to conduct a forum
for their Public International Law. The topic of such forum will focus on Panatag
Shoal. Mr. Rotap and Mr. Tayao initially planned to make this their batch project.
However, it was noted that such project would be the fourth forum on Panatag
Shoal. Hence, they decided to just have another topic for their forum.

a. Graduation Committee
The committee scheduled a studio visit of Repro and Zone 5 on Wednesday, 15
August 2012, 1:00 p.m. If team is satisfied with the studio and its services, the
contract will be signed on the same day.

The photo packages of Zone 5 range from Php 1,300 Ȃ Php 2,600.

b. Participation of LSG in Freedom Initiative

Background: Freedom Initiative is a project which aims to help out wrongly
convicted persons get their freedom.

Participation of LSG: The LSG will help in disseminating the project information.
Mr. Niperos asked Mr. Celeridad to post the details in the LSG FB group page.

Evening Week
Schedule: September 2-8, 2012
Sunday: September 2
Evening v. Day Sports fest
This is a one-day sportsfest between the day students and the evening students
in basketball, futsal, volleyball and traditional Filipino games. The points won
for each game shall be added to either the day or the evening students. This is
part of the Evening v. Day Competition which will have a second part on Friday,
Sept. 2.
Time: 9am Ȃ 12nn
Venue: LWUA Basketball Court (tentative)

Ms. Villanueva requested the batch representatives to invite their batchmates to
participate in the event. Ms. Garcia asked Ms. Villanueva if they can provide the
specific events and guidelines for such events so that they can easily explain it to
their batchmates. Ms. Villanueva answered that they can provide the details of
the event by the end of this week.

Photo Exhibit Design Contest
This is a time-pressure competition to design the best bulletin board. Blocks will
gather during this day to create the design and backdrop of the Evening Week
Launch happening the next day. There are no final rules for this contest.
However, Ms. Villanueva assured the CB that the mechanics of the contest will
be finalized this week.

Name of the project as coined by Mr. Bucoy
Time: 1pm Ȃ 5pm
Venue: Malcolm Hall

Monday: September 3
Evening Week Launch
This is a dinner event where professors, students and alumni will be invited to
celebrate the launch of the Evening Week. This will also be the Launch of the
Photo Exhibit and the Evening Video. The evening video will be taken at the
Congress, DAR, faculty, and offices near UP. Thus, Ms. Villanueva requested the
CB members who are also members of the evening community to help the
evening representatives in the preparation of such video.

Time: 5pm Ȃ 7pm
Venue: Malcolm Hall

Photo Exhibit (all day), Malcolm Hall
The Photo Exhibit will be displayed in the lobby of the Malcolm Hall for the
entire week.

Wednesday: September 5
Forum: How to be an Evening Law Student
Targeted towards undergraduate students and other aspiring evening law
students, the forum will tackle on tips and discussions on the advantages of
being an evening law student. The LSG will invite former and present evening
students who will talk about their experiences and promote the evening
program as an ideal path to take in pursuing law school. Students from UP and
other universities, through their school administration and student
organizations, will be invited to this event.

The target speakers for the forum are evening students who excelled in their
respective fields. Congressman Batocabe agreed to be one of the speakers. Ms.
Villanueva suggested that 3 other speakers should be a member of the faculty, a
recent graduate from the college, and a student. The following were suggested
by the CB members: Prof. Lumba, Prof. Sanchez or Prof. Tan for faculty; Ms. Elie
Balaquiao for current evening student; and Ms. Pau Duman for recent graduate
from the college.

Time: 9am Ȃ 12nn
Venue: Malcolm Theatre

Friday: September 7
Evening v. Day
This is the main event of the Evening v. Day competition, where the Evening
Team composed of representatives from each block will compete with the day
students for points and prizes. The winners and points earned during the Sept. 2
sports fest will also be announced here.

Time: 5pm Ȃ 7pm
Venue: Malcolm Theatre

Saturday: September 8
Equinox: The UP Law Inter-Evening Party of 2012
Sponsored by SJV and E2016, the Inter-Evening Party is the hottest and most-
awaited inter-block party of the year. Evening blocks will be joining a
competition for best block presentation with a show choir team. There will be
free-flowing drinks, food and dancing to cap off the Evening Week 2012.

Venue: The Lounge

Concerns were raised regarding the venue. Some CB members commented that
the venue is too small for the event. However, the deal was already done with
the owner of the venue.

Budget: P10,000 will be given from the LSG funds; P10,000 from the P100,000
pledged by Congressman Batocabe will likewise be given to the evening
representatives for the party; P10,000 will be taken from the batch funds; and
P20,000 will be raised by the evening representatives, P10,000 each.

a. Isko Operations
The USC is requesting if each block from our college can donate at least P100
which will be used to buy slippers. These slippers will be donated to those who
were affected by the calamity.

b. UP Manininda
An Archi student prepared a design of the kiosk for the UP Manininda within the
college. This will be presented to the Office of the Dean for their approval.

a. Diliman Games
The College of Law will not participate in the Diliman games.

b. Website
Mr. Carbonell was asked by Mr. Nisperos to coordinate with Sam Autea of
2D, RA of Prof. Gatmaytan, to update the content of the UP Law website.
Aside from updating the information on LSG and law organizations, a link
of the LSG website will likewise be created in the UP Law website.

a. Pledges Ȃ donations for the flood victims
Mr. Santos reminder the CB members to give to him all the money collected so
that he can properly account them. So far, the pledges reached P70,000, but the
money actually collected is around P20,000.

Mr. Nisperos mentioned that we should prioritize those victims who are
members of the UP law community.

As of the date of the meeting, students are still giving their donations but the
giving out of donations (at the CHK gym) was already finished. Mr. Javelosa
suggested creating a calamity fund, to be handled by the LSG, instead of
forwarding the money to the USC Ȃ Isko Operations. Mr. Tayao commented that
LSG cannot appropriate the money by creating a calamity fund to be used for
other disaster expenses since we are collecting the money on behalf of Isko
Operations and for the specific purpose of helping those who were affected by
the recent flood. Ms. Morada commented that creating a calamity fund is within
the ambit of Isko Operations. Mr. Rotap added that there are students who
actually believe that the money being collected can be appropriated for calamity
fund. Ms. Camino suggested that the CB can coordinate with other parties before
the CB can decide on what to do with the remaining pledges. Mr. Nisperos
committed that he will coordinate with the USC regarding this matter.

Actions taken / to be taken
Batch representatives are tasked to collect the pledges ASAP. In collecting
the pledges, the batch representatives are encouraged to ask the students
if they will allow the LSG to put the money in the calamity fund.

Another meeting will be held to discuss and clarify the issues raised.

b. Solicitations
Mr. Santos assigned and distributed the solicitation letters to the CB members.
The CB member who will have the highest money solicited will receive a UP Law

c. Merchandise
Mr. Santos reiterated that audiocodals are available. He also mentioned his plan
of putting up a supplies bookstore inside the LSG room. This will be advertised by
the LSuǤ Boweveiǡ the scheuule of Dztambay houisdz of each CB membeis shoulu
be finalized first to ascertain that there will always be at least one CB member
who will man the store. Mr. Santos also suggested that the LSG could also sell
BOC merchandise since there are times when the BOC room is closed.

Ms. Sacramento reminded those who havenǯt filleu out the tambay houis foim to
put their available schedule ASAP.

d. Financial standing

As of 13 August 2012, the LSG has about P44,000 cash in bank.

a. CB standing
Ms. Sacramento prepared a report on CB standing.

Mtg. Date/
CB Member
Nisperos P P P P P P P P P 0
Camino P P P P Excused P P P P 1
Morada P P P Excused P P P P P 1
Sacramento P P P P P P P P P 0
Santos P Excused Excused P P P P P P 2
Carbonell P P Excused Excused P P P P P 2
Reyes P P P P P P P P Excused 1
Gallego P P P P P P P P P 0
Villanueva P P P Excused Excused P P P P 2
Boller P P P Excused P P Excused P Excused 3
Celeridad P P P P P P P P P 0
Tayao P P P P P P P Excused P 1
Rotap P P P P P P P P P 0
Garcia P P P Excused P P P P P 1
Javelosa P P Excused P Excused P P P P 2
Pabiona P Excused 1
Roman P P 0

Mr. Nisperos reminded the CB members that suspension will be imposed on
those who accumulated 8 excused or unexcused absences during the semester.

b. Utilities
There was a request if it is possible to provide tissues in the comfort rooms.
However, it would be impossible to provide them because the LSG fund collected
is insufficient.

c. Batch Directory
Ms. Sacramento reminded the batch representatives to complete their batch

d. Student Lounge
Ms. Sacramento talked with Ms. Recio, former LSG Secretary, regarding the plan
for student lounge. Ms. Recio said that there was no specific plan yet regarding
the renovation of the student lounge. Hence, the plan to contact an ID student
from the College of Home Economics will push thru.

e. LSG VolCorp
Ms. Sacramento mentioned that the students who volunteered during the
registration have not yet chosen their committee.

Actions taken / to be taken
Individual committee marketing for VolCorp will be done to encourage the
students to join the committees.

10. External Vice President
a. PAC
Ms. Morada thanked the PAC members for helping in the SONA, post-SONA, and
other PAC-related activities.

b. Anti Frat-Violence
The CB members were asked to read the prepared Anti-Frat Violence statement.
Ms. Morada said that the statement will be released tonight.

c. FOI on RH
The statement will be finalized tonight

d. ACLO Ȃ numbers are confidential
Ms. Morada reminded the CB members that the contact details of the ACLO
members are confidential. Ms. Morada asked the CB to direct to her those who
will ask the contact details of any member of ACLO member. Also, if the contact
details were given, it should only be used for the purpose for which the number
was given.

e. LCC
A project was suggested in the LCC for information dissemination, where there
will be a Dzcommunication tieedz to ensuie that all LCC announcements are
relayed to its members. However, the CB decided to retain the current system,
i.e. announcements through FB group.

Ms. Morada also mentioned that another project was being proposed by the LCC,
i.e. Adopt-a-Room project. Under this project, different student organizations
will help in the establishment/construction of the rooms by providing funds, etc.
Mr. Nisperos commented that it is not the responsibility of the students to
provide the classrooms; it is the responsibility of the UP and College
AuministiationsǤ The CB membeis concuiieu with NiǤ Nispeiosǯ commentǤ

f. Tsinelas drive
Ms. Morada clarified the purpose of the Tsinelas Drive of the LCC. The slippers
will be donated to the less fortunate people.

g. Proposal to shut down LCC
There was a proposal to shut down LCC. But Ms. Castro, the USC Vice-Chair and
head of the LCC, fought and justified its existence.

h. Statement re: shortlist of JBC
Ms. Sacramento asked if there will be a statement regarding the shortlist
submitted by the JBC. Mr. Celeridad said that there is no need to issue such

11. Internal Vice President
a. Registration concerns for second semester
Ms. Camino said that the OCS has not yet finalized the schedule for the meeting
with the CRS team. She also mentioned that the teaching assignments are not yet
final. She will follow up again with the OCS.

b. College Catalogue
Ms. Camino mentioned that the materials for the college catalogue are already
available. With regard to the layout editor, if the persons contacted by the
previous CB do not want to continue, the current CB will take over.

Ms. Camino suggested the inclusion of academic rules, grievance procedure and
organization recognition procedure of the college. These rules will be
coordinated and finalized by STRAW.

Actions taken / to be taken
STRAW members are tasked to research on the grievance procedure Ȃ
university level. The deadline is on 24 August 2012.

c. Feedback on departmental exam
The professors raised their concern that the result of the departmental exams
will reflect on them.

The final proposal is to have the MCQs departmentalized. With regard to essay
exams, the same will be prepared and administered by the respective
professors. In addition, it was suggested that there be a departmental syllabus
for each subject.

d. Student-Faculty Dialogue
Ms. Camino asked if it is possible to have another SFD. This will depend on the

e. Position paper on academic rules
This will be discussed by the STRAW during their meeting.

12. President
Mr. Nisperos mentioned that they are opening PNPA for visitation, talks, etc. On
the other hand they are requesting UP law students to teach them the proper
ways on witnessing before the courts. Mr. Nisperos asked Ms. Morada if LDMU
can help the members of the PNPA. However, Ms. Morada commented that the
LDMU might not be able to help them since it is a debate organization.

PNPA is also proposing to adopt Batch 2013 of UP Law as their honorary
member. As an adopted honorary member, Batch 2013 will receive the same
perks that PNA Batch 2013 will receive.

Actions taken / to be taken
A meeting with the PNPA heads is scheduled on the second week of
September. Meeting details to be finalized.

b. Subject offerings for summer
Dean asked the students, thru Mr. Nisperos, what subjects the students would
want to be offered for summer classes. It was suggested that the CB conduct a
survey on subjects to be offered for summer. However, Ms. Camino mentioned
that the previous subject demand survey already contains the subjects that the
students want. Instead of conducting a new survey, the CB decided to use the
result of the subject demand survey conducted before the 1
sem registration.

c. Mock bar
Mr. Nisperos said that there are no final details yet regarding the mock bar.

d. Ateneo Lex
Ateneo Lex will visit UP Law on 01 September 2012, Saturday morning.

e. International Conference
The International Conference is scheduled on August 16, whole day, at the NEC
auditorium. CB members are encouraged to attend the conference.

f. Wifi
The new wifi scheme was implemented today. The new proxy for the Wifi is; port: 8080.

g. LSG Room concerns
CISS printer and monitor are needed. Mr. Carbonell committed to bring a CRT
monitor. Mr. Javelosa added that the CISS printer is less than P4,000. If the CB
wants to buy a printer for the LSG Room, he can buy it.

h. LAE
LAE is scheduled on 25 November 2012, Sunday. There will be 3 testing centers,
1 in UP Diliman, 1 in UP Cebu, and 1 in UP Mindanao.

i. OLA
Mr. Nisperos talked with the Dean to clarify the issue regarding the list of
students who were affected by the OLA classroom component. Mr. Nisperos
clarified that the LSG knows that the SLR students are not affected by the
Classroom component. In fact, it was stated in the list that the SLR classes do not
meet regularly.

j. Report on Student Concerns
Mr. Nisperos reiterated that the purpose of the report is for information
dissemination. The report was posted in the FB group so that the CB members
can comment on it. Ms. Sacramento also reiterated her sentiment regarding the
supposed release of the report, without consulting her and the rest of the CB
members. She likewise pointed out that the Minutes of the Meetings are posted
in the bulletin board and LSG website for the same purpose. To be informed, the
students could simply access the LSG website or look at the bulletin board. Ms.
Villanueva also commented that it is the obligation of the batch representatives
to ensure that the information being disseminated is accurate and consistent
with that has been discussed during the CB meeting.

After airing out all the concerns, the CB members have agreed not to release the
report. The CB Meeting Minutes already contain the updates on issues being
faced by the LSG. Releasing the report would render the published CB minutes

k. Student Tribunal
The position for 3
year and 4
year Student Magistrates are still vacant. Mr.
Nisperos asked the batch representatives to inform their batchmates regarding
these vacancies and encourage them to apply for the said position.

l. CB workshop
The workshop is tentatively scheduled on 09 September 2012.

There being no other matters to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 10:32 PM.

Prepared by:
Anne Jaycelle C. Sacramento, Secretary

Noted by:
Benedict G. Nisperos, President

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