Bank of America Beneficiary Letter of Instruction Written instructions from In Trust For (ITF), Payable On Death (POD) or Totten

Trust beneficiary requesting distribution of funds: Beneficiary Information: Name: ___________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ Social Security Number: _____________________________________ Relationship to Account Holder: _______________________________ My preference for distribution of proceeds (check one): _ Mail to me at the above address _ According to my Power of Attorney dated ___________ Deliver to my Attorney-in-Fact (Agent) who presents: _________________ Attorney-in-Fact (Agent) Name _ Delivery to other beneficiary present in the banking center: __________________________ Name of Other Beneficiary Generally, funds will be divided equally among all beneficiaries of the funds remaining on deposit. A cashier’s check will be issued for that amount. Please note that state laws or regulations for handling deceased depositors’ accounts may affect the timing and amount of funds distributed. It may also include requirements that you provide additional documentation prior to distribution of funds. Under Penalty of Perjury, I hereby certify that I am the named beneficiary intended to receive the funds from this account. __________________________________ ___________ Beneficiary Signature Date Subscribed and sworn to before me this _________ day of ______, 20___ My Commission Expires: _______________________________ Notary Public

Bank Use Only Account Title(s)____________________________________________________ Account Number: ___________________________________________________ Account Balance: ________________________________________________ 00-53-2827NSB 03-2012