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Database Fundamentals

Database Fundamentals

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DB2 database
DB2 database

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DB2 is a data server that enables you to safely store and retrieve data. DB2 commands,
XQuery statements, and SQL statements are used to interact with the DB2 server allowing
you to create objects, and manipulate data in a secure environment. Different tools can be
used to input these commands and statements as shown in Figure B.1. This figure
provides an overview of DB2 and has been extracted from the Getting Started with DB2
Express-C e-book.

Appendix B – Up and running with DB2 265

Figure B.1 - DB2 - The big picture

On the left-hand side of the figure, we provide examples of different commands and
statements that users can issue. In the center of the figure, we list some of the tools where
you can input these commands and statements, and on the right-hand side of the figure
you can see the DB2 environment; where your databases are stored. In subsequent
sections, we discuss some of the elements of this figure in more detail.

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