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Online OCI Registration Form

Online OCI Registration Form

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registration document
registration document

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Published by: Boopesh Vijayan on Mar 02, 2013
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Online OCI Registration Form


Online OCI Registration Form
OCI card holders traveling to India are advised to carry the Passport containing U Visa sticker and OCI Card to avoid problems at Immigration check points in India. In case registered OCI has obtained a new passport, kindly ensure to carry the passport containing U Visa sticker, new passport and OCI document during all visits to India. ALTERNATIVELY Miscellaneous Services can be availed for transfer of U Visa sticker to new passport. However, before applying for Misc Services kindly read the instructions posted under “OCI Misc Service” particularly the processing period. Since applications are processed in the order of their receipt in the Consulate, this service cannot be expedited. Please read the instructions before filling the form. BROCHURE F.A.Q. F.A.Q. OCI MISCELLANEOUS Photo Specification Note the following: 1. Part-A is to be filled-in online 2. Part-B can be downloaded after online submission and confirmation of filled-in Part 'A' of the form. 3. Part-B can be hand-written in legible capital letters or typed. 4. Documents to be enclosed alongwith application are given at the end of Part-B. You may use additional sheet(s) if space provided is not sufficient. 5. Completed application in Part-A and Part-B are to be submitted to the appropriate office. 6. For Any Problems in Online Registration, contact shettybn@nic.in Concealment of any material fact or false representation etc. will lead to cancellation of registration as Overseas Citizen of India (Please refer to Section7D of the Act) Applicant is a Individual Family Group Place of submission *
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Surname Given Name* Sex* MALE Place of Birth* Father/Guardian's Name* Mother's Name* Current Nationality* Select Nationality Passport No * Issue Place* Are you a PIO card holder? No PIO Card No * PIO Issue Date*

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2/10/2013 4:12 AM

Online OCI Registration Form https://passport.jsp Visible Distinguishing Mark* Present Address* Only Mobile No. Reset Submit Re-Pr int Form 2 of 2 2/10/2013 4:12 AM .in/oci/OnlineOCIRegistrationG. # EmailID # Mobile number will be used to send SMS alert for OCI Application Status.gov.

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