EE-530 : Power System Instrumentation Tutorial: 2 1 2 3 4 5 Explain different types of CTs and PTs with their construction and relative advantages and disadvantages. How CT bourdon is calculated? Explain different tests performed on current transformers. Which are different classes of CTs? Explain with their application. A protection relay is 32 meters away from a protective CT. they are connected with copper 4-wire connection of 6 mm2. If burden of relay is less than 15 mΩ (5 A input), calculate actual burden of the CT at 750C. What is CT saturation? Which are different factors which effects saturation of CT? Explain effect of CT saturation on protection system. How to specify a current transformer? Secondary coil resistance of the CT is 0.1 Ω and secondary burden is 0.115 Ω. The CT is rated as 300/5, 5P20, 10 VA. Calculate actual accuracy limit factor. Explain different magnitude and phase errors introduced by a potential transformer. Explain systematic procedure for selection of a PT. Explain measurement with CT in transient conditions.

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