Under the guidance of C. Karibasappa.M.E.

Project associates Arun Kumar. P. C. Dileepraj. S. Ravi Raikar Prakash. K. E

Progress . Objectives of study 3. Introduction  Earthing  Earth mat  Equipment earthing 2. Methodology 5.1. Scope of study 4.

 Defn.  Purpose of earthing  Objectives of good earthing system  Classification of earthing .: Earthing means an electrical connection to the general mass of earth to provide safe passage to fault current to enable to operate protective devices and provide safety to personnel.


Soil resistivity Earth potential rise Step potential Touch potential .

Noncurrent carrying metal parts. Power cables. Outgoing feeders. Power transformer neutral. Control room.Lightning arresters. Switchgear. .

To study the concepts of earthing in power system. Design of earth mat-an overview study. To study the earthing condition in 220/66kV Sharavati Receiving Station. Davangere. .

. Davangere. Davangere.To understand the present condition of earthing in 220/66kV Sharavati Receiving Station. Enabling the extensions of earthing condition in 220/66kV Sharavati Receiving Station.

Studying the existing earthing condition.Drawing the layout of 220/66kV Sharavati Receiving Station. . Recommendations and suggestions. Comparison of the study with the existing condition. Davangere. Studying the actual concept of earthing and earth mat design at R& D centre Bangalore.

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