Times now echoed yellow syndicate…….. Q1).

Isn’t it strange that Jagan’s media empire and Janardhan reddy’s business associate operate from same address? Ans) Is it strange for many companies running their offices from one multi storied apartment complex to have the same address? If it is, then how many companies in this country, especially in Metros which are sharing same apartment complexes be linked in same manner? Is it fair to link Times Now with any of the other co tenants of the same apartment complex for any of the activities done by them? It is even explained in the counter filed before the High court of Andhrapradesh while answering the allegations made by petitioner Mr.Shankar Rao who is a minister of Andhra Pradesh. Following is the extract…. “The premises bearing No.8-2-120 is a residential complex by name M/s. Krishna Sindhu Residency, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. In the said building complex there are about 14 apartments. I state that M/s. Jagati Publication Limited was incorporated with the address of the auditors, M/s. V S Reddy & Co. for the limited purpose of incorporation. It is pertinent to note that Jagati publication was incorporated with the address Gl, Krishna sindhu residency. Red gold enterprises was located at F-l & RR Global Enterprises Pvt Ltd at S-3 of the same apartments. It is therefore clear that three offices are located at three different flats in three different floors and therefore the allegation is

Banjara Hills.Rama subbareddy (or someone of similar expertise) who is one of the leading geologists of our state. Road No.7.completely baseless and malicious. Some facts about Red gold: The business partner of Red gold Mr. Reddy’s partner.incidentally the same chandrababu granted extension of mining leases to gali janardhan reddy when he was the cheif minister. Q2) Why has Reddy’s partner made huge investment in Jagan’s media empire? Ans) First of all. that it . After about a week after incorporation. of R. Red Gold did not invest a single pie in any of Sakshi group companies and the irony is Red Gold did not even have a bank account till Sakshi refuted the same allegation published in the rival newspaper Eenadu nearly two years ago. It’s not strange that Gali Janardhan Reddy or anyone else for that matter should utilize the services of Mr. M/s.Global but not a share holder or a director. Hyderabad”. Jagati Publication Limited shifted its registered office to Reliance House. He had worked as the Executive Director of Andhra Pradesh Mining corporation when Chandrababu naidu was the Chief Minister.Is it not obvious that there is a link between Red gold and Chandrababu naidu? (One should understand that mining leases are granted by virtue of First Applicant basis and we presume that by virtue of Mr Ramsubba Reddy’s professional geological skills he was offered some share in Red Gold .Ramasubba reddy is a professional employee.R.

Q3) How is the 50 percent partner in janardhan Reddy’s illegal mining company also a director of Jagan’s media empire? Ans)Before you taint someones name through your broadcasting the minimum you should do is to send your questionnaire and give the other person an opportunity to speak for themselves.R. That is the principle we follow at Sakshi.Ramasubba reddy who is an employee in R.R. Mr. has been in the mining business for the past three decades and RR Global is. It’s an undisputed fact.Global is a partner in Red gold.Period.R. or was not doing any business with Gali Janardhan reddy’s companies.did not materialize is another story) One should also note that Mr. It’s also an undisputed fact.Global is an investor in Sakshi. But what is the relation between Gali Janardhan reddy’s companies and Sakshi’s investors? R.Global where Mr. The so calledpartner in Janardhan reddys mining company is not a director nor a share holder in any of Jagan’s companies. . Get your facts right before you air. an IAS officer had resigned to join Chandrababu naidu’s Heritage Foods. R.Sambasiva rao. But what is the link between Gali Janardhana reddy’s companies and Diwakar reddy’s companies? Sajjala family.Sajjala Ramakrishna reddy who is a journalist for the past three decades is the editorial director of Sakshi.Sajjala Diwakar reddy is a director has invested in Sakshi and Diwakar Reddy’s brother Mr.

Jaganmohan Reddy did not have even one percent share in this company. It was countered and answered in detail through Sakshi on the very next day i. then he might have allotted lands to Gali near Hyderabad or The most developed towns of Andhra Pradesh as it was happened in GMR’s case during Chandrababu Naidu’s regime.Q4) Did Jagan have any stake in Brahmani steel. for the first time Mr. If YSR is interested in Quid Pro quos. . Otherwise it is carrying up wild allegations made by the rival media in Andhra Pradesh from the last three years.Ramakrishna reddy. 12th November 2009. On 17th November 2009. should Jagan come clean on whether there was Quid Pro Quo between his companies and Janardhan Reddy’s? Ans) One should prove at least a single rupee transaction between these companies.e. Editorial Director of Sakshi. This land allocated in one of the most backward district in Andhrapradesh that is Cuddapah which is the home district of YSR family. a reddy owned company that got land at throw away rates during father YSR’s regime? Ans) Mr. had answered these allegations on his name through Sakshi. Q5) Instead of trying to be defiant. Note: Times Now has carried the same version of rival news paper Eenadu which had published the same story on 11th November 2009.

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