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Current Bid Opportunities
Document P13-004 T13-027 Q13-002 Q13-010 Playground Construction EAB Chemical Injection Integrated Pest Management One (1) Cubic Metre (11 Cubic Yard) Contractors Dump Body to be Mounted on a 29,937 kg(66,000 lb.)G.V.W. Tandem Rear Axle Conventional Cab and Chassis Custodial Service:Park Washrooms, Spray Pads, and Change Rooms Glasgow Street (Belmont Avenue West to Westmount Road West) Road Reconstruction Highland Road East (Stirling Avenue S to Hoffman Street) Road Reconstruction Addendum #1 Addendum #2 Road Seal Resurfacing Closed Circuit T.V. Inspection of Gravity Sewers Addendum #1 Centennial Stadium Demolition Addendum #1 Addendum #2 Two (2) Stormwater Management Ponds and Naturalization of the Concrete Channel within Filsinger Park Addendum #1 Title Buyer Rudy Kruppa Ryan Scott Ryan Scott Ryan Scott Closing Date Mar 28, 2013 Mar 21, 2013 Mar 11, 2013 Mar 11, 2013

Q13-004 T13-014

Steve Rudak Larry Gordon

Mar 8, 2013 Mar 7, 2013

T13-003 Development Services Economic Strategy Financial Incentives T13-023 Finding Talent GIS/Mapping Services Innovation Clusters Manufacturing Innovation Network E13-022 Real Estate Database Starting Your Business Supporting Your Business Surplus Items Auction Why Invest in Kitchener? GIS and Mapping Services T13-008 T13-006

Larry Gordon

Mar 7, 2013

Larry Gordon Larry Gordon

Mar 7, 2013 Mar 7, 2013

Steve Rudak

Mar 7, 2013

Larry Gordon

Mar 4, 2013

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