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456 Acorn Hill Lane

Phone: 919-7568906

My objective is to help plan, promote, and coordinate many events including:
parties, weddings, business workshops, etc.

Bachelor’s Degree (May 25, 2003)
 I went to the University of North Carolina Wilmington and got my bachelors
degree in business marketing. I’ve also interned for a lot of record labels and
wedding planning offices.

Musician Promoter(June 3, 2003 – September 25, 2009)
Sony Record Label (4511 Los Angeles, California 29684)

I got to go to concerts and clubs for free to check out the music scene of many
different genres. When I saw a band that fit the requirements for Sony’s Label, I
spoke with them and scheduled interviews.

 I am very outgoing and I’m good with crowds
 I am almost fluent in Spanish and can interpret it
 I am willing to work long hours and I am available at any time of the day
 I am a very good listener and I take great notes
 I’ve helped many bands get into the music industry and I’ve hosted many
famous parties