Athwajan Bypass-190004

Subject; English

Class/Sec. I
Class Assessment

Q1. Fill in the blanks;
(a) Rex was a ___________.
(b) He found a ___________.
(c) He stood on the __________.
(d) He saw his own __________________ in the water.
(e) His bone ___________ into the river.

. Q2. True or false:
(a) The black goat wanted to cross the river ________.
(b) The bridge was wide ________.
(c) The black goat and the brown goat fell into the water ______.
(d) They were both foolish _____.
(e) The next day two other goats met on the bridge ________

Q3. Complete the sentence:

Rex lived _________________________________.
He was always _____________________________.
He found a bone______________________________
He stopped__________________________.
Rex’s bone ___________________________

Q4. Write the plurals of the words given below;

dog, book, pencil
leg, finger, wall
teacher, cat, elephant ___________________________________________
house, pen, boat _______________________________________________
hand, tree, school _______________________________________________

Write about people you know.Q5. as given in the example. (a) Mother : ________________________________________________________ (b) Father: _________________________________________________________ (c) Friend : _________________________________________________________ (d) Class teacher : ___________________________________________________ (e) Headmistress: ___________________________________________________ . brother: My brothers’s name is Aman.

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