Louis XIV and Château de Versailles

French 1 Project:

Born September 5th 1638  Died September 1st 1715  Catholic  Ruled France from 1663 until his death in 1715.  The longest-ruling European monarch ever, 72 years.  Re-established the Bourbon Dynasty.


He was an absolute monarch.
◦ Divine Right Theory of Monarchy. ◦ The most powerful person in the country.

The “Sun King”  Part of his ruling strategy was to weaken the power of the Aristocratic families, hence increasing his own.  Unified France.

A Separated France

The Sun King

Jean-Baptiste Colbert was his Economic minister.  Practiced Mercantilism in order to make France self-sufficient.  Nobility didn’t have to pay taxes.  Peasants had high taxes.  Wanted to make Canada part of the French empire.

Made a single, unified army for France that only he controlled.  The League of Augsburg War.  War of Spanish Succession.

The Arts

◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Nicolas Poussin Jean-Baptiste Lully Francois Couperin Marc-Antoine Charpentier Charles Le Brun

Château de Versaille
The palace of Versailles  Located in Versailles, a city on the outskirts of Paris.  Built so that Louis XIV would be safer from enemies.  Ostentatious.  Awe-inspiring to foreign countries.

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