SERES Facilitator Training

Youth empowerment and environmental leadership training program for facilitators and change makers

April 7th – 12th Earthlodge, Antigua

SERES’   facilitator   training   program   is   designed   to   share   a   process,   scaling   a   movement   that   inspires   deep   change   and   innovative   leadership   across   communities,   countries   and   cultures.   The   training   program   is   based   around   SERES’   3-­‐day   youth   empowerment   and   environmental   leadership   program  “Youth  Leaders  for  the  Pachamama”.   It  has   been   designed   as   a   hands-­‐on/hearts-­‐on   program,   giving   participants   the   opportunity   to   experience   first-­‐hand   the   powerful   transformational   ability   of   this   process.   It   will   also   develop   an   understanding   of   the   facilitation   skills   that   underpin   this   process   and   are   essential   for   achieving   the   transformative   leadership   that   is   necessary   at   all   levels   of   society   today.  

Program  Cost  
The   SERES   facilitator   training   cost   is   USD450   per   person,  this  includes:  

Co-­‐facilitated  by:  

Corrina  Grace  –  Founder/ED  SERES   Sherry  Miller  –  Founder  Empowerment  Unlimited  

• • • •

Accommodation     3  fresh  vegetarian  meals  per  day   All  training  materials   Funding   a   scholarship   for   a   local   youth   facilitator  

Spaces  are  limited,  so  please  confirm  early  to  guarantee   your  participation.  A  50%  deposit  will  be  required  in  order   to  confirm  your  reservation.   To  receive  more  information  or  reserve  your  space  please   email  us  on  or  visit  our  website    

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