• Dominos is looking at significant scope of expansion in new cities as well as within the existing ones. • Dominos is especially targeting cities with 3 lakh population and above ,so that the city has an immediate capacity for the 1st store and will have potential for 1-2 stores over the next 2-4 yrs. • The cites with 3lakh population and above is 147(100-existing,47-new)thus the company can target additional 47 new cities for opening Dominos stores.

also plans to take its casual dining restaurant presence to 250 stores by 2015. • The company. the pizza chain has 131 stores spread in 34 cities. • The expansion will also help the brand in diversifying their offering and adding more value-added services. • Pizza Hut has seen a growth of nearly 20 to 25 per cent in this format.Conclusion • Pizza Hut plans to open 25 more outlets that serve wine and beer along with pizzas. • The company currently operates 10 such stores in Delhi and Bengaluru. The expansion plans is part of the global expansion strategy of Yum! Brands . Currently.

Conclusion .

. quality and services. • Dominos on Pizza hut is a good example of monopolistic competition• The Indian customers are not price sensitive when they get good product. • Dominos and Pizza Hut offer pizza but they are differentiated on the basis of ingredients. • The differentiated nature of these firms products permits them to charge prices above marginal cost. recipes and taste .Conclusion • Both the companies focus on precision marketing concept in identifying the customers and their needs. Companies within the industry can gain monopoly over their competitors by offering superior products or better service .