Rule No 1 (Tense changes


Present Indefinite, Present Perfect and Future Tenses
we can narrate the indirect or Reported speech in present tense, future and in present perfect then we do not change the tenses in either of following situations; 1: When we report a speech of a person who is still present there and the speech is about something that is still going on: i-e Ahmad: "I am looking for my old shoes". Direct Speech. Ahmad says that he is looking for his old shoes. Reported/ Indirect Speech As you can see that if we report something at the same time it is said then we do not change the tense rather we mere make pronoun changes. 2: When we are telling someone what says an Email or a letter in either of aforementioned tenses i-e; Ali writes to his mother: Ami, "i will send you 5000 Rs." Direct Speech Ali says to his mother that he will send her 5000 Rs. Indirect Speech (we can either retain will in reported speech or replace it with would) 3: Similarly in Present perfect we do not change the tense. Ali: I have taken my tea. Direct Speech Ali says that he has taken tea. indirect Speech __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Ali: "I am going to buy a book from Urdu bazar." Ahmad: "I like to drink sprite after meals." Humaira:"I will marry Bilal." Sara: " I have called Bilal and asked her to meet me" Mother: "Breakfast is ready, you can join us on dining table." Wajiha: "I have secured first position in CSS". __________________