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Homeopathic Catalouge 2010

Homeopathic Catalouge 2010

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Published by Prashanth Viswanath
Catalogue of remedies
Catalogue of remedies

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Published by: Prashanth Viswanath on Mar 03, 2013
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AMEKE WILHELM 978-81-319-0185-4 ANSHUTZ E.P. 978-81-319-0197-7 978-81-319-0100-7 ------------------History of Homeopathy – Its Origin & Its Conflicts

2 Rs. 149.00

Rs. AHMAD SAYEED 81-70211-611-7 81-7021-624-9 81-7021-612-5 81-7021-616-8 81-7021-152-2 81-7021-782-2 81-7021-790-3 81-7021-836-5 BA3823 BA3824 BA3825 BA3826 BA3911 BA5217 BA5223 BA5295 BA5387 Diseases of the Mind 25.00 Obesity & Health 25.00 Allergy & Its cure 15.00 Modalities of Homoeopathic Medicine – An Invaluable Companion and Aid to Practitioners 60.00 Angina Pectoris and its cure 20.00 Homoeopathy and Adverse Reaction of Allopathic Drugs 45.00 Weakness and its Cure in Homoeopathy 39.00 Homeopathic Management of Male Sexual Disorders OUT OF PRINT Homoeopathic Management of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) 20.00 *Allen’s Key-notes Rearranged & Classified – 10th Ed. (with Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica & Bowel Nosodes) 149.00 *Key-notes and Characteristics with Comparisons of Some of the Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica with Bowel Nosodes 119.00 A Repertory Based on Allen's Key-notes and Nash's Leaders with Relationship of Remedies – Rev. (Compiled by K.K. Sirker) 149.00 The Materia Medica of some Important Nosodes 50.00 The Materia Medica of The Nosodes Proving of the X-ray 149.00 *Prescriber to Allen's Key Notes and Characteristics – 2nd Rev. Ed. 129.00 Therapeutics of Intermitent Fever 99.00 Therapeutics of Fever 90.00 Allen’s Keynotes Comparisons Rearranged – Includes: Keynotes, Characteristics and Comparisions (Comparisons within brackets of different medicines have been brought under principal medicine – Compiled by Bhattacheryay P.K.) 199.00 The Chronic Miasm with Repertory – Vol. I: Psora and Pseudo-Psora; Vol. II: Sycosis 149.00 Diseases and Homeopathy Therapeutics of the Skin 79.00 The Encyclopaedia of Pure Materia Medica (12 Vols.) 1499.00 *Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocket Book 169.00 Handbook of Materia Medica & Hom. Therapeutics 445.00 Repertory to the Symptoms of Intermitent Fever 25.00

New, Old and Forgotten Remedies 139.00 Sexual Ills and Diseases – A Popular Manual Based on the Best Homoeopathic Practice and Text Book 39.00 BHMS Student's Guide to Practice of Medicine *B. Jain's BHMS Solved Papers on Repertory Combating Arthritis (Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy) Combating Fever (Fever of Unknown origin) A Study of Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine – Based on English Translation of the 6th Edition 99.00 49.00 110.00 125.00

ARORA RITU 978-81-319-0774-0 ------978-81-319-0521-0 ------81-7021-895-0 BA5375 81-8056-129-1 ARYA M. P. 978-81-319-0330-8 B. JAIN PUBLISHERS 81-8056-516-5 81-7021-713-x BB2090 BB2091 BA5499 -------


ALLEN H.C. 978-81-319-0088-8


81-8056-558-0 978-81-319-0720-7 978-81-319-0929-4

BB2092 -------------







978-81-319-0594-4 978-81-319-0286-8 978-81-319-0836-5




81-7021-300-2 BA2004 81-7021-081-x BA2005 978-81-319-0009-3 -------



Homeopathic Case History Booklet 29.00 Chronic Diseases and Theory of Miasms (Prepared by a Team of Experienced Teachers according to Homoeopathy Syllabus) 50.00 Brief History of the Founder & Discovery of the System of Homeopathy 9.00 *Poultry Doctor – Homeopathic Treatment of Animals 35.00 *Pocket Medical Dictionary for Homeopaths (Principal words used in Medicine & The Collateral Sciences During Hahnemann's Time) 199.00 *B. JAIN’S Guide to Homoeopathic Family Kit (Selection of Remedies, Repetition, Precaution) 69.00 *Guide to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (including important Ques. & MCQs) 179.00 *Guide to Obstetrics & Gynecology – Including Neonatology with Homeopathic Therapeutics and MCQs (According to CCH Syllabus) 179.00 *Textbook of Community Medicine (Preventive & Social) with Homeopathic Approach (According to CCH Syllabus) 199.00

ALLEN J.H. 978-81-319-0168-7 978-81-319-0018-5


B. JAIN's B.H.M.S. 81-8056-088-0 81-8056-089-9 81-8056-090-2 81-8056-091-0 81-8056-092-9

ALLEN T.F. 81-7021-501-3 BA2008 978-81-319-0299-8 ------978-81-319-0357-5 ------ALLEN W.A. 81-7021-653-2 BA2013

Solved Paper BB5562 *Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (Millenium Edition) 90.00 BB5563 *Preventive & Social Medicine 110.00 BB5564 *Pathology (Millenium Edition) 90.00 BB5592 *Surgery (Paper I) 90.00 BB5593 *Surgery (Paper II) Including Homoeopathic Therapeutics ENT, Eye & Dental 90.00 978-81-319-0521-0 ------*Repertory 49.00 978-81-319-0612-5 ------*Pharmacy (Including Oral & Practical) 50.00 978-81-319-0918-8 ------*Physiology 129.00 81-8056-332-4 BB5701 *Materia Medica 125.00 BAILEY M. PHILIP 978-81-319-0318-6 ------Homeopathic Psychology– Personality Profiles of the Major Constitutional Remedies


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Website: www.bjainbooks.com

BALAKRISHNAN E. 81-8056-470-3 BB5754 BALDWIN 81-7021-328-2 BANDLISH R. 81-7021-567-6 Cardiovascular Diseases and Homoeopathic Treatment Organon of the Art of Healing Students Guide to Materia Medica (Solved Papers for all IV years, includes 236 remedies) Organon of Medicine *Textbook of Homeopathic Pharmacy – 2nd Revised & Augmented Ed. (According to CCH Syllabus) Glimpses of History of Medicine Guide to Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy

3 Rs. 81-7021-339-8 145.00 15.00 81-7021-178-6 BB3516 BB2044



BB2775 BB2041

Rs. Miracles of Healing & How They are Done in Homeopathy (Rheumatism, Heart Dis., Gout, Sciatica, Insanity, Epilepsy, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Migraine, Cancer, Constipation, Skin Diseases & Ear Diseases) 79.00 My Testament of Healing 65.00 Handbook for Viva Voce (A Syllabus of Diagnosis) The Homoeopathic Therapeutic of Diarrhoea (Dysentery, Cholera Morbus, Cholera Infantum & All other loose evacuations of the bowels) The Physical Examination of the Patient Homoeopathic Nursery Manual (The Care and Feeding of children in Health and Diseases) Homeopathic Treatment of Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Spermatorrhoea & Urinary Diseases The Homoeopathic Treatment of Constipation What We Must Not Do in Homoeopathy Eruptive Fever and Contagious Diseases of Children Therapeutics of the Dis. of Liver and of Biliary Ducts Diseases of the Respiratory & Digestive System of Children Chronic Rheumatism Remedies of Circulatory and Respiratory System Diabetes Mellitus Alcoholism and its Homoeopathic Treatment – Rev. Ed. (Including Medicinal Intoxication and Food Poisoning) Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer Limits and Possibilities of Homeopathy in Biology & Mental Diseases Miasms Syphilis & Sycosis – Rev. Ed. Homeopathy Elementary Dermatology with Illustrations (An Epitome of the More Common Skin Diseases for Students & Practitioners) 139.00

BAKER WILLIAM F. 978-81-319-0834-1 ------50.00 15.00 299.00 69.00 35.00 BENDER P. 81-8056-500-9 BENSON 81-7021-275-8 BERJEAU J.PH. 81-7021-650-8 BERNARD H. 81-7021-667-2 BERNOVILLE F. 978-81-319-0511-1 81-7021-102-6 81-7021-254-5 81-7021-389-4 978-81-319-0600-2 978-81-319-0515-9 978-81-319-0722-1 978-81-319-0599-9 BELL JAMES 978-81-319-0155-7 -------

BANERJEE D.D. 81-7021-478-5 BB2020 978-81-319-0291-2 ------978-81-319-0350-6 ------81-7021-101-8 BB3901 BANERJEE N.K. 81-7021-415-7 BB2023


BB2047 BB3924

Blood Pressure Etiology & Homeopathic Management – Revised Ed. 81-7021-488-2 BB2024 Realistic Materia Medica with Therapeutic Treatment 81-7021-672-9 BB2025 Homoeopathy in the Treatment of Gonorrhoea and Syphilis 81-7021-110-7 BB2028 A Treatise on Homoeopathic Pharmacy (For Degree & Diploma students) BANERJEE P.N. & GHATAK BB2029 Chronic Diseases – Its Causes and Cure (An easy and comprehensive explanation to the methods of treatment of chronic cases) BANERJEE U.S. 81-7021-784-9 BB3982 Multiple Choice Questions in Materia Medica BANERJEA S.K. 978-81-319-0265-3 -------

49.00 75.00 60.00 99.00


60.00 29.00 39.00 30.00 40.00 35.00 40.00 35.00 25.00 25.00 29.00 29.00 49.00

BB2049 ------BB2051 BB2052 BB2053 -------------------------

75.00 29.00

978-81-319-0612-5 ------81-7021-671-0 81-7021-386-x BB2039 BB2040

978-81-319-0073-4 -------

81-7021-320-7 81-7021-210-3 81-8056-062-7

BB3820 BB3822 BB3874

Synoptic Memorizer of Materia Medica – (Vol. I & II) Vol.-I: Including Tabulated Comparative Materia Medica & Schematic Modalities. Vol.-II: Including regional & Drug-wise Oral & Theoretical Questionnaries & memorizing Tips on Drug Totality 179.00 BHMS Solved Papers Pharmacy (Including viva-voce Questions) 50.00 Essential Theory Guide to Materia Medica 50.00 BHMS Solved Papers on Anatomy (Including dissection & viva-voce) 110.00 Miasmatic Diagnosis Practical Tips with Clinical Comparisons (Includes Summary of Miasmatic Indications from Head to Foot with Psychic & Paediatric Manifestations & Miasm Medicine Chart) 149.00 Brain Tumor Cured by Homeopathy 20.00 Schematic Comparison of Remedies Clinical & Comparative Materia Medica 250.00 Repertorial Analysis & Evaluation: (Types, Construction, Philosophies with Merits & Demerits) 40.00 The Story of My Eyes How to Cure the Incurable – New Lives for Old 9.00 89.00

978-81-319-0646-0 ------81-7021-757-1 BB2824 81-8056-234-4 BB2385

BERNSTEIN RALPH 81-8056-389-8 BB5733


BARKER ELLIS J. 81-8056-502-5 BB2042 978-81-319-0225-7 -------

BHASME ARUN / ROSAIO DSOUZA / ANGELO SMITH 978-81-319-0253-0 ------Medicine – The Voyage Through Time The Journey of Medicine from Past to Present (Fully Colored) BHATIA V.R. 978-81-319-0180-9 ------VIRAL FEVER (Influenza) and its Treatment Homeopathic, Biochemic & Allopathic with Materia Medica & Repertory 978-81-319-0513-5 ------Poliomyelitis – Infantile Paralysis with Homeopathic Treatment (Including Repertory)


49.00 30.00

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Website: www.bjainbooks.com

M.00 The Outline of Materia Medica and a Clinical Dictionary 85. Tiwari & 149.00 125.00 29.00 81-7021-367-3 BB2113 The Diseases of the Liver – 2nd Rev.00 BOENNINGHAUSEN 978-81-319-0287-5 ------978-81-319-0299-8 ------BOERICKE GARTH 978-81-319-0080-2 ------BOERICKE W. & CHITKARA 978-81-319-0159-5 ------The Best of Burnett (Materia Medica.00 25.00 55.00 81-7021-363-0 BB2111 Delicate.00 39. 81-8056-892-x BB5969 5 Rs. Characteristics & Comparisons) 199.00 19. 978-81-319-0832-7 ------978-81-319-0303-2 ------978-81-319-0592-0 ------81-7021-335-5 BB2102 81-8056-889-x BB2793 BOYD H.M.00 BURNETT J. Enlargements.M.W. (Enlarged) How to find Similimum with Boger Boenninghausen's Repertory 6 Rs. Clinical & Pathogenetic. Tumours. von Boenninghausen *Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book (By Allen T. Including Indian Drugs) 249.Its Ailment and Diseases of the PRINT Peritoneum A Manual of Materia Medica. The Study of Materia Medica and Taking the Case – 3rd Ed. Puny and Stunted Children – Their Development Defects & Physical.00 110. Nosodes.I. Therapeutics and Pharmacology with Clinical Index 149. 978-81-319-0184-7 ------- 39.00 978-81-319-0042-0 ------Diseases of the Skin their Constitutional Nature & Homeopathic Cure 55. HOMEOPATHY Corrected of Abbreviation by: Dr. Sides of the Body. & Enlarged Ed.C.00 A Compend of the Principles of Homoeopathy as Taught by Hahnemann & Verified by A Century of Clinical Application 45.K.00 978-81-319-0596-8 ------Diseases of the Spleen 30. Backword. Treatment and Cure) Vaccine free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy 978-81-319-0304-9 ------81-7021-541-2 BB2083 978-81-319-0302-5 ------978-81-319-0301-8 ------81-7021-707-5 BD2188 329.K.00 Diseases of the Liver.00 25. 81-7021-140-9 BB2072 81-7021-213-8 BB2073 81-8056-253-0 BB2074 81-7021-733-4 81-7021-602-8 BB2075 BB2076 Encyclopaedia of Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine with Comparative & Critical Study of 5th & 6th Ed. 978-81-319-0753-3 ------BIRCH KATE 978-81-319-0392-6 ------BLACKWOOD A.00 BURNETT J.00 60. 978-81-319-0028-4 ------BUCK HENRY 81-8056-223-9 BB2130 81-8056-224-7 BB2131 Diseases of the Kidneys and Nervous System 89.com .00 49. S.00 referential notes) Allen’s Keynotes – Comparisons Rearranged (Includes: Keynotes.00 OUT OF Regional Materia Medica PRINT *A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica – A Treatise for Homeopathic Students (Rearranged & Augmented Edition) *Boger Boenninghausen's Characteristic & Repertory with Corrected & revised abbreviations & word index – Intrroduction by: Dr.Uncommon Rare Remedies.P.bjainbooks. (Jaundice.L. D. (Including Medicine of Experience and Dudgeon’s Appendix with 199.C.F. A. Drug Affinites & List of Abbreviations) 295. Rastogi & Dr.00 The Outlines of Regional Symptomatology in Homoeopathy 60.) Homeopathy 99.00 *Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory (Comprising of: The Characteristic and Guiding Symptoms of all Remedies. Mental & Moral Peculiarities Considered as Ailments Amenable to Treatment by Medicines 29. 978-81-319-0007-9 ------978-81-319-0313-1 ------- *New Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory with Relationship of Remedies – 3rd Rev. Mother Tinctures. B. 978-81-319-0009-3 ------BIDWELL G.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.00 10.00 15.00 OUT OF PRINT BONNEROT 978-81-319-0516-6 ------- Ulcer Peptic Its Symptoms & Homeopathic Management & The Homoeopathic Treatment (Including detailed Cross Reference to Allied Rubrics) Homoeopathic Treatment of Influenzas Pneumonias (Printed from shorthand notes of Postgraduate & Lectures delivered at London Homoeopathic Hospital) Some Emergencies of General Practice Homoeopathy in Theory & Practice The Treatment of Certain Heart Conditions by Homeopathy Homeopathy Today Cancer – Latency Prevention and Cure through Miasmatics The Life & Letters of Samuel Hahnemann Index of Homoeopathic Provings Treatise on The Effect of Coffee 29.D. Gall-stones. Ed.F. (Including Indian Drugs.00 15.00 39. Pancreas and Ductless glands with their Homoeopathic Treatment 39.00 978-81-319-0788-7 ------Gold as a Remedy in Disease 49. Relationships.00 49.HOMEOPATHY BHATTACHERYAY P. 81-7021-482-3 BB2105 BRANDLEY 978-81-319-0113-7 ------BRADFORD T.00 OUT OF The Food Tract . 978-81-319-0762-7 ------Enlarged Tonsils Cured by Homeopathy 35.00 Diseases of the Heart 69. 978-81-319-0826-6 BB2106 81-7021-989-2 BB5438 BREYFOGLE W. Cancer & Their Homoeopathic Treatment) 50. Therapeutics and Case Reports) 229.00 9. 978-81-319-0757-3 ------BIHARI SULTAN.00 250.L.00 The Lesser Writings of C.00 How to use the Repertory (With a practical analysis of forty Homeopathic Remedies) Homeopathic Insight into Cancer (Causes.00 978-81-319-0157-1 ------- 978-81-319-0598-2 ------81-7021-159-x BB2088 BOGER C.00 BORLAND DOUGLAS.00 60. Sharma (Size 22×14cm) – Times of the Remedies and Moon Phases A Systematic Alphabetic Repertory of Homoeopathic Remedies Studies in the Philosophy of Healing – 2nd Ed.

N.00 39.00 10. 81-8056-594-7 BC5834 HOMEOPATHY 8 Rs.00 49.00 Therapeutics of Tuberculosis (Pulmonary Consumption) 79. Selection of Potency.00 CHANDGI RAM 81-7021-869-1 BC5325 CHATTERJEE T.00 449.00 20. 978-81-319-0356-8 ------81-7021-008-9 BB2133 81-7021-988-4 BB5437 CARANDALL O. Entrance Examination (Homoeopathy) CHAUKKAR SAMIR A.00 69.00 29.00 39.00 65.B. Selection of Medicine in Acute & Chronic Diseases. Modalities & Comparison of Homeopathic Medicine Physiological Materia Medica (Containing all that is known of the Physiological Action of our Remedies together with their Characteristic Indications & Pharmacology 249. Prevention & Treatment) Ringworm.00 BURT W. Considered as Curable by Homeopathy1 Tumours of the Breast & their Treatment & Cure by Medicines Gout and its Cure Neuralgia – Its Causes & Its Remedies (With A Chapter on Angina Pectoris) *An Easy and Interesting Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica (Includes: 353 Medicines.00 75.00 Care and Cure for Diabetes (Allopathic. 81-8056-235-2 BC3649 CARLETON E.00 A Handbook of Useful Thoughts on Homeo-practice and Disease Terminology 19.00 49. (Its Nature. 978-81-319-0699-6 ------978-81-319-0096-3 81-7021-160-3 81-7021-376-2 81-7021-280-4 ------BC2143 BC3423 BC3646 CHAKRABORTY S. 978-81-319-0358-2 978-81-319-0159-5 ------------------------BC5144 BC5446 Comparative Materia Medica for Students *New Comprehensive Homeopathic Materia Medica of Mind Best of Burnett (Materia Medica Therapeutics & Case Reports) Relationships of Homoeopathic Remedies – A New Compendium Update Additions to Repertory of Mind Definitive Dictionary of Terminologies of Mind in Homoeopathy Indications of Miasms (2nd Edition) BC2144 199. Homeopathic.K. Loss. Shame.00 Important Notes on Some Homeopathic Remedies 9.K. 81-7021-069-0 BC2136 CASTRO J. 81-7021-679-6 BC2139 CHAKRABORTY D. 81-7021-351-7 BC2829 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.00 Pointers.00 30. Direct Comparisons of Nearly Similar Medicine.K. Children’s Concerns) OUT OF PRINT 15. Ed.00 25.P.00 Highlights of Homeo-Practice – 565 Clinical Conditions & Therapeutic Hints 119./SHARMA VARSHA 978-81-319-0165-6 CHITKARA H.00 39. Depression.00 CHATTOPADHYAY RAJAT 978-81-319-0717-7 ------A Complete Book on Cardiovascular System for Homoeopaths – Including Clinical Medicine & Materia Medica (Free Audio CD of Heart sounds) CHAUHAN R. Varicocele.H.00 599.00 Golden Hints on Homeopathic Practice 25. Negative Effects of the Environment. M.H. 978-81-319-0033-8 ------81-7021-943-4 BC5408 Homoeopathic Drug Personalities with Therapeutic Hints 90. What a Homeopath Should Know Before Prescribing Cancer – Cause.00 99.00 295.HOMEOPATHY 978-81-319-0593-7 ------81-8056-243-3 BB2116 978-81-319-0517-3 ------978-81-319-0305-6 ------81-7021-681-8 81-7021-833-0 BB2119 BB2120 7 Rs.bjainbooks. Important University Questions) 249. Ed.00 55.D.D. Care & Cure Commentry on Case-taking Homeopathic Guide to Stress – Safe & Effective Natural way to Alleviate Physical & Emotional Stress (Anxiety. Guilt. 81-7021-223-5 Expressive Drug Pictures of Homoepathic Materia Medica (Illustrated) (2 Parts combined) CHAUHAN V. Therapeutic Hints. 978-81-319-0786-3 ------81-8056-278-6 BB2122 978-81-319-0785-6 ------81-7021-365-7 BB2124 978-81-319-0182-3 ------81-7021-362-2 BB2126 978-81-319-0768-9 ------81-7021-634-6 81-7021-149-2 BB2128 BB2129 Fifty Reasons for Being a Homeopath – 6th Ed. The New Cure for Tuberculosis by its Own Bacteria Curability of Tumours by Medicines Curability of Cataract with Medicines – New Rev.00 175.00 29.00 45. Hemorrhoids & Varicose Veins & Their Homeopathic Treatment Fevers and Blood Poisoning Natrium Muriaticum – Cure with Common Table Salt as a Test of the Doctrine of Drug Dynamization On Fistula and its Radical Cure by Medicines Vaccinosis and its Cure by Thuja with Remarks on Homeoprophylaxis The Change of Life in Women Gynecological Diseases– Notably Enlargements & Displacements of the Uterus Sterility.00 229. 81-8056-271-9 BC3533 Valuable Hints for Practice and Fundamentals of Homeopathy 45. Ayurvedic and Magnet therapy) First Aid Homeopathy for Body and Mind 29.00 Characteristic Materia Medica 90. Illness and Injury.00 Mother & Child Homeopathic Care 99.00 Tit-bits of Homeopathy with Therapeutic Index 40.00 My Memorable Cures – A Step by Step Approach to Treatment of 26 Difficult Clinical Cases 39.00 29.00 978-81-319-0609-5 81-8056-238-7 81-7021-947-7 CHAKRAVARTY A.com . its Constitutional Nature and Cure Diseases of the Veins – More Especially of Venosity.00 250.00 CHOUDHURY H.L.00 Diseases and their Cure by Homeopathy & Biochemistry (A work of fifty year’s experience) Homoeopathy in Medicine & Surgery Logic of Repertories (According to CCH Syllabus) Homeopathy in Emergencies of Medicine – Rev.00 OUT OF PRINT OUT OF PRINT 110.00 39./GUPTA MEETA 978-81-319-0163-2 ------Homeopathic Principles & Practice of Medicine – A Textbook for Medical Students & Homeopathic Practitioners 978-81-319-0387-2 ------Solved Multiple Choice Questions UPSC & M.00 100. 45. Causes.00 45.00 109. Dealing Chronic Miasms. 978-81-319-0230-1 ------81-7021-499-8 BC3955 81-7021-871-3 BC5327 81-7021-944-2 BC5358 81-7021-925-6 BC5391 CASTRO MIRANDA 978-81-319-0334-6 ------- 81-7021-491-2 BC3954 81-7021-772-5 BC5183 CHATTERJEE A.00 39.

81-7021-494-7 BC3515 COWPERTHWAITE A. Clinical Clinical Index. 978-81-319-0171-7 ------COULTER H. 149.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.00 OUT OF PRINT 978-81-319-0514-2 ------978-81-319-0787-0 ------978-81-319-0540-1 ------81-7021-115-8 BC2154 978-81-319-0035-2 ------81-7021-632-x 81-7021-319-3 BC2156 BC2157 81-8056-283-2 BC2158 978-81-319-0261-5 ------978-81-319-0289-9 ------81-7021-066-6 BC2161 81-7021-593-5 81-7021-570-6 81-7021-635-4 BC2162 BC2163 BC2164 978-81-319-0034-5 BC2165 81-7021-310-x 81-8056-547-5 BC3480 BC3536 81-8056-250-6 BC3705 CLOSE STUART 978-81-319-0288-2 ------- Therapeutic Hints Characteristic Materia Medica with Leading Therapeutics (Dosages. Its Importance.L.H.00 199. 978-81-319-0210-3 ------CLARKE G.00 149. Skinner’s Grand Characteristics of Materia Medica 8.00 Cholera. 69. Nature & Treatment 49.00 BC2147 BC3541 BC5454 The A.H.00 79.00 A Dictionary of the Domestic Medicine 50.00 Diseases of the Heart & Arteries – Their Causes. Manual of Materia Medica & Therapeutics 75. 649.R. Glossary. Analytical & Comparative with an Appendix of New Remedies.00 Homoeopathic Treatment of Asthenopia (weak eyesight) 12.00 75. Therapeutics.00 Radium as an Internal Remedy (For diseases of Skin & Cancer) 10. Colds and Grippe – Including Prevention & Cure with chapters on Masal Polypus. 81-7021-610-9 BD3543 Therapeutic Guide for Quick Prescribing (A Help to Homeopaths) DEARBORN F.M. Relationship) DATTATRAY TOPKHANEWALE 81-8056-793-1 BD5937 Notes on Organon Including Psychology for Homeopathic Students DAVIDSON M.00 Dr.com .C. Speciality. Including the Animal Nosodes) 199.00 A Lecture on Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine – A Birds Eye View 20. 81-8056-254-9 39.00 Indigestion – Its Causes & Cure 49.00 Condensed Homoeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory (Materia Medica.00 Haemorrhoids & Habitual Constipation (Their Constitutional Cure with Chapters on Fissure & Fistula) 29.00 Diseases of the Glands & Bones with Homoeopathic Treatment 35.00 49.00 99.00 Homoeopathy Explained 40.00 *A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica 119.The Hidden Links – 2nd Ed. Preparation & Administration with Case Records) A Study of Materia Medica (An Ideal Textbook for Homeopathic Students) 9 Rs. 81-8056-829-6 BD5944 Homeotherapeutics – A Scientific Handbook of Homeopathic Medicine DEEPAK M.M.00 199.00 125. 1886 at the London Homoeopathic Hospital) 15.00 CHOUDHURI N.00 Therapeutics of Serpent Poisons 20.00 The Revolution in Medicine (Being the Seventh Hahnemannian Oration Delivered October 5th.00 Catarrh.) 400.00 60. 978-81-319-0081-9 ------Learning Materia Medica and Repertory – The Quiz Way DESAI BHANU 81-7021-707-5 BD2188 How to find the Similimum with Boger Boenninghausen's Repertory (Including detailed cross reference to allied rubrics) DESHMUKH ANURAG 81-8056-646-3 BD5885 Classical Homeopathic Practice – A Scientific Approach BD2178 81-8056-573-4 BD5808 DAS GUPTA DHIRENDRA C.C.00 Disorders of Menstruation and their Homeopathic Management 29.00 299. COOK TREVOR M.00 Constitutional Medicine (With Especial Reference to the Three Constitutions of Dr.00 Gunpowder as a War Remedy 29.00 978-81-319-0761-0 ------81-7021-050-x BC2148 978-81-319-0760-3BC2149 81-8056-261-1 BC2150 *A Textbook of Gynecology with Homeopathic Therapeutics (Designed for the Student & General Practitioner) 99. Clinical Repertory.00 *The Genius of Homeopathy Lectures & Essays on Homeopathic Philosophy with Word Index (2nd Edition) 129. (Oral) on Organon (Final) History & Status of Homeopathy Around the World BD2175 49.00 OUT OF PRINT 79.00 The Therapeutics of Cancer 29.00 *A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica – 3 Vols.00 149. 81-8056-583-1 BG5827 81-8056-584-x BG5828 249.B. 81-7021-230-8 BD2187 Diseases of the Skin – For the use of General Practitioners & Advanced Studies for Students (with illustrations) DELINICK ALEXANDRA N. Von Grauvogl) 49.bjainbooks. Diarrhoea & Dysentery (Homeoathic Prevention & Cure) 12.HOMEOPATHY 978-81-319-0344-5 ------Fifty Millesimal Potency in Theory & Practice (LM Potency: According to 6th Edition of Organon of Medicine.00 *The Prescriber – 3rd Ed. 10 Rs.00 The Cure of Tumours by Medicines (With Especial Reference to the Cancer Nosodes) 29.00 Whooping Cough Cure with Coqueluchin – Its homoeopathic nosode 22. Hay Fever & Influenza 35. 81-7021-669-9 81-7021-238-3 CLARKE J. 81-7021-617-6 BD3754 *Homeopathy for Every Home DAYAL D. 81-7021-556-0 BC2170 81-7021-195-6 978-81-319-0036-9 DAS ESWARA 81-7021-368-1 BC2171 ------- HOMEOPATHY Samuel Hahnemann – His Life & Times Cancer & Its Homeopathic Treatment with Illustrative Cases *AIDS & Syphilis.00 Synopsis & Homeopathic Aetiology – A Complete Work on Causation Solved Model Qns.00 Decachords — Top Ten Indications of 120 Homeopathic Remedies (Revised) 49.00 A Textbook of Materia Medica & Therapeutics (Characteristic. 978-81-319-0619-4 ------COOPER ROBERT T.

978-81-319-0839-6 81-8056-193-3 978-81-319-0192-2 978-81-319-0620-0 978-81-319-0229-5 978-81-319-0228-8 BD2194 BD2195 BD2793 ------- 250. 55. 81-8056-315-4 ------BD2203 BD2204 BD2205 BD2206 BD3883 BE5694 ------- HOMEOPATHY *Nail Care — A Complete Solution to Your Nail Problems *Hair Care — A Complete Solution to Your Hair Problems King Gland Prostate – Know Care and Cure *Organon of Medicine – 5th & 6th Ed.00 Agitated Argentums 20.00 Sandy Silicea 25.00 129.00 978-81-319-0721-4 ------978-81-319-0024-6 ------978-81-319-0608-8 ------978-81-319-0614-9 ------81-7021-318-5 BF3952 978-81-319-0272-1 ------81-7021-470-x BF5104 81-7021-500-3 BF5117 81-7021-578-1 BF5126 81-7021-697-4 BF5147 978-81-319-0273-8 ------978-81-319-0025-3 ------81-7021-779-2 BF5209 81-8056-525-4 BF5210 81-7021-926-4 BF5211 Bed-wetting Enuresis 25.00 Homeopathy A Systematics of Case Records OUT OF PRINT Homoeopathic Therapeutics of Uterine & Vaginal Discharges DOCKX & KOKELENBERG 81-7021-496-3 BD3956 DONALD HOTTON 81-7021-466-1 BD3658 DOUGLAS M.00 OUT OF PRINT 81-7021-139-5 DEY M.00 The Treatment of Certain Heart Conditions by Homeopathy 15.00 DUDGEON R. MASTER 978-81-319-0016-1 ------81-8056-190-9 BF2807 978-81-319-0246-2 978-81-319-0716-0 978-81-319-0245-5 ------------------- Skin Diseases – Their Description. With Colored Illustrations Kent's Comparative Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica Fifty Reasons for Being a Homeopath 11 Rs. John Martin Honigberger.00 Homeopathic Treatment Systematised & Simplified 140. the Cancer Miasm 59. (Includes Colour Photographs) 349. Mouth.Homeopathic Approach to Dermatology – 2nd Rev.00 Mr. 81-7021-316-9 81-7021-762-8 81-8056-889-x DREW PETER 978-81-319-0032-1 DUA S. Mahendra Lal Sircar. 978-81-319-0220-2 978-81-319-0121-2 *Homeopathy as a Career You Can be an Expert Prescriber (The Master Key to all Locking Situations in Prescribing) *Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics Essentials of Hmoepathic Therapeutics – A Quiz Compend (A Companion to the Essentials of Homeopathic Materia Medica) Essentials Homeopathic of Materia Medica & Homoeopathic Pharmacy A Bouquet of Nux vomica Bronchial Asthma – An Integrated Approach What to do for Stomach What to do for Head History of Homeopathy in India in the 19th Century (Includes Comprehensive Information on Dr.E.00 ------------- 65.00 99.00 The Bedside Organon of Medicine – 2nd Ed.00 *A Patient's Guide to Homoeopathy (A Comprehensive Guide for Patients Under Homeopathic Treatment) 50.00 119. Ignatius Bean 20. Exercise.HOMEOPATHY DESHMUKH RASHMIN 81-8056-386-3 BD5731 81-8056-675-7 BD5904 DEWEY W.00 12.P.bjainbooks.00 Tumours & Homoeopathy 150.C. 978-81-319-0311-7 ------978-81-319-0160-1 ------81-8056-282-2 BD2198 978-81-319-0937-9 ------DUNHAM C. 25.00 Homeopathy in Cervical Spondylosis: (Includes.00 EGGERT W. Fr. 978-81-319-0090-1 ------55.00 450.com .00 The Fascinating Fungi 35. Gums.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www. Ed. Augustus Muller. Babu Rajinder Dutt. Tongue.00 Hair Loss – Explained and Analyzed (from Homeopathic view point) 29. 81-7021-442-4 BD2201 978-81-319-0242-4 ------978-81-319-0114-4 DUTTA A.00 Sycotic Shame – 2nd Ed.00 978-81-319-0382-7 99. Teeth) *Manage & Cure Neck Pain – Cervical Spondylosis Know & Solve Thyroid Problems (The Homeopathic & the Natural Way) Constitutional Remedies Through Interesting Short Stories Homeopathic Self Healing Guide —for Beginners ------BD5606 ------------------------- 69. 199. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. 81-8056-082-1 DEY S.00 Perceiving Rubrics of Mind – 2nd Ed.00 160. Etiology. Physiotherapy.00 19.C. 95.00 Pearls of Homeopathic Materia Medica 49.00 Tubercular Miasm-Tuberculins 49.00 Homeopathy in Light of Modern Science OUT OF PRINT Homeopathy Practitioner's Guide to Disease OUT OF PRINT *Homeopathic Snap-Shot Prescriber on Symptomatic Pecularities 79.00 The Miasms – A Discussion and Summary with Emphasis on Carcinosinum.00 159. Throat.00 FAROKH J.00 OUT OF PRINT 95.00 Practitioner's Guide to Gall Bladder Stones and Kidney Stones Oral Diseases and Homoeopathy (Tonsil.00 Cross References of Mind Symptoms 160.00 19. 81-7021-585-4 81-7021-295-2 81-7021-123-9 81-7021-229-4 81-7021-373-8 325.E. Diagnosis & Treatment According to the Law of the Similars 75. 81-8056-240-9 81-8056-241-7 DIWAN H.00 Skin.00 St.E.00 25.00 199. Diet) 35.00 Mysterious Thuja 35. 81-7021-458-0 DIENST G.00 Homeopathy in Cancer 25.00 30.A.00 99. Lycopodium 35. Dr.00 Dictionary of the Dreams in Homoeopathy 175.00 149.00 30.00 99.00 978-81-319-0345-2 ------149. 978-81-319-0029-1 BD2191 BD5663 BD5102 BD2192 BD2193 ------- 85. Dr.00 79.00 The Web Spiners 29. With Index Lectures on the Theory & Practice of Homeopathy Hahnemann's Therapeutics Hints *Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann Lectures on Materia Medica Homeopathy The Principles of Homeopathy The Science of Therapeutics How to Take a Case 12 Rs.

00 299.00 The Homeopathic Therapeutics of Haemorrhoids (Piles) 35.H. 81-7021-962-0 BG5762 BG5163 BG5527 BG5423 FARRINGTON E.Part I Organon of Medicine at a Glance For BHMS Students .00 40. 81-8056-272-7 BG3957 BG2249 55. 978-81-319-0753-5 ------The Carcinosin Drug Pictures 81-7021-343-6 BF2781 Homeopathy and Paediatrics FURNEAUX W.00 Bedside Clinical Tips 69. OUT OF PRINT 81-7021-792-x 81-7021-851-9 81-7021-852-7 978-81-319-0833-4 81-7021-853-5 81-7021-793-8 81-7021-888-8 81-7021-799-7 978-81-319-0310-0 BF5226 BF5306 BF5307 ------BF5310 BF5345 BF5346 BF5347 ------- Rs.N.00 GUERNSEY W.00 81-7021-575-7 BG2247 978-81-319-0254-7 ------GASKIN A.00 10.00 GALLAVARDIN J. Dental) Food Desires & Aversions with Their Effects Clinical Experience with Some Rare Nosodes The Homoeopathic Treatment of Surgical Diseases An Illustrated Repertory of Pains in Chest.00 75.P.00 45.00 *The Comparative Materia Medica 199. 81-7021-533-1 81-8056-239-5 FOSTER J.00 FERANDO DARIO FRANCOIS-FLORES 978-81-319-0115-1 ------Samuel Hannemann – His Life & Memory (With 125 Colored Pictures) FISHER C.00 120.00 OUT OF PRINT GUERNSEY H.00 69.00 Naja-Naja-Naja 30. 81-7021-724-5 GHOSH S. set) The Rubrical Materia Medica of the Urine and Urinary Organs – 2nd Ed.com . Eye. (Logic & Principles of Homeopathy in Easy & Simple Language) 149.00 A Proving of Maccasin Snake Toxicophis 30.00 79. 81-7021-385-1 BF2241 BF2780 BF3689 Diseases of Children Homeopathy in Obstetric Emergencies Toothache & Its Homeopathic Cure 110.00 50.D.00 Homeopathy and Homoeopathic Prescribing – A study course for graduate physician Coping with Chemotherapy using Homeopathy OUT OF PRINT 69. 81-7021-214-6 81-8056-871-7 HOMEOPATHY BG2250 BG2251 Concordance Repertory of the Materia Medica (6 Vols. 81-7021-309-6 BG2263 978-81-319-0837-2 ------81-7021-408-4 BG3958 81-7021-687-7 BG5159 978-81-319-0270-7 ------81-7021-983-3 81-8056-189-5 GUPTA A. Clinical Organon of Medicine – 3rd Ed. 81-8056-120-8 GILCHRIST J.M.00 OUT OF PRINT GREGG ROLLIN R.bjainbooks.00 149. 81-7021-357-6 BG3523 GROSS H. 81-7021-107-7 BF2239 FENTON LAURA 81-8056-137-2 BF5544 55. & HUIBONHOA J.K.K. 81-7021-084-4 OUT OF PRINT BG2256 225. Vices.00 FOUBISTER D. 978-81-319-0601-9 ------81-7021-793-3 BG2262 GULATI K.00 100.00 Lesser Writings with Therapeutic Hints 149.Part II OUT OF PRINT 9.00 35. SONI 81-8056-482-7 GHOSH B.00 Acid-Base Disorders 45.00 *Perfect Cure Through Homeopathy & Perfection of Pulse Examination Introduction to Homeopathic Prescribing Probing the Mind and Other Guiding Symptoms (A Blueprint for Success) Perceiving Crucial Symptoms The Genius of Homeopathic Remedies The Amazing Power of Homoeopathy (Record of 201 Difficult Cases) How to be a Homoeopathic Healer First Aid with Homoeopathy Organon of Medicine at a Glance For BHMS Students .00 Guide to Common Allopathic Drugs for Homoeopathic Practitioners 99.00 State of Mind that Influences the Foetus 30.00 Suppressed Staphysagria 45.HOMEOPATHY 81-8056-835-0 BF5945 13 GENTRY W.) Chronic Disease – Its Cause & Cure Homeopathy in Surgical Cases (ENT.J. All Psychic Manifestations & Tendencies of Human Being) The Homeopathic Treatment of Alcoholism Psychiatry Remedies Materia Medica & Repertory Comparative Study on Kent's Materia Medica GUNAVANTE S.00 49.E.00 75. Sides and Back Gross’ Comparative Materia Medica 14 Rs.00 Ammonium the Sour Prunes 29.00 30.A.00 OUT OF PRINT GHATAK & BANERJEE P.00 *Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica (New Revised) 289.N.00 978-81-319-0012-3 ------Disease of the Lungs – Their Pathology & Symptomatology Diagnosis and Homeopathic Treatment OUT OF PRINT Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www. 978-81-319-0569-2 ------978-81-319-0211-0 ------978-81-319-0729-0 ------81-7021-725-7 BF2238 FARRINGTON H. 81-8056-476-2 BG5758 A Repertory of Desires and Aversions 25.C. Defects of Characters & of Intelligence. BB2029 GIRISH J.00 Snakes in Homeopathic grass 20. 81-7021-158-1 BF2244 Human Physiology (Fully Illustrated) Plastic Medicine (Homeopathic treatment for problems requiring plastic surgery) Psychism and Homeopathy (Treatment of Passions.00 49.G. 81-7021-732-6 GATCHELL C. 81-8056-539-4 BG2245 81-7021-557-9 BG2246 19.00 Therapeutics Pointers to Some Common Diseases 35.00 45.R. 978-81-319-0011-6 BG5448 BG5670 ------- 109. 81-7021-067-4 BG2259 81-7021-487-4 BG2260 Principles & Practice of Homeopathy in Obstetrics & Paediatrics Disorders (with 100 illustrations) Key-notes to the Materia Medica 149.M.00 OUT OF PRINT 30.

00 *Materia Medica Pura (2 Vols. 81-7021-537-4 BH2271 200. of India) 2nd Ed.00 Hahnemann's Materia Medica Pura & Chronic OUT OF PRINT Diseases – 3 Vol.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.W.E.00 OUT OF PRINT HUGHES R. 978-81-319-0311-7 978-81-319-0223-3 978-81-319-0092-5 978-81-319-0212-7 ------------------------- HERING CONSTANTINE 81-8056-316-2 BH5683 81-7021-481-9 BH5008 1500. HALE EDWIN 81-7021-621-4 81-7021-597-8 BG2269 BH3651 HOMEOPATHY Diseases of the Heart Special Symptomatology of New Remedies – Vol. Sick Reports and utilizing the whole of Homeopathic & Foreign Literature) 299. 81-7021-516-1 81-7021-744-x 81-7021-640-0 GUPTA S. Wesselhoeft (Reprint of Sixth American Edition) 99.) 449.com . Dudgeon & W.00 S.00 49. Letters. 978-81-319-0020-8 HARNDALL 81-7021-620-6 HART C. 1 & 2 Combined) 199. Boericke) 99.K.G. 90.00 978-81-319-0215-8 978-81-319-0937-9 81-8056-558-0 81-8056-225-5 81-7021-692-3 ------------BH2092 BH2106 BH2270 ------- 199. 81-8056-462-2 BH2272 300.00 129. Hahnemann – His Life & Times (by Treveor Cook) 69. Hahnemann Founder of the Homeopathy 90.00 Encyclopaedia of Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine – 5th & 6th Ed.L. (Based on recently discovered State Papers.00 225.00 210. female & marriage) Homoeopathy in Veterinary Practice Therapeutics of Nervous Diseases (Including Diagnosis & Pathology) The Science of Homeopathic Therapeutics – Vol. 81-7021-011-9 ------- BG5530 What If well Selected Remedy Fails in Homeopathy BG-5799 Precautions in Homoeopathic Remedies Textbook of Dermatology for Homeopaths (Fully colored Subsidised edition by Govt.00 BG3514 BG5145 BG5148 Directory of Disease & Cures in Homeopathy – Part I (1500 Authoritative References with Cases & Symptoms) 149.) 449. of Skin and Veneral Disease in Hering Medical College & Hospital. 978-81-319-0274-5 ------GUPTA R.00 BH2283 90. (Based on recently discovered state Papers.bjainbooks. Chicago) 16 Rs. Boericke) 119.00 OUT OF PRINT OUT OF PRINT HAMILTON E.00 OUT OF PRINT BH2270 Samuel Hahnemann. Bhattacheryay) 199. Documents.00 Life & Work of S.00 The Life & Letter of Dr.00 149.00 HEMPEL CHARLES J. I & II combined (Translated and Eriched with Numerous Additions from Kafka and Other sources) Hering's Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica – Rearranged & Augmented Ed.00 HANCHETT H. Letters. I: New botanical & Pharmacological Notes Vol.P. With Index (Translated by R. Set & Repertory 1 Vol. With Index (Translated by W.00 *The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann 199.00 OUT OF PRINT 81-7021-685-0 BH2283 978-81-319-0619-4 ------81-8056-217-4 BH5568 81-8056-030-9 81-8056-859-8 BH5639 BH3414 BH2287 BH5451 50.) A Repertory to the Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesy The Knowledge of the Physician – A Course of Lectures The Principles & Practice of Homeopathy (Vols. 39.C.00 *Organon of Medicine – 5th & 6th Ed. 81-8056-093-7 81-8056-553-x The Problem Child & Homeopathy (Psychological Disorders of Children) 15 Rs.00 HAHNEMANN S. Samuel Hahnemann 125.HOMEOPATHY GUPTA A.00 Directory of Disease & Cures in Homeopathy – Part II OUT OF (1500 Authoritative References with Cases & Symptoms) PRINT Practitioner’s Manual – Unique Combinations with Clinical Cases in Homeopathy & Biochemic (2 Vols set) 199.00 OUT OF PRINT GUPTA & MANCHANDA 978-81-319-0341-4 ------HAEHL RICHARD 81-7021-692-3 BH3406 BH2276 245.00 799.00 919. II: Illustrative Clinical Cases The Flora Homeopathica – Color Illustrations & Descriptions of the Medicinal Plants used as Homeopathic Remedies Sexual Health (Includes Modern Homeopathic Treatment for male. Set (Mini size) The Homeopathic Domestic Physician Model Cures Analytical Repertory of the Symptoms of Mind *Condensed Materia Medica – Revised Enlarged & Improved Ed. Hahnemann– 2 Vols. Cure (Translated by Dudgeon.00 *The Chronic Diseases Their Peculiar Nature & Their Homoeopathic Cure – Theoretical Part (with Index) 79. Ed.His Life and Work – 2 Vols.00 Brief History of Dr.D. Samuel Hahnemann 9. 81-7021-685-0 HOYNE TEMPLE 81-7021-120-4 81-8056-219-0 99. Translated by C.00 OUT OF PRINT 978-81-319-0828-0 ------81-8056-921-7 BH2279 81-7021-551-x BH2280 81-7021-288-x BH2281 HERSCU PAUL 978-81-319-0023-9 HOBHOUSE R.00 The Spirit of Homeopathy & Biographical Sketch of Hahnemann 30. Theory & Practice 2 Vols. (with Comparative & Critical Study Compiled by P. set) The Guiding Symptoms of Materia Medica – 10 Vols. 81-7021-543-x 81-7021-542-0 81-8056-592-2 81-8056-226-3 BH2288 BH2289 BH3895 BH2290 81-8056-892-x BB5969 978-81-319-0248-6 ------- A Manual of Pharmacodynamics A Cyclopaedia of Drug Pathogenesy (4 Vols. Sets) Veneral and Urinary Diseases (by Prof. Documents. The Homoeopathic Treatment of Children (Pediatric Constitutional Types) Life of Christian Samuel Hahnemann – Founder of Homeopathy Clinical Therapeutics (2 Vols.00 *Organon of Medicine – 6th Rev.K.00 Life of Christian S.00 399. Sick Reports and utilising the whole of the Homeopathic & Foreign Literature) 299. Set (Combined & Rearranged) Organon of The Art of Healing (Organon of Medicine) Fifth Ed. (5 Vols.00 *The Chronic Diseases Their Peculiar Nature & Their Hom.

P. Commonly Used Medicines.S. Herbalism.HOMEOPATHY HUTCHISON J. Yoga *Defeat Joint Pains with Homeopathy and Other Alternative Therapies *Defeat Diabetes with Alternative Therapies *Defeat Blood Pressure with Alternative Therapies Handbook of Physiology Mother Tinctures Therapeutics & Materia Medica (Read about 265 Mother Tinctures) *Guide for BHMS Students Essentials of Practice of Medicine (Ques.00 9. with Sample Papers for Homeopathy Students) *Textbook of Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Ques.00 Homoeopathy Definite Medication 70.00 *Homoeopathy at Home (Practice of Homeopathy at Home) 149.) *Guide for BHMS Students Community Medicine — Preventive & Social (Ques. & Ans.00 Wonders of A Single Dose in Homoeopathy – 2nd Rev.C. Homoeopathy. Naturopahty.00 129.00 Diseases of Nose and Throat Multiple Choice Questions in Physiology *Guide to Practical Pathology *Textbook of Practical Biochemistry *Guide to Biochemistry (Theory) Intestinal Nosodes of Bach Paterson Materia Medica of Nosodes with Repertory Dictionary of Homeopathic Materia Medica of 131 New Therapeutics 35.F. & Ans.00 125. CLAY 81-7021-842-x BJ2307 JOSHI RASHMI A. 81-7021-662-1 29.00 199.W. 978-81-319-0769-6 ------KANODIA K.00 JAYACHANDRAN HARILAKSHMI 978-81-319-0675-0 ------Defeat Common Cold and Nose Allergies 99.00 Repertorization – How to Utilize Symptoms of the Case for Finding out the Similimum with the Help of Repertory 45. JESSEN H. 81-7021-855-1 Alternative Therapies Nutritional Medicine. Nutrition.N. Glaucoma.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.00 Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy 59. Therapeutical Materia Medica (with Chief Symptoms and Clinical uses of 216 Remedies) Family Homoeopathy Asthma – Causes. Stress.00 20. Sleep Depriviation Acupressure & Acupuncture.00 129. 978-81-319-0300-1 ------IYER T.00 JAYASURIYA A.00 Advanced Homoeopathy with Discussions on Complimentary Remedies.00 Homoeopathic Therapy for Gout. Arthritis & Rheumatism with Concomitants 19.00 JAIN NARANDRA 81-8056-436-0 BK5763 110.00 OUT OF 99.00 39.00 Cancer Curable under Homeopathic Treatment 10. Types & Homeopathic Treatment My Practice of Homeopathy Good Health Naturally – How to Take Responsibility for Your own Health without Drugs OUT OF PRINT 65. 978-81-319-0044-4 ------*A to Z Homeopathy (Clinical Homeopathy) 299.00 229. 81-8056-503-3 81-7021-580-3 81-7021-304-5 JONES ELI G.00 249.00 JOHN ELLIS 81-7021-562-5 JOLLYMAN N. 81-8056-210-7 BJ5672 81-8056-327-8 BJ5698 81-8056-037-6 BJ5642 978-81-319-0539-5 BJ5656 JULIAN O.A. 81-8056-266-2 BJ2310 978-81-319-0075-8 ------81-8056-214-x BJ2312 KAMTHAN P. with Homoeopathy 25.00 150.com .Y. Ed. 978-81-319-0227-1 ------700 Redline Symptoms from Cowperthwite Materia Medica *Beginner's Guide to Homeopathy (The Stepping Stone to Homeopathy) 17 Rs.D.00 978-81-319-0091-8 ------JARDINE J. Magnetotherapy.00 149. 81-8056-481-9 BJ5761 JAHR G.) *Human Pathology (Including Microbiology & Parasitology in Ques. Laughter Medicine. Biochemic Therapy. 81-7021-657-5 BK2325 KANJILAL J.00 OUT OF PRINT BK2314 BK2315 978-81-319-0059-8 BK2316 81-8056-264-6 81-8056-262-x 81-7021-354-1 81-7021-623-0 81-8056-255-7 978-81-319-0597-5 BK2318 BK2319 BK2320 BK2321 BK2322 BK2323 JANA BALARAM 81-7021-344-4 BJ3492 978-81-319-0022-2 BJ3493 978-81-319-0756-6 ------- 149.S.00 Highlights of Homoeopathic Materia Medica including Therapeutic Index – 2nd Ed.D.bjainbooks. Anxiety Dynamic Reflexive Methodology 350. of Adults & Children PRINT How Homeopathy Cures Mania. Modalities & Rare Hints for Practice 40.H.00 200.00 The Female Prescriber OUT OF PRINT Remedies for Pain and Warts OUT OF PRINT Remedies for Skin and Bone Diseases OUT OF PRINT The Hemorrhage Controller OUT OF PRINT Respiratory Cardiac & Urinary Diseases OUT OF PRINT How to Cure Headache.K. 978-81-319-0308-7 ------978-81-319-0793-1 KD3382 978-81-319-0615-6 ------- Therapeutic Guide to Common Dis. Alternative Therapies. According to CCH Syllabus) ------- BK5219 175.00 81-7021-080-1 JAIN J. & Ans.00 175.B. Diet & Homeopathy. 81-7021-785-7 BJ2296 The Most Important Results of More Than Forty Years Practice (with Personal Observations Regarding the Truly Reliable and Practically Verified Curative Indications in Actual Cases of Disease) 89.00 129. Toothache etc.00 90.00 *500 Therapeutic Pointers 65.00 129.00 59.00 The Homoeopathic Treatment of the Diseases of Females & Infants at the Breast 75.G. Comparative Materia Medica Potency Selection. 69. Facial Neuralgia. Rheumatism (Arthritis Spondylitis Gout) – A Holistic Approach with Ayurveda. 81-8056-286-7 BJ3959 JADHAV R.W. 978-81-319-0010-9 BJ5123 BJ3681 BJ3700 BJ3846 BJ3593 HOMEOPATHY 18 Rs. & Ans. 81-7021-156-5 81-7021-677-5 Cancer – Its Causes. Acupressure.00 BJ5359 81-7021-656-7 BK2324 KAMTHAN S. Melancholia and Madness 9.00 The Homeopathic First-Aid Prescriber 10. Trios’. Symptoms & Treatment (Giving the Result of Over Forty Years Experience in the Medical Treatment of this Diseases) 79.00 JAIN RITU 978-81-319-0522-7 978-81-319-0384-1 978-81-319-0336-0 JAIN VINAY 978-81-319-0918-8 978-81-319-0385-8 ------------------------------- 81-7021-244-8 BJ2305 JOSEPH V. 978-81-319-0255-4 ------JADHAV B.

Ed (Basic Facts with Homoepathic Treatment) 39.00 A Concise Textbook on Human Psychology Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica With a Word & Thumb Index: *(Mini Size) 18 x 12 cm *(Large Size) 25 x 18 cm *(Medium Size) 22 x 14 cm *Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica (with Kent’s New Remedies Incorporated & Arranged in an Alphabetical Order) *Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy – 7th Ed. Cancer – An Illustrated Guide to the Treatment of Cancer Illustrated Guide to the Treatment of Heart Diseases Heal Thyself – A Homoeopathic Guide to Common Diseases My Experiments with Homoeopathic Combinations – 6th Ed.00 295.00 *Homeopathic Family Kit a Guide OUT OF PRINT *Diabetes Mellitus – Rev. Commentaries and Discussions on Various Aspects of Homeopathy) Some Essential References in Repertory Table Talk on Homeopathy A Concise Materia Medica of Mental Symptoms in Homeopathy The Homeopathic Physician’s Quick Prescriber (Includes Diagnostic Tips by Eminent Physicians. Drug Relationship The Conversation.00 978-81-319-0607-1 KICHLU & BOSE 978-81-319-0061-1 KINRA & UNIYAL 978-81-319-0219-6 978-81-319-0233-2 978-81-319-0089-5 KIPPAX JOHN 81-7021-071-2 KISHORE JUGGAL 978-81-319-0804-4 KNERR C.00 ------- KAUR SARABJEET 978-81-319-0333-9 ------KENT JAMES TYLER 299. Ed.00 29.00 149. 81-8056-540-8 BK5546 BK5654 BK5263 HOMEOPATHY 20 Rs. Ed. Life & Times of Hering Clinical Experience of 70 years in Homeopathy *Talks on Snake and Spider Poisons.00 95.00 35. Clinical Cases. *Materia Medica for Students Vol-I (Illustrated.00 KHAN L.00 19.00 KRISHAN KUMAR P.00 100. Harsh Nigam & Word Index Use of the Repertory (Includes: How to Study the Repertory. Talks.00 30. 978-81-319-0752-8 ------------------KHANEJA H.00 49.00 OUT OF *You & Your Child – A Homeopathic Family Guide PRINT nd *Textbook of Practice of Medicine – 2 Rev. 81-7021-700-8 BK5152 81-7021-699-0 81-7021-698-2 81-7021-806-4 BK5153 BK5161 BK5245 29. Therapeutic Experiences of our Pioneers) *Illustrated Guide to the Homeopathic Treatment – 3rd Ed. & Enlarged Ed. Repertory & Repertorising) Lesser Writings including Clinical Cases.00 BK2339 55.bjainbooks.00 99.00 29.00 ------- 978-81-319-0280-6 978-81-319-0231-8 978-81-319-0094-9 978-81-319-0259-2 978-81-319-0260-8 81-7021-561-7 978-81-319-0298-1 978-81-319-0537-1 ------------------------------BK2335 ------------- 349. Quick Prescriber in Homoeopathy Danger Zones in Homeopathy The Concept of Miasms in Homeopathy & New Era A Study Suplement to Kent's Lectures on Materia Medica (with Latest Augmentations. 978-81-319-0221-9 ------81-8056-366-9 BK5719 279.HOMEOPATHY 978-81-319-0169-4 ------978-81-319-0591-3 ------81-8056-690-0 BK5918 81-8056-693-5 BK5922 81-8056-717-6 81-8056-730-3 81-8056-738-9 978-81-319-0039-0 BK5928 BK5930 BK5931 ------- 19 Rs.00 978-81-319-0013-0 99. New Remedies Aphorisms & Precepts What the Doctor Need to Know in Order to Make a Successful Prescription Rx Pleasure of Prescribing Minimum Syndrome of Maximum Value – Thuja Occidentalis (A Reflection from Clinical Bed Side) 199.M. includes important questions & hints) *Materia Medica for Students Vol-II (Illustrated.Sexual Problems & Their Cure The Essence of Each Drug in Materia Medica Homeopathy in Accidents & Injuries with a Short Repertory on Emergencies (2nd Revised Editon) A Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica (Recommended for BHMS and MD Course by CCH) 275. Acids & Nosodes used as Homeopathic Medicine *The Women – Female Problems and Their Cure The Man . The World of Materia Medica Heredity & Homeopathy.00 179.00 39.com .00 20.00 35.00 45.00 KANSAL KAMAL 978-81-319-0053-6 ------81-8056-274-3 BK3774 978-81-319-0005-5 ------81-7021-404-1 BK3881 978-81-319-0326-1 ------81-7021-531-1 BK5119 978-81-319-0285-1 ------978-81-319-0284-4 81-7021-775-x ------BK5197 Illustrated Materia Medica – See the Drug Pictures of 82 Drugs to Remember it Forever 49.00 549.00 ------------------- 159.00 49.P.00 99.00 179. 81-7021-439-2 BK2345 KULKARNI AJIT K.00 Clinical Opthalmology with Homeopathic Therapeutics (With Colored Slides) 90.00 *Constipation – Homeopathic Treatment OUT OF PRINT *Dental Diseases & Their Homeopathic Treatment – Rev.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www. (With Homeopathic Therapeutics & Colored Slides) 349. 29.S. Metals.00 KRISHNAMOORTY V.00 249. important questions & hints) A Handbook of Diseases of The Skin and their Homeopathic Treatment – 5th Ed.00 110. 978-81-319-0110-6 ------- 35. 978-81-319-0077-2 ------- 749. & Enlarged Ed. 978-81-319-0164-9 ------81-8056-117-8 81-8056-048-1 KHOKHAR P.00 39.S. Ed. includes important questions & hints) Materia Media for Students Vol-III (Illustrated.00 Pet Animals – Diseases & Their Homeopathic Treatment 35.00 29.00 75.B.00 49. 29. and Enlarged Evolution of Homeopathic Repertories and Repertorisations – Rev.00 19.00 199.00 978-81-319-0021-5 ------81-8056-216-6 BK3662 KOPPIKAR S. with Classroom Notes Compiled by Dr. Rev. Repertory of Hering's Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica – Augmented & Rev. Back Pain & Homoeopathy Descriptive Medicines with Clinical Methods of Homoeopathic Therapeutics – 2nd Rev.00 419.

81-8056-486-x BM5257 MARSDON J.P.HOMEOPATHY KULKARNI SHRIKANT 978-81-319-0218-9 ------978-81-319-0106-9 ------KUMAR G.00 175.00 179. Students Homeopathy in Rheumatism – Arthritis. 978-81-319-0523-4 BK5874 ------Sure Shot Repertory Guide for P. Constipation & their Homeopathic Includes Case Taking.00 99. 978-81-319-0595-1 35. Gout & Sciatica (With Herbal therapy. Clinical and Systematic 22 Rs.C. Med.00 29.00 LESSER OTTO 81-7021-278-2 MARGIT W.00 MALHOTRA H.P.N.00 149. Hygene. Fissure. OUT OF PRINT BL2353 Piles.00 Guide to Organon (Questions with Answers) 29.00 MAJUMDAR P. Cervical Spondylitis. 978-81-319-0093-2 ------81-8056-076-7 BL5659 LIPPE A. 978-81-319-0754-2 5. 81-8056-277-8 BK5666 BK5203 Materia Medica Supremo – A compilation from Materia Medica of Clarke. 81-7021-896-9 BL2360 81-7021-119-0 BM2366 978-81-319-0319-3 ------978-81-319-0355-1 ------MATHUR R.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www. 81-7021-765-2 LOUISE M. 978-81-319-0315-5 ------MAHARAJ K. Prolapse.H. 978-81-319-0041-3 ------978-81-319-0172-4 ------- HOMEOPATHY Poultry Homeopathy – 2nd Ed.N.00 Common Infectious Diseases with Therapeutics & Repertory Miracles of Healing by Homoeopathy *Homeopathy for Layman – A Book for Every home Stepping Stones to Neurology Repertory of the Diseases of Mother and the Newborn Illustrated Materia Medica of Dreams. Delusions and Dreads Repertory to the More Characteristic Symptoms of the Materia Medica OUT OF Gold-Aurum Metallicum Concise Pictures of Dynamised Drugs Personally Proven Homoeopathic Provings & Clinical Observations with High Potencies OUT OF Therapeutics of Veterinary Homeopathy & Repertory – 2nd Ed.00 PRINT OUT OF PRINT ------- 135. 81-7021-455-6 279.S. 81-8056-103-8 KUNJ A. Diet. Boericke.00 LEON VANNIER 978-81-319-0066-6 ------- MANCHANDA & GUPTA 978-81-319-0341-4 ------- 245. Temperament.00 978-81-319-0083-3 ------81-8056-654-4 BM5891 MAHAJAN R. Detoxication) Textbook of Homoeopathic Materia Medica *Homeopathic Therapeutics A Treatise on Diseases of the Skin – An Antique Collection Textbook of Materia Medica Keynotes of Homoeopathic Materia Medica Keynotes & Redline Symptoms of Mat. of India) 35. Kent 300.R.00 Systematic Materia Medica of Homeopathic Remedies 249.G.00 Principles of Prescribing (Collected from Clinical Experiences of Pioneers of Homoepahty 175. Fistula. 81-8056-329-4 81-8056-249-2 MATHUR R.00 250.00 179. 81-8056-634-x KUMAR S. Allen.00 50.P.T. 81-7021-148-4 Diabetes Mellitus – Its Diagnosis & Homoeopathic Treatment 35.00 99.D. Subsidised edition by Govt.00 BM2364 ------- *Gentle Healing with Homeopathy – A Practical Primer to Self Treatment of Common Ailments 90.00 50.W. Diagnosis of the Remedy.00 OUT OF PRINT KUMAR H.C. 81-8056-218-2 BM3629 MEERA 81-7021-764-4 81-8056-052-x BM5154 BM5633 65. 99.bjainbooks.00 BL2355 OUT OF PRINT LILIENTHAL S.00 OUT OF PRINT 15. Tobacco and Homoeopathy Appendicitis Curable by Homoeopathic Medicine Bedside Medicine – A Textbook of Medicine. 81-7021-627-3 MAJUMDAR BM3433 BM2709 299.L. Yoga Menses & Health – A Lady's Manual of Homoeopathic Care Textbook of Dermatology for Homeopaths (Fully colored.L.00 79.00 OUT OF PRINT MACFARLAN DONALD 81-8056-922-5 BM3585 MACFARLAN MALCOLM 81-7021-403-3 BM3589 MADREWAR B.00 MAC INTYER E.K. 81-8056-222-0 LEFTWICH R. 49.R. Constitution. Genetic & Morphology of Diseases.00 Handbook of Practical Midwifery OUT OF PRINT BL2357 LIPPE A.00 99. Physiotherapy. PRINT BM2370 BM3371 BM2371 BL5439 30. 81-7021-524-2 MATHUR K. 978-81-319-0040-6 ------119. A Scientific Clinical Research Veterinary Homeopathy (A Natural System of Medicine with no Side Effects) A Handbook of Laboratory Investigation Tea. VON 81-7021-162-x BL2358 978-81-319-0526-5 ------LIPPE CONST.com .00 45. Exercise and Diet) Self Treatment of Common Diseases (Homeopathy & Biochemic) Surgery Therapeutics Gynaecology & Obstetrics Therapeutics 21 Rs.00 Index of Symptoms as an Aid to Diagnosis Homeopathy – The Human Medicine (Includes Characteristics.S.C. Observation of the Patient. JAMES 81-7021-803-9 BM-5244 *Homeopathy at Glance – An Encyclopedia of Safe & Effective Remedies MARIA RICHBERG I. Blackwood.

Zincum & Calcarea carbonicum .00 19.00 Uterine Therapeutics Materia Medica and Repertory 159.00 999.00 25. 3rd Rev.00 OUT OF PRINT MOFFAT JOHN L. *All in One Homeo.) *Robin Murphy's Commentary on Organon of Medicine – 6th Ed. The Selection of a Nurse and The Management of Lying-in-chamber are added OUT OF PRINT Diphtheria – Its History. J. Ourselves) 149.Explained with Clinical Cases 279. Flow Charts.bjainbooks.00 175.K. For UPSC. – Vol.00 978-81-319-0365-0 BM5813 Jonathan Shore's Classical Lectures on Polychrest Remedies & Children Diseases .00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www. *Homeopathic Medical Repertory – A Modern Alphabetical and Practical Repertory (3nd Ed.00 Organon of Medicine Simplified Homoeopathic Therapeutics in Ophthalmology 45. II (Includes.00 978-81-319-0366-7 BM5814 Ananda Zaren & Henny Heuden's Classical Lectures on Remedy Selection Explained with Clinical Cases 79. 81-7021-552-8 BM3753 MUKHERJI R. Flow Charts.00 978-81-319-0363-6 BM5811 Bill Gray's Classical Lectures on Phosphorus. Ed.com .00 978-81-319-0370-4 BM5818 Roger Morrison & Nancy Herrick's Classical Lectures on Psychiatric Diseases and Materia Medica (Iodium .L. Calcarea carbonicum & Tuberculinum Explained with Clinical Cases 89.00 978-81-319-0368-1 BM5816 Jonathan Shore's Classical Lectures on Paediatrics . 81-7021-352-5 BM2378 BM3450 BM3434 Relationship of Remedies & Sides of the Body A Synopsis of Homeopathic Philosophy Public Health and Homeopathy for HIV in India Homoeopathy – Practice of Medicine 23 Rs.00 Rs.00 449. Causes. Sepia.00 149. Sycosis and Syphilis – Rev. Symptoms Diagnosis. Ed.00 49. 978-81-319-0362-9 BM5810 Roger Morrison & Nancy Herrick's Classical Lectures on Element Group Remedies and Materia Medica (China sulph. 3rd Rev. .00 978-81-319-0364-3 BM5812 Bill Gray & Jonathan Shore's Classical Lectures on Case Taking & Remedies in Paediatrics Explained with Clinical Cases 169. 978-81-319-0243-1 ------- 978-81-319-0078-9 ------- *Objective Type Question & Answers in Materia Medica. 29.Natrium Phos. Ed. – Vol.00 978-81-319-0367-4 BM5815 Jonathan Shore's Classical Lectures on Lycopodium. set) Separate Volumes also available for Sale 978-81-319-0361-2 BM5809 Roger Morrison's Classical Lectures on Materia Medica (Abies can.G. III (Includes. 19. Homeopathic Dose and Dilution A Repertory of the Bowel Nosodes *Lotus Materia Medica – 2nd Ed. BHMS & MD Exams.00 MOSKOWITZ RICHARD 978-81-319-0085-7 ------Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy & Childbirth (Foreword by Judy Norsigian & Same Pincus Co-authors of The New Our Bodies.N. Important Theories & Objective Type Questions) 978-81-319-0283-7 ------*Spirit of the Organon. Pathology and Treatment 15.00 MOUNT S.00 30.Explained with Clinical Cases 99.00 OUT OF PRINT HOMEOPATHY 24 99.) 229. 3rd Rev. Repertory & Pharmacy. PSC.Explained with Clinical Cases 159.) & Analysis of Clinical Cases MURAY FELDMAN 81-7021-459-9 BM5103 MURPHY ROBIN 978-81-319-0017-8 ------978-81-319-0858-7 ------81-8056-463-0 BM5749 1500.00 299.00 699.00 MONDAL TAPAN CHANDRA 978-81-319-0281-3 -----*Spirit of the Organon.HOMEOPATHY MILLER R. Ed.00 19.) . Flow Charts. 81-7021-375-4 81-8056-236-0 BM2381 BM2382 99.-China sulph.00 978-81-319-0369-8 BM5817 Jonathan Shore's Classical Lectures on Evaluation of First Prescription & Basis of Second Prescription Explained with Clinical Cases 259. 81-7021-673-7 BM2379 MOHANTY N. Important Theories & Objective Type Questions) MOORE JAMES 978-81-319-0162-5 ------Dog Diseases Treated by Homeopathy MORGAN W. 978-81-319-0534-0 ------978-81-319-0174-8 ------MILLS EDWARD 81-8056-195-x BM5452 MILLS WALTER 81-7021-068-2 MINTON HENRY 81-7021-522-6 MODI S.00 MODERN CLASSICAL MASTERS 978-81-319-0360-5 BM5395 *Collected Seminars from Modern Classical Masters (10 Vol. I (Includes.Iodium) Explained with Clinical Cases 139.Explained with Clinical Cases 149.00 189. Organon. Important Theories & Objective Type Questions) 978-81-319-0282-0 ------**Spirit of the Organon. 978-81-319-0789-4 ------81-8056-234-4 81-7021-449-1 BM2385 BM2386 MORRELL PETER 81-8056-298-0 BM5679 Hahnemann's Homeopathy (Recommended for PG Students) 99. – Vol. Materia Medica for BHMS Students (According to CCH New syllabus I-IV yrs.00 81-8056-267-0 BM2383 OUT OF PRINT Diabetes Mellitus Pregnancy (Their Pathology and Treatments to which chapters on Delivery.00 99.00 Migraine & Its Homoeopathic Treatment Constitution & Temperament & a Chapter on Morphology of Hands Miasms.

bjainbooks.D 978-81-319-0782-5 ------978-81-319-0224-0 ------81-8056-290-5 81-7021-384-3 81-7021-257-x 81-7021-712-1 BN2390 BN2391 BN2392 BN2393 OUT OF PRINT 349.P. Ed. 249.P.W.G.HOMEOPATHY 978-81-319-0249-3 ------81-8056-492-4 BM5765 81-8056-493-2 81-8056-494-0 81-8056-495-9 81-8056-496-7 81-8056-497-5 MUZUMDAR K. Acute Problems. 81-7021-245-6 PALSULE S. & Enlarged Ed. Their Medicinal & Surgical Treatment Diseases of the Lungs.D. First Aid.00 OUT OF PRINT 85.00 110. II: Cactus grandiflorus to Curare Vol. 81-7021-789-x 81-7021-480-7 81-7021-285-5 81-7021-479-3 978-81-319-0610-1 PAPISH D. 81-7021-587-0 OSTRAM H. Kent's Valuable Indications (Arranged Subject Wise) 39.00 *Gems of Homeopathic Materia Medica 175. V: Palladium to Zingiber officinale Pharmaceutical Science in Homoeopathy & Pharmacodynamics Handbook of Materia Medica & Therapeutics of Homoeopathy Expanded Works of Nash (EXPANDED NASH) *Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics with Grouping and Classification (with Therapeutic Index & Index to Remedies) How to take the Case and Find Similimum Leaders in Typhoid Fever Regional Leaders Selected Clinical Cases of Nash (Clearly Illustrating the Use of 25 Remedies) Leaders for the Use of Sulphur with Comparisons Leaders in Respiratory Organs Prescriber to Nash's Leaders A Repeprtory Based on Allen's Key Notes and Nash's Leaders– Rev.K. 81-7021-639-7 BP3770 Essential of Diabetes Mellitus & Its Treatment by Homoeopathy 20.00 1499.00 NARASIMHA MURTI 81-7021-305-3 BN3919 NASH E.00 PAIGE H.B. 81-7021-555-2 BN3997 149.00 149. Digestive. Herbs and Homeopathy) The Homeopathic Primer – A Treatise on Homoeopathic Therapeutics for the Layman & Professional Principles and Practice of Homeopathic Case Management Homeopathy in Nutshell BN5132 OUT OF PRINT BN2784 25.00 PETRUCCI ROBERTO 978-2-87491-000-5 ------Children-Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertorial Symptoms (543 Homeopathic Remedies. Life-style. 2840 OUT OF PRINT Symptoms Grouped into Themes and Concepts) Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.00 349.00 978-81-319-0170-0 ------Group Study in Homeopathic Materia Medica 149. set.T.00 30.00 349.00 25.00 9.com .00 29.00 PETERS JOHN 81-7021-034-8 BP2416 A Treatise on Obstetrics Disorders of Pregnancy. III: Damiana to Kreosotum Vol.I.00 12. & DESHPANDE A. Bidwell and Allen. Diseases BO2402 30.N.00 Textbook of Applied Materia Medica (Remedies for Psychiatry.00 NIGAM HARSH 978-81-319-0352-0 ------NIMALASIRI W.00 PAUL MRS. (Compiled from Boericke.00 349.00 PAVRI S. Separate volume also available for sale) Vol. Skin.00 OUT OF PRINT 20.00 OUT OF PRINT 978-81-319-0512-8 ------81-7021-740-7 BN2395 81-8056-507-8 BR2448 978-81-319-0076-5 ------NAUMAN EILEEN 81-7021-844-6 BN5293 81-8056-094-50 NEATBY EDWIN 81-7021-661-3 81-7021-284-7 NEEDES ROBIN 81-7021-592-7 NIDAMBOOR R.00 OUT OF PRINT 49. Urinary. Cardiovascular. OUT OF PRINT 81-7021-159-x BP2088 Regionals of Boericke Materia Medica 81-7021-202-2 BP2414 44 Remedies & 22 Eliminating Rubrics – Rev.00 Mnemonics in Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Mnemonics in Materia Medica 100 Viva-Voce Sessions in Homoeopathy Bowel Nosodes 65.00 978-81-319-0388-9 ------Target PG – Essential MCQs of all Homoeopathic 199.R. Locomotor & Nervous Systems) 249.D.00 139.00 PAUL S.00 Leucorrhoea and Other Varieties of Gynecological Catarrh – A Treatise on the Catarrhal Affections of the Genital Canal of Women. Ophthalmic Diseases & Their Therapeutics (With Ninety Illustrations & Eighteen Chromo-lithographic Figures) 199. 978-81-319-0199-1 81-8056-590-4 BP2403 BP5105 BP2404 BP2405 BP2406 ------BP2785 BP5671 BP5608 BP5729 BP2411 ------BP5833 Dr.00 15.G.B.00 OUT OF PRINT BN2396 BN2397 An Index of Aggravations and Ameliorations A Manual of Homoeopathic Therapeutics – An Intorduction to the Study and Practice of Homoeopathy *Naturopathy for Self healing (Includes: Tips on Nutrition.B. IV: Lac caninum to Ovary gland Vol. *Homeopathy Healing – Surving Epidemics.00 45.00 45.00 OUT OF PRINT HOMEOPATHY NORTON A. 81-7021-560-9 BM5766 BM5767 BM5768 BM5769 BM5770 BM2388 *Case Analysis & Prescribing Techniques *Key Notes of the Materia Medica Commentary & Group Discussion (5 Vols.00 81-8056-244-1 BP2415 Analogy of Pain 60. I: Abrotanum to Bufo rana Vol.G. With 275 Remedies Tips & Therapeutics) 49.00 149. 978-81-319-0741-2 PATIL J. Parturition & (Lactation) 55. 81-7021-288-3 BN5521 29. 81-8056-556-4 PARMAR H. Medical Astrology & Symptom Free Menopouse *Homeopathy 102 – What to do in an Emergency Before Help Arrives 25 Rs.00 349.00 349. 81-7021-394-0 BP3892 Skin Therapeutics 9.00 15.00 Subjects (more than 5000 MCQs) PATIL J. Respiratory. Emotional Well-being. 81-7021-670-2 BN2400 26 Rs. 978-81-319-0827-3 ------*Gems of Obstetrics & Gynaecology with Homeopathic Therapeutics 149. M. Bronchi & Pleura Drug Picture of Leading Homeopathic Medicine Dentistry and Homoeopathy Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma and Blood Pressure Light on Homoeopathic Potency Homoeopathic Treatment for E. 81-8056-207-7 81-8056-192-5 81-8056-383-9 PATERSON J.00 35.

SIGMOND 81-7021-176-x BR2435 RAUE C. (with correction of 108 abbreviations of BBCR) Diseases of Children (A Textbook for the Use of Students & Practitioners of Medicine) Special Pathology and Diagnostic Hints with Homeopathic Therapeutics 39.00 125.00 OUT OF PRINT 299.00 OUT OF PRINT 25.00 39.00 45.00 81-7021-141-7 81-7021-456-4 ROGERS L. 81-7021-676-1 RABE R. & Enlarged Ed.00 Homeopathic Guide (A Popular Treatise Containing Brief Description of all Diseases. Plain Talks on Materia Medica with Comparisons Repertory of Cough Homeopathic Treatment of the Diseases of Heart – Rev. Ed.00 299. 81-7021-377-0 BP2427 BP2428 BP2429 BP3521 BR2437 BR2438 BR2439 BR2441 ------- BQ2430 BR2431 35. Normal Laboratory Values.I.K. A.00 RAUE C.00 OUT OF PRINT Homeopathy in Angina Pectoris *A Self-study Course in Homeopathy (Especially designed to meet the needs of teachers. 81-8056-958-6 978-81-319-0118-2 978-81-319-0329-2 BR2432 Rademahcher's Universal & Organ Remedies (Prove all things.00 BR5877 RAI AZAD 978-81-319-0268-4 ------- BR5121 81-8056-723-0 BR5929 Scholar's Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica (For BHMS. Therapeutic Index.00 Hom.00 179.00 RAFEQUE MUHAMMED 978-81-319-0087-1 ------81-8056-886-5 978-81-319-0838-9 RAHMAN S. 978-81-319-0050-5 ------RAWAT P. Entrance Exams. The Study of Remedies by Comparison The Rheumatic Remedies & Repertory to Rheumatic Remedies 180.D.00 Select Your Dose and Potency 249. 81-7021-289-8 BP2420 BP2426 Homeopathic Practice of Medicine (Includes: Clinical Examination of the Sick & Treatment According to Homoeopathic Principles) 150.com . G. Teeth Eruption Table. Post-Graduate Students.G. students social workers) 55. Biochemic Medicines.00 Homoeopathic Methodology (An Introductory Homoeopathic Work book including Repertory.HOMEOPATHY PHATAK S.00 *Midline Medical Dictionary (English-English-Hindi) – In Most Easily Understandable Language with Fully Colored Physiology Illustrations & Anatomy Charts 299. Important Questions. RAJAGOPALA RAO P. 978-81-319-0200-4 ------978-81-319-0002-4 ------PIERCE W. Height & Weight Table. Includes: Introduction to Materia Medica.00 99. Ed.00 79.00 Surface Making of Keynotes – A Revolutionary Way of Studying Materia Medica (Fully colored) 175.. (By Ex-Gen Secretary of Centre Homeopathique de France) Time Modalities 27 Rs.00 19. Materia Medica of Homoeopathic Medicine – 2nd Rev.00 Homoepathy in Acne & Alopecia 8. Drug Relationships.00 199. 978-81-319-0247-9 ------- ROWE TODD 978-81-319-0152-6 ------- Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.00 79. Ed. 81-7021-577-7 81-7021-608-7 POIRIER JEAN 81-7021-263-8 A Concise Repertory of Homeopathic Medicines – 4th Rev.S.00 69. hold fast that which is good) Use of Indigenous and Other Remedies in Homeopathy as Home Remedies *Golden Tips by Master – Homeopathic Gems An Overview of Repertories for UG & PG Students – 2nd Ed.00 ROUTRAY A. Objective Type Symptoms. As If – A Repertory of Subjective Symptoms – Rev. 81-8056-245-x RASTOGI D. with Practical Hints for their Prevention & Cure) 50. BHMS and for Quick Prescribing) 110. 39.00 BP2419 BP3520 BP2421 BR3904 ------------- 10..P. 81-7021-117-4 81-7021-688-5 81-7021-246-4 81-7021-112-3 QUAY G.S. Research Scholars & Homeopathic Physicians. Case Taking & Case Analysis) 110. Glossary) 299.R. Materia Medica of Graphical Drug Pictures Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica Homeopathic Leader in Pneumonia Repertory of the Symptoms of Rheumatism & Sciatica A Monograph of Diseases of Nose & Throat Daily Reference on Homeopathic Therapeutics (Including Dosage & Biochemic Remedies) Be a Master of Materia Medica – Extract of Materia Medica with Related Rubrics & Remedies Drug Addiction & Its Side Effects – A Homeopathic Approach Rapid Prescribing Using Peculiar Symptoms – One Symptom.00 978-81-319-0773-3 ------RISQUEZ F.F. 81-7021-535-8 BR2446 BR2447 ------- A to Z Glossary of Medical Terms for Homeopaths 90.H. Syllabus.00 OUT OF PRINT HOMEOPATHY Clinical Tips in Homoeopathy 28 Rs. 81-7021-017-8 81-7021-477-7 81-7021-479-9 81-7021-130-1 978-81-319-0353-7 POLARAJU V.00 70.00 Psychiatry & Homeopathy *The Principles & Art of Cure by Homeopathy – A Modern Textbook with Word Index *Sensations .D.00 Exhaustive MCQs on Materia Medica (A Valuable Guide for M. One Repertory with Surety to Cure Red-line Prescription by Homeo Gurus 90.00 190. 81-7021-763-6 PUHLMANN C. 81-8056-637-4 BR5968 ------- 149. Common Names & Natural Order of Medicines.00 89.00 PULFORD A. 978-81-319-0037-6 ------199.bjainbooks. 81-7021-696-6 BR5160 ROBERTS HERBERT 978-81-319-0279-0 ------978-81-319-0008-6 49.00 RAMSEYER A.

00 81-8056-403-7 RUDDOCK E.00 SCHMIDT P.00 9.00 81-8056-680-3 BS5909 978-81-319-0606-4 ------81-8056-701-x SCHEPPER LUC DE 978-81-319-0102-1 BS5927 ------- A Phenomenological Study of Nosodes 60. 85. Management 30 Rs. Magnetic. Meningitis. & Adjustments for Hypertensive) 349. Self Assessment Questions.com .Version-9.00 50. Shock and Vertigo.00 Teachings: Part I: Psychiatric Patients.P.00 *The Handbook of Veterinary Homoeopathy Hair Transmission of Homeopathic Drug Energy from Distance 49.00 The Lady's Manual of Homoeopathic Treatment 45.00 Thermal Reactivity in Homeopathy Including Thermal Therapeutics 55.00 Hahnemann Revisited – A Textbook of Classical Homeopathy for the Professional (Including Miasmatic Prescribing.00 15. Symptoms like ‘Never Well Since’. 81-7021-832-2 81-8056-173-9 BR5441 BR5504 Homeopathy in Cancer Treatment Cause.00 49.00 10.00 The Common Diseases of Children 29. 81-8056-508-4 49. Electromagnetic.B. According to CCH Syllabus) 169.00 Role of Homeopathy in Infectious Diseases (Philosophy & Therapeutics) 59. Prioritizing LM Potencies.H. of Brain & Nerves (Includes: Brain Tumors.00 The Common Diseases of Women 25. Case Management.00 49.S.00 The Art of Case Taking The Art of Interrogation (The Homoeopathic Consultation) The Hidden Treasures of the Last Organon Homeopathic Medical Treatment of Wounds and Injuries 29.) Homeopathy Towards 21st Century 119.00 The Essential Synthesis – Concise Reliable Accessible (With CD) (Special Indian Edition) & Textbook of Repertory Language 1099. 81-8056-374-x 81-8056-414-2 SANGAR R. 19. Part II: Pure Classical Homeopathy 978-81-319-0240-0 ------- SAINE ANDRE 81-8056-397-9 SANDHAR H. Disease and Effect Phenomena: Fundamental Aspects of Homeopathy Prescriber to Nash's Leaders in Homeopathy The Homeopathic Therapy of Dis. With Index of Disease and Remedies) Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica (with Therapeutic Hints) 29 Rs. 978-81-319-0836-5 BS5737 299.00 Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum – Strategic Case Management for Successful Homeopathic Prescribing 249.00 *The Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine 59.00 49. Hyper & Hypothyroidism.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www. BS2460 SANTHARAM 81-8056-116-x BS5534 Synthesis Repertory.00 BHMS Guide to Organon with Flow Charts & Illustrations (Part-I) SEN GUPTA RAKHEE 81-8056-532-7 BG5787 SETH A. 81-7021-336-3 81-7021-330-4 81-7021-321-5 81-8056-251-4 978-81-319-0154-0 81-7021-313-4 BR3489 SAXENA M.00 The Stepping Stones to Homoeopathy & Health 60. Homoeopathy . Insomnia. 978-81-319-0244-8 ------978-81-319-0026-0 ------81-8056-231-x BS2472 SCHWART.00 ROY & MUKHERJEE 81-8056-507-8 BR2448 ROYAL GEORGE 81-7021-731-8 BR2253 Clinical Relationships of Drugs with Their Modalities Up-to-Date with Nosodes and Sarcodes (The Materia Medica of Some Important Nosodes. Thermal & Cosmic Energy) 75.00 Parkinson's Disease and Homeopathy 29. Chloromycetin etc.00 *Textbook of Physiology for Homoeopathic Students 129.HOMEOPATHY ROY R.00 25.00 Imponderabilia Homoeopathic Direct Energy Medicine (Neclear.M.00 60. Sarcodes. Epilepsy. Gravitational. Herpes Zoster. Bowel Nosodes & Provings of Penicillin. 81-8056-284-0 SAXENA RAJEEV 81-8056-199-2 81-8056-035-x 81-8056-401-0 81-8056-498-3 81-8056-670-6 BS2469 BS5535 BS5641 BS5738 BS5771 BS5899 BR2449 BR2450 BR2451 BR2452 ------BR2454 81-7021-600-1 BR2455 RUSH JOHN 978-81-319-0056-7 ------SAHNI B.bjainbooks. 81-7021-337-1 BS2474 SCHROYENS FREDERIK 978-81-319-0095-6 ------978-81-319-0934-8 ------- BS5726 BS5746 BS3446 ------- *Guide to Pathology & Bacteriology 149.00 Understanding Glands: Endocrinology the Homeopathic Approach (Including Diabeties & Thyroid Problem) 110. Questions with Answers.K.00 49.K.00 25.00 OUT OF PRINT SANKARAN R. Electrostatic.00 Homeopathic Guide to Sex. 978-81-319-0759-7 ------978-81-319-0317-9 ------- HOMEOPATHY Practical Diet Guide in Homoeopathy (Food for temporarily avoided during homoeopathic Treatment) Pain-Types.1 – Indian Edition (With CD) 1999.00 ------- Principles & Practice of Homeopathic Pharmacy: For Students (Includes: Practical Experiments. 81-7021-135-2 BS2457 SAHANI M. 978-81-319-0751-1 ------81-8056-276-x BS3665 SANTEE E.The Science of Healing Tarentula Hispanica . W.H. Sexuality & Sexual Disorders 99. Electric. Ed. 978-81-319-0099-4 ------81-8056-570-x BS2464 SARKAR B. Sciatica. Multiple Sclerosis. Significance & Hom.00 OUT OF PRINT What is Homoeopathy Prescriber to Allen's Keynotes & Characteristics – 2nd Rev.00 110.A Homeopathic Study Repertory of Convulsions Homeopathy Watchout Every Dose 129.00 99.K.T.00 SANTWANI M.00 BS2475 Guide to Human Anatomy (with Solved Question Papers) 29.K.00 75.00 Homeopathy in Orthopedics with Special Reference to Non-Traumatic Diseases 129.00 Diseases of Infants & Children & Their Homoeopathic & General Treatment with Glossary & Therapeutic Index 65. 978-81-319-0057-4 Homoeopathic Vade Mecum 200.

978-81-319-0611-8 ------81-7021-374-6 BS2502 978-81-319-0790-0 ------- 125.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.) Guide to Midwifery (with Ques.00 BS5970 99.V. 299. 81-7021-675-3 BS2509 79. & SHARMA PRAGYA 978-81-319-0003-1 BS5453 A Holistic Approach to Arthritis & Management of Chronic Pain (Allopathy. E.00 81-7021-382-7 81-8056-961-6 81-7021-203-0 81-7021-167-0 81-7021-407-6 978-81-319-0782-5 BS2504 BS2506 BS2507 BS3928 BS3918 ------- SHINGHAL J.K. Troubles Cured with Homeopathy 199.HOMEOPATHY SETHI B.00) 99.) SHEDD P.) 129. Students) Guide to Gynaecology (with Ques.00 199. Nash 349. 81-7021-155-7 81-7021-072-0 81-7021-027-5 BS2477 BS2483 BS2484 Guide to Human Physiology (with Ques.S.00 79.00 10. & MCQs for Hom.N.00 SINGH MAHENDRA 978-81-319-0052-9 ------978-81-319-0222-6 ------81-8056-387-1 BS5732 SINGH MANOJ KUMAR 978-81-319-0527-2 ------- SQUIRE BERKLEY 978-81-319-0602-6 ------SRINIVASAN K.bjainbooks.00 Expanded Work of Dr.00 Haemorrhoids Cured by Homoeopathic Medicines 29.00 E. Acupressure. 81-7021-452-1 BS3598 81-7021-457-2 81-7021-467-x SIJU P.00 125. 81-7021-626-5 SHERR JEREMY 81-8056-322-7 81-8056-323-5 BS2487 BS5695 BS5696 The Clinical Repertory The Homeopathic Proving of Chocolate The Dynamics & Methodology of Homoeopathic Proving Quick Bedside Prescriber – A Home Guide (with Notes on Clinical Relationships of Remedies and Homeopathy in Surgery) Graphic Picture of Remedies Eighty Dynamic Gems of Homeopathic Medicine with Repertory The Symptomatic Self Treatment A Concise Materia Medica and Repertory of Important Nosodes A Reference to Repertories for Homeopathic Students Homeopathic Emergency Therapeutics A Collection on Carcinosinum (With Cured Cases) *Pioneers of Homeopathy (More than 70 Illustrated Biographies of Personalities and their Contributions) 4000 MCQs in Homeopathy (For UPSC. DWIGHT 978-81-319-0613-2 SMITH DEAN T.00 OUT OF PRINT SIVARAMAN P. & Ans.00 49.00 Skin Troubles Cured by Homoeopathy 110.S. Additions to Classical Materia Medica of Clarke The Physical Basis of Homeopathy Hahnemannian Provings (Hygastropharmacology) 1924-1959 – A Materia Medica & Repertory 29. 81-8056-895-4 BS3599 BS3963 SKINNER THOMAS 978-81-319-0181-6 ------SMITH A.00 SINGHAL & CHATTERJI BS3583 SINHA YUDHBIR 978-81-319-0098-7 ------81-7021-196-4 81-7021-383-5 SINHA P. Repertory & Pharmacy) Mind – A Simplified Study A Repertory Based on Allen's Key-notes and Including Relationship of Remedies Nash's Leaders – Rev.K. With Ques.00 59.00 81-7021-554-4 BS2493 SHREEDHARAN C.00 Asthma Cured with Homoeopathic Medicines – In the Early Symptoms of Disease Lies the Key to the Knowledge of Danger 45. & Ans.00 Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma 15. BS5511 25. 81-7021-660-5 81-7021-206-5 BS3385 BS3931 Homeopathic Prophylactic Remedies Repertory Likes and Dislikes 31 Rs. Ayurveda.K.00 75.00 Tooth Troubles Cured with Homeopathic Medicine 55.00 9.00 75.00 Epilepsy Cured with Homeopathic Medicines 39.00 A Concise Repertory of Aggravation & Amelioration 50. B.S. 81-8056-545-9 SOUTER KEITH 978-81-319-0173-1 81-8056-543-2 ------BS2513 ------BS5793 OUT OF PRINT OUT OF PRINT 30.B. & Ans.00 35.00 OUT OF PRINT HOMEOPATHY Homeopathic Drugs in Picture & Therapeutics 32 Rs.00 OUT OF PRINT BS3531 BS2517 189. Organon.00 SIRKAR CAP. 978-81-319-0076-5 ------- SHARMA M.00 SIVARAMAN M. 20. Ed. BS2518 50. Homoeopathy.00 OUT OF PRINT Dreams and their Homoeopathic Medicines 35. K. Includes. Ed.00 25. Yoga.N. Materia Medica.00 145.00 OUT OF PRINT BS2497 BS2498 Miracles of Mother Tinctures (With Therapeutics Hints & Treatment of Diseases) Unique Repertory Pocket Materia Medica of 1000 Redline Symptoms Psychic Disorders & Homeopathy 59.00 The Diseases of Females in Relation to Homeopathy The Home Prescriber (Domestic Guide) Homeopathy Before and After Surgery The Art of Homeopathy – Remedy Selection Made Easy (With Flow Charts) *Prescribing Methods – Rules of Thumb & Bias in Homoepathy (Illustrative cases included) A Repertory of the Homoeopathic Nosodes & Sarcodes – Rev. OUT OF PRINT SHAIKH ALTAF HUSSAIN 978-81-319-0043-7 ------Top Ten Homeopathic Remedie for 499 Common Disorders SHARMA A. 978-81-319-0351-3 ------- 239. 149. PSC and MD Entrance Examination.00 20.com .W. & Ans. 81-7021-663-x STEARNS G.00 SINGH SUBHASH 81-8056-227-1 BS5472 STEPHENSON J.T.

etc. I 159. Gangrene.00 81-8056-185-2 BV5218 *Homeopathic Guide for All 39.) *Homeopathy and Child Care – Principles.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www. *Homeopathic Drug Picture A Study of Kent's Repertory Different Ways of Finding Remedy Repertorising Drosera Hahnemann's Conception of Chronic Diseases (As Caused by Parasitic Micro-Organism) Homeopathy Introductory Lecture 9.00 Homeopathic Treatment of Non-Malarial Fever Dietetic Restrictions and Recommendations in Hom. 978-81-319-0201-1 ------The Essence of Homeopathic Materia Medica 99.W.00 978-2-87491-005-2 ------Behind the Glass Screen 1350. 81-7021-701-6 BV5162 *Practical Homeopathy 65. Fractures.00 VITHOULKAS G.00 978-81-319-0167-0 ------Tonsillitis Cured by Homeopathy 15.J. Mother Tinctures & Potentised Medicine 80. 81-7021-492-0 BV3522 VAN DER ZEE HARRY 978-81-319-0258-5 ------VERMA M. Just Look up your Symptoms & Find the Cure) 495.00 81-7021-618-4 BV2548 Additions to Kent's Repertory of the Homeopathic OUT OF PRINT Materia Medica – Indian Ed. 81-8056-220-4 THOMAS HENRY 81-7021-654-0 BT3771 BT2526 Practical Approach to Homoeopathy 279.Physical Examination of the Patient OUT OF PRINT Practical Handbook of Gynaecology with Therapeutic OUT OF Hints PRINT Practical Handbook of Surgery with Homoeopathic Therapeutic Hints (Ulcers.00 TANDON & BAJAJ 81-8056-328-6 BT3537 *Homeopathy Guide to Family Health (A Medical Directory. Tonsillitis. Dunham) – Vol. KULKARNI 978-81-319-0110-6 ------A Select Homeopathic Materia Medica (Recommended for BHMS by CCH) TEWARI B. Stone.00 OUT OF PRINT 15. 978-81-319-0723-8 SWAYANANDAN 81-8056-259-x SYDOW HELMUT 81-7021-804-7 TALCOTT S.00 *Textbook of Homeopathic Philosophy (Kent) – Vol. Yoga & Naturopathy 25. 81-7021-678-8 978-81-319-0306-3 81-8056-059-7 978-81-319-0746-7 81-7021-631-1 81-8056-290-5 978-81-319-0153-3 81-8056-469-x 119. Calendula.00 SUDARSHAN S. Therapeutics. II (Vital Force. & VAID INDU 81-8056-560-2 BV5502 81-7021-277-4 81-7021-946-9 81-7021-113-5 VERMA S.00 125.00 Rare Homeo.R.H. VANDENBURG M.L. Myopia.00 299.00 OUT OF PRINT Arnica. 81-7021-047-x BW2554 The Unabridged Dictionary of Sensations – As If (2 Vols. ISHWARDAS. Doses. P.00 25.) 450. 81-7021-057-7 HOMEOPATHY Therapeutics of the Respiratory System Miasms in Labour: A Revision of the Homeopathic Theory of the Miasms — A Process Towards Health Practical Physiology & Pathology (With Solved Viva-voce Questions for Medical Students) 34 Rs.00 VERVARCKE ANNE 978-2-87491-002-9 ------The Charm of Homoeopathy 1350.R.00 OUT OF 81-7021-298-7 BW3372 Leucoderma – Its Homeopathic Treatment PRINT (14 Colored Illustrations) 978-81-319-0616-3 ------Help-Book for Asthma – Homoeopathy.00 WADIA S.00 Homeoathic Low Attenuation Trituration Tablets (Latt) their Efficacy and the Possible Side-effects 120.00 VARMA P.com . 81-7021-197-2 81-7021-023-2 BV3829 BV5410 BV5509 BV2540 BV2541 BV2542 OUT OF PRINT New Millenium Encyclopaedia of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia (IV Vols. Piles & Prostrate Enlargements) 99.00 169. Cantharis as External Remedies *The Homeopathic Emergency Guide Gems of Organon With a Chapter on Psychology (2nd Revised Edition) Essentials of Repertorization – Rev.B.S. Arthritis.00 Clinical Methods . Sinusitis.bjainbooks. 978-81-319-0177-9 ------Illustrated Guide to Skin Disease in Homeopathy with (16 Colored Pictures) 25.00 VILLALVA FERNANDO FLORES 978-81-319-0271-4 ------LM Scale 50 Millesimal Potencies – Preparation.W.00 BT2528 ------BT2530 BT2531 BT2532 BT2533 ------BT2535 OUT OF PRINT 299.00 THOMAS KRUZEL 81-7021-994-9 BT5630 THOMBRE. Set) 3999.00 195. Epistaxis. Cases and Method to Prescribe 59.00 81-8056-330-8 BV5700 *Homeo-Bach Therapy 110. Case Analysis.N. Part II: Materia Medica. OUT OF PRINT Miasms Their Effects on Human Organism 75. Childrens Type and Repertory Acute Conditions.00 OUT OF PRINT 81-7021-472-6 BW2552 What is Homeopathy OUT OF PRINT 81-7021-308-8 BW2553 Homeopathy in Children Diseases WARD J. Injuries.HOMEOPATHY SUBRAMANIAN RAJU 81-8056-114-3 BS5512 81-8056-305-7 BS5684 81-8056-519-x BS5776 33 Rs. Miasms) 99.K. 25. Robert.S. Part III: Discussions 299. 978-81-319-0825-9 BS2538 BS5101 ------BS2521 BS5243 15. Suppression.& Enlarged Ed.00 978-81-319-0347-6 ------Talks on Classical Homeopathy – Part I: Case Reports.00 9.00 Side Effects & Adverse Side Effects Symptoms of Homoeopathic Medicine lower attenuations. AJIT K.00 25. Tumours. Dose. Cataract.00 *Textbook of Homeopathic Philosophy (Close. Case Taking. VOHRA D. Idiosyncracy.00 TARKAS P. Homeopathic Treatment of Worms *Learning Classical Homoeopathy Repertorising & Practical Application Mental Diseases and their Modern Treatment 20. 81-7021-461-0 SUTARWALA D.00 ------- 139.P. 978-81-319-0543-2 ------TIWARI SHASHI KANT 978-81-319-0183-0 ------978-81-319-0775-7 ------TYLER M.00 OUT OF PRINT OUT OF PRINT 35.

00 265. DAS BISHAMBER DEY S.) (Size 17" x 24") Dr.00 300. James Compton Burnett (Size 12. ATLAS.5"×18.K. OTHER PUBLICATIONS 99.S.00 100. BO2401 Notes on Miasms PANOS & HEIMLICH BP10218 Family Homeopathic Medicine SARABHAI K.00 450.5”) Dr. Ed.) Organon of Medicine (Vol. Henry C.00 100.5") Hahnemann Poster (Side view) (Size 14. William Boericke (Size 12. James Tyler Kent (Size 12. BS10220 Organon of Medicine SATYAVARTA S. III) Re-Exploring our Magnificient Plants (Part-I) Re-Exploring our Magnificient Plants (Part-II) 36 Rs.00 750.00 100.00 100.S. BS10221 From Old Age to Youth Through Yoga with Treatment BS10222 First Aid – Specific of Homeopathic & Biochemic Treatment SINGH YUDHVIR 81-222-0017-6 BS10224 Homoeopathic Cure of Common Disease Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www. 81-86112-59-6 81-7476-026-1 DUBEY S. 81-8713-472-0 GOPI K.00 DAS A.00 50. 978-81-319-0065-9 ------WILLIAMSON W.5”) Dr.00 995.00 195.00 75.00 500.00 175.00 500.) (Size 8. 350.00 100. BS10219 Homeopathic Reminiscences Colored Illustrations – Rev. 81-8056-275-1 210.5") *Body Anatomy Chart (12 pcs.II) Organon of Medicine (Vol.A.00 OUT OF PRINT WHITMONT EDWARD C.5"×18. HOMEOPATHY 3.5” x 5") Hahnemann Poster (Front view) (Size 14.00 125. C.5"×2.00 350. Farrington (Size 12.00 150.00 100.00 195.5") Dr. 81-8056-270-0 BW2557 BW2558 Clinical Gynaecology with Homeopathic Therapeutics Constitutional Therapeutics (“The Patient. not the Disease”) Repertory to the Modalities A Brief Study Course in Homeopathy 50.00 495.00 225.00 120. DIWAN H.00 195. 81-8056-265-4 WOOD J.5”) Dr.00 OUT OF PRINT DESAI RUPAL DHAMA K.P. 81-7021-329-0 BY2563 49. 80.00 215. WOODWARD A.P.C.00 75. 81-87170-02-6 81-87170-06-9 81-87170-04-2 81-87170-03-4 81-87170-05-0 BHANJA K.00 950. Whilhelm Heinrich Schuesslor (Size 12.5"×18.00 100.00 BAKSHI J.5”) Dr.00 50.00 100. Samuel Lilienthal (Size 12.00 250. Carroll Dunham (Size 12.S.00 225. Robert Ellis Dudgeon (Size 12.5”) Dr.00 350.00 110.C.K.00 1200. Ernest A.00 100.00 40.00 2.HOMEOPATHY WEISSELHOFT 81-8056-859-8 WELLS P.5" x 19.5”) Dr.S.F.S. Hahnemann Bust (Size 2.00 BW2561 WRIGHT ELIZABETH 978-81-319-0749-8 ------YASGUR JAY 978-81-319-0049-9 ------- 35. WALLS H. 81-8056-314-6 BW3414 BW5693 Organon of the Art of Healing (Organon of Medicine) Intermittent Fever with Repertory of Boenninghausen Essay on Homeopathy Psyche and Substance Diseases of Females & Children & their Homeopathic Treatment 35 Rs.00 350.00 90.00 140.O.5"×18. 81-7021-236-7 BW2560 WORCESTOR S.00 500.00 100.W.5"×18.00 200.5”) Dr.C.5”) Dr. SARKAR B.00 12.5”) Dr. 81-7021-458-0 DHAWALE M.K.5" x 19. Nose & Throat Manual of Ophthalmological Disorders The Phoenix Repertory Constitution Drug Pictures & Treatment The Homeopathic Prescriber Master Key to Homeopathic Materia Medica Organon of Medicine (3 Vols.L.00 BD 10200 Complete Handbook of Homoeopathy (English) BD 10201 Complete Handbook of Homoeopathy (Hindi) BD 10202 Textbook of Materia Medica BG 10203 Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants BW 10204 Homeopathic the Modern Prescriber BD10209 Select Your Remedy BD5102 BD10210 BD10211 BD10212 BD10213 BS10214 BK10262 Homeopathic Dictionary and Holistic Health Reference (Difficult Words in Classic Text Made Easy with Modern OUT OF PRINT Terms & Remedy Pronounciation Guide) The Accoucheur's Emergency Manual—Homeopathy in Pregnancy YINGLING W.5" x 22.5"×18.00 400.P. POSTERS & BUST 978-81-319-0389-6 978-81-319-0390-2 ------------*Human Anatomy Illustrated (Colored Illustrations make the study of anatomy interesting) *Human Physiology Illustrated (Colored Illustrations make the study of physiology interesting) Coloured Atlas of Acupressure Acupuncture Charts (4 Pcs.bjainbooks. Cyrus Maxwell Boger (Size 12.com .5”) Dr.5"×18.P.00 50. Allen (Size 12.00 100. Margaret Lucy Tyler (Size 12.5"×18. BB 10184 BB 10185 BB 10186 BB 10187 BB 10188 BB 10189 BB 10191 BB 10192 BB 10193 BD 10194 BD 10195 BD 10196 BD 10197 BD 10198 BD 10199 Manual of Gastroenterology Manual of Psychiatry Manual of Urogenital Disorders Manual of Ear. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (Size 12.00 100.5"×18.00 175.00 69.5"×18.5”) 40. I) Organon of Medicine (Vol.00 50.5”) Dr.00 350.00 315.5"×18.00 65.00 175.5"×18.00 149.00 978-81-319-0054-3 ------978-81-319-0342-1 ------81-8056-362-6 BB5699 978-81-319-9951-6 ------978-81-319-9952-3 ------978-81-319-9953-0 ------978-81-319-9954-7 ------978-81-319-9955-4 ------978-81-319-9956-1 ------978-81-319-9957-8 ------978-81-319-9958-5 ------978-81-319-9959-2 ------978-81-319-9960-8 ------978-81-319-9961-5 ------978-81-319-9962-2 ------978-81-319-9963-9 ------978-81-319-9964-6 ------978-81-319-9965-3 ------- Bronchial Asthma Principles & Practice of Homeopathy Part-I Compendium of Lectures on Homeopathy Micro-doses Mega results Clinical Cases Homeopathy in Geriatrics KEITH SOUTER Homeopathy Heart & Soul KULKARNI AJIT Homeopathic Posology: Tailoring the Dose to the Patient JUGAL KISHORE BK10215 Integrated Homeopathic Repertory Vol-I (Mind) BK10263 Integrated Homeopathic Repertory (Generalities) MANDAL & MANDAL 81-222-0081-8 BM10216 A Textbook of Homeopathic Pharmacy ORTEGA P.

00 On order 1890. BV10226 Predictive Homeo (Part-II) – Theory and Acute BV10227 Predictive Homeo (Part-III) -.00 640. III On order On order 350.00 On order On order 1080.00 PATHOLOGY BOOKS MOHAN HARSH 10549 Textbook of Pathology 1050.00 SURGERY BOOKS BAILEY & LOVE DAS S.com .00 500. 10523 10524 10525 10526 10527 10528 Clinical Method Practice of Medicine Textbook of Medicine Medicine for Student Medicine I & II A Textbook of Medicine 38 Rs.P. VITHOULKAS G.00 65. II.00 575.00 801.00 On order GHAI O.00 PEARSON CHATTERJEE DUKE ELDER'S OPTHALMOLOGY BOOKS 10546 10547 10548 Diseases of the Eye Handbook of Opthalmology Practice of Refraction 895.00 ANATOMY BOOKS GRANTS GRAYS GREGROR MC SNELL MACMIN CHAURASIA B.00 300.HOMEOPATHY VIJAYAKAR P. BV10225 Predictive Homeopathy (Part-I) – Theory of Suppression – 4th Ed.S.I.00 MEDICAL DICTIONARY DORLAND'S BD10501 81-8147-712-x BD10502 HARRISON 81-239-0926-3 BH10503 SOOD & ARUN KUMAR 81-239-302-3 BS10504 STEDMAN BS10505 WEBSTER 81-1239-1028-2 BW10506 Illustrated Medical Dictionary (Big Size) Pocket Medical Dictionary (27th Edition) Pocket Medical Dictionary Medical Dictionary (English to Hindi) Medical Dictionary (English to Hindi) Medical Dictionary 1995.00 2100. Prafull Vijayakar Compiled by Gunter Lutz Charts & Rubrics BV10964 Frequent Encounters Materia Medica Viva (12 Vols.00 150.00 210.00 300.00 175.00 700.00 60.00 On order 1995. I & II Physiology Textbook of Physiology Biochemistry Practical Biochemistry Biochemistry 500. GOLAWALA HARRISON A. 37 Rs. HOMEOPATHY MEDICINE BOOKS HUTCHINSON DAVIDSON DAS P.00 995.D.00 SABISTON OBESTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY ROBERT SHAW DAWN C.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.00 PHYSIOLOGY BOOKS CHATTERJEE CHOUDHARY GoYTON STRAYER WARLY SATYANARAYAN 81-8713-480-1 10517 10518 10519 10520 10521 10522 Physiology Vol.00 760.00 390.The End of Myasmtion of Miasms BV10173 Homeopathy and Modern Science BV10174 Predictive Homeopathy Workshop Verbatim (Ed. CUNNINGHUMA S.00 350.00 425.00 2995.) 150.00 30000.bjainbooks.00 525.00 640.P. 10507 10508 10509 10510 10511 10512 10513 Atlas of Anatomy Anatomy Surgical Anatomy Clinical Oriented Anatomy Colour Atlas of Anatomy Anatomy Practical of Anatomy Vol. 2005) BV10175 Genetic Materia Medica Tri-Miasmatic Materia Medica (Homeopathy is Mathematics) BV10176 Treasures of Dr.00 525. FORFAR ACHOR 10543 10544 10545 PEDIATRICS BOOKS Essential Pediatrics Textbook of Pediatrics Textbook of Pediatrics 490.00 250.00 200.00 1275.00 SKIN BOOKS ANDREWS ROXBURG 34-0762-232-2 10541 10542 Diseases of the Skin Common Skin Disease On order On Order NEUROLOGY BOOKS BRAIN ADAMS 10514 10515 10516 Disease of Nervous System Clinical Neurology Principles of Neurology On order 695.00 640.00 On order 495.00 600.00 On order 300.C. DUTTA 81-7381-041-9 DUTTA PADUBIDRI 10534 10536 10537 10538 10539 10540 Textbook of Gynaecology Textbook of Gynaecology Textbook of Obstetrics Textbook of Obstetrics Textbook of Gynaecology Shaw's Textbook of Gynaecology On order 390. 10529 10530 10531 10532 10533 Short Practical of Surgery Clinical Surgery Operative Surgery Textbook of Surgery Textbook of Surgery On order 580. I.

Schuessler 120. 978-81-319-0294-3 ------MASTER FAROKH J.G.00 60. 81-7021-250-2 BA2018 BOERICKE & DEWEY 978-81-319-0320-9 ------CAREY GEORGE W.00 50. 81-7021-553-6 PATHAK S.M.00 On order 5.00 110.00 279.00 1550.00 OUT OF PRINT E. 600. Bach Flower Therapy for Psychic Illness – 2nd Ed. BIOCHEMIC THERAPY ANSHUTZ E.00 Forty Tissue Remedies *Self Treatment of Common Diseases (Homeopathic & Biochemic) Tissue Remedies—A Compilation from Biochemics & Homoeopathic – 4th Ed. 4.N.E. 81-7021-825-x BG5265 KANSAL KAMAL 81-7021-242-1 BK3912 KODANDARAMAIHA 81-8056-260-3 BK2783 KUMAR H.00 395.00 299. Bach Flower Remedies for Everyone 38 Essences that Heal from Deep Within 99.D.P.P.HOMEOPATHY ROBBINS 10550 10551 Basic Pathology Pathological Basis of Diseases 39 Rs.B. B.00 410.00 Diseases & Their Cure by Homeopathy & Biochemic Remedies 50.00 425.N. 995.00 ORTHOPAEDICS BOOKS APPLEXS WATSON JONES TUREK 10556 10557 10558 System of Orthopaedic Fracture Volumes Orthopaedics On order 1500. BACH FLOWER REMEDIES BOEDLER CORNELIA 978-81-319-0755-9 -------81-7021-826-8 BC5264 Bach Flower therapy for Homeopathic Profession – 2nd Ed.com .00 P.00 On order MICROBIOLOGY BOOKS CHAKRABORTY PANIKAR 10559 10560 Textbook of Microbiology Medical Microbiology 495.00 199.00 HISTOLOGY BOOKS DIFORE WHETHER 10564 10565 Atlas of Histology Basic Histo Pathology 1250. Nose & Throat Ed.N. BOOKS PARAK MAHAJAN 10552 10553 Preventive & Social Medicine Preventive & Social Medicine – 3rd Ed. JAIN 978-81-319-0738-2 ------GOLTZ M.00 1195. 81-8056-636-6 PALSULE S.R. 978-81-319-0509-8 ------Beginner's Guide to Bach Flower Remedies – 2nd Ed.N. 978-81-319-0618-7 -------VENNELS DAVID F. 81-8056-103-8 BK5666 MITRA.00 978-81-319-0536-4 ------978-81-319-0348-3 ------SHANON 81-7021-231-6 BS2573 VERMA P.00 12 Tissue Remedies of Biochemic Therapy *The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler (Large size) 19.00 COGSWEL.V.00 50. 81-8056-265-4 HOMEOPATHY BC2567 Dr.00 59. Schussler's Biochemic Materia Medica. Common Diseases & their Biochemic Treatment *Concise Biochemic Repertory & Materia Medica Gems of Biochemic Materia Medica BIOCHEMIC POCKET GUIDE WITH REPERTORY Biochemic Treatment of Diseases Repertory of Tissue Remedies Biochemic Medicines Combination & Tablets (BMCT) 29.00 249.00 FMT BOOKS PARIKH 81-2390-675-7 MODI 81-8038-129-3 10554 10555 Medical Jurisprudence Medical Jurisprudence 410. JOHN W.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.T. 978-81-319-0538-8 BS5440 29. 81-7021-161-1 BC2135 *Biochemic System of Medicine Materia Medica & Repertory 99. BOOKS SCOTT BROWN DEY DINGRA 10561 10562 10563 Disease of E. Therapeutics and Repertory 40 Rs.00 Handbook of Biochemic Guide for Common Ailments 45.00 How to use the Twelve Tissue Salts Manual and Clinical Repertory of Tissue Remedies 69. On order 175.G. Ear.H.00 35.00 65.00 HALAN GRAHAM & GREGORY VLAMIR 978-81-319-0006-2 -------Bach Flower Remedies for Animals KRISHNAMOORTY V.T.00 110. Disease of E.T.S. 81-8056-289-1 BC5447 CRANDALL O.N.D.00 149. 81-7021-723-7 PATIL J. BC3649 EDITORS OF B.bjainbooks.00 CHAPMAN J. 79. 81-7021-891-8 SCHUSSLER BP5876 BP3666 BP2418 BP5350 The Biochemic Therapy of Dr.

00 55.00 Electro-homeopathic Medicine 119.00 199.00 Viva Therapeutics 20.00 The Principles of Electro-homeopathy-A New Science 60. Aggravations.J. ALI 81-8056-553-6 BA5542 ARORA A.00 978-81-319-0346-9 ------81-8056-330-8 BV5700 6.00 30.00 Pathology & Microbiology 25.L 81-8056-106-2 81-7021-397-5 81-7021-628-1 81-7021-734-2 KENNIDY S. 81-7021-736-9 BA3804 ALLEN H.T.00 Materia Medica (IInd Year) Materia Medica (IIIrd Year) 15.00 Homeopathic Doctor 125.00 25.00 19. 978-81-319-0103-8 ------81-8056-246-8 978-81-319-0232-5 BV5200 ------A Comprehensive Study Bach Flower Remedies – 2nd Ed. JAIN PUB. 81-8056-661-7 TRIVEDI J.00 129. 81-8056-659-5 BM3757 81-8056-660-4 MATTEI C.00 65.00 BD3949 15.00 Physiology (3nd Year) 20. (Part-I & II) My Clinical Experiences in Bach Flower Remedies Home Study Course on Bach Flower Remedies Specifics in Bach Flower Remedies Homeo-Bach Therapy 41 Rs. BM3740 BM3479 BM3711 BM3870 BW3798 BT5760 10. 81-8056-213-1 BK3525 MAHAJAN R. 81-7021-838-1 BA5296 CHAKRABORTY S. Ameliorations 25.00 40. URDU BOOKS Zanana Imraz se Tamaffuz Homeopathic Jedeed Ilaj Mirror of Homeopathy Materia Medica Guides Biochemic Medical Practice Kalid Biochemistry Allen’s Key Notes 20.00 15.com .M. 149.00 Materia Medica (Ist Year) 18.00 80.P.00 Ghar Ka Doctor 35.00 Midwifery & Gynaecology (3rd Year) 20.00 10.bjainbooks. 81-8056-440-1 BA5309 BA5311 ANSARI MOHD. 81-8056-443-6 BB-5470 81-8056-473-8 BB-5635 7.00 Biology (1st Year) 20.00 Pharmacy Khandani Homeopathy Homeopathic Guide for Family Health Magnetotherapy-A Self Help Book Sex Education Treatment of Fruits & Vegetables 25.00 40.00 45.N.00 Anatomy 15. 81-8056-110-0 81-7021-234-0 81-8056-501-7 WHITMEE S.P.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.00 10.00 KRAUSS THEODORE 81-8056-658-7 BK3858 81-8056-657-9 BK3871 81-8056-656-0 BK3890 KUNDU DEBASHISH 81-7021-349-5 BK3891 KULKARNI K.HOMEOPATHY Bach Flower Remedies for Beginners VOHRA D.00 149.00 Physics & Chemistry (1 st Year) 20.00 10.00 Repertory of Modalities.00 Experience with Electro-homeopathy Bedside Prescriber in Electro-homeopathy 10. 81-8056-452-5 BB3731 BB5233 BAJAJ & TANDON 81-7021-964-7 BB5407 BANSAL H.00 450.00 978-81-319-0051-2 ------81-7021-834-9 BY5207 HOMEOPATHY Organon of Electro-homeopathy Textbook of Pharmacy & Electro-homeopathy 42 Rs. 81-7021-754-7 BB5187 BANSAL S.T.00 9.C.00 110.00 65. 81-7021-517-x BS3996 DAS M. 81-7021-294-4 GLIDDON A.00 Comparative Materia Medica (4th Year) 15.00 99.00 Repertory of Aversions & Desires 8.00 Homeopathic Philosophy (2nd Year) 10. R.S.00 BG3588 BG3792 BG3893 BG3894 BK3872 9.00 69.J.00 70. 81-7021-324-x BA3421 ALI LIYAQAT 81-8056-731-1 BA2735 BA2737 BA2738 81-8056-699-4 BA2740 81-8056-323-1 BA3679 81-8056-703-6 BA3680 81-8056-704-4 BA3806 81-8056-705-2 BA3808 81-8056-706-0 BA3809 81-8056-707-9 BA3810 81-8056-708-7 BA3811 81-8056-709-5 BA3812 81-8056-710-9 BA3859 81-8056-711-7 BA3860 81-8056-712-5 BA3861 81-8056-713-3 BA3862 81-8056-714-1 BA3863 81-8056-715-x BA3864 81-8056-716-8 BA3865 81-8056-718-4 BA3866 81-8056-719-2 BA3867 81-8056-720-6 BA3868 BA4000 B.00 20.00 Psychology (3rd Year) 10.00 49.00 Enlargement of Tonsils 5. 69. ELECTRO-HOMEOPATHY AGRAWAL G.L.00 Case Taking & Repertorisation 15.00 60.00 90.00 Hygiene & Public Health 12.00 AHMAD MOHD RAFI 81-7021-582-x BA5128 ANWAR MOHD MOSTHAKIN 81-8056-682-x BA5910 AMIN MIRZA MOHD.00 Vade Mecum of Electro-homeopathy 9.C.00 20.00 10.N.00 Warts 5. 81-8056-480-0 YEVATKAR K.00 80. 81-7021-629-x Materia Medica of Electro-homeopathic Medicine Electro-homoeopathy Pharmacopedic & Materia Medica Principles of Electro-homeopathic Treatment and Organon of Medicine Stepping Stones to Electro-homeopathy Introduction to New Science of Electro-homeopathy The Treatment of Various Diseases Efficacy of Electro-homeopathy The Treatment of General Diseases in Electro-homeopathy A New Course of Electro-homeopathy The Electro-homeopathic Method of Treatment Electro-homeopathy Nervous and Mental Diseases Pharmacodynamics in Electro-homeopathy A Practical Guide to Electro-homeopathy Utility of Indigenous Plants in Electro-homeopathy System of Medicine Medicinal Plants used inElectro-homeopathy 45.00 th Medical Jurisprudence (4 Year) 15.00 Minor Surgery 20.

81-8056-424-x BH3613 Organon of Medicine 45.00 225.00 70.00 40. 81-8056-722-2 BP5500 Child's Health in Your Hand 110. 81-8056-726-5 BK3734 SIKDAR R. 81-7021-259-6 BK2810 Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica (2 Vols.00 KANSAL KAMAL 81-7021-717-2 BK3984 Asthma 20.00 DAS B. 81-8056-421-5 BC5377 Biochemic System of Treatment 100.Pimples 20.00 81-8056-427-4 BD2748 Practice of Medicine 175.00 29.00 81-8056-430-4 BB2812 125.00 Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www.00 KASHIRAM 81-7021-444-4 BK3418 Encyclopaedia of Homeo Drug (3 Vols.00 BK3377 Rafique Homeopathy 50.bjainbooks.00 81-7021-718-0 BK3989 Dental Disease 20. 81-8056-422-3 BOERICKE W.00 81-7021-719-9 BK3987 Pregnancy & Infants 20.00 81-7021-720-2 BK3991 Sports Injuries 20.P. 81-7021-495-5 BS5114 SIRKAR CAPTAIN K.K.T. BQ3803 BR3756 BS5442 BS3745 BV5566 QUAYUM SAYAD ABDUL 81-8056-419-3 BQ3981 HOMEOPATHY Practice of Proved Medicines in Homeopathic Therapeutics Afdat Homoeopathic Materia Medica Art of Cure G-Jo Accupressure Graphic Picture of Selected Remedy Bach Fower Remedies 44 Rs.00 81-7021-716-4 BK3985 Diabetes 20. 81-7021-684-2 BI5157 Beginner's Guide to Homeopathy 120.00 8.00 70. BENGALI BANERJEE N. 81-8056-425-8 BN3614 Leader in Homeopathic Therapeutics 99.00 20. 81-8056-631-5 BOERICKE W. 81-8056-434-7 BB3535 BANDYOTADHYAY 81-8056-725-7 BB3654 BASU PARAMESH 81-8056-726-5 BB5471 CHATTERJEE 81-7021-359-2 BC3979 DUTTA ATUL BD2795 GOSWAMI 81-7021-745-8 BG5180 978-81-319-0060-4 ------KENT J.00 199. 81-8056-363-4 BA5871 BB5602 Key-Notes Rearranged and Classified New Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory 199.S.00 81-7021-714-8 BK3990 Heart Problem 20.00 81-7021-431-2 BK3422 Daway Nuksha (Nuksha Jat-E-Advait) 75.00 9.00 HUSAIN SYED SHABOHAT 399. Set) Go Jiwan Homeopathy-o-Adhunik Bijnan Homeopathic Chikitsa Padhati The Materia Medica and Therapeutics Homeopathic Materia Medica Hair Loss Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica Medical Dictionary (English-Bengali) Keynote Repertory 399. 81-8056-384-7 BI5730 Beginner's Guide to Homeopathy 210. 81-8056-426-6 BD3419 Dawaon Ka Inkthab (Select Your Remedy) 150. S.) 650.00 11. 81-8056-108-9 BS5473 Practice of Medicine (3 Vols.00 60.00 55. Set) 300.S. 81-8056-429-0 BB-5636 Treatment with Cereals & Spices BB5302 BB2746 Diarrhoea Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica & 50 Indian Drugs Repertory 43 Rs.00 65.00 60. TELGU IYER T.00 25. 81-8056-109-7 BC5508 Prescriber 125.00 KENT J.00 81-7021-417-3 BK3445 Imrajze Niswa 95.H.00 200.00 GUPTA SRIKANT 81-8056-455-x BG5155 Clinical Materia Medica 20.00 HAHNEMANN S.00 MOHAMMAD NASIR AHMAD KHAN 81-8056-402-9 BM5739 Child Health and Medical Psychological 170.HOMEOPATHY 81-8056-474-6 BELL JAMES B.N.S.00 81-7021-420-3 BK3993 Constipation 20. Set) 1000. MALAYALAM IYER T. 70.00 350.00 BK3998 Homoeopathic Repertory (5 Vol.00 CARRY GEORGE W.K.00 65. 81-8056-722-2 VOHRA D. 99.00 81-7021-421-1 BK3986 Arthritis 20.C. 81-7021-581-1 BI5127 Beginner's Guide to Homeopathy 160.00 81-7021-715-6 BK3988 Old Age 20.T.00 180. 81-8056-721-4 SANJAY GARIMA 81-8056-442-8 SINGHAL J.00 81-7021-290-1 BK3420 Biochemic Science 99.00 PANDEY M.00 81-8056-724-9 ROBERT H.00 CLARKE J.00 81-7021-334-7 BK3850 Veneral Diseases (Camraz-E-Khabisa) 75.00 81-7021-419-x BK3992 Acne .00 DAULAT SINGH 81-8056-428-2 BD2747 Materia Medica 190.com .00 JAYASURIYA ANTON 81-8056-441-x B5406 Accupuncture – A Health Guide 60. ORIYA ALLEN H.00 NASH E.00 BH5873 Rahe-Snafa Homeopathic Cure IYER T.00 75.00 10. B.

00 99.A. 978-81-319-0004-8 KOPPIKAR S. 81-8056-479-7 BS5114 YASGUR JAY 978-81-319-0049-9 ------*Pocket Medical Dictionary for Homeopaths (Principal words used in Medicine & Collateral Sciences during Hahnemann's Time) *Midline Medical Dictionary (English-English-Hindi) – In Most Easily Understandable Language with Fully Colored Physiology Illustrations & Anatomy Charts Medical Dictionary (English-Bengali) Homoeopathic Dictionary (Difficult Words.00 15.00 249.00 199.00 12. JAIN PUB.00 249. HOMEOPATHY 46 Rs. 81-8056-557-2 SHINGHAL J.N. Classical Texts Made Easy with Modern Terms & Remedy Pronounciation Guide) 199.S.bjainbooks.S.00 200. 978-81-319-0063-5 KHANEJA H. MARATHI MAHANAYAK M.00 14.M.00 329. K. 978-81-319-0086-4 ------HAHNEMANN S.00 13.00 149.C. 978-81-319-0151-9 ------SAVLA M.S.V. 978-81-319-0001-7 ------BOERICKE’S W.00 199. 81-8056-413-4 BA5972 BB5902 ------------BK5802 BS5745 A Study of Materia Medica (An Ideal Text Book For Homeopathic Students) Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics Genius of Homoeopathic Remedies Beginner's Guide to Homeopathy Illustrated Guide to the Homoeopathic Treatment Clinical Experiences of 70 Years of Homoeopathy Quick Bedside Prescriber 45 Rs. 978-81-319-0353-7 ------SIKDAR R. MEDICAL DICTIONARY B.S.00 20.00 15. Boericke’s Homoeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory Organon of Medicine Saral Biochemic Chikitsa 149.M. BS3945 Allen’s Key-Notes W. GUJARATI ALLEN H.P. 299. GUNAVANTE S. 81-7021-823-3 VOHRA D. 978-81-319-0929-4 ------RAWAT P. 81-8056-673-0 IYER T.S.P. 978-81-319-0176-2 ------DEWEY W.com .HOMEOPATHY CHOUDHURY N.00 299. PUNJABI BATRA G. 81-7021-862-4 BM5289 81-7021-859-4 BM5317 Acupressure Naidanik Chikitsa Biochemic Chikitsa 35.00 OUT OF PRINT Kindly Quote ISBN For Placing The Order Website: www. 81-8056-509-2 BB3796 BV5142 Homeopathic Chamatkar Bach Flower Remedies OUT OF PRINT 59.00 99.

) – A Shield for Good Health & Strong Immunity Clinical Observations of Children Remedies (New Remedies Included) Snakes to Simillimum – Demystifying Venoms (Special Indian Edition) COMPTON. Surgery. PhD) JITHESH. WENDA BREWSTER 978-81-319-0922-5 ------Organon of the Medical Art by Dr. G. L. MOHINDER SINGH 978-81-319-0930-0 ------The Journey of a Disease – A Homeopathic Concept of Cure and Supression μ 520 chekfj.00 BB10190 Miasmatic Prescribing – Its Philosophy. Samuel Hahnemann (Edited and Annotated by Wenda Brewster O'Reilly.D.00 WASSENHOVEN.K. 978-81-319-0388-9 ------SHARMA.00 229. Clinical Tips. FREDERICK 978-81-319-0745-0 ------MASTER.ksa ds fy.00 Comprehensive Study of Organon – An Attempt to Understand The Organon of Medicine as a Scientifc Treatise KAPLAN. KPSC. ANGELO 978-81-319-0253-0 ------Medicine – The Voyage Through Time – The Journey of Medicine from Past to Present (Fully Colored) 449. ANIL 978-81-319-0803-7 ------Crack the Entrance – A Preparatory Manual for MCQ Examinations in Homeopathy for UPSC. HARSH 978-81-319-0352-0 ------- 199..00 149.00 1350. Link between Philosophy and Physiology with Flow Charts and Diagrams Vital Force is Oxygen – An Enlightening Research in Vital Force Target PG– Essential MCQs of all Homoeopathic Subjects (more than 5000 MCQs) A Handbook of Surgery – Question Answer Format The Cham of Homeopathy – About Life in General and Homeopathy in Particular Behind the Glass Screen – A Homeopathic Survey of Ozone BHASME. & K.ARRIVALS NEW ARRIVALS AND REVISED EDITIONS ARYA. NAGENDRA 978-81-319-0767-2 ------- 799. BICHITRA BHUSHAN 978-81-319-0542-5 ------Textbook of Psychology for Homoeopathic Students – Recommended for various universities for Degree and Post-graduate Course MURPHY.oa [kqjkd ds lkFk 249. Practice of Medicine & Repertory) 599. S. Diagnostic Classifications..u ¼gksE. ANNE 978-2-87491-002-9 ------978-2-87491-005-0 ------- BONSALL.D.00 Solved Multiple Choice Questions UPSC & M. 6700 ls vf/kd gksE.K. ARUN / DSOUZA. Pathology. Forensic medicine.00 250.00 Homeopathic Medical Repertory – A Modern Alphabetical and Practical Repertory (Third Revised Edition) 999. MICHEL VAN 978-2-87491-003-6 ------Clinical Verification First Line Medicine – Verification of Homeopathic Symptoms 4500.00 129. Gynaecology & Obstetrics. Entrance Examination (All 12 subjects of Homeopathy covered: Anatomy. FAROKH J. Community Medicine (PSM).ksiSFkh fo|kfFkZ.00 O'REILLY. 978-81-319-0330-8 ------A Study of Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine – Based on English Translation of the 6th Edition 329. Miasmatic Repertory.00 BANERJEA.00 JOSEPH.ksa dh Js"B ikB~.00 . T. AJIT 978-81-319-0888-4 ------- The Homeopathic Conversation – The Art of Taking the Case Body Language and Homoeopathy with Clinical Repertory of Body Language 149. BRIAN 978-81-319-0743-6 ------KULKARNI.&iqLrd½ (A Study of Materia Medica) 299.d v/. M.00 699.K. 978-81-319-0387-2 ------- 110. ALLAN 978-81-319-0742-9 ------CHAUHAN. 978-81-319-0824-2 ------PATIL. 0-9542124-0-1 MISRA. MADONA & KAUR.00 BIRCH.00 (Illustrated Guide to the Homeopathic Treatment) 149.00 978-81-319-0725-2 ------- 249. AMARSHINHA D. RPSC & MD Entrance 978-81-319-0359-9 ------- . Miasmatic Weightage of Medicines and Case Illustrations (Second Extended Edition) 2470.00 BABU. KATE 978-81-319-0392-6 ------Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy: A Manual for Practitioners and Consumers Beyond Avogadro's Number – Hahnemann's Private Battle which Lead to the Discovery of Homeopathy 149.00 NIKAM.00 Principles and Practice of Homeopathic Case Management – Innumerable Views and Methodologies on Case Taking.00 149. ROBIN 978-81-319-0858-7 ------NIGAM. HARPREET 978-81-319-0525-8 ------A Handbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology – Question Answer Format with Illustrations JUS.00 175. 978-81-319-0923-2 ------978-2-87491-001-2 ------- 1350. J. ROSARIO / SMITH.00 199. MANSI 978-81-319-0709-2 ------VERVARCKE. V.ksiSfFkd mipkj] iksVsUlh . P.00 Homeopathic Preventive Medicine (2nd Ed.00 349.00 129.

978-81-319-0128-1 ------- Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory – The Characteristic and Guiding Symptoms of All Remedies (Clinical and Pathogenetic).00 The Genius of Homoeopathy Lectures & Essays on Homoeopathic Philosophy (S.00 149. 978-81-319-0138-0 ------DUDGEON. GEORGE 81-8056-403-7 DEWEY. – Vol. Ed. III (Includes. Set) 399. 978-81-319-0126-7 ------ARORA.) The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler (S.00 129.00 199. H. H.00 99.00 978-81-319-0283-7 59.00 S.E) th ------- 119.E) Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics (S.C.E) Boger Boenninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory – With Word Index (Size 22×14cm) MONDAL.00 OUT OF PRINT Clinical Repertory (S.00 85. Flow Charts.00 219. 81-8056-327-8 81-8056-037-6 978-81-319-0539-5 KENT. 3rd Rev.E) Gems of Homoeopathic Materia Medica The Principles & Art of Cure by Homoeopathy (A Modern Textbook with word Index) (S.E) Organon of Medicine with Word Index (S.E. J. 81-8056-374-x BS5726 978-81-319-0179-3 ------- 99. 3rd Rev. RASHMI A. D. J. II (Includes. J.00 199.E) Organon of Medicine with Word Index – 6 Ed. Clinical Cases. Aphorism a Percepts (S.00 129. Flow Charts.00 59.H. STUART 978-81-319-0137-3 99. 978-81-319-0131-1 978-81-319-0132-8 978-81-319-0133-5 CLOSE. 978-81-319-0141-0 89.00 79. 978-81-319-0140-3 ------HAHNEMANN. BALARAM 81-7021-344-4 BJ3492 978-81-319-0022-2 ------978-81-319-0756-6 ------- OUT OF PRINT 149.D.00 99.00 OUT OF PRINT BR 3489 110.M. RITU 978-81-319-0774-0 ------B.00 978-81-319-0144-1 ------978-81-319-0145-8 ------BK9019 MILLS. with Sample Papers for Homeopathy Students) Textbook of Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Ques. – Vol. 978-81-319-0139-7 ------FARRINGTON. Important Theories & Objective Type Questions) 99.00 129. Jain's B. (S.) Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica (S.00 PATIL.00 ------------------------- The Prescriber (S.00 978-81-319-0091-8 ------89. – Vol. C.00 89.00 NASH E.E.E) A Clinical Materia Medica (with Gist of Each Lecture) (S. T. Ed.A.00 BM2378 BOERICKE & DEWEY 978-81-319-0127-4 ------BOERICKE. W.E) Lesser Writings.S. S.E) (3 Vols.00 269.00 99.-I & II) (S.00 99.E) Student's Guide to Practice of Medicine Pocket Medical Dictionary for Homeopaths (Principal Words Used in Medicine & Collateral Sciences during Hahnemann’s Time) Textbook of Homoeopathic Pharmacy – 2 Revised & Augmented Ed. Important Theories & Objective Type Questions) Spirit of the Organon. 978-81-319-0199-1 ------ROBERTS. 978-81-319-0143-4 978-81-319-0123-6 BJ5698 BJ5642 BJ5656 ------------- ALLEN. 978-81-319-0148-9 ------BR 9022 ROYAL.E) Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica (Medium Size) (S.E) Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy (S.E) A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica (S.H. New Remedies.S. (According to CCH Syllabus.B.A. Solved Paper – Diseases of Eye & Ear (Ophthalmology & Otology) with Homeopathic Therapeutics BOGER.00 129. 978-81-319-0147-2 ------- 149.00 JOSHI. W. 978-81-319-0125-0 ------- The Chronic Miasms with Repertory – Psora & Sycosis (Vol.E) 978-81-319-0142-7 ------- Chronic Diseases – Their Peculiar Nature & Their Homoeopathic Cure (Theory) (S.) Guide for BHMS Students Community Medicine — Preventive & Social (Ques. Important Theories & Objective Type Questions) Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics with Grouping & Classification (S. WALTER 81-7021-068-2 BANERJEE.00 Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocket Book (S. H.D. & Ans. & Ans. According to CCH Syllabus) Guide to Practical Pathology Text of Practical Biochemistry Guide to Biochemistry Repertory of the Hom. & Ans.T.E) Textbook of Homoeopathic Materia Medica (with Therapeutic Hints) Guide to Pathology & Bacteriology B. Flow Charts.HOMOEOPA ESSENTIAL HOMOEOPATHIC BOOKS FOR BOTT TTOM STUDENTS AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES (IN THE LOVING MEMORY OF DR PREM NATH JAIN) ALLEN. JAIN PUBLISHERS 978-81-319-0929-4 ------- 129.E) 79. I 978-81-319-0281-3 -----(Includes.00 ------- SANDHAR.00 319. Student Edition .E) Guide for BHMS Students Essentials of Practice of Medicine (Ques.E) nd ALLEN.M. TAPAN CHANDRA Spirit of the Organon.E) 139.00 JANA.00 978-81-319-0282-0 ------Spirit of the Organon. 978-81-319-0124-3 ------Keynotes and Characteristics with Comparisons of Some of the Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica with Bowel Nosodes (S.00 Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica – A Treatise on Homeopathic Materia Medica (S. Materia Medica (Mini size) (S. Including Indian Drugs 179.00 175.E) Homoeopathy Practice of Medicine 69.00 89. R.) Human Pathology (Including Microbiology & Parasitology in Ques. Ed. J. 3rd Rev.E. 978-81-319-0122-9 ------978-81-319-0313-1 ------CLARKE.A.H.E) Sensation-As if – A Repertory of Subjective Symptoms (S. & Ans.00 329.00 39.F. E. 978-81-319-0291-2 ------- 299.

00 Essentials of Repertorization – Rev.00 ------- SCHROYENS.00 90.A. JAIN PUBLISHERS 978-81-319-0064-2 ------KANSAL KAMAL 978-81-319-0005-5 ------PARMAR.00 149. P. Second Ed. I (Kent) 159. H.00 .B. MAHENDRA 978-81-319-0052-9 ------- Pioneers of Homoeopathy (More than 70 Illustrated Biographies) LILIENTHAL. M.00 149.00 The Essential Synthesis – Concise Reliable Accessible (With CD) (Special Indian Edition) & Textbook of Repertory Language 1099. N.L. 978-81-319-0230-1 DEEPAK M. 978-81-319-0093-2 145.B. 978-81-319-0088-8 ------Allen’s Key-notes Rearranged & Classified – 10th Ed.P. S. (A Comprehensive Textbook on Case Taking & Repetorization) 299. & Answers) 179. 978-81-319-0265-3 ------Synoptic Memorizer of Materia Medica – (Vol. H.00 New Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory – 3rd Revised Edition (with Relationship of Remedies) A Study of Materia Medica (An Ideal Textbook for Homeopathic Students) Logic of Repertories (According to CCH Syllabus) Learning Materia Medica and Repertory The Quiz Way Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica 700 Redline Symptoms from cowperth waite Materia Medica Highlights of Homoeopathic Materia Medica – 2nd Ed. MCQs) Guide to Gynaecology (Ques.00 179.00 BOERICKE.-I: Including Tabulated Comparative Materia Medica & Schematic Modalities. & Answers. important questions & hints) OTHER ALLIED GUIDES B.00 BK5219 175. 978-81-319-0569-2 HUTCHINSON 978-81-319-0300-1 JAIN.00 CHOUDHURY. II (Close. (with Homeopathic Therapeutics) Mnemonics in Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Guide to Human Physiology (Ques.C. S. 81-8056-207-7 SHARMA.00 OUT OF PRINT 295.B.00 289. & Enlarged Ed. Dunham) 99. With CD) 1999. 978-81-319-0078-9 ------------- Homoeopathic Therapeutics All in One Homoeopathic Materia Medica for BHMS Students (According to CCH New Syllabus) Mnemonics in Materia Medica Hahnemann's Homoeopathy (Recommended for PG Students) 279.M. includes important questions & hints) Materia Media for Students Vol-III (Illustrated. E. H.00 49. includes important questions & hints) Materia Medica for Students Vol-II (Illustrated. 978-81-319-0210-3 CASTRO. J. 978-81-319-0150-2 Textbook of Homoeopathic Philosophy – Vol. MORRELL 81-8056-298-0 BP5608 BP 5679 ------- 119.00 65.00 MOHANTY.00 25.SINGH. SHASHI KANT 978-81-319-0183-0 ------- BANERJEA.00 BP5671 BS2477 BS2483 BS2484 79. Robert.K.00 Gems of Organon (with a chapter on Psychology) Rev. RAJU 81-8056-305-7 BS5684 81-8056-519-x BS5776 THOMBRE.K.00 149. Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (S.R. 81-8056-192-5 PETER. 978-81-319-0081-9 FARRINGTON. (with Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica & Bowel Nosodes) Synthesis Repertory – Version-9. WILLIAM 978-81-319-0184-7 ------- 349. (Including Therapeutic Index) Materia Medica for Students Vol-I (Illustrated.00 250. 81-7021-155-7 81-7021-072-0 81-7021-027-5 *Guide to Obstetrics & Gynaecology *Textbook Practice of Medicine – 2nd Ed.00 SUBRAMANIAN. Vol.-II: Including regional & Drug-wise Oral & Theoretical Questionnaries & memorizing Tips on Drug Totality 179.D.1 Repertorium Homeopathicum Syntheticum (Indian Edition.00 ------------- 29.00 PARMAR. FREDERIK 978-81-319-0095-6 ------978-81-319-0934-8 ------- OTHER BOOKS FOR STUDENTS ALLEN.00 ------299. I & II) Vol. 81-7021-785-7 KINRA & UNIYAL 978-81-319-0219-6 978-81-319-0233-2 978-81-319-0089-5 ------------89. J.) 299. N. 978-81-319-0543-2 TYLER. & Answers) Guide to Midwifery (Ques.00 TIWARI. A.00 ------------------- 159.00 Textbook of Homoeopathic Philosophy – Vol.E.B.

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