5) Characteristics of Interactive Learning Model Phase in an interactive learning model as follows. The first phase.

The teacher started the lesson by organizing classes. Students are required to learn to learn individually or in groups. Then the teacher explained about the activities to be performed students in the process learning. Teachers can also ask students to record the results of the activities that they do. The second phase. Students begin to implement the activities specified in the first phase the teacher. Students can work individually or in groups depending on the organization classroom teachers do in the first phase. The third phase. Presentation of the work, may be a result of group work or individual work. This phase is the phase of classroom interaction. The fourth phase. Phase draw conclusions. In this phase students are asked to pay attention again in the second phase of his work and fix it if it turns out after the discussion class there are errors in their work. In this phase, the teacher can check students' understanding by giving back some of the issues or practice questions can be answered orally or written. The fifth phase. Assess the learning phase of matter unit. Although this phase is the last phase, but not that assessment is only done at the end of the lesson, but the assessments made before, implemented during and after learning. It could be argued that the assessment is the assessment process.

E. The weakness of Practice Field. Constructivist approach has long been introduced. However, in practice in the field still has many problems, although this constraint is actually caused by the dominance of other models of learning paradigm has been dominated learning in Indonesia.

Students construct their own knowledge. because not all schools have the infrastructure that can help liveliness and creativity of students. this is sure to take a long time and each student requires different handling. Circumstances of each school is not the same. Constructivism instill that students construct their own knowledge. . it is not uncommon that the results construction students do not fit with the construction of the scientists that led to misconceptions. 3. 2.1.

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