Example: Student Personal Bio This bio will be used for your classmates and mentor to get an idea

of who you are. You want to include the basic stats about you (education, work experience, interests) in a short story. This bio is not a resume. Bio Examples: Alana Prior to enrolling in the GWU MBA program in fall of 2005, Alana spent six years developing her career in the hospitality industry. Alana has been in numerous roles as manager and consultant throughout her career focusing on Revenue Management for hotels. However, three roles that have remained constant in all her positions are leader, motivator, and facilitator of change. Alana’s dynamic personality, intuitive communication skills, and a creative intellect have enabled her to successfully restructure the Revenue Management Departments at the Washington Plaza Hotel, San Ysidro Ranch and Parrot Cay Resort, developing them into efficient and effective profit centers. Alana is an avid traveler and hopes to combine her passion for travel with her entrepreneurial and cross-cultural skills in her career after graduating in May 2007. Since graduating with a B.A. from American University, Alana has lived and worked in an array of locations from Florida, to Washington DC, to the west coast in Santa Barbara, CA and to the British West Indies. While pursuing her MBA, Alana has been a member of numerous clubs including VP of Events for the MBA Association, the Consulting Club, the National Association of Women MBA’s, Net Impact, and the Entrepreneurship Club. Julie: Julie Bourne has been a President's Fellow in the Department of Business at Gallaudet since 2005. She teaches introductory business courses and serves as faculty advisor to the Student Managed Fund. Before coming to Gallaudet, Julie was a financial analyst for Discovery Logic, a small consulting firm based in Rockville, MD, on contract with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). For more than three years, she designed and implemented numerous business processes that allowed Discovery Logic to strengthen its relationship with NIH and to handle a quadrupled workload. Prior to that, she was sales manager at a Silicon Valley-based company for two years. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with bachelor's degree in Communications. Also, she is currently a full-time Project

and is a board member of National Association of the Deaf. She and her husband reside in Middletown.Management graduate student at George Washington University and is scheduled to graduate in May 2007. an e-newsletter focused on deaf professionals and business owners. MD. Julie works as Editor-in-Chief for Deaf Professional Network. .

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