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Published by: Priyal Shah on Mar 03, 2013
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Executive Summary

Havmor means H-A-V-E-M-O-R-E In India people love to eat sweets and Ice cream is one of the favourite deserts that people enjoy to consume. Havmor is one of the leading brand in Ice cream industry.Havmor has 35% market share in Gujarat. Havmor is facing competition with Vadilal, Amul, Amazo, Baskin Robbins, Naturals etc. We have analysed the Ice cream Industry through Porters Five Force Model. Our theme of the project is Production Process. For that we visited Havmor Industry located in Naroda, Ahmedabad. We saw the whole Production process which was well established. Different departments like Raw material department, Cold storage department, Packaging department, Mixed department, Quality control department are included in the production process. Havmor have state of art machine which is imported from Chicago and US. Havmor takes care of its employees safety and is very particular in the hygiene factor. We have analysed that Havmor has semi automated machinery which can be converted into fully automated so that there is maximum utilization of resouces. Havmor has developed a strategy of introducing new flavors in Ice cream according to the feedback of customers. It also has its presence in restaurant business.

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