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Buried deep within every organization...

under layers of failed products, me-too marketing, personal ambitions, opposing agendas, the daily grind of running a business,

and the (fill in the blank with a dysfunction from your organization), there exists a Golden Thread made from your organization’s original DNA.

Unearthing this Golden Thread takes real work. In fact, it may be the most critical work leaders do to win in the marketplace.

Organizations that lose grasp of their Golden Thread lose their organizing principle.

Lesser concerns eclipse their purpose.

Their spirit of invention slows to non-existence.

Their best people leave.

Promotions occur for unhealthy reasons.

More time and attention gets spent fighting internal battles than finding ways to win in the marketplace.

Under this weight, organizations lose perspective.

They forget why they exist, what excites them, what their buyer’s pulse feels like. They get sick.

Sadly, it happens every day to good people at good organizations. People like you and me.

“No one is perfect,” they say, chipping away the ethos of the organization with compromise after compromise.

Raise your hand if your organization could focus more on what really matters.

Go on, raise it high.

Start digging now.

Or apply...

The Growth Engine®...
which is not really an engine, but a process through which the Southern Growth Studio helps your organization recover your Golden Thread and increase your revenue.

The Growth Engine ® starts with a Big Dig. We find your Golden Thread under layers of successes, failures, and a general lack of alignment.

The Studio maps out every touch point with each audience, ensuring each experience conveys your true spirit—your Golden Thread.

Next, the Studio uses your Golden Thread to inform strategic decisions, set priorities and plans, and gain market share.

We call the outcome Experience Alignment.

You might ask, why bother?

In this era of transparency, where a damaging internal memo can find its way to the Internet, organizations best do what they say inside the company and in the world.

More importantly, knowing your Golden Thread:

1. Helps find new streams of revenue inherent in your brand.

2. Inspires internal communication and commitment.

3. Galvanizes your organization’s culture.

4. Clarifies downstream marketing.

Now your organization can act decisively, innovate, and grow its business.

Southern Growth Studio leads organizations through this process everyday. The transformations are awesome, but we measure them more pragmatically than using an awe-o-meter.

Along the process, we measure math,


and sense.

The result: sustainable, organic growth you can measure concretely on the top line, but also see within the hearts and minds of your inspired team.

About us
Southern Growth Studio is a brand marketing and product innovation consultancy. unlike traditional advertising, public relations, interactive marketing, research, and design firms, the Studio insists on rigorous, measurable strategies for client projects and accounts. deep immersion into a client’s business leads to valuable insights and on-target actions, successfully communicating a product, service, or company. Contact us at the Southern Growth Studio if your organization wants to benefit from the Golden Thread of experience Alignment. it is a marketing and innovation process that works.



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